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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:3:22) in the Brentaal system: Warspite and in the Coruscant system: Coruscant (Galactic City: Imperial Palace).
Representative Tam Ara, Major Kerrie Kiley, Grand Vizier Sate Pestage, Vice Admiral Claudius Rodney, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Major Arden Zevrin.

The Star Destroyer Warspite possessed an unassuming brig that rarely saw use. Normally, it was completely vacant, but at present it possessed its most noteworthy resident to date: Major Arden Zevrin. The ISB Sector Officer had been detained for her detention of Lady Htaere Sha`ar Ka`a Rodney, an ironic reversing of roles as she now sat confined in a tiny cell. She stared through the energy shield that separated her from freedom, plotting any number of ways that might result in her freedom. She would not allow herself to meet an ignominious end at the hands of a feeble sector commander blindly protecting his wife. "I do not suppose you've considered a career with the Imperial Security Bureau?" she asked the security guard poised outside her cell, obviously joking as she made a vein attempt to solicit her release.

Major Kerrie Kiley marched swiftly into the brig, a determined and focused look fixated upon the mimicked Human face she chose to show the world. "Release the force field!" she angrily commanded, as she moved to stand directly in front of the energy barrier. Her blue eyes narrowed, focusing on Major Zevrin as she visualized her imminent death. The gloved fingers of her right hand curled as it slipped around the handle of her KYD-21 blaster pistol. "I should have done this years ago!" she yelled angrily at Arden, quickly raising the weapon to aim it squarely at her chest.

There was no fear in Major Zevrin as she knew full well the guard would not release the energy field. She simply shook her head at Major Kiley and let out a dejected sigh, so disappointed to see her former protégé had not succumbed to her wound. "Major Kiley your continued existence continues to amaze me..." she said as she moved to the simple cot in the room, slowly sitting down upon it as she looked away from the blaster-toting maniac. "Perhaps I should attempt to prolong your life. Maybe then some accident would befall you and I would be rid of you in a great irony..." she commented idly, laughing softly at the situation.

"I am sorry, Major Kiley," the officer on duty replied, as he shook his head at the female officer. His hand covertly moved to the control panel, where he activated the alarm. "I have orders from the Admiral himself," he explained, focusing his eyes on her and speaking in a calm, collected manner. "Under no circumstances is the force field to be lowered," he reiterated, offering an emphatic nod.

"Ah!" Kerrie screamed as she spun around to face the officer, her teeth clenching angrily as she stared him down. Her face flushed red with anger and she raised the KYD-21 blaster pistol until it was level with the officer's chest. "Open the force field!" she ordered, as her hand began to shake, but she managed to maintain a steady aim.

Arden began to laugh as she watched Kerrie's outburst through the energy field. Again she shook her head, rising back to her feet as she walked right up the force field. "Is that your plan?" she asked, her voice in an amused, mocking tone. " kill him and get arrested so you end up in here with me?" she asked, a wide smile forming upon her face as she let out an uproarious laugh. "You know what? That might actually work. A first for one of your plans..." she informed her, the insults seemingly ceaseless due to the level of contempt she held Kerrie in.

Having been alerted by the officer's use of the alarm, Admiral Claudius Rodney hurried into the brig flanked by an entire squad of Imerpial Stormtroopers. As his eyes focused on the sight in front of him, he surged forward and glared angrily at his bodyguard. "Major Kiley!" he bellowed, as he arrived directly in front of her, practically screaming in her face. " will holster your sidearm!" he ordered, in no mood to deal with her personal quest for revenge. This was precisely why he had ordered his officers not to inform her of what had happened. Someone aboard the Warspite had violated those orders, and he would punish whomever that was.

Despite Kerrie's rage, she would not disobey an order from the Admiral and she begrudgingly lowered her blaster pistol, and slid it into the holster at her right hip. She turned to him, tears forming in the corner of each of her eyes. "I know what she did to Htaere, Milord," she said to him angrily, but being deliberately vague to prevent the others present from learning what happened to Htaere. "She must pay! She must die!" she explained angrily as she got right up in the man's face.

Arden could not help but laugh at Kerrie's emotional outburst. It was her weakness, and she had exploited it to her advantage repeatedly. "Lord Rodney..." she called out to him through the force field, her voice sounding quite enthused. "You would be a regarded as a great humanitarian if you were to exile Major Kiley on a drought plagued world..." she said with a loud laugh, moving back towards the cot. "With the rate the woman cries they would have more water than they would know what to do with..." she rudely pointed out, situating herself on the cot as she impatiently awaited her release.

"Silence!" Claudius angrily bellowed at the ISB commander, having lost all of his patience for her. He would have taken Kerrie's weapon from her holster and shot her himself if he could, but he was a gentlemen and even a monster like her must die through official means. "Do not worry, Kerrie..." he said to her, loud enough for the Arden to overhear. "She has received the justice she would not provide my beloved wife..." he explained as he began to escort Kerrie from the brig. "You don't know how easy it was to sign the order to terminate your life," he said to Arden, as he flashed her a brief smile looking back at her before he exited. For once, he would have a laugh at her expense.

For once Arden was not smiling and she rose from her cot and placed her face directly to the energy field as she watched Claudius and Kerrie depart the scene. "I have powerful friends!" she warned, yelling at the top of their lungs so that they would be sure to hear. Indeed, her friends were powerful ... but were they prompt.

Across the Core, within the towering might of the Imperial Palace, Grand Vizier Sate Pestage waited uncomfortably for a meeting he had been dreading since it first appeared on his calendar. Despite his best efforts to avoid such dealings, members of the Imperial Senate still commanded his attention in his position as President and Chair of the Imperial Senate. But, just because it was his job, did not mean he had to enjoy it. As he watched the doors to the small meeting room open, he painfully forced a smile onto his ragged face that was partially obscured beneath the ornate robes he wore to inform the casual eye to his status. "Representative Ara ... it is a pleasure," he said in a kind and courteous tone, the antithesis of his true nature.

Representative Tam Ara was a beautiful and alluring young woman who had obtained her position in the Senate following the untimely death of her elder brother. She had been handed everything she had in this world, and spoiled noblewoman was used to getting her way. She glided gracefully across the floor of the meeting room, her ornately designed red dress flowing loosely with each of her steps. Blonde locks were expertly coiffed, letting even the untrained eye know that was came from wealth and importance. "Grand Vizier..." she said as she offered a polite curtsey, her cheerful voice so obviously phony it was painful to listen to.

Pestage let out a groan as he thrust his arms down along his sides, visibly frustrated. "I am a busy man, Ara," he explained to her as he turned around, moving towards one of the seats in the room. "I have no time for games..." he continued, as his eyes found their way to roam over her attractive, expertly crafted body. As he studied her, he wondered how much of her beauty was natural and how much was bought and paid for. "...and even less time for charades," he added as he shook his head with her. "What do you want?" he asked as his hands gripped the arms of the chair, jagged nails tearing into the upholstery.

Tam Ara chose to remain standing, relying on the chair to effortlessly rest her body as she studied the ghastly features of the Grand Vizier. He was perhaps the most disgusting man she had ever set eyes upon, and his very presence was unnerving. "Why Grand Vizier, I have no idea what you mean..." she said as she offered him a false smile, attempting to be diplomatic. "...oh fine, but you're no fun!" she pointed out as she folded her arms in front of her chest disappointedly. She had hoped to draw it out somewhat, at least make it sporting, but he seemed not to be in the food. "An officer in the Imperial Security Bureau is being unjustly incarnated and is facing execution..." she informed her, forcing her lips into a pout as she spoke in an artificially sorrowful tone. "I want her released," she stated matter-of-factly.

The Grand Vizier let out an exasperated sigh as he heard the young woman's request. It seemed his position largely involved doing favors of this kind, which he had neither the interest nor patience for. "Let me guess..." he said, as he looked up from her in the chair, not able to contain the softest of laughs at his amusement with the situation. "She is totally innocent ... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..." he said as he mocked her, not entirely sure why a member of the Imperial Senate would choose to interject herself in what seemed like an obscure matter.

Representative Ara was withholding valuable information, not sharing with him the fact that the officer in question was once her sister-in-law. Nor did she share that the two conspired to eliminate her brother, whom the officer had married, paving the way for both of their careers. She smiled at the Vizier, her eyes going wide with delight. She moved towards him, and rested a delicate, manicured hand upon the Vizier robe-covered shoulder yes. "Yes. You have it exactly," she said as she gave his shoulder a soft, gentle squeeze.

The Grand Vizier snickered, shrugging his shoulders to force her hand from its grasp on him. "...and I assume her pardon would result in Kuat's continued support in the Senate?" he said as he shook his head at the simplicity of it all. It was a conversation he had many times throughout the course of his work week, devoting too much of his time to the political favors and nepotism that resulted in the complex operation of the bureaucracy. How he simply wished to be done with it. He sighed in defeat, having never offered any real resistance. He would do this as he would do a thousand favors so that he claim a thousand of his own. "So be it. What is her name? And who is holding her?" he asked, nearly rolling his eyes at her as he repeated the words for the procedure for the umpteenth time.

Tam smiled from ear-to-ear as she listened to Vizier's affirmation. "Oh of course. How could Kuat not support such a just and wise man like yourself?" she questioned factiously, her patronizing tone interlaced with every word. "Her name is Major Arden Zevrin," she pointed out as she turned and began to exit the conference room. "...and she is being held in the Ringali Shell by the incompetent fool, Lord Rodney," she added with a sense of genuine disdain, glad to be done with the matter and away from the unbearable presence of the Grand Vizier.

When Sate Pestage learned the details of this favor his fingers dug tightly into the fabric of the chair, the elongated nail of his right index finger breaking off and causing a steady drip of blood onto the floor. Unfortunately, the Representative had made her hasty getaway before he could challenge her request. He remained there seated for a long moment, the irritation fermenting inside of him as he considered his situation. Someone would pay dearly for this ... and the Inquisitor he had recently dispatched to the region immediately came to mind.

The Inquisitor was rather taken back when she heard she was being summoned to a private communication suite aboard the Warspite. At the time the messenger delivered the news, Serine had been intensely training her newfound... pet and was highly annoyed to be interrupted. She had almost considered throwing the poor boy right into the Nexu's path to practice attack commands, but at the last second discarded that idea... a bit too radical even for her. Covered in scratches... she needed to change as she glared at the large black cat in the corner of her room, growling dangerously and afraid towards her. There had been some nice progress... but it was slow, thankfully for the Nexu, Serine was rather patient, a bit too patient she mused, considering the Admiral's lack of initiative with nearly everything. It took the Inquisitor a few moments to change before closing the door tightly with her exit, the last thing she wanted was a rampaging nexu down the hallways. She arrived uncharacteristically late to the communications room... stepping upon the large circular transmitter as she awaited whomever... or whatever wished to speak with her so urgently.

Suddenly and without warning a holographic image began to flicker to life in front of her. It was none other than Sate Pestage, the decrepit Grand Vizier of the Galactic Empire ... the man who had dispatched Serine to the Ringali Shell. The image presented itself much larger than the Grand Vizier's actual appearance, the holonet having been designed to intentionally inflate the men to appear as large as they did within their minds. There was no hiding his displeasure that was evident in the way his lips hung downward and his eyes glared ferociously at her, burning with such an energy that it threatened to travel not only through her, but the hull of the Star Destroyer. He would waste no time with formality or pleasantry, she was there to serve him and he would therefore treat her as a suppliant. "Inquisitor Thanor..." he began, his voice sounding gnarled and infused with anger. "The recent developments in your Oversector have reached us here on Imperial Center..." he explained to her, in a manner that made intently clear to express his displeasure. "We are not amused!" he said in a dismissive tone, followed by an emphatic nod of his head.

This was a bit unfortunate as Serine had not properly prepared her formal report for Pestage because it was not due for quite some time... he was early to contact her, and as she saw his image flicker to life, she quickly stiffened her form and clasped her hands behind her back in respectful etiquette. "Milord, If you merely give me but a few minor hours, I will completely prepare my report for you." This wasn't good, Serine was completely unprepared for a verbal onslaught, with little defenses... she needed that full report to at least retain some shred of prestige. Dismayed, she continued... regrettably. "I have no excuse for my apparent lack of progress." Inquisitor Thanor felt she was truly not to blame here, at least for the majority of the issues, but she was ultimately responsible, and a failure with everyone else was also her failure, thus was the woes of commanding power in a high position. Serine was also well above the pettiness of blaming others, passing the blame would never come across her lips. "I am fully prepared for the consequences, Grand Vizier."

The Grand Vizier's holographic hand waved towards her quickly in a dismissive fashion. "The time for reports has past, Inquisitor," he said with a slight snarl, his head lowering slightly as he focused his rage upon her. She was a convenient scapegoat for the old man, who had just been forced to humble himself in front of a member of the Imperial Senate. Oh how he had come to disdain the body, a relic of a government that had outlived its usefulness. "There are eyes and ears aboard that starship that are broadcasting the events as if it were a holovid for galactic amusement," he informed her with a sense of disgust he rarely allowed others to see. "Now is the time for action..." he paused suddenly, pulling his head back slightly as he considered his words. "...or rather ... reaction," he corrected himself as he nodded at her repeatedly.

Despite the fact that Pestage was directing all of his current frustration upon her, she approved of his words. Serine had expressed to the Admiral on many occasions of her desire to hit the rebels back extremely mercilessly until they died or succumbed to the might of the Empire. "Of course Milord. You but give the word." Serine was all too anxious to solve whatever problems she may have caused and clear up this trifle with Pestage.

The Grand Vizier allowed his jaw to remain clenched while the young woman spoke, a low rumbling escaping between grit teeth. For his sake, he hoped that she was not merely one of Tremayne's toys. "The Admiral intends to execute a mid-level officer of the Imperial Security Bureau whose name is not worth my breath..." he explained to her, the thought of having to discuss one so low as a Major beyond the level of irritation he could normally withstand. "The Imperial Senate..." he said to her, the words sounding as if he were describing a disease. "...has requested clemency," he informed her, doing what little he could to hold back the contempt he held for the useless bureaucracy. "As the Admiral will no doubt find this development ... unfavorable ... I choose the luxury of sending you to inform him," he instructed her as his holographic hand raised suddenly to point squarely towards her chest. "I trust that even you can mange that," he said in an unjustified insulting tone, transferring his feelings towards Tam Ara to the Inquisitor. Before the woman could no doubt express her confidence in her abilities yet again the transmission abruptly terminated, the hologaphic image flickering away into nothingness. He had wasted enough time on this matter already.

As Pestage continued on his demoralizing speech, Inquisitor Thanor would stand at attention void of emotion and expressionless, though the moment the image faded away, she growled heavily, eyes lit up in rage. This entire mission was making her look completely incompetent! The Admiral... was causing her so much trouble by his useless inaction that she was all too eager to ruin his day and hopefully gain back some confidence from the Grand Vizier. With newly inspired direction and an unmatched determination, she exploded from the room and nearly trampled anyone who dared to step in her way as she stomped down the hall towards the brig. She did not know the name of the intelligence officer, but no matter, she would release everyone in detention if she had to. The turbolift doors could not open fast enough and were shoved aside as the Inquisitor stormed into the brig, demanding the highest ranked officer his or her full and unwavering attention. "The ISB officer stated for execution will be immediately pardoned and released." Serine's eyes bore through the patron with heated intensity and since he refused to move that instance, she screamed at him viciously. "Do it now!" If the Inquisitor had to, she would rip open every detention door with her bare hands.

Major Arden Zevrin offered a soft, victorious chuckle as the force field dematerialized in front of her. She had been expected this, ever since her minion got a message out to her benefactor, though it came not a moment to soon. She took a moment to properly adjust the cream-colored tunic that adorned her well-toned feminine body. She stepped forward out of her cell, before turning to the officer who had been in charge of monitoring her during her captivity. "Lieutenant..." she began as a sly grin curled upon her face. "I expect you to put more effort into entertaining future guests of this facility. ISB brigs are much more inviting..." she informed him as a loud, repetitive snicker began to escape her lips. She offered a brief nod to the Inquisitor, without offering any verbal gratitude, as she began to swagger out of the detention facility. She had a feline way of always landing on her feet, no matter from where she was thrown. Now, it was time to deal with Major Kiley before she would circumvent Imperial authority and conduct the execution on her own behalf.

Ah, Major Zevrin... Serine faintly remembered this woman, of course, how could she forget such an irritating person. "Unfathomable amount of effort was involved in your pardon, Major, I question if it was worth the Empire's time." Serine snorted a bit disheartened, now knowing all of this urgency was to save Arden, though perhaps she was being a bit too judgmental... she wasn't fully aware of the other woman's potential or skills so the assessment was unfair, but that didn't change her initial first impression. A menacing gaze was given to the rest of the petty officers present before she too exited the room. No doubt the Admiral would have some words to speak with her about it... but the Inquisitor was through catering to that man, if he wished to argue about her orders, then she would gladly entertain him on his own time, not hers. Serine strolled down the hallway on her own good time, fairly confident, her composure finally returning, but that flaring anger still rumbling... and untamed, much like her Nexu.

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