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Christopher Levy and Alexander Oliva.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:3:4) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate) and Vendetta and in the Duro system: Duro (Jivv Space City: Cantina) and Vendetta.


Zek Correson, Enkido, Ikthirt, and Flight Lieutenant Reek Trolg.


The Rodian crime lord Enkido sat at his desk, observing the display that showed the readout of the various security cameras. His business had expanded greatly in the days since the Empire arrived,  and he looked forward to another profitable shipment of illegal cargo. He was concerned that the Black Sun might soon take notice of his little operation, but for now that was the last thing on his mind. He had to get the latest shipment of spice to the nearby Corellian sector, and would gladly pay the premium to any smuggler daring enough to get past the Imperial blockade.

Zek Correson rerouted his directional course towards Tatoonie to divert back to Breental. Tonight, the local independent smuggler advanced forward to the thriving planet where he will expect to meet this Enkido individual. Unsure exactly what will become of the cargo, but it'll might end up a being a tricky one. Zek had all the faith in the world to finish jobs closely related to this one. Receive his pay, and then get some things done besides meddling around old hardware to upgrade his Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 Transport.

Zek launched the sequence of the landing petals. Allowing them to connect at the marble cement that engrossed the platform. The smuggler picked himself up to make his exit out of the Corellian freighter. Outside, those authentic hazel pupils glance at a unknown individual. Is not for certain if this were to become of the Rodian named Enkido, "I'm here for the cargo."

The security droid that kept watch on the East landing platform stared at the smuggle for a moment before the durasteel doors to the estate swung upward. The diminutive form of the crime lord Enkido emerged from behind the doors and he slowly walked towards the smuggler. He motioned with his left hand towards a moderate sized shipping container before addressing the Human, "This container here must go to Duros. In Jivv Space City there's a rather rundown bar on the outskirts of town in the Northeast. Look for a Duros named Ikthirt. He will take possession of the cargo. The price is 5000 credits. You'll have to get past the Imperial patrols, but they're not looking for something like this so you should be fine."

Zek responded firmly to the Rodian's request of delivery and transportation, "I'll have there in no time." The name Ikthirt who's a Duros in the city of Jivv Sapce City in Duros. He'll never forget such information as he guided the cargo to be set beneath the floors of his YT-1300 spacecraft.

Correson hit the control switches to seal the landing platform. A few other switches were hit to only thrust the powerful Corellian engines stationed to the interior and behind the metallic plate covering mechanical parts of his freighter. Took off into extraordinary flight as he awaited patiently for his entrance into space. Correson looked aimlessly at a visual image of his past love Marian. He always did ever since he had taken flight out of Corellia and said goodbye.

Within then the time of his departure, the ship glided heavenly right into the entrance of space. Glancing as he spotted the magnificent stars and extraordinary planets that he's been watching for centuries. Zek accordingly did enjoy lurking into the deepness of space where he'll one day reside somewhere within himself. Meanwhile, he set the controls on the autopilot as he lifted those limbs to adjust on the chair beside him. No companion, and no trustee friend. Zek had to find a companion to maintain security and alert the Captain. Finally, something valuable than silk to transport by a pack of Twi'leks.

A pair of Sienar Fleet System TIE/ln starfighters picked up the YT-1300 on their sensors, and immediately changed course to intercept the vessel. The lead pilot in the flight, Lieutenant Trolg, targeted the YT-1300 and identified it as the Vendetta, based on her IFF signature. He then activated his comlink to signal the craft, "Transport, this is the Imperial Navy ... please identify. Over."

"Shit!" thought the rogue pilot as he engaged quickly to reply to the intercept the channelink, and reply, "Freighter Vendetta, over."

The Imperial pilot decelerated his starfighter as he approached the freighter. His craft begin to scan the YT-1300 for illegal cargo, specifically weaponry, before speaking over the comlink once again, "What is your cargo and destination. Over?"

"Container is carrying a cargo of silk to the Duro system," Zek responded as he kept his hopes up to ensure this sweet baby gets him passed these hostile TIEs. Would hate to find meaningful ways to outrun the TIEs or else he will be doomed.

"A lot of silk shipments lately," Lieutenant Trolg thought to himself. He figured something was up with this shipment, but his orders were only to scan of weaponry. He sighed before responding over the comlink, "Get on with it then. Over and out."

"Yes, sir," said the Smuggler till he proceeded as directed from the trumpet-eared Rodian. His destination is not really that far due to being a quick jump. He hoped he will get a good hazard pay for this or else he will have to have a chat with him. He does not do free work.

The smuggler continued his own route near by the Corellian system. His route made a dash past the atmosphere of the planet of Duro. Understood it was heavily populated by Duros. Cannot say he is not fond of them, but reliable at times. Zek proceeded until he swept above the surface of its planetary existence. Continuing on till he spotted the city the Rodian said to be Jivv Space City. Relocated himself to find a suitable landing platform to descend on to. Assembles the landing petals that attached over to the platform with ease. Correson shut off the main power line before making himself depart the ship by exiting out the staircase. Descended when he realized it was a dive bar he has to get to. Kept that generic pistol accustomed on to the holster clad on the pant thigh. Readjusted the olive green jacket over that upper form that relieved the chillness. Made his way into the bar as he looked for a Duro named Ikthirt. Saw what he was looking for, and continued his journey before standing in front of him. "Are you Ikthirt?" he asked calmly.

Ikthirt looked up from his Corellian ale at the man standing in front of him. He looked him over casually, sizing him up and taking note of the weaponry. "Sit down," he said calmly as he adjusted his position at the table.

Zek responded firmly to the command. Settled down as he looked about to ensure everyone else stuck to their own business. Afterwards, his head diverted his attention back at the Duro, "I got your cargo. It's in the hanger."

"Were you followed?" Ikthirt asked nervously, leaning forward across the table to prevent the others in the bar from overhearing their conversation.

"Was intercepted from a couple of TIEs, but I kept my radar on special watch. I wasn't followed. I promise you that," Zek said in a husky tone. The smuggler meant every word. Probably a mention of the TIEs will increase a suspicious to the Duro, but he will guarantee everything is safe.

"Very well," Ikthirt said in a reassured voice, "Take me the hangar."

Zek nodded. He stood up as he decided to venture off the dive bar towards the hangar bay where he will ensure the cargo is perfectly safe. He knew that he had to keep his guard up incase this was a turn over of not getting paid and receive death.

The pair entered the hanger bay as Zek journeys off into the YT-1300 cargo ship to retrieve the transportation supply the Rodian from Breental requested to bring here. Brought it out with a function of a control, "Here ya go. Everything's there."

Ikthirt looked at the cargo container for a moment before dropping to one knee next to it. He pressed his thumb down on the lock mechanism, opening the container. He looked inside to verify the contents. With a smile, he resealed the container and rose to his feet once again. "Excellent," he said enthusiastically, "Everything is as it should be."

Zek knew he will receive his five thousand credits, but it will take awhile till he find out where to get a good piece of weaponry. The generic pistol he assembled is not worthwhile. Decided to see if he can reach an arms dealer to either trade or buy a new one. He left to the YT-1300 freighter before launching controls again to blast his way towards Tatoonie to see what was going on there.

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