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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:5:26) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle).
Dimona Xirie Nuebla and Lord Marcus Rodney.

Marcus Rodney sat in a chair next to the bed contained the fallen Dimona. Gone was the armor of the Nerf Herder, replaced with the formal robes of status signaling him as a member of the Alderaanian nobility. Although there was no longer an Alderaan, there nevertheless remained a strong Alderaanian culture and society on the nearby world of Delaya where they presently sat. In the distant night sky the field of debris that had become known as the 'Alderaan Graveyard' was visible ... a stark reminder of the awesome power and evil of the Galactic Empire. Since her bringing her home several days ago she had lay in his bed, recovering from the effects of the chemicals that had been pumped into her system. Like a dutiful servant he had spoon fed her broth to keep food in her system while a medical droid administered an intravenous into her system to keep her fluids in and the chemicals out. His head lowered slightly as he began to doze off, wondering if it was wise to have returned to his estate on Delaya. He did not expect Traebor to try the same ploy first. Rather, she was just sending him a message that she knew who he was and knew how to reach him. There was a certain level of professional courtesy between them that caused him to suspect he was safe ... for the time being.

For the past several days, Dimona had been completely delirious, the toxins that Traebor injected into her system gave her quite the shock, her body reacting terribly to it. It took the combined effort of Marcus and the medical droid to keep her stable. At random intervals, the woman would blurt out something ridiculous that seemingly made no sense, but held some secret meaning to her through complex and rather realistic hallucinations. She was finally beginning to come fully around, as he eyes opened slowly before peering around ... confused and a bit paranoid. The last thing she remembered ... oddly enough, was getting kissed by Traebor. The hell .. did that even happen? She quickly shot up to a sitting position in the bed she had been comfortably dozing in and instantly she recognized Marcus, but just barely since he was wearing clothes this time. Her mouth hung in a slight gap as her brain desperately tried to piece anything of substance together, getting instead crazy flashes of mental images that were obviously not real, or at least, she hoped not. "Hey ..." She said a bit cautiously to the other, though she realized the man was drifting to sleep which stirred her into grabbing the pillow behind her and slamming it in his face. "Hey!" She couldn't help but to laugh as the pillow bounced off his head before suddenly it dawned on her to check her condition and hands quickly patted herself in various places to make sure everything was in marginally working condition. "The hell happened?"

Marcus popped up instantly as the pillow hit him and was so startled he nearly fell out of his chair. "Ah. Dimona. You're finally awake. You might want to try and get out of bed though ... after how much time you've spent in bed we probably need the servant droids to change the linens..." he said, as a wry smile curled upon his lips. Even in her diminished capacity she was still quite lovely he thought to himself, and his hand reached to her forehead to pull the damp cloth from her forehead. "What happened is that you ran afoul of our old friend Min Traebor and I felt I owed you one so I hired a couple of mercenaries to free you," he said, with a firm nod of his head, seeming rather proud of himself. "Now you are here on Delaya ... perhaps you recognize the place ... resting and being cared for by one of the most eligible noblemen in the Alderaan system. Granted ... there aren't many of us left. Perhaps you've watched the Holonet lately?" he said, making a joke at the least appropriate of subjects.

Dimona, so used to constantly being on the move, who had been bed ridden for two full days, was practically brimming with energy and enthusiasm. She wasted no time exploding into a long description of what she remembered with exaggerated hand motions in full swing. "Oh damn! You wouldn't believe, there was so many Stormtroopers, I swear. There were explosions and cross fire, deftly air time through windows and ... and ... crazy!!" She waved her hands around wildly with emphasis, her hands formed into 'guns' while pretending to fire at a multitude of foes. It was like yesterday for her, since it practically was, everything else was mostly hazy. "I got captured though, poop ... But! It was worth it. I think if there were just 5 less ... I could have taken them, no problem." She nodded confidently to herself with a wink towards Marcus. "Your long lost crush is quite the flirt. We totally made out! Jealous?" A flicker of curiosity hit her as she wondered just how the other knew she was captured. A grin slowly crept on her face as her eyes narrowed towards the man. "How did you know I was in captivity? Huh? HUH?" She snickered though waited intently for his likely totally made up answer. "Whatever, I don't really care actually." Dimona was quite talkative, she just ... could not stop. A mix between excitement and eagerness to explore yet another adventure. Living one more day was one more day in the bank as far as she was concerned. "Yes, I remember this place ..." Her eyes washed over the interior of the room. "I shot your mostly naked self ... right over there." She pointed towards the refresher. "Then I dragged your lifeless body towards the balcony and we dove off it dramatically! Whoo! It was spectacular!" She was nearly giggly, a multitude of emotions were hitting her at once.

Marcus blinked as he never-ending series of questions pounded him like a Barabel shockboxer. "You saved my life, Dimona. When a beautiful woman does me a service I make it my business to know where she is," he explained, telling a half-truth as he smiled contently at her. "As for Major Zolan ... she is quite the floozy so I hope you don't get too attached," he admitted, as a snicker escaped his attractive humanoid visage. "I'm sure there are five Stormtroopers somewhere in the galaxy who are quite proud that they tipped the balance of the scale in the eternal battle of Dimona versus the Empire," he said as he rose from his chair, grimacing slightly as he put weight on his still healing feet. "Now will you do the galaxy a favor and go and take a shower? We're still recovering from the destruction of Alderaan. We cannot bare two disasters within the span of a month!" he said, slightly serious, as he moved to pull the white bed sheet off of her in a dramatic flourish.

"Pish! Just what are you trying to say? The real disaster is me wearing your clothes!" Dimona exclaimed as she pulled the brim of the very baggy shirt out and waggled it for emphasis. "... and stop being such a jerk about Alderaan ... lots of people died, damn!" She huffed towards him disapprovingly before slithering out of bed a bit wobbly at first, taking a few teetering steps towards the refresher before regaining her balance. It had been several days since she walked after all. "I'm using all of the hot water because you're an ass today, fair warning." Said with a scoffing bite to her words before slamming the door behind her. A faint 'click' was heard as she locked the door, not wishing for any ... accidental mishaps. True to her word, the woman took an hour long shower. She had to make up for the fact that she had not bathed in several days. After that span of time, she would finally exit the refresher wearing one of his plush white bathrobes. The same one she had remembered dragging him out of there wearing. Ah, the irony of life, it was always so amusing to her. "Next time I fall unconscious, I want to be wearing this bathrobe, it is comfy. And you were so upset before ... melodramatic."

During her hour of diva-like vanity the serving droid had prepared a serving of local fowl for the two of them to eat, complete with ample portions of local greens and root vegetables. "Well that's an hour of my life I'll never get back..." Marcus teased as he tapped at his chronometer. As he walked awkwardly around the table, he pulled out a chair for her so that she could easily sit down. Then he took his own seat down and took in the aroma of the freshly cooked meal happily. "I'd say I'd prepared this myself, but you wouldn't believe me," as he took knife in hand and began carving his meat. "Mmm," he murmured as he took that first bite. He did so love droid cooked meals. The secret was in the grease.

"That is true, but I suspect everything that comes out of your mouth, naturally." The meal was well prepared and smelled great. Dimona eagerly took her seat in anticipation as eyes almost seemed to glitter. She was not sure what she had consumed since her last conscious thought, probably nothing, and that was all the more reason to chow down healthily. She ate like a whirlwind, probably because she was starving, but also because she was used to eating very fast. It was hard to tell when someone would leap out of the shadows or a bomb would be thrown at her feet. Dimona had learned to scarf down food quickly as a necessary survival tool. She finished well ahead of Marcus, easily and gulped the whole beverage in a single down, and as soon as she was through, she let out a hearty and happy sigh and placed the glass on the table with a heavy hand, causing a *thud* that almost threatened to break it. "Ah! Really good ... thanks. Now ... where is my ship and ... clothes? You better not have thrown my suit away! I love it, sentimental and all ... you understand."

Marcus frowned slightly as she seemed like she was in a hurry to leave. "Going so soon? We haven't even had dessert," he joked, as he brought a cloth napkin to his face to wipe away some of the crumbs. from his face. "Now ... your ship? That's still on Brentaal unless the Empire seized it," he said, as he rose from the table, and walked around her to pull out her chair. "Your clothes? They were sent to be cleaned. I suppose they should be back by now..." he said, as he looked around the serving droid that was nowhere to be found. "I don't think I heard a thank you yet, you know..." he said, sounding disappointed as he stopped to fold his arms in front of his chest.

Well, he was being quite the gentleman! Pulling her chair out before she sat down and before she stood up... It was all silly anyway, but Dimona did at least feel a little special to be treated as such. "Brentaal. Right. Well, that is where I have to go then, for one of them at least. The other should still be docked all safe and sound." She blinked up at him as he almost pouted that she had yet to thank him for 'rescuing' her. "We're even now, I'll even waive the yacht you owed me. Happy?" She eyed him with an awkward grin, realizing that he probably would not be 'happy'. "Well? What do you want?" She playfully walked fingers up his chest as she gazed upon Marcus with a rather cunning smile. "A kiss?" Dimona lightly laughed as she flicked a tongue over her lips, moistening them as arms wrapped up over his shoulders to rest behind the back of his neck. She leaned in close, her body gently pressed up against his as lips brushed upon his ear as if to whisper too him. "Too bad!" She exclaimed in a burst of flirtatious glee as she pushed him backwards forcefully with both of her hands a bit harshly. "My clothes, good sir!"

Marcus looked her, tilting his head slightly as he looked her head over from head to tie. "Your clothes? But you look so much better without them..." he said, as slowly moved towards her, his tongue sliding momentarily from his lips as he drew in close to her. "You're damn right I want a kiss. It's the least you could do. Those mercenaries were not cheap!" he exclaimed as he acted like a true man, placing one hand behind her head, and another at the small of her back as his head descended rapidly towards hers. His eyes closed as he placed a tender, longing kiss upon her supple lips, his tongue darting from his mouth and sliding into hers as he took his 'payment' for her rescue. Ah. That was definitely worth the blaster wound and the spikes through both of his feet.

"You're so predictable." She said as she smiled while lightly biting her lip momentarily, causing a small dimple where a little canine poked though, looking rather cute as she watched him move in like it had already been expected. Dimona was very receptive of the embrace, as she also folded her arms around him, the right wrapping around his waist, the left gripping the cloth of his back while pulling him down for the kiss. His tongue that was offered was gently suckled before being toyed with by her own. Her right hand snaked under the brim of his shirt, smoothing out the skin of his back as she lightly ran her fingernails down it before digging them in perhaps a little too roughly for a moment. Soon she was fully pressed up against him, her right leg raised to rub against his left but in doing so, had accidentally stepped on one of his feet. She thought nothing of it as she continued to partake in their passionate embrace.

Marcus pulled away and released her suddenly as he let out a groan of pain as she stepped on his foot. "Argh," he said, as he hobbled to the chair where he was originally seated. "I'm..." a flustered Marcus stammered as he brought both of his hands down to his foot to press on it, as a stressful sigh escaped his lips. "I'm sorry, Dimona. I have very sensitive ... very sensitive feet," he said as he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath to gain control of his emotions. This was certainly the most awkward interruption he had during a romantic interlude. He was sure he was close to scoring with the beautiful woman, had she not so carelessly stomped on his foot. There was definitely some fate out there conspiring against him, he thought bitterly to himself.

Dimona had been completely leaning against Marcus, thus when he so quickly and without warning jettisoned himself away, she nearly stumbled on the floor but caught herself in a frantic jumble. "The hell?" She was dumbfounded momentarily, surely they had something going there, and it was obvious to see that she was caught off guard as she gawked at him angrily. "Excuse me! It was an accident, you don't have to be such a baby about it! Damn!" She gazed at him with disdain, now upset that he ruined a completely legit and perfect moment before she rolled her eyes at his apparent discomfort. "Please, I barely stood on it, you act like you stepped on ..." Her sentence was sharply cut off as her eyes snapped to him with some sort of realization, her mind was screaming at her that something was off, something really important. She squinted at him for a long moment before her vision blurred and she looked off to the side, desperately trying to recall ... an important event. "There were ... spikes ..." Said almost as if she was trying to convince herself, not quite sure but things were starting to form a picture. Dimona's eyes drifted back towards him cautiously, staring at him with focused concentration. "Wait ... a second ..." It was clear she had yet to fully put everything together, but she was close to an epiphany.

"I'm fine," Marcus said as he got back onto his feet, and slowly limped back towards her. "It's just my foot ... we don't need feet for what we're about to do, right?" he said, as he offered her a reassuring smile. "Spikes? You'd better lay down ... you're sounding delirious again..." he said, as his left hand moved to the bed and patted it, as if he were calling a pet to come and sit upon it. He hoped he had not blown his cover with something as foolish as a foot injury. If he had not been watching over her he could have spent some time in a bacta tank and been fully healed by now. Damn women ... they were always causing him endless trouble.

"Oh no, nah-uh, you just sit there ... I'm ..." She paused for a moment, the picture was starting to turn from fuzzy to crisper, but there were still huge gaps missing. "I'm on to you!" Overwhelmed with the notion of Marcus possibly being 'The Nerf Herder' which was both hilarious and ridiculous for many reasons, she placed a hand over her forehead and began laughing uncontrollably until tears began to wield up in her eyes. "Oh gosh ... I can't ... breathe. You ... suck! So much. Worst. Rescue. Ever!" Her stomach was hurting so bad, Dimona was laughing so incredibly hard that she had to lean up against the side of the table to balance herself for fear of toppling over. She finally began to calm down, the hilarity of the moment eventually passing her as she wiped the tears from her eyes nearly ecstatic, the hugest grin plastered all over her stunning features. A finger was thrust towards him, blaring accusations. "Marcus, take off your shoes!" She demanded, this little mystery had to be solved now. "I dare you."

Marcus blinked as he watched her theatrical display of laughter at his 'rescue'. "Listen, Dimona ... I don't know what you're talking about," he said, as he sat down on the edge of his bed and looked up at her. "I'm not going to take off my shoes. What, do you have some sort of foot fetish?" he asked, as his arms folded defensively in front of his chest as he pondered his next move. Clearly she had found him out, but he would do his best to continue the pretense for as long as he could. "Can't we stop all the questioning and get back to the kissing?" he said, in his last, desperate attempt to calm her down. He would give her the old Marcus charm, as he forced a smile onto his face and winked lovingly at her. It was worth a shot, right? he thought to himself as he awaited her next reaction.

"Maybe I do have a foot fetish!" She challenged him with a wide grin. "You would deny me that satisfaction?" He was just stalling now, and Dimona found it hilarious, at least man up to it! "I wouldn't mind getting back to the kissing, but now there are too many questions running through my mind and I don't like spending my time with a liar!" A scoundrel, sure, a bounty hunter, a ruthless crime lord? Sure, but a liar?! She hated lies and deceit, finding honesty far more rewarding for various reasons. "I seriously doubt Min would spend all of that time, effort and money on a mere playboy such as yourself, be honest Marcus!" She huffed at him clearly flustered and frustrated, he obviously was making this more difficult than it had to be. Dimona flicked her hair across her shoulder before gazing down upon the small pile of cleanly pressed and folded clothes. Her tattered and well lived in patch work armorweave seemed to have been cared for nicely. That pile was scooped up as she carried the bundle into the bathroom to change. "Fine! You don't have to tell me, but don't expect me to want to hang around a filthy liar!" She paused at the entrance to the refresher, seeming to consider something before shaking her head and with a small smirk, winked to him before entering the refresher and locking the door.

"I am many things!" Marcus said, as he stood back up on bruised feet, that caused him to grimace in pain. "But filthy? Filthy is the furthest word I would use to describe me. I am a Rodney!" he said proudly, as a boastful smile came upon his lips, completely oblivious to the small pools of blood that were forming around his wounded feet. "And it was a damn fine rescue," he added, as he looked her over from head to toe. "You seem to be in one piece in no small measure to my doing!" he said as he began to take a step towards the refresher, but he slipped on the blood and collapsed to the floor in front of her in a heap. He looked up at the door with helpless eyes as he attempted to push himself back up. "Oh fine. The fearsome bounty hunter just stands there while the helpless cripple squirms on the floor. Bravo!" he chastised her as he sat himself back up, not wanting to apply any further pressure to his wounds.

"Oh please!" Her voice carried through the closed door as she changed, but continued to talk to him during her task. "Just ignore the real issue at hand. Why are your feet bleeding Marcus?!" Her suit was skin tight, so it took a little tugging to properly dawn her outfit, but once fitted, it conformed to her body perfectly and moved just like a second skin. She loved her patchwork armorweave and did not care about its unorthodox appearance. After a few moments, the door opened to a fully dressed and battle ready quirky bounty hunter, and she peered down upon him without any lack of remorse, but instead, with some respect actually, despite his pitiful appearance. "It is really a shame I never got to properly thank the real hero of the day, but I guess he just doesn't have a real spine. Oh well!" If Marcus was not willing to admit his involvement, that was fine, Dimona could just write him off again as another fun but forgettable exertion. "It has been a pleasure, really. And I do appreciate you saving me, but I do need to go get my ship back. I really like that ship."

Marcus looked up at her with genuinely hurt eyes as he continued to lay prone on the floor. "You're forgetting one thing. Your ship is on Brentaal ... we're on Delaya..." he began, as he reached for the side of the bed and used his considerable upper body strength to hoist himself up. "You help me into a bacta tank and I'll fly you to Brentaal to get your ship back..." he said, as he offered her a kind wink and a charming smile. "Besides ... we were just getting to know ... and kiss one another!" he exclaimed as he sat himself back on the edge of the bed. "One moment you were in a bathrobe and now you've got layers of armorweave on. I haven't had this bad luck since the time I was playing Sabacc on Socorro..." he complained, bringing his arms up in front of his chest and shaking his head at her.

"Well, like I said way back in the day and I'll say it again; If you were just honest with me, things would go your way." She sighed while rubbing the side of her head in disbelief, sometimes working with men was a hassle, they were so thick at times. "Alright, I'll help you into the bacta tank, it is the least I can do, yes? But then we get to go on an adventure to retrieve ... the 'Adventure'!" She smiled a bit giddy at that prospect, though Marcus was a pain at times, she figured he would be very useful in a fight. Dimona reached an arm around him as she gently began to hoist him up, allowing him to lean his weight upon her. "So who was the second person you so kindly hired to 'rescue' me?" She asked with full curiosity. "What, the job was too big for ... 'The Nerf Herder'? Really lame name by the way."

"What are you talking about? The 'Nerf Herder' is one of the most feared, respected, loved, admired, cherished, and talked about bounty hunters in the galaxy. People sing songs about him and there's a holonet program for young children that inspires billions. Baby, he's the best best," he said confidently, as he limped along along with her towards the nearby medical facility. "The second person was Valeria ... an old friend from long ago. She needed the credits, and if you can look around ... you'll see that I have aplenty!" he said with a wink, as he weakly began to strip himself down. "Now don't go getting too excited!" he said, as he revealed his toned and tan physique to her. Finally, with the assistance of a droid, he was hoisted int the bacta tank and gave her a thumbs up as he settled into the bottom of the tank, blowing bubbles at her with the rebreather. In no time he would be his old self.

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