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Christopher Levy and Tara McLaren.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:11) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Lieutenant Allegra Ames and Lieutenant Brianna Visla.

New officers were due aboard and Lieutenant Allegra Ames, as usual, had made her way to the flight deck to see if there was anyone interesting in the new lot. The young woman was in a crisply pressed olive-grey Imperial uniform whose maintenance she had arranged from a younger, junior officer who had become quite smitten with her. Her curly brown hair was up in a bun and kept short as with Imperial regulations. Her eyes scanned the flight deck as a series of uninteresting junior officers shuffled by. For a moment, she felt as if she had wasted her time.

At the moment a rather unusual craft was in the process of landing. It was a TIE Advanced x1, a 1-seat fighter craft which had obviously been issued to one of those newly arriving officers. More heavily armed and durable than a standard TIE, it probably belonged to some kind of specialized soldier. After a few moments, the TIE would come to rest as the pilot inside powered down the equipment. The hatch would pop open a second later, revealing...what looked to be some kind of stormtrooper. The Lieutenant would be able to recognize the garb of a Storm Commando. This one's torso armor looked to have been made to accommodate the female figure. She was also evidently tall and carried a rather obvious blaster rifle with her. Her first action once out of the hatch was to look around for the officer on deck, a datapad with her transfer orders in her free hand. She began climbing down the side of the ship, ready to provide her transfer orders and to surrendered her gear if necessary.

Allegra once had a promising career in front of her. The daughter of the Berchest delegates to the Imperial Senate, she now found herself unable to wield influence aboard the complex political climate of the Imperial Star Destroyer. Generally she stood clear of Storm Commandos, given her tumultuous relationship with Major Kiley. However, with the Major off running 'errands' as part of her counter-terrorism assignment, no one was there to greet the new Commando. Allegra stepped forward, cleared her throat, and tilted her chin up snobbishly at the new arrival. "Orders?" she asked, bluntly, piercing blue eyes glaring at the armor wearing vixen.

The storm commando stood at attention after approaching Allegra, holding her blaster rifle in the proper manner as she handed over her orders. She made no move to remove her helmet ... similar rank or not the Lieutenant was the officer on deck. Her voice came through the filters of her helmet muffled slightly. "Lieutenant Brianna Visla reporting for duty. I am prepared to surrender my gear to the unit quartermaster if requested." Her orders seemed to indicate she would be joining the Storm Commando squad assigned to the battle group. She was obviously a trained pilot for them to allow her access to such a prestigious space superior starfighter. No doubt whoever had assigned her here thought she'd be an asset to the group.

Allegra looked over her orders and broke eye contact momentarily with the commando. "Hmm," she murmured as she studied them for just a moment before returning them to the Lieutenant. "It is unfortunate that you should find yourself under Major Kiley," she said, as she attempted to instill her doubt in hew new commanding officer. "I had wondered when they would begin sending replacements..." she said smugly, as she smirked towards the trooper and began backing away towards the lift. "...if you'll follow me," she said, as she gestured towards the lift with her left hand.

Stormtroopers were legendarily hard to distract. It was reputed as their biggest strength and biggest weakness. "Yes, sir. I hope to serve the Emperor with my life, sir." The female storm commando, all 1.8 meters in height of her, would follow the Lieutenant towards the lift. She carried a rather large backpack as if it was no hindrance to her. This was not much of a surprise. According to her transfer orders she had completed her entire time in training at the Imperial Academy on Carida. It must have been easy moving around on the comparatively low gravity.

"Well, if you are anything like the last group of Commandos you'll be giving the Emperor your life," Allegra revealed as they stepped into the lift. "How much have you been told about your assignment here?" she asked, as she considered just how far to go with the young commando. She pressed the button that would slowly cause the lift to ascend to where the Stormtroopers and commandos were berthed, in a less than glamorous section of the massive Star Destroyer's inner hull.

"The information was not provided, sir. I serve at the discretion of the Emperor and his appointed generals. I should be glad for any information they seek to bestow upon me." Her posture remained pristine during the entire trip in the turbolift. Aside from the blaster rifle that she carried ... a BlasTech Industries DC15A ... the only other obvious weapons were a vibrodagger sheathed in one boot and a holdout blaster sheathed in the other.

"Well I'll spare you the suspense, Lieutenant," Allegra said, quite without charm, as she stepped aside to allow the woman to be the first exit the lift. "Your primary duties tend to be protecting the Grand Moff's family," she said, feigning a smile. "But ... fear not, there actually have been an alarming amount of attempts on their lives over the past year and a half," she said, as she moved off the lift and onto the barracks level. "I'm confident Major Kiley will brief you fully when she returns from whatever it is she does to busy herself," she said again, rather cruelly disregarding the woman as she attempted to sew discontent.

The storm commando would exit first, before taking a position behind Allegra. "Whether the duty is large or small, I serve at the Emperor's discretion." It was surprising she did not get tired, carrying that massive rifle. It had to be 4.5 kilograms, easily. Stormtroopers were always supposed to be gluttons for punishment, however. This one used a good deal more words than most Stormtroopers, if only to be deferent.

Allegra could not believe how hard this woman was taking the party line. At least someone was listening to COMPNOR, she thought silently as they walked together down the corridor towards where the Lieutenant had been billeted. "Major Kiley berths here," she pointed, as they moved further down the corridor before coming to a stop in front of a dark, empty room.

The Storm commando nodded as they passed by Major Kiley's berth, not breaking stride. She would come to a stop in front of the dark empty room as the Lieutenant did. It was hard to tell given the lack of expression in her voice due to the helmet, as well as her facial features being concealed, but she did in fact seem sincere about what she had been saying.

"Oh. How careless of me. I must have forgotten. At ease, Lieutenant," Allegra said finally, having intentionally not given her permission to remove the helmet in the off chance she was more attractive than her. Oh, how she detested being the less attractive in a pairing. She preferred to keep the attention focused strictly on her.

"Yes, sir." Shifting all the weight of her blaster rifle to one arm, she would use her free hand to remove her helmet. The storm commando had shoulder length red hair and green eyes. Her Hapan heritage, obviously listed in her transfer orders, was immediately evident in her fine facial features. Those green eyes stared almost blankly ahead of her as she deferred to her counterpart.

Allegra cleared her throat awkwardly, having to deal with yet another Hapan. They were always good at upstaging her in the looks departing. The uniform did not help much, as it was not the least bit flattering for her. "Do you have any questions, Lieutenant," she asked, as she shifted uncomfortably, obviously put off by the woman's looks.

"No, sir. I live to serve, sir." With her helmet in the crook of one arm and the blaster rifle in the other, she looked like a very proper soldier. "I will answer any question you might have of me, sir." This storm commando definitely seemed to have the proverbial vibrostave up her butt, but she was friendly enough.

For a moment Allegra considered asking her if she slept with any stuffed animal, but that was far too cruel, she thought as she put aside the thought for the time being. "Is that hair regulation, Lieutenant?" she asked, canting her head slightly as she walked around her, noting the length very carefully. She despised having to wear her hair in a bun and whenever she saw an officer with her hair down she felt very hostile.

The Storm commando's hair was shoulder length, and did not seem to impede her when she wore her helmet. This comment from Allegra actually caused Jill's eyes to blink. Clearly she was not as experienced in social situations...not surprising considering she was meant to be a foot soldier. "My hair was not an issue at the Academy. If my CO or another superior wishes me to trim it or even shave it off, I will of course comply."

Allegra took a gloved hand and measured the distance from the bottom of her hair to the woman's shoulder and remained silent for a moment. It seemed ... adequate, she thought as a frown revealed her emotions. "Very well, Lieutenant," she said, as she circled back in front of her. "I'm sure you have personal matters to attend to. I will alert the Major to your arrival when she returns. I wish you better luck than the last person who inhabited these quarters," she said, bowing at the waist, before she dismissed herself.

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