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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:9) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Auntie Mae's ice cream parlor, Fred Pollag Leiliani, and Rodney Castle).
Lieutenant Sierra Dakkar, Farrah Ette, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Yekaterina Hanson, Callista Nilar, and Lady Drusilla Rodney.

Sierra Dakkar barely slept the previous night. The sight at Tarkintown had disturbed her for reasons beyond anything Claudius knew. She tossed, turned, and cried into her pillow. Needless to say, she looked like hell the next morning. The bruises on her cheeks were still healing. For the appearances of the children, she worked extra hard to piece herself back together. Her hair cascaded down one side of her face. Her ISB uniform was hanging in her closet. For the safety of the girls, she had to dress like a civilian. She was dressed identical to last night; messy trousers, a crimson red too with a hood on it, and a pair of comfortable slip ons. She didn't have to pick her clothing often anymore. It was easier when your closet was filled with multiples of the same damn uniform.

The girls had already arrived. Sierra oversaw it from her room. She did not check on the Grand Moff. With the arrival of the rest of his family, it was more important than ever to keep appearances. She had just finished dressing herself and packing a small crossbody bag with special items for Ewwie when there was a knock at her door followed by a girlish giggle. It didn't sound like Drusilla. Could it be Ewwie? "Come in," she called out.

What bounded through her door was a servant girl, the one who had brought Claudius and her tea, and another girl with long, dark hair. She wore a pink tutu that was easily spottable from miles away. The smaller of the two girls approached Sierra first, giving her a deep curtsy. "Hi Sierra! I'm Princess Callista!" She straightened up. "Auntie Zara told me all about you. Can you come to tea time with me and my friend Farrah?" She squeaked. "Auntie Zara told me you are helping the ambassadador of Candy Land." From seemingly nowhere, Callista produced a picture that she had drawn of her and... Claudius? He was wearing something pink with stars on it as well as a crown that stretched towards the top of the paper. She offered it to Sierra happily. "Can you give this to him. Pweeasseee?"

Farrah didn't know how this had happened. She had been cleaning in Cup's room when the little girl spotted her, tackled her, and lassoed her into a day of girlish activities. Farrah had spun the situation, placing the idea of visiting the candy man's companion. After she had caught the Imperial bitch and the married Rodney together, she wanted to explore the depths of their relationship. The information would be much juicier for Gaius should she see them kiss. She acted shy, waving at Sierra awkwardly.

Sierra had suddenly gained two more girls. She had intended to take the children shopping in the city. Now she felt like her hands were becoming more and more full. She smiled, "Oh, a pleasure to meet you, Princess." She took the drawing from Callista. Internally, she snickered. It would be hard not to tease the Grand Moff. However, she agreed to deliver the picture. "Of course, sweetie. I'll give it to him later. I'm sorry, I won't be able to make tea time today. I'm about to take Drusilla and Ewwie out on a shopping trip." Speaking of.. Where were they?

The large, ornate doors were flung open, revealing the arrival of Yekaterina Hanson, dressed in her brown Alderaan Guard uniform, topped up with her oversized white blast helmet. She held a large, ornate staff in her hand, whose base she slammed into the ground twice. "Lady Drusilla Rodney," she announced formally, in a way that was normally reserved for state functions. A small blue hand appeared from behind her, tugging at her pants, which caused the guard to roll her eyes beneath the blast shield. "...and Ewwiekewwieikkie," she said, reluctantly, after clearing her throat. There was a war on, and here she was being a glorified bodyguard to a couple of spoiled brats. The ceremony complete, she stepped aside and held the door open, allow them room to proceed.

Lady Drusilla Rodney stepped forward wearing an ornate green dress that was more suitable for a ball than a period of mourning. She had recently purchased several new dresses, and this was her earliest opportunity to wear one. As she arrived in the room she raised her right hand gracefully, and gently waved at everyone who had gathered. She saw a filthy woman, Sierra, whom she assumed was one of the groundskeepers, a child, Callista, who she feared would steal all the attention, and someone similar in age and appearance, Farrah, who depending on the angle might pass for her twin. She *hated* them all before a single word was exchanged between them. "*I* am ready for my shopping trip," she declared, as she decided that everyone was already late. "I must purchase a dress for my sister's funeral. I suppose it has to be black doesn't it?" she asked, pursing her lips in frustration and contemplation. As far as she was concerned, she was now second in line to the Duchy of Delaya.

Ewwiekewwieikkie came bounding into the room behind her 'sister' Drusilla, her yellow eyes excitedly taking in visions of all of the new people. It was a sensory overload for the young Squib, whose mouth hung open, her tongue sliding in and out, and splattering drool everywhere. She went to Siera first. "Hi!" she said, as she gave her a tight hug, leaving some strands of blue hair behind. "Hi!", she repeated, as she ran towards Farrah and gave the icy child a tight hug as well. Her eyes went wider as she saw Callista, and getting down on all fours she sprinted towards the young child, and then pounced. "Hi!" she yelled, as she looked down at the child's face, her muzzle hovering over her face, as she panted and drooled upon her. She was the happiest she had been in a long time, unable to process the fact that her older 'sister' was dead.

It seemed that Sierra' privacy had come to a quick end, first with the appearance of the two little ones she'd seen around the castle, next, with the arrival of Kat, signifying that Claudius' children were here for her to babysit. Drusilla had always been the dramatic one. She had to make a scene even when it was entering Sierra's room. Her eyes brushed over Drusilla first. It always amazed her how the girl could stand wearing such elaborate, luxurious dresses. She looked like she was dressed for a wedding at any time. By dressed for a wedding, that's referring to her as the bride. She could tell that Drusilla did not recognize her, for it had been nearly half a decade. She had grown up in some ways, but there were some things that never changed...

Sierra smiled, "Yes, black is typical for a funeral. Perhaps we can find something with pretty accents?" Speaking of things that never changed, Ewwiekewwieikkie was one familiar face that didn't change. Sierra smiled kindly at the elder sister, whose mouth hung open like an animal. She squeezed the small Squib who left behind drool and other traces of herself on Sierra's clothes. "Hi Ewwiekewwieikkie! Do you remember me? Sierra? We used to play together." The Squib's tunnel vision had already moved onto the girls. Farrah looked highly disturbed when she was hugged. Her fingers immediately worked on plucking the blue hair from her clothing. "Ew..." She remarked so quietly that no one would hear. She didn't look overly thrilled with the idea of a shopping trip.

Callista, on the other hand, was a willing participant. Ewwie thrilled her to the point of squeals. She was laughing herself to breathlessness before the blue girl pounced her. Callista's limbs wiggled this way and that. Her hands petted Ewwie's head. There was drool everywhere. It reminded her of a little puppy. "Eeee! Hiiiii!" She tried to squeeze Ewwie with her arms around her neck. Just like that, Farrah *and* Claudius had been replaced in her heart. "Let's be bestest friends, okay?! I'll make you a friendship bracelet!"

Sierra looked towards Kat who had clearly been roped into this trip. "May the Force be with you," she joked dryly. "Girls! C'mon! Let's get going! I've got a special surprise for Lady Drusilla as long as we can manage to get out of here early enough." Her hand disappeared into her bag. From it, she pulled out what looked to be an antique hotel bell. She chimed it three times to catch Ewwie's attention. It was so shiny! When she had gathered her crowd, she did a quick headcount. Her mind wandered briefly to the Grand Moff. He had set himself up with a lengthy day. She worried that he shouldn't be alone.

Ewwiekewwieikkie was too sweet and innocent to take offense at Farrah's reaction. Instead, she assumed 'Ew' was an affectionate shortening of her name. "Okies. You my bestest friend," she said, as she squeezed Callista in the tightest of possible hugs. She held her there for a while before hearing the sound of Sierra's bell. She surged forward, swarming her, and bouncing up and down in front of her just about as excited as possible. "I want it! I want it! I want it!" she said, as she pawed towards the bell with overexcitement. "What is it?" she asked, not understanding its purpose other than it made a sound that caught the attention of her large, pointed ears. Her tongue sway side-to-side excitedly, as she was nearly foaming at the mouth with enthusiasm. It was almost too much for her to bare. Her nostrils at the end of her maw flared as she caught a whiff of something delicious ... it was pie! She bounded out of the room in a wild frenzy in a desperate attempt to find where it was coming from.

"Ugh," Drusilla groaned at Ewwiekewwieikkie's antics, as she impatiently looked towards Sierra. "You *will* control her, peasant," she sneered, judging her based on the way she was dressed. "I shan't have my day of shop- ... mourning for my sister ruined by her," she said, before nodding her head once at her. "Come, Hanson. You can carry my bags," she ordered, as she raised her chin arrogantly, and began to march out of the room towards the armored Alderaan Guard speeder that had been put at their disposal. "How much skin can you show at a funeral?" she asked, to no one in particular, as she moved into the speeder to prepare for their journey to the city. With her father distraught he likely would not bother to check her expenditures ... this was an unprecedented opportunity to the spend the treasury and she would not let it pass.

"...with us all," Yekaterina said to Sierra, before rolling her eyes at Drusilla and Ewwiekewwieikkie. "If you may be counted to look after the Lady Callista and the Squib, I will do my utmost to spare you the wrath of the Lady Drusilla," she said to Sierra, offering her a small bargain. Personally, she would rather take orders from the debutante than chase after the Squib all day. "Yes, Milady," she said obediently to Drusilla, before following after her towards the waiting speeder. Most of the Alderaan Guard had turned out to protect them and in front and behind of their transport there were smaller, armed speeders to escort them. Gaius had ordered that nothing befall the Rodney children during their visit to Leiliani as there was nothing more than the public hated than an injured child. She was glad to have the help of Claudius' *whatever*, Sierra, and the child servant, Farrah, as the three children could be more than any one person could handle.

Callista squeaked louder. "You're so nice! You can be a princess with me!" She declared. Everyone would be glad that Callista had chosen not to wear a shiny crown. Sierra's little bell trick was effective but only for so long. She watched the Squib jump in front of her. It would be nice to have a mind as simple as Ewwie's. The Squib couldn't even understand what had happened to her sister. Nonetheless, Sierra liked Ewwie. She was sweet and innocent in a way that the world had forgotten. "It's a bell." She said, causing it to chime again, "I'll give it to you at the end of the day," she promised. However, she wasn't sure that the Squib heard her. A second later, a sweet scent drafted into the room and she was gone. Yeah, Sierra had her hands full. She laughed out loud when Drusilla referred to her as a peasant. "You don't remember me, do you, Drusilla? Does Sierra Dakkar ring a bell? You threw away all my dresses the first summer I spent here because they weren't fashionable." The blond snickered towards Claudius' bratty child. She knew she needed to be watched, or the Rodney family would become broke before lunch time.

Farrah was still brooding. She only liked shopping when Daddy took her, not when royalty expected her to continue to clean up after them. She supposed it was better than having to spend time with the cow and the playboy. Swallowing her pride, she made her way out of Sierra's room with the bouncing, little Callista. She held one hand of the little girl's. Ewwie may have become Callista's number one best friend, but number two still belonged to Farrah. The two girls chattered quietly, Callista happily explaining alllll about her Mama and Daddy.

Sierra was still smiling when Yekaterina struck up a deal. She turned, chiming the bell in her hand to try to retrieve Ewwiekewwieikkie without searching for her. "Throw in a strong drink at the end of the day and you've got a deal. I'm sorry, in advance. I know what shopping trips with Drusilla look like. The whole Alderaan guard isn't enough to carry her bags. I'll meet you guys at the speeder." She had lost Ewwie, after all. Sierra went darted in the opposite direction of the others. If her nose was taking her towards the kitchen, then so was the Squib's. "Ewwiekewwieikkie!" She called out. When she found her, it took sacrificing one of her many bells to get her loaded up into the speeder. *Phew*! They had managed to leave!

"You're Sierra Dakkar?" Drusilla asked, as the speeder began to move away from the castle, down the winding mountain road to the city of Leiliani below. "Was your family fortune and wardrobe destroyed on Alderaan?" she asked, as she pursed her lips slowly, as she carefully examined her across the speeder. "You look *terrible*. I will have papa give you some credits so you can purchase clothing that does not smell. For today, I will allow you to charge one outfit to our account. *One*," she said, as she raised her index finger to signify that she only meant one. "In honor of my father's coming succession to the Duchy of Delaya, and my being installed as heir apparent, *we* have decided to be generous," she declared, extending her hand across towards Sierra. "You may kiss my hand," she said, as she turned her head to look away, as she waited for her *subject* to bless her.

Life aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer had been hard for Ewwiekewwieikkie ... she was always in the way and getting into trouble. Living in her father's house on Esseles was not much better now that it had been a fortified encampment. This had been her first real adventure where she was free of Imperial officers to command and berate her, which made her *very* excited. She was bouncing the entire ride in the speeder, her face plastered against the viewport as she looked out at the sights and sounds as the speeder rumbled down the mountain. She had forgotten Sierra's promise to give her the bell once this day was over, though whether or not she would cooperate by being *good* was yet to being determined. She had decided she loved Callista, and viewed her as a small human she could perhaps keep as a pet. It would be hard for her to understand when it was time to give her up.

"If you want me to shoot you ... I will," Yekaterina said to Sierra with a smile, and a soft laugh, as she watched out the viewport for any potential attack. There were numerous elements on the planet who viewed the return of Claudius Rodney and his family as an affront to the memory of Alderaan. It would be difficult to protect them if the mob realized who they were. Thankfully, Sierra had the good sense to not wear her Imperial uniform. She had served Claudius Rodney and his family for many years, but she had come to despise him, and all Imperials, for what had happened to Alderaan. She was born there, and had she been assigned to the Alderaan Guard unit stationed there she would now be dead like virtually everyone else she knew. The children were innocent and she would do her duty, but she would *not* step in the line of a blaster bolt for the Imperial Lieutenant, Sierra. Still, there were good manners, and she offered a smile and a reassuring nod at the only other adult participating in this inadvisable shopping excursion.

"Can you sleep over in my room tonight?" Callista was perched right beside Ewwiekewwieikkie throughout the entire ride. She, too, bounced excitedly, influenced by her new best friend. Her flowy curls moved with her little body. One of her hands ran over Ewwiekewwieikkie's arms. Her fur was so soft! She couldn't help but sneak in another hug. "My bed is soooooo big! Like this big!" Her arms stretched out wide. "You can sleep in it with me! We'll jump on it and eat cookies and tell stories and brush each other's hair..!" She peered over at Farrah. "You gotta come too! My bed is big enough for *all* of us! I'm sure Mama and Daddy will like the company." Her Daddy always seemed sad when Mama had to leave. In Callista's mind, her mother was simply delivering food elsewhere. She *had* to go sometimes. Callista's attention moved at a mile every second. By the time she brought up the sleepover, she was over it. "Your dress is soooo pretty!" She said, referring to Ewwiekewwieikkie.

Kids say the darndest things, huh? Drusilla was something. She had no idea how Claudius' biological daughter and him were alike. Maybe he, in secret, had a very extensive wardrobe. Sierra hadn't never been able to connect the dots. She took no offense to anything Drusilla said, understanding that this was simply how she was. "Oooh, thank you, Lady Drusilla. You're so gracious." It seemed she had already predetermined what Claudius was here for. Sierra still did not know if he intended to claim his birthright, or cast it aside for the sake of his brother. She wished she could be a fly on the wall when he went to see Julius regarding the whole bastard incident. She laughed hard at the girl, pushing her hand away playfully. "You'll always be the same, won't you?" Sierra seemed much more light hearted this morning. Spending time with the girls was already working its magic. "No, no," She replied to Yekaterina with a grin. "Wait until she picks something for me to try out, then shoot on sight. I'll want to be put out of my misery. Please tell Lord Rodney I died honorably in battle or something." She snickered. The speeder was already coming to a stop in front of a shop that she knew to be one of Drusilla's favorite dress had been years ago. She looked towards the girl, who looked oddly alike to the servant girl now that they were seated close to one another. Weird.

"Here's your surprise! I had the owners open the shop two hours early. Nothing but you and fine dresses." Hey, give the girl some effort. Sierra was making the effort. She already had another bell in hand. She wanted this to be a good family outing. Not only would it be enjoyable, but she also hoped to score some brownie points with the elder Rodney.

When the speeders came to a halt armed members of the Alderaan Guard exited from the escorting craft and took up a defensive position, denying the public any access to the ducal family. Yekaterina was, blessedly, the first out of the speeder and took up position at the door of the boutique, eyeballing the crowd that was sure to grow in numbers as news of their arrival spread throughout the HoloNet. "I hope they will be done within two hours," she said to Sierra, as she examined her wrist chronometer to confirm the time. "Milady, it would be unbecoming for a Lady such of yourself to shop amongst your people. I think it would be wise if you concluded the affair before the general public arrives," she said, with a firm bow of her head, attempting to use reverse psychology to manipulate the spoiled brat into hurrying this along.

Ewwiekewwieikkie nodded happily to Callista, as she gave her another warm, tight hug. "I like you!" she declared, before allowing her large pink tongue to slip from her mouth and slobber all over the young girl's face. When the speeder came to a halt, she quickly took hold of Callista, pulling her by the arm as she led her towards the store. The sales people lit up when they saw Ewwiekewwieikkie, as they knew whenever she broke something the family always paid to ensure she did cause a scandal. The sales people all began waving shiny trinkets in the air, which caused her to run back and forth between each one, as she gawked at cheaply made, overpriced jewelry that the salespeople longed to be rid of at the hands of the easily excitable Ewwiekewwieikkie.

"You are right, Hanson. None of them are fit to shop with me. I honor you by allowing you to carry my bags," Drusilla informed the Guard, as she stepped into the shop. "How much jewelry can one wear to a sister's funeral?" she said, as she moved past the clothing and headed towards the jewelry counter. "I suppose I'll need a bracelet, a necklace, earrings, a ring ... a brooch..." she said, as she dragged her finger along the display case. "It's how Jelena would have wanted it ... me looking my best," she said, justifying her actions, as she began picking up some of the most ornate and gaudy pieces on the planet. "Here. Sierra. This one is fake, but if you fancy it, I will allow you it. Only the very best would be able to tell ... like *me*," she declared, as she inhaled snobbishly through her nose. It was wonderful to be rich and noble.

Yekaterina had some skills with Drusilla. Suddenly, Sierra felt like she might not have gotten the best end of the deal. She saw how Kat manipulated her. It was actually kind of amazing! She stored away the information, just in case she ever found herself shopping without Yekaterina. "Please teach me your ways, oh great one," Sierra commented to Kat quietly. Ewwiekewwieikkie had taken off, as she expected the Squib to. She could recall how businesses set up traps for the poor girl to fall into. It was a given that some sort of destruction would follow, only now she had a little girl in tow with her.

Callista was having a *wonderful* day. She had gained so many new friends now that people were showing up at the Rodney castle. As much as she loved Granny Livia, she often acted really funny. Ewwie had licked her! Her face was completely damp. Instead of being disgusted, the impressionable girl thought it was amazing. She giggled, messily wiping her face clean with the arm sleeve of her dress. "Yay! This is fun!" She didn't mind being dragged around like a rag doll. It reminded her of the day Mama and Daddy had taken her from the camp. They'd had a fun shopping trip. The little girl picked out a big, chunky, extremely shiny bracelet from one of the display cases. A salesperson gave it to her, to which she quickly slid it on her friend's wrist. "*Wooww*! *It looks beautiful*!" She squeaked, grabbing Ewwiekewwieikkie's face and promptly putting her new knowledge to good use. She licked the girl, though significantly less slobbery than Ewwie had done to her. When she finished, her tongue was covered on blue fur. "*Bestest friends*!"

Meanwhile, Sierra was watching the interaction between Ewwiekewwieikkie and the bastard's daughter from close to Drusilla. It really seemed like they were becoming fast friends, complete with licking each other. She had to wonder if Drusilla *really* felt saddened by Jelena's death. She had never known her well. Other than occasionally getting roped into a wardrobe change, Drusilla wasn't like Sierra. Jelena would simply want her little sister to be happy, and so, Sierra became the enabler, "Remember, keep it respectful. You are attending your sister's funeral." The funeral.... She wasn't ready for it. Even Sierra hadn't purchased an appropriate dress for the occasion. She wanted to ignore it and reject it until she could no longer. She played into Drusilla's hand, taking the hideous bracelet from her. She slid it on her wrist, limply dangling her arm in front of Drusilla. "Are you sure? It weighs roughly as much as I do. Let's focus on finding you a dress first." She suggested, heading towards the direction of the clothing. Learning from Kat, she selected the most hideous outfit and held it up. "How about this one?" Grin!

Farrah was the odd man out on this trip...and she was happy for it to be that way. She stayed close to Ewwie and Callista, because Callista *never* shut up. The beans she spilled proceeded to spill other beans. It was a wonderful, vicious cycle. Callista liked everyone to play, so she picked out a special piece for Farrah too. "We should *all* get matching jewerlies!" Callista, too, was an enabler.

"The trick to dealing with the Lady Drusilla is to allow her to *believe* she is in charge," Kat whispered back towards Sierra, as she kept a keen eye on the young women as they ransacked the store. "Drusilla never had the tempering influence of her mother, as your friend Jelena did, and therefore she takes after the Duchess Livia exclusively," she whispered, trying her best to impart the wisdom that she had learned from dealing with the children. There was a war going on, and if her duties were going to be relegated to carrying the bags of a spoiled brat she might considering changing her options. It was then that she was confronted by the shopkeeper who presented her with the staggering bill of 1,700,000 credits. "Oh dear. They've really done it this time," she said, louder than a whisper, as she began to gather up all of the packaged. "Lil' help?" she asked of Sierra, as she began to waddle out towards the speeder with what seemed like half the contents of the entire boutique.

"It is always a pleasure, Fred," Drusilla said to the owner of the boutique as she made her way out towards the speeder. When she walked out into the air she saw the crowd that had arrived and basked in all of her glory. She raised her hand and cupped it, slowly moving it from left to right in a regal wave. She said nothing, as it would not be polite to greet her people in such a fashion. After all, she was supposed to be in mourning. They were holding holographic images of the late Lady Jelena, the Rebel hero, and had candles lit all along the street, complete with flowers and even stuffed animals laid about. The entire planet remembered the young noblewoman and her upbringing in the wake of her mother's tragic death. Her legacy had been cemented forever in the hearts of the people, but Drusilla was too obtuse to see it and believed it was all for her.

"Yay!" Ewwiekewwieikkie squealed as she played with Callista and the new bracelets. As she went outside she caught a glimpse of Auntie Mae's ice cream parlor, and her mouth began to water. With Callista attached at one hand, and a bag of worthless steel jewelry in the other, she began to push through the crowd towards Autnie Mae's. "Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!" she said, all the while pushing through strangers, as she struggled to get to her destination. In a frenzy the Alderaan Guard took to the crowd, roughly pushing them aside to protect the House of Rodney's two adopted children ... Ewwikewwieikkie and Callista. Eventually, the crowd parted, and the excited Squib had made her way up over the counter and began to eat directly from the giant tubs of ice cream. "C'mon 'ista!" she shouted, as she began taking her paws and throwing scoops of ice cream at her like snowballs.

Sierra listened closely to Kat's whispers. Make her believe she's in charge, check! Thinking back to Livia in her younger days, she could see the similarities between the two, and the reasons why she wasn't like Jelena. Seeing Drusilla made her think of her sister more. At least one Rodney was holding themselves together. No better cure than shopping therapy. She looked sympathy for Kat. "Oh my, how long have you been doing this? You know, there's a compartment on Lord Rodney's ship... I can smuggle you out of here. Maybe a nice, vacation planet? You can live out the rest of your days relaxing." Sierra's face said that she was only half kidding. She obliged to helping the poor guard with the large variety of bags. She had no idea how Drusilla spent so much so quickly. Another gift of the Rodney child, right?

"Weeeeeeeeee!" Callista jumped up and down as they departed from the boutique. "*Best day everrrr*!" She proclaimed. Like Ewwie, she couldn't understand that the planet was in mourning. Her life had significantly improved, and thus, she was a happy child. A fit of laughter followed when Ewwiekewwieikkie took off. She joined in on the chant, "Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!" Even the little girl knew where they were headed now: Auntie Mae's. It was the *bestest* ice cream in Delaya because of Lady Zara. "Ice creammm!" She mimicked Ewwiekewwieikkie again, happily moving to defend herself with fistfulls of ice cream. A little food war had erupted between the two girls. "Imma getchu, Ewwie!" She squealed as she was pelted in the head by some of Auntie Mae's signature purple potato ice cream.

"Shiiiitttt..." Sierra knew she had lost Ewwiekewwieikkie the instant it happened. She quickly shoved the bags into the speeder. "I get Drusilla next time," she commented quietly to Kat. Like the guards, she took off into the crowd after the girls. By the time she arrived, the ice cream store was a total war zone. Callista was crouched behind a chair with her hair dyed multicolor by all the ice cream in it. No doubt that Ewwiekewwieikkie was in the same shape. Before she could start panicking, someone pegged her in the chest with ice cream. She made a mean, *mean* face and stomped her foot. "Alright! Which one of you did that?!" She stomped dramatically towards an untouched gallon of ice cream. She placed it beneath her armpit, using her hands to throw ice cream balls towards both girls. "*I'm gonna get you for that*!" If you can't beat 'em, join them.

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