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Rachel King and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:7:14) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Apprentice Inquisitor Kia Kaen and Lady Drusilla Rodney.

The young Lady Drusilla Rodney paced awkwardly within the cramped quarters she had been confined to since her father had reassigned them to the Warspite, following the 'attack' on Captain Anson. At first, she had shared the room with two of her sisters, but after recent events she was down to just one. This news development did not trouble her much, however, as it now made her the sole heir to her father's fortune and titles. She had already done much redecorating of the small room, and one of the first things she did was instruct a junior officer to remove her sister's bed to open up more room. She was quite pleased with herself, and the work she had done, though it still lacked some of the grandeur touches found on the estate on Esseles and the castle on Delaya. Still, it was better than it had been a week ago.

She was seething still, and wanting to take that anger out on someone, not something. That thought made her pause for an instant, then shrug. Going over the recent events in her mind, she hadn't heard a word about what was being done to ensure the corruption had not spread to the Governor's other spawn. Supposedly, she was about the same age as the Governor's middle child, this could be fun. If anyone said anything, she was practicing and carrying out her obligations as an Inquisitor. In her usual tunic and slacks, the armorweave jumpsuit beneath fitted her snuggly, and the overall effect was just shy of intimidating. She still had the one saber hilt clipped to her belt, and remembering the last time she had had to use it, rekindled the anger simmering just below the surface of her mind. Her steps carried her quietly to the quarters housing Drusilla Rodney, she had informed operations to block all communications from this series of quarters, and she had suspended recording of the child's quarters. Let the cursed spider think what she would. As she stepped up to the door, her mind reached to the dark side of the Force, letting her focus delve into the anger at that coward of a Jedi, she took a bit of sadistic satisfaction knowing that anger at a Jedi was fueling her connection to everything that the Jedi were not. Kia's dark hair hung loose around her shoulders, blue-green eyes holding a much older 'knowing' quality to them since the return from Kuat, she didn't want to admit it to anyone, but the events on Kuat had been in some ways more disturbing than her first trial had been. A hand was pressed to the door chime, waiting for the young 'lady' to deign to open the door.

"Oh good. That must be the art I requested shipped up from the surface," a smugly confident Drusilla said, as she rose from her desk and moved towards the door. The teenager was dressed in an over-the-top lavender dress that was complete with medals of state, as in her mind Jelena had already been written out of the succession. When she opened the door, instead of seeing a servant, she saw someone her own age ... though dressed quite differently. She blinked silently as she studied the teenager, wondering what she was about. "Who are you?" she asked, tilting her head slightly to right as she studied her intently, awaiting a response. Her arms folded in front of her chest as she waited, and it looked as if she was in a huff.

The almost cruel glint behind those blue-green eyes was amused as well, she put a hint of hurt into her voice, as she let her mind extend to the fluffbrain in front of her, "Drusilla! It's me. Kia. Remember we were friends in New Calamar?" She was practicing being subtle with her Force usage, being told that she acted like she was wielding a club more than a fine brush stroke had been irritating. She was attempting to gently nudge the other girl's thoughts towards remembering what she wanted her to. They *had* been friends on Esseles, Drusilla was delighted to see her again, and pleased to see a familiar face. Half leaning forward, Kia put on a mischievious grin, "Oh, I love what you've done with the room! It's so pretty!"

Drusilla blinked several time as she was overcome by the Inquisitor's machinations. The Force had a great impact on the weak minded, and nearly instantly she accepted this young woman as her closest friends. "Kia!" she said, somewhat excitedly, as she stepped forward and offered her a tender hug, that caused the delicate fabric of her dress to wrinkle. "What are you doing here?" she asked, as she released the hug, and moved back into her room and allowing the other the ability to step in. "Isn't it though?" she said, referring to the room, as she spun around happily, allowing the bottom of the dress to flourish as she enjoyed the newfound space created by the removal of her sister's things.

Looking around the room once as she stepped in, she noted the child was indeed an opportunist, a pity she was also rotten to the core. Kia took another step in, letting the door close behind her, she casually palmed the door's locking mechanism. Her tone growing more concerned and urgent. "I ... I was up here on some research work, and I saw that they had troopers all over the place. I'm glad I got here first, they arrested your father... said he knew all about what happened with your sister, and I was so so worried about you!" The Force was nearly dripping off of her words, the dark side laced into them to give the words greater weight in the ignorant child's mind, trying to ramp up the fear that this might cause harm to her as well. Kia gave small glances back at the door, as if expecting troopers to try knocking it down and arresting both of them.

Drusilla stopped spinning the moment that Kia revealed the news of her father's arrest. She looked at her, slack-jawed, as she considered the words she spoke carefully. "What? They cannot arrest him! He is a Grand Moff! He answers only to the Imperial ruling council and the Emperor himself!" she said, as she stomped her right foot down, the beginning of a hissy fit. It was only then it dawned on her ... the implications of what she was being told. "Troopers everywhere? They would not dare arrest me ... would they? I mean ... I didn't have anything to do with my sister..." she stammered, as she began to tremble slightly ... the fear flowed through her body, before exiting through her tear ducts as her eyes began to water.

"Dru, they had ISB markings on their armor. Even a Grand Moff can be taken in by the Security nutjobs-" She cut off as the recording she had set to trigger once she had locked the door began to play on that rooms monitor only. It showed a female that looked remarkably like the traitor, Jelena Rodney, kneeling before what appeared to be a firing squad. The tinny drone of a Stormtrooper's voice sounded, as a news anchor seemed to be reporting on the execution of the traitor who was caught attempting to flee Esseles. 'Two. One. Fire.' Five lances of red stabbed into the kneeling woman as she collapsed, holes burnt nearly through her in a couple places by the close range fire from the Imperial Troopers weapons. The announcer came back on, congratulating the people of the Ringali Shell for helping apprehend and bring to justice this traitor who had tried causing so much civil unrest. Kia turned wide blue-green eyes on the pretty pretty princess in front of her. "Dru...I'm so sorry!"

The news of the ISB terrified Drusilla ... she had seen what they were capable of when they abducted her stepmother, Htaere, and attacked her bodyguard, Major Kiley. "No! No!" she screamed as she watched the image of her sister being executed, falling to her knees, as an overwhelming amount of fear enveloped her. Mucus began to stream from her nose, staining her delicate features, as she felt nausea begin to rise up from the pit of her stomach. It was too much for her senses to bare, and she was on the verge of physical and emotional collapse. "D-d-don't let them kill me!" she begged, as she crawled towards the feet of her friend, like a helpless animal.

Kia had a surge of dark glee watching the stuck up little snob bawling like a wounded animal. Still the child's only thought was for herself, not for the potential danger the *rest* of her family was in. Such an unappreciative brat... "I have been working with them recently, Dru," it was clear who the 'them' referred to, and that part actually was the truth, "Did you know anything about what that traitor was planning? Where do your loyalties lie? With your pomp and bows and pretty...useless ... things or with the Empire?" The Apprentice Inquisitor had taken a slightly harsher tone with her subject now, watching her carefully. No one appreciated what they had, that coward of a Jedi had left Serine to be hurt, this pretentious brat cared more about clothes than her own family.

When she discovered that her 'friend' had been working with the Imperial Security Bureau, Drusilla recoiled in a state of absolute horror. Suddenly it all became too much for her, and the feeling in the pit of her stomach began to rise until she found herself vomiting all over her dress and the new carpet she had put in. "Unh! Unh!" she groaned horribly, as she tried to clear her throat. "I don't know about about what my sister was doing. She was all busy with her life, and I had mine..." she explained, genuinely, having not had much in common with her sister for quite sometime. "I love the Empire!" she pleased, bringing her sash up to her face to try and wipe away some of the remaining filth. "I am loyal. I swear it!" she concluded, almost begging, in the most pitiful manner possible, that otherwise would have been unthinkable for this spoiled brat of a noblewoman.

Kia nodded slowly, sensing the truth behind the child's words. "I believe you, Dru. I really do.. But the way you -behave- makes them wonder about you. Makes them whisper that maybe if the price were right, if you got enough 'things' you would betray our Empire.. and all it stands for. Just. Like. That. Traitor. You don't want them to think that, do you?" She motioned to the ruined state of the girl's clothes, and her appearance in general. "Look at you, dressed up like you're going to a royal ball. You are on a warship, Dru. Not your holiday home on Delaya. Do you even care that right now they are probably -interrogating- your father? Before they come for you? I'll do what I can to stop them from hurting you, Dru... Since you're loyal..."

"No. I would never betray the Empire," Drusilla said, as she scrambled to get back on her feet to show her 'friend' that she was serious. "I am a member of the nobility, and I only wish to look the part," she explained, as she attempted to hurry towards Kia, but instead slipped on the mess she made, and fell face first to the ground. "Oof!" she groaned, as she squirmed on the floor, like an aquatic life-form that had been cast from the sea. "Do you think they will kill my father too?" she asked, as she looked up at the young woman with a face stained with vomit and blood.

"I will try to stop that if you cease this behavior. Do you even realize how much your father *needs* you right now? Needs to know you are loyal, to him, to the Empire. Instead of behaving like a pampered child, you must realize that your world has changed now. Accept this and be stronger for it. You do not need to behave in this...manner... I am going to request to stay aboard the Warspite, so that I can help keep an eye on you and keep you safe." Her tone oozed sincerity and an undercurrent of malevolence, through all of it, the anger that had fueled Kia's foray into trying to correct this child surged like a living thing. Kia looked down at Drusilla, shaking her head slightly, she made a very slight movement with her left hand, "Clean yourself up, Drusilla. You are a mess."

"B-b-but I'm a noblewoman!" Drusilla replied, in a pout, as she was deeply connected to her status, lifestyle, and her wealth. "My father had locked himself in his room ... unwilling to come out. He was unwilling to even deliver the news himself!" she confessed, shaking her head with some disgust, having lost respect for her father. She was at that age where rebelling against one's parents was natural, as she struggled to find her place in the universe. "Thank you for helping me," she said, as she raised herself back up at long last ... her dress was ruined. "I will do what I have to in order to help him," she agreed reluctantly, if only to keep herself safe and to ensure her maximum inheritance in the future.

Those blue-green eyes virtually blazed as the hatred at seeing someone with a family, even a disfunctional one, so willing to throw it away for status. "*You* are a subject of the Empire, Drusilla! If it is decided you are to live on a garbage shuttle and in the cargo bay of it at that, you will obey." Kia narrowed her eyes, crossing her arms in front of her, "And what is it that you will do?" She was going to force the girl into saying the changes she would make, if nothing else than to further embed them in the child's mind.

Drusilla took several step backwards from Kia, trembling with fear, as her young eyes darted around the room for any type of escape ... but there was none. "I-I-I will obey," she said, hoping that it would save her life. She could not help but allow her thoughts to dwell on how awful her beautiful room looked, and the sadness felt of the near destruction of her dress. She was so looking forward to her new artwork being delivered. What an ordeal Jelena had put her through with her stupid defection, she thought to herself selfishly.

"Not good enough, I don't want your obedience, that is assumed, as any loyal subject of the Empire is obedient. I want you to stop behaving like a pampered doll and realize there is a lot more to this world than dresses and making your room look pretty. Do you think that the Imperial Security Bureau will care if you're a noblewoman or a kitchen maid? No. They look for truth, and have painful sometimes fatal ways of finding it. I wouldn't want that to happen to you, that's why I'm trying to help you and your father. Don't you *want* my help, Dru?" Kia said.

"I do want your help!" Drusilla pleaded, as she looked towards Kia with desperate eyes. She was struggling with what to do, overcome with emotions, and feeling truly helpless for the first time in her young life. She had wrapped her father around her fingers since birth, even using her own mother's death as leverage to get what she wanted. She had manipulated her grandparents, who raised her, into doing much of the same. To give it all up ... the luxury, the wealth, the status ... seemed almost unbearable for the teenager to accept. "Fine!" she said in an enormous huff, as if at the end of the tantrum, as she flung herself onto her bed to continue pouting.

Kia gave the girl a mostly genuine smile, progress had been made so she was pleased. Crossing the distance, she settled on the bed next to her 'friend' and softly patted her back, "Now see, that wasn't so hard, I will do everything in my power to see that you and your father are not harmed." Stroking the girl hair, she grimaced a smile, "You should clean yourself up and rest, Dru. The next time you feel yourself starting to behave the way you just promised you would not, you will feel that same dread ... fear ... anxiety..." She coupled the soft, near crooning words with the raw power the dark side granted, trying to drive this into the child's marrow. It would be worth watching to see if the next time she didn't get her way if the reconditioning was working. "When I leave, you should take a nap, I came to visit, we had a nice chat and you were so overcome with emotion about your sister and her betrayal that you broke down into tears..." If she had worked this right, the terror inducing video would be something from her nightmares, not actually remembered, and the memories of what happened altered just enough that her manipulation was not truly apparent. Though the lessons would surely stick. She rose as the child drifted off to sleep, her left hand coming up to her right shoulder to deactivate the micro camera that had transmitted the entire scene to an office a few decks away. As she exited the room, she quietly said, "Hope you enjoyed the show, Captain."

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