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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:22) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Imperial garrison and Leiliani).
Governor Papius Arundel, Farrah Ette, Luna Flosgermen, Petrus Flosgermen, Lord Gaius Rodney, and Colonel Arden Zevrin.

Farrah Ette had lost *everything*. Her ambitions had been mercilessly beaten and broken. The home she shared with her father was no longer accessible. The time on New Alderaan had only prolonged her and her father's suffering and then...and *then* she lost him altogether. After Claudius' little bitch had arrested Gaius, Farrah had been aimlessly wandering the streets searching for where he could be holed up. The petite preteen was looking more exhausted and worn than ever before as she sat, hunched on the steps of a destroyed cantina. Her head was in her hands. As Stormtroopers moved down the street in front of her, she listened. Farrah was beginning to grow desperate. She had heard *nothing* of her father's whereabouts. She began to worry that he had been moved off-planet and was now far beyond her reach. "Damn the Rodneys!" She muttered, stupidly slamming her small fist into the cement steps. She scraped her knuckles along the rough surface until she was sure she was bleeding. She had begun to hate the blood that flowed through her. The House of Rodney was neither good enough for her or Gaius.

The rooftops of Leiliani were a dingy place where years of industry and pollution had combined to turn a once beautiful city into a smog infested ruin. Despite the best efforts of the Ithorians the more they purified the air the more clear the damage from the Battle of Delaya became. It was in this urban wasteland that Petrus Flosgermen had come to rebuild his credits after his failed attempt to kidnap his sister-in-law's children. The bounty on Farrah Ette was an interesting one, especially as it became known she was an illegitimate Rodney. Collecting the bounty on an illegitimate member of the House that had spited him was better than nothing at all, so as he watched the child from beneath his helmet he zoomed down with the macrobinoculars to observe her punching at the steps. "Now," he said, with a nod to Luna, who he was not sure was yet fully recovered. There was no time to be sentimental or their target would elude them and we would e forever serving drinks.

Delaya was a terribly hideous planet. Luna Flosgermen noticed it each time she ended up on this forsaken rock which her sister ruled over. While many of her visits to the planet had involved schemes against Zara, this one had to do with the family she'd married into. Farrah was an interesting individual. As a confirmed illegitimate Rodney, Luna couldn't help herself. The target was wanted *alive*, so Luna wouldn't have the opportunity to make quite the scene she wanted to. Beside Petrus, she stood dressed in her body suit holding her blaster rifle. It was set on a stun setting as to not kill the little girl. She caught her in the crosshairs of the weapon. She was, indeed, still recovering from Zara stabbing her repeatedly. She had spent a long time in a bacta tank, but the immense loss of blood was something that took longer to heal. She took the shot as soon as she had it. Her finger squeezed the trigger, sending a blue bolt straight into the little girl. As electrical impulses settled into the girl, Luna watched her grow limp and useless. "Yes!! Let's go collect our credits!" She grinned, shoving the rifle into her shoulder strap. She began making her way down from the building where they were hiding out. Luna was as graceful as a cat. When she landed, she was on her feet in front of the girl. She bent down, looking into Farrah's blank eyes. "Yup. This is the one. Where are we taking her, hubby dearest?"

Petrus had to admit that Luna was the better shot at range, so he watched as she delivered a successful sniper shot. He followed her down from the rooftop, not expecting any trouble, as they were on Imperial business. He towered over the stunned body of the teenage girl, while Luna made the positive identification. "The Imperial garrison," he said, as he crept down next to Farrah and lifted her body up over her shoulder. "Let's get paid," he said, smirking down at Luna from beneath his helmet. He moved towards their speeder, and wasted no time throwing Farrah's stunned body in the back. "You drive," he said to Luna, as he climbed into the passenger side of the speeder. For once it looked like they were actually going to make credits abducting one of the minor Rodneys.

Her smile wasn't visible underneath her own helmet. Bounty hunting was something she excelled at. She would have done her job better had the man who posted the bounty wanted Farrah Ette dead. She watched Petrus lift the girl, glad that he was the muscle of their operation. "Credits! Credits! Credits!" Luna sang all the way back to their speeder. She even performed a little success jig. The young woman felt confident that they were about to be rewarded. She made her way into the driver's seat where her cybernetic cat was waiting for her. It let out a meow, then crept into her lap. "I missed you too." She said, affectionately running a hand along the cat's back while starting up the speeder. Luna began driving towards the Imperial garrison. It stuck out like a sore thumb in the destroyed city. "Later on, we can pour our paycheck on the bed. I'll do some *very* creative things to you." She commented as she weaved through the city. It didn't take her long to reach her destination. There, she was stopped by a Stormtrooper.

"What's your business here?" He asked in a deep voice, pointing his E-11 rifle through Luna's open window.

Luna reached over, grasping the hair of the Rodney girl. She showed the trooper. "Business." The one worded answer was all she needed to gain entrance into the garrison. After a lot of failures, it seemed the couple had crept back on top of their game.

Petrus hated Imperial Stormtroopers, but held his tongue as he allowed Luna to deal with them. When they cleared the checkpoint and arrived at the Imperial Garrison for one of the few times in his career he felt intimidated. The sheer size and scope of the structure itself combined with the presence of thousands of Stormtroopers, walkers, and even starfighters made him begin to sweat. He reached down into the speeder and grabbed hold of Farrah as if she were a rag doll. Throwing her over shoulder as if she were nothing more than a duffle bag he walked into the structure where he was directed towards a turbolift that would ultimately lead towards Governor Arundel's officer in the central spire. "Try and memorize an exit, but I doubt we could fight our way out of here," he said to Luna, just before the doors opened. As he walked forward he entered the large, dark office filled with all sorts of terminals. The expansive windows gave a commanding view of the entire galaxy and the city of Leiliani beyond.

Governor Papius Arundel was seated in his desk when he received word that a pair of bounty hunters had captured the Farrah girl. It was a much needed part of his plan prior to the arrival of Sierra Rodney. When the turbolift door opened he rose from his desk and moved swiftly towards them to greet them. He began clapping obnoxiously, as he gazed upon them with a broad, but insincere smile. "Well done. Very well done," he said to them, before he moved to Petrus backside where Farrah's head was. He lifted her dark hair to gaze upon her stunned face, before smirking and laughing at the sight. "Poor thing," place her in one of the chairs. Then take your credits and be on your way," he said to them, dismissively, as he moved back towards his desk. He had bigger fish to fry.

Luna like it when the option of fighting their way out existed. At the Imperial Garrison, where they were outnumbered hundreds to one, that wasn't an option anymore. She remained calm. They had done this Governor of Delaya a favor by finding the bastard child. Now she wanted payment for her minimal effort. She placed a hand on Petrus' shoulder once they had exited the speeder. "Act like a kiss ass and we'll get out of here alive." She grumbled. It was against her wishes to become wrapped up in the Galactic War as they had once before. Her hand fell just as they reached the large office belonging to Governor Arundel. The first thing that struck her was that he was overcompensating for having a tiny weewee. The second thought that crept into her head was that she didn't want to think about the man's privates. Luna's cybernetic cat had followed them. If they needed an escape, Luna would *make* one.

Her nose scrunched up. The man rubbed off on her the wrong way from the beginning. Perhaps it was his obnoxious clapping, or his associated with the Empire. "She never saw it coming. She was in no pain." Luna said coldly as she quickly began collecting their payment. Unknown to her, there was a visible shake to her hands. She wanted out of the garrison, and she did everything she could to make this a rapid transaction. With the credits in her arms, she quickly headed towards the turbolift. "Let's get off of this stupid planet." She stared at the Governor until the turbolift had closed.

Farrah's self destruction had been cut short by the bounty hunters. It all happened far too quickly for Farrah to realize that she was caught. After the bounty hunters left them alone, it wasn't much longer until the teenager came back to. Her blue eyes blinked repeatedly. She was working to process where she was. More importantly, she was trying to figure out who stood before her. She recognized the uniform. He was an Imperial officer. "Where is Gaius Rodney!?" She shouted. Her little bloody hands pounded into his desk.

"You mean your father?" a voice from the shadows asked, before the sound of bootsteps filled the otherwise silent room. The beautiful blonde in the crisp ISB uniform of blacks and whites moved towards the excitable young teenager. "There, there," she said, mockingly, as she took the seat next to her in front of Governor Arundel's desk. "Your father used to work for me until you and he repeatedly failed in your attempts to rid the world of Rodneys," she said, as she crossed her legs and leaned back in the chair. "Good job on the fat old man in the hospital bed though, sweetie," she said, condescendingly, as she examined her manicure instead of looking at the teen. "You'll be reunited with dear old dad soon enough. You'll be relieved to know we still have use for you," she said, finally raising her face to offer her a polite smile.

The voice was one that Farrah did not immediately recognize. When she turned in her seat, she saw a familiar face: Arden Zevrin. She recalled Gaius talking about the woman. What she remembered most clearly was that this woman had refused to help them at the time they needed her most. As the Alderaan guard was picked apart, she had offered no assistance to them. She forced them to suffer on New Alderaan. Farrah rose out of her seat so quickly that the chair fell backwards and hit the floor. The boisterous noise filled the room. "You!!!" She pointed a finger at the significantly wiser, much more villainous woman. Her face turned red. She began to yell at the woman. "No!! I won't help you!" She stomped her shoe on the ground. "You didn't help us. My papa and I don't owe you anything!!" Farrah had the answer she needed now. Her father was here.

"Hmm," Arden replied, as she flashed a glance towards Governor Arundel. "What a shame. What a shame," she said, feigning distress as she brought her hand dramatically to her forehead. "Very well," she said, as she raised from her seat and began to walk away. "Oh. I almost forgot," she said, as she stopped, dead in her tracks, and looked over her shoulder towards Farrah. "Sierra Rodney will be attending your father's trial and execution," she said, with a smile as sweet as her voice ... and as fake. "Would you like to attend?" she asked, as she started walking back towards the girl. "Since you're of no use anymore," she added, as she came to a stop behind Farrah, placing her hands on the back of her chair, and slowly looming over her like a predator.

Sierra Rodney. Farrah's blood ran hot to that name. She had attempted, repeatedly, to kill Sierra Rodney. Her arms crossed over her chest. The teenager was clearly weighing the pros and cons of working with Arden again. Her presence at the trial of her father would only ensure he was doomed. Arden would see him die to make her suffer...and to get back at the man for failing to kill Rodneys. She was made to feel as tiny as a mouse by Arden Zevrin, who loomed over her like she was preparing to strike. " ...What use am I to you?" She asked. "I want my papa to be released. I want that little bitch to pay!" A common enemy united them. Reluctantly, Farrah began to see that.

Governor Arundel had been silent long enough, content to allow Colonel Zevrin to speak to the child we attended to a glass of wine. "Your 'papa' could be released. If he had a use," he added, as he slid back into the chair on the opposite of the desk from her. "Do you think you could convince him to serve our purposes?" he asked her, before taking a sip from the swirling glass of wine. He looked to Farrah before scanning his eyes upward at Arden above her. He could not keep the smirk that was forming on his lips from appearing, but he was not exactly trying to conceal his glee either.

Farrah began to feel very uncomfortable. There were two Imperials perched on her shoulders, both making it clear that her father would see death if she didn't agree to their stipulations. Her head tilted downward. She looked at her bloodied knuckles. Defeat was a feeling she was spending far too much time with, yet the young teen was feeling it again. Her blue eyes stared at the ground. Between the difficulties of life, Arden, and Papius, they had broken her. "...Yes." She answered with her chin still pointed downward. "What do you want us to do? Papa and I missed our opportunity to kill Claudius. Clumsy Marcus is Duke now. If you wait around long enough, he'll choke on a grape and die." She lifted her head.

"Do you know who my least favorite Rodney is?" Arden asked, rhetorically, before bringing her finger down and pressing it upon Farrah's lips so she could not speak. "It's a rhetorical question, dear. You'll learn what that means when you're older," she continued, in a condescending manner, before moving to sit back down next to her. "Jelena Rodney," she said, with an emphatic nod of her head, as the acid dripped off her vile tongue. "You know where she is. I know you know where she is," she said, as she leaned back in her chair and looked towards Papius. "It's not enough to simply send a fleet and obliterate them. We must break their spirit," she continued, trying not to elaborate too much. "We need you and your father back there," she explained, as she leaned forward, and brushed a lock of Farrah's hair back behind her ear. "There. Sorry. That was bothering me," she added, with a soft chuckle, as she waited for the girl to decide.

It was hard to select who her favorite Rodney was. At Arden's question, she remained silent. The woman was condescending to no end. Gaius made her feel like an equal. Arden put her into a lesser position than when she had worked as a servant in the castle. She stared at the woman. She would do what needed to be done in order to free her papa. There was a name that Farrah recognized which she said: Jelena Rodney. For months, Farrah had been forced to watch Jelena lead her people on New Alderaan while her father consumed more alcohol by the day. She wanted the man she loved destroy himself over those who were supposed to be family. Indeed, Farrah knew exactly where she could be found. Arden reminded her, again, of where she stood by brushing her hair back. The small teenager gulped. "I want to see papa..." She admitted pathetically. "We'll go back." Her lower lip quivered. New Alderaan wasn't their home...Delaya was. "I want to see my papa *now*!"

"Aww. She wants to see her 'papa'," Arden said to Paius, as she brought her hands up to her own eyes to wipe away nonexistent tears. "Very well. You can see your father," she said, as she dismissively waved her hand at the teenager. "See to it, Papius. I can't stand the smell down in the detention block," she said, as she made a point of ordering the Governor around in front of Farrah so that there would be no question of who was in charge. She rose from her seat and moved towards the window where she looked out at the city and the mountaintop castle beyond. Sierra would be coming soon ... she was nearly ready.

"Of course, Colonel," Papius said, with a hint of displeasure in his voice. The ISB was always theatrical, but he would willingly play his part in this little spectacle. "Come, Farrah," he said, as he extended his hand to the girl and led her towards the turbolift. As they descended into the lower levels of the garrison where the detention cells were contained he felt a twinge of excitement overcome him. Sierra would be there soon and their plot would finally unfold. When the lift came to a stop he exited and moved past the security checkpoint before leading her down the row of cells until they finally came to a stop outside of the cell that contained the disgraced Lord Gaius Rodney. "Here he is," he said, as he allowed his code cylinders to be used to open the door to reveal her father.

Tears had begun to form in Farrah's eyes. She had been searching for her father since his arrest weeks ago. It made her sad when they weren't together. She hated letting Arden see her weakness. The tears broke through and streamed down her cheeks. As angry as she was, she was also relieved to finally be reunited with the only man she loved. She silently followed the Governor into the turbolift which eventually took them to the cells. She wore nothing more than a ratty, abused dress and passed through security with no problems. The speed of her steps increased as Papius stopped in front of Gaius' cell. "Papa!" She cried out, rushing into his cell. The tears came quicker. Her arms wrapped around him. "Papa!!" She cried harder. The girl affectionately pressed her forehead to his.

Gaius Rodney had spent weeks in this cramped cell within the Imperial garrison on Delaya. A far cry from his days of living in the castle and commanding the Delayan contingent of the Alderaan Guard. He had not been mistreated, but he had not been treated well either. He had simply been allowed to exist in his cell unmolested, which allowed him time to sober up and think about how far he had fallen in solitude. He missed Farrah, never expecting to see her again, so that when the door open and she revealed herself he almost thought he was hallucinating. "Farrah?" he asked, in a muffled voice caused my a lack of speech. "Farrah?!" he asked a little louder, as he moved to wrap her arms around her. He could feel her. She was real. "What are you doing here? Did they hurt you?" he asked her, as he began to shower her with kisses.

She began to return the shower of kisses. Like him, Farrah suspected that she would never see her father again. It would have been impossible for her to break into the garrison and save him. The only way to guarantee his safety was to surrender herself to Arden once more. The young girl cuddled her father close to her body. "You're really here." She sobbed dramatically. Her head shook. No. She hadn't been hurt. The effects of the stun had already worn off. "I came to save you. I couldn't find you any sooner." She locked her arms around him with no intent of ever letting go. Everything had spiraled too far out of control since leaving Delaya. It was time for both of them to live up to their full potential. She pressed her face into his shoulder. "I can only get you out if we both agree to help Arden Zevrin spy on Jelena Rodney." She muttered, only caring for the fact that they had been reunited.

"Save me?" Gaius asked, as he pulled back and gazed upon her with a broad smile. "I'm really here," he assured her, as he brought his hand up to caress the side of her face. "You came to save me? Going to take on the whole garrison by yourself, huh?" he teased her, as he tried to use levity to assure her that he was really alright. "Arden Zevrin..." he repeated in an angry groat, clenching his teeth and grinding them against each other. "I should have known," he said, as he contemplated his fate, remembering how Zevrin was of no help when the Rebels were attacking Delaya. "Jelena will never trust me now that she knows we are responsible for the death of her grandfather among other things," he said to her, as the wheels began to turn within his head. "We'll need something that Jelena will want so badly as to be open to trusting us and giving us sanctuary," he said, as he brought his hand up to his chin and began to consider it. "Don't worry, Farrah. We'll reclaim what is ours," he said, before tightening his grip on her.

She rubbed away the tears from her eyes. At last, she had her father as well as his ticket out of jail. Farrah let out a dry laugh. "Oh, daddy!" She saw that they had not abused him so badly as to change who he was. It was good to see him sober. Her hopefulness soon faded. He was right. Jelena wouldn't trust them. A deep frown formed on her face. "We have to find something." She placed her hands on his shoulders. "If we don't, Zevrin will make sure we both suffer." She was worried. She had missed him so much. "Sierra Rodney is on her way here. She thinks she's coming to see your execution." Farrah told him.

"Don't worry, Farrah. I'm certain that Zevrin would have never let this plot advance this far unless she already had something in mind for us to use to ingratiate ourselves back on New Alderaan," Gaius informed his daughter, to try and turn her frown upside down. "Neither of us is going to suffer," he assured her, as he moved his hand up and down her back repeatedly to sooth her. "Hmm. Sierra is coming here, for *my* execution?" he said, as he tilted his head and arched his eyebrow. "What a shame we will have to disappoint her yet again," he said, as he rose to his feet and moved towards the door with his daughter. "Governor, you may tell your mistress we agree to her terms," he said, with a smile, before climbing up out of the cell to embrace his newfound freedom. He was sober and had a purpose again, and thankfully it would once again place him in conflict with his cousin's woesome family.

Slowly, Farrah began to smile again. Ultimately, she had her father back. That mattered most to her. She cuddled closely to him. "I hope Zevrin kills her." The young girl muttered under her breath. Only time would tell if working with Arden Zevrin would cause problems for the couple again. Whatever actions had been set in motion, Farrah and Gaius were now apart of.

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