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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:29) in the New Alderaan system New Alderaan (New Aldera: Mug Zoran's homestead).
Farrah Ette, Yekaterina Hanson, Lord Gaius Rodney, Lady Jelena Rodney, Major Sierra Rodney, and Commander Iyah Zoran.

Gaius Rodney knew that returning to New Alderaan would be a death sentence, as he was beyond the protection of the Galactic Empire, and under the authority of his cousin, Jelena Rodney, whose grandfather he assassinated. Colonel Arden Zevrin of the ISB provided him with a datadisk containing information about a captured Rebel commando being transported in the Ringali Shell. It was the kind of information that Jelena would not be able to resist, as she personally knew the commando involved. With any luck she would accept the data at face value and allow him, and his daughter, to settle into the community. When he arrived back on New Alderaan he did know what to expect, and before departing from the ship he looked towards Farrah, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "If Jelena does not accept this and executes me we must hope that because you are a child she takes mercy on you. She is weak, and the weak are always vulnerable to pity," he said to her, with a firm nod of his head. With that he moved from the refugee transport and began moving through the streets of New Aldera to find Jelena Rodney.

The plot laid out to them by Colonel Arden Zevrin had holes poked in it already. The information in which she had provided Gaius and Farrah was desirable. Farrah was sure that Jelena would want it ... but would she want it enough to pardon everything that had happened as an attempt to align Gaius with the throne? They were responsible for killing Jelena's grandfather. They were also responsible for nearly killing her father, and indirectly to blame for Duchess Livia's suicide. Farrah had only just freed Gaius. The thought of potentially losing him to Claudius' daughter infuriated her. "She *is* weak." The teenager agreed with a sneer on her face. "I'll kill the whole House of Rodney myself if she harms you." She gave him a tight hug before they left the comfort of the craft. Together, they walked through New Aldera, the place that they were supposed to call 'home'. New Aldera was always growing. The Rebels were working hard to create a paradise for refugees. All Farrah wanted to do was destroy it. As they neared the command center, two Rebels stopped them. "We're looking for Jelena." Farrah said firmly. "Tell her we have information about Corporal Lovora Rikki." With that, Farrah waved them away.

Lady Jelena Rodney was raised to be an administrator. As her father grew in age and did not produce a male heir the procedures were in place for her to succeed him as *Duchess* of Delaya. She took her studies seriously, although she never believed the day would actually come. Now she found herself in charge of the fledgling Alliance safeworld of New Alderaan. It was an infinitely more difficult task than governing Delaya, and her stress level was higher than she ever thought possible. There were more refugees arriving everyday and fewer and fewer resources for them. When she heard the name 'Lovora Rikki', one of the commandos who protected her on Rhinnal and who had since been captured by the Empire her attention was piqued. She turned, initially with a broad smile on her face, but when she saw it was her wicked cousin Gaius the smile faded and she became very angry. "You!" she said, as she surged towards the man, curling her hand into a fist and beginning to punch at his chest repeatedly. "Arrest this man," she commanded her guards, while she was still viciously striking him.

Gaius knew it would start like this, so when his cousin approached him and began striking him he did not retaliate, and instead allowed her to savage him. "Jelena, Jelena," he said calmly, between blows, using the same voice he would use when he would scold her for running around the castle in her youth. "I have come to bring you information about Lovora Rikki. I risked my life to bring you this data so you could rescue her," he told her, before raising his arms to wrap them around her, holding her, to prevent her from continue to hitting her. He remembered every punch. One day he would have his revenge for them.

Two words and Jelena Rodney was running out of the command center like they had made her day. Farrah crossed her arms over her chest. Her anger only grew at Jelena's dramatic reaction to the sight of her cousin. Jelena Rodney was weak and stupid. She didn't understand who truly deserved to rule over Delaya. It certainly wasn't the playboy drunk and his smutty wife. She rolled her eyes throughout Jelena's tantrum. "It's all right here." She said, holding up a datadisk. "Everything you need to know about your precious friend. We only ask that you allow us to live in New Aldera again. We are, after all, refugees of the war. Me and my daddy have nowhere to go." She faked a little sob, inching closer to her father like she needed his defense. The datadisk stayed out of Jelena's reach. Unless she agreed to her stipulations, the disk would remain in Farrah's hand. If she tried to execute Gaius, then Farrah would crush the data under her foot and doom Lovora Rikki to a lifelong imprisonment with the Empire.

"You murdered my grandfather. You tried to murder my father, my stepmother, and who knows who else," Jelena shot back at Gaius and Farrah. She tensed up, worming her way out of Gaius' grasp and retreating to the safety of her guards who were ironically once members of the unit that Gaius commanded. "Kat..." she said, anxiously, between grit teeth, as she was uncertain of what to do. She suddenly felt nauseous. She closed her eyes, exhaling deeply, and lowering her head. She listened to Farrah's demands, quickly turning her head to look at her. "You're in a position to demand nothing!" she said, as the conflux of emotions that were swirling within her got unloaded on her younger cousin.

Yekaterina Hanson tried to always at Jelena's side, as it was her previous duty to protect members of the Duke's immediate family. When she saw Gaius, her old commander, who had become disgraced she was angry too. She knew what he was capable of and she considered shooting him with her DH-17 blaster pistol, but she would not pull the trigger without clear instructions. She stepped forward to step between Jelena and Gaius. "Hands to yourself, my lord," she said, with a level of disgust, as she glared at him from beneath her large, white blast helmet.

"That was Arden Zevrin and her agents, Jelena," Gaius said, as he knew what the woman had done to her as well. "She wanted to hurt your father. She wanted to hurt you," she said to her, as she took a step forward before Hanson, his old deputy, got in his path. He gave her a curt nod, before continuing to address Jelena. "I was trying to save my life. Save my daughter's life," he said to her, pleading with her in a bit of playacting. "But I fooled her. And I stole this data, risking my life to bring it to you," he said, as he instructed Farrah to give her the datadisk with a motion of his hand. "Save your friend. Just let me and my daughter take refuge here. We have no place else to go. Please," he said, as he forced himself to begin to cry.

It was bitter remembering all the failures, but there was *one* triumph: Julius Rodney. Though it had taken years to accomplish, Farrah had successfully killed him. She would never forget how angelic he looked when she had taken his last breath away. Farrah inched closer to her father to play the victim card. She clutched him and began to shake. It was sickening to see Yekaterina Hanson here, still cleaning up after the House of Rodney. The woman was a dog...a dog who needed a master to be of any use. At her father's motion, Farrah's small hand extended to offer Jelena the disk. She burst out into tears. She 'accidently' dropped the datadisk, turning her body close to her father's to sob into his chest. "It's true!" She cried. "Arden Zevrin tried to hurt my daddy. She even said..." Farrah began, sniffing. "She said she had killed my mummy! We couldn't get away from her." She wiped the continuous tears from her cheeks. "Daddy... I'm scared. Where will we go if Jelena won't help us? I don't want that lady to hurt you. You're all I have ... l-left." She closed her eyes tightly. Her tears were mostly real...but not cried for the reasons she gave. She cried because she had lost her father for so long on Delaya and now she had him back.

Jelena listened to Farrah's tears and fell for it hook, line, and sinker. She moved towards her younger cousin and offered her some support by allowing her hand to come to rest upon her shoulder. Arden Zevrin had committed so many atrocities against her and her family that what Gaius was saying was not out of the realm of possibility. After all, Zevrin was the one who surgically implanted an explosive device upon her heart and used the threat of detonating it to control her father. "We'll see what's really on this disk," she said, as she reached down to pick it up off the ground. She handed it over to Kat and began walking back towards the terminal in the command center.

Kat was not sure if she was buying what Gaius and Farrah were selling but, then again, she had never met this Arden Zevrin that seemed to instill genuine fear in both of them. With data disk in hand she moved back towards the terminal and inserted it. She studied what was in front of her, before reporting to Jelena. "It's definitely an Imperial flightplan. It's for an Imperial shuttle from the Star Destroyer Interrogator in the Corulus system, assigned to Captain Trainor, and bound for a classified location on Esseles," she informed Jelena, although none of it meant anything to her. "The cargo is listed as Corporal Lovora Rikki," she said, which was that Gaius claimed would be on the disk. "I don't have the skill to authenticate it though," she said, honestly, as she looked towards Jelena.

Farrah had successfully played the eldest Rodney daughter's heart strings. She shivered and shook as the tears continued to stream down her face. Jelena had broke. It was obvious by the light affection she gave the young girl. Farrah gave her father an extra squeeze. They were now free to roam New Aldera and continue Arden Zevrin's will with the intent of handling Jelena over someday.

Inside the makeshift command, Iyah Xergo was watching a playback of the pilots on Rhinnal. She wondered how long it would be before they took Rhire refugees in on New Aldera as well. Iyah was not aware that Gaius had arrived. Though her husband was linked to the House of Rodney, she tried to keep her family away from the drama that seemed to surround his family. She had thought seriously about how to help Duke Marcus and Duchess Zara on Delaya, but she doubted she had the resources to successfully bring down the Governor who tormented them. The commander drew herself away from her work. She moved towards Jelena and Kat at the terminal. "What's this?" She eavesdropped in on them, looking at what she recognized to be an Imperial flightplan. "Corporal Lovora Rikki... I've heard of her before." Iyah tried to remember more. Had Derek mentioned her before? She looked down at Jelena for more information. "Where did you get this?" Her gut told her that she was going to be involved in rescuing this 'Lovora Rikki' person. She felt a tinge of guilt as Callista had only just arrived home from Delaya.

Gaius Rodney recognized Commander Xergo as the wannabe Rodney bride his forces had driven off Delaya. His enemies seemed to be everywhere. This was not going to be easy. He looked towards Farrah for a moment with an uncomfortable look upon his face. "Ah. Commander Xergo," he said, with a broad smile as he remembered his etiquette training. "I trust you, the bas- Mug, and your daughter are well," he said, nearly slipping up and calling Mug a 'bastard'. "I stole it from Colonel Zevrin on Delaya. She was careless, probably because she did not think me capable of such an audacious plan," he said to her, as he tried to sound convincing. "I took an awful risk getting this to you, and this is how you treat me?" he said, in protest, acting offended.

Iyah had not seen Gaius Rodney in some time. She recalled the manhunt which lead to her, Mug, and Callista's departure from Delaya. Seeing him made her angry. It boiled inside of her. His tongue slipped, nearly calling her husband a 'bastard'. Her eyes narrowed. She tossed a look to Jelena and Kat that silently asked 'what's *he* doing here?' "Yes... My family is fine..." She looked down at Farrah. The presence of a child brought her anger to a simmer. She did not realize that Gaius was a father. He explained himself so she wouldn't need to ask the question. She had never heard of 'Colonel Zevrin'. It had to have taken courage to steal such information away from an Imperial Colonel. She said nothing to him, turning towards the flightplan. "There's a risk this may be a trap, milady." Iyah warned. She eyed Gaius with disgust. She didn't trust him, but seldom did Iyah trust anyone. "How valuable is the prisoner they are transporting? What are you willing to risk to save her?"

Jelena Rodney was a diplomat and an administrator. She knew nothing about intelligence or flightplans or anything the people around her talking about. What she did know, however, was Lovora Rikki. "Corporal Rikki was one of the Rebels who protected me when I first defected. She was with me right up until I was captured by the ISB," she said, voice trembling, as she broke off eye contact and looked down at the ground. "Please. If there's even a chance of getting her back we have to," she said to Iyah, as she looked up at her with impassioned eyes. What she was saying, however, was that *she* had to get her back. She was asking for so much, with so very little to show for it. She was asking Iyah to trust a man who had caused them all so much pain and suffering ... the very definition of a monster.

It was Iyah's first response to have Gaius arrested and executed. He was evil to the core. It was Jelena who swayed her otherwise. She at her. She could recall her limited time with Governor Arundel. Corporal Rikki had been in the hands of Imperials for far longer than she had. Despite the utter lack of information, and that there was no way to authenticate it, Iyah let out a long sigh. "Okay. We'll attempt to get her back." Iyah lifted a hand to pat her niece's shoulder softly. She then used the same hand to usher her away from the command center. "I think we should go talk somewhere privately about this before we deliver our plans to everyone else. Let's go to my house.." She watched Gaius. What Iyah really wanted was to place some space between him and Jelena. She began redirecting Jelena towards home, where an unexpected visitor was waiting for her. "Tell me more about Corporal Rikki."

Jelena began following Iyah, but stopped as she was passing Gaius. "If this information turns out to be inaccurate ... if anyone gets hurt ... you'll wish they had executed you on Delaya. I learned many things from my father," she warned him, as she raised her right index finger and got it right in his face. "Watch him," she ordered Kat, before moving to catch up with Iyah. "When I first defected it was awful. They had me in a storage closet aboard their space station," she said, shaking her head in remembrance of those early days. "Derek let me go down to Rhinnal to get some air, while Rhinnal was worse. Coldest place I've ever been," she said, complaining like a teenager for the moment. "I met Lovora there. She was one of the commandos who protected me. Nice woman, nicer than most of the people I met. She was with me just before the ISB captured me, but I wasn't there anymore when she got captured. I don't know how it happened," she said, shaking her head and looking towards the ground.

Leaving Gaius and his child in the hands of Kat made the tension inside of Iyah reduce. She didn't trust that man. She certainly didn't trust him around Callista. The rescue of Lovora meant that she, and possibly Mug too, would have to leave New Aldera. Iyah listened to Jelena's story. There was little she new about her niece, as Jelena and Iyah had both been far too busy with their respective responsibilities to sit down for a spot of tea and chit chatting. She understood why Jelena was so obligated to save this woman, and because of that, Iyah felt obligated too. It was the same passion Derek had about saving Jelena. As a Rebel, she could not overlook the information that had fallen into their hands. "There is no way to know if the information is real or not. We need to show proper precautions in case this is a trap." At her front door, Iyah stopped and turned to Jelena. She placed both hands on her shoulders this time. "Your heart is in the right place, Jelena, but you have to be prepared for what may happen. Rescue missions are very hard.." Her voice trailed, recalling Jelena's rescue. "I will do everything in my power to get Lovora back. It seems that she has done so much for her. We can't let her remain with the Imperials." With that, Iyah released her grasp on the girl and opened her front door.

Sierra Rodney was seated at in the living room on the ground with Callista Nilar. She bore the obnoxiously orange armor of El-Nay Darr. It was ill fitting on her body, especially in the chest and rear end. Her helmet was on though she had done nothing to conceal her voice. "Callista, stop squirming! I'm almost done!" She laughed. Her gloved hands were carefully braiding the masses of brown hair that the little girl had. Her head lifted when she heard someone open the front door. She first saw Iyah, then Jelena. Her heart ached seeing her stepdaughter. The longing for her to come home presented itself at the front of her mind.

Jelena was happy about stopping by Iyah and Mug's house as it gave her an opportunity to check on her cousin Callista and hear about her mission as Skor II's ambassador. However, when she entered the house she immediately saw the orange armor of the Mandalorian El-Nay Darr. "Oh no," she said, as she quickly moved behind Iyah for protection. "That's that crazy bounty hunter who tried to capture me on Esseles. She hurt me real bad, Iyah," she said, trembling with fear. If not for the swift intervention of her uncle, Marcus, who knows what could have happened. Granted, she did shoot at her, but things quickly got out of hand.

Commander Xergo had heard all she needed to hear. Callista had told her all about the orange-armored Mandalorian before. Iyah's daughter was as pure as they came. Despite Iyah attempting to teach her 'stranger danger', Callista still interacted with 'bad' people. "Stay back!" Iyah yelled, stepping in front of Jelena to block her niece with her body. Her hand moved to her holster at her hip. She grasped her blaster pistol and quickly aimed it at El-Nay. "Get out of my house, *now*!" Iyah yelled, shifting into protective mother mode.

Of the many things that Sierra was unaware of, the complex relationship between El-Nay and Jelena was one of them. No one had warned her of how much of a bad idea it would be to wear the Mandalorian's armor until she overheard Jelena. The bastard's wife moved into action so quickly that Sierra could not immediately explain herself. She released Callista's hair, putting her hands in the air. "Jelena! It's me, Sierra!" She panicked. If she was shot on New Alderaan, no one would be able to help her. No one would help an ISB Major, the wife of a Grand Moff, and the disgraced Duchess of Delaya. "Y-You cheated on me during our astrophysics class. Remember?!" If she didn't remember, Sierra was about to feel the pain.

"Wait. Iyah! That *is* Sierra," Jelena said, as she came out from hiding behind Iyah. "Sierra, what are you doing in that awful armor?" she asked, as she looked at her BFF turned stepmother quixotically. "It must smell. Doesn't it smell?" she asked, as she began walking towards her. She would never forget what happened between her and El-Nay Darr, unaware that her father had unleashed an equally harsh beating on her. "What are you doing here? Is everything okay?" she wondered if this was in any way related to the datadisk they had just obtained, but she could not mention it for fear of giving away information that their two forces were about to clash ... again.

*Another* Rodney was in her home? Iyah mumbled something under her breath as she lowered her pistol. Instead, she walked around the surprise family reunion, plucked Callista off from the ground, and headed into the backyard to play with her young daughter. She didn't want to be around for whatever reason Sierra had come. The last thing she wanted was to see her, Mug, and Callista pulled into something they didn't want to be apart of.

"The armor does a good job of concealing who I am... It's *really* uncomfortable." She commented as she attempted to adjust the chest plate. "I don't know how she wears all of this all the time. Does it smell? Yeah, a little!" Sierra laughed. "I will be taking a long shower when I get home." It was better than the bubble gum smell of the armor Claudius had worn. Sierra made her way to Jelena to hug her tightly. Each time she saw her brought on such relief. Though she didn't agree with Jelena's life choices, she was happy to see her face. "Everything is fine. Your sisters are fine. Your brother is fine. Your father is fine too." She reassured her. "I recently got back from Delaya where I was asked to oversee cousin Gaius' trial. He was released." She told Jelena dramatically. "Colonel Arden Zevrin released him for killing your grandfather because she had a video of him, Livia, General Carlist Rieekan, and *you*. She said that your grandfather was conspiring against the Rebels." Sierra said. She shifted the visor of her helmet up to give her a view free of obstructions. "...W-What happened?"

So Sierra's visit was connected to Gaius Rodney, just not in the way that she had suspected. She cringed slightly at the mention of the recording of her meeting with the Rebellion on Delaya. "Take that helmet off and come sit down," she said, as she moved towards the sofa and sat down. She was suddenly very thirsty but she did not want to raid what little food and drink that Zorans had managed to save. She did not look at Sierra, but instead sighed deeply and looked down at the ground. They were about to have a very awkward conversation.

Sierra reached up and removed the helmet. Her hair was a mess. It turned out to be a lot warmer than she expected to wear all this armor. Each step she took to an unoccupied chair took more effort than the last. With a heavy heart, Sierra realized that she was on the brink of learning the painful truth. She sat, placing the helmet in her lap with her hands fiddling nervously on top of it. "You can tell me. It was shocking for your father and I to see the video. We only want to know what happened. I promise I won't get mad." It was a premature promise that Sierra didn't know that she could keep. It was painful to learn that Livia and Julius had a hand in Jelena's choice to join the Rebellion.

"Are you asking as my friend? My stepmother? Or the adjutant of the Grand Moff? Or a member of the ISB?" Jelena asked, as Sierra wore many hats. "It's not about getting mad. It's about protecting people," she said, with a sigh, as she leaned back in the sofa. It had been a long day already. She looked towards Sierra, trying to determine what was on her mind. "Did my father send you?" she asked, as her rate increased along with her breathing. It would not take a body language expert to determine how anxious she was.

Indeed, Sierra functioned as so many things these days. Her responsibilities were growing by the hour. As she sat with Jelena, her work was building up back on the Retributor. "Your stepmother *and* your friend. Forget all of the Imperial stuff. I came to you because I care, not because I want information to hurt the Rebellion with." Sierra didn't like seeing how anxious Jelena had become. She didn't want this to be a trial against Jelena Rodney. Sierra rose from the chair. She tossed her helmet into it, instead moving to sit with Jelena on the couch. "Let's restart this conversation."

She reached over, placing a hand on top of hers. "You'll never believe what happened the other night. I left Bruce in the care of Kerrie. Your sister chased her out of the house and insisted that *she* take care of him. Before you ask, yes, I am talking about Drusilla."

After shooting Kerrie and leaving her for dead during her defection every time she heard the name she became uncomfortable. "Drusilla watched Bruce?!" she exclaimed, her brown eyes widening as she looked towards her stepmother with concern and empathy. "Is he alright?" she asked, as she always feared the worst when it came to the inherited clumsiness of members of her family. Plus, Drusilla could be just as easily distracted as Ewwiekewwieikkie, only it took something of *real* value to capture her attention. "Yeah..." she said, as the smile left her face and she grew more serious. "The truth is when I fled the Warspite I didn't have much of a plan," she admitted, with a small laugh at her own ignorance. "I hid on Esseles, in the slums," she continued, her breathing becoming more labored. "Some bounty hunters found me, including the one whose armor you're wearing," she explained, hesitant to mention her uncle's name. "She attacked me, but the other two got rid of her. Then one of them took me to Delaya," she said, before breaking eye contact. "The Rebel General ... Rieekan ... he made contact with me and encouraged me to go back to the Ringali Shell for propaganda purposes and I agreed..." she informed her, speaking the truth. "...and we all know how that turned out," she said, before biting her lower lip and looking down. She would need to make a stop at Auntie Mae's on the way back to the command center.

Sierra chuckled, "Yes, he's fine. I was shocked. She did an excellent job." The boy had even had a clean diaper when Sierra arrived home. Despite how overprotective she was, she realized that Dru was capable of helping out if she gave her stepdaughter the chance. The playfulness left the room as Jelena crossed into a darker place. Sierra's hand held hers for support while she spoke of hiding in the slums with bounty hunters after her. She was surprised to hear that El-Nay, who protected her now, had once been hired to capture Jelena. Her eyes fell. This was what she had been waiting for since watching the video in front of Arden Zevrin: the truth. Sierra ran her free hand up through her sweaty hair. "And that's how your association with the Rebellion started? Did Livia and Julius only help arrange the meeting, or were they involved as well?" She hated seeing Jelena upset. Long before she was her stepdaughter, she was her best friend and the *only* person she felt comfortable talking to.

"No," Jelena said slowly, before rising up from the sofa. She was filled with so much angst that she needed to move or she feared she would explode. "It began long before that. Princess Leia spoke to me the day my father came to collect me and my sisters and take us to the Ringali Shell. She informed me that the the Ringali Shell was needed and that I could help," she said, as she walked away from Sierra. In a way it felt good to get it off her chest. "I began feeding information through a member of the Alderaan Guard, but Kerrie figured it out and killed him, but it was too late. The information got out and my father was reassigned," she explained, before looking skyward. "Alliance Intelligence sent someone and I gave her everything I could once my father was sent back to the Ringali Shell. Willingly, because the Empire destroyed Alderaan. Kerrie did everything she could to stop it. To stop me. But she couldn't. No one could. When I couldn't stand it anymore I left," she said, as she turned to look at Sierra. "I needed to make a difference, and I am," she said, with a firm nod of her head.

Jelena was opening her eyes to so much. She had not realized that she had become entangled with the Rebellion so early on. Now that she heard it, it was devastating. They had both gone to school with Princess Leia, though Sierra never had a friendship with the woman quite like Jelena did. She saw now that everything had been set in motion too early to do anything about it. She always was reminded, by Jelena's passion, that there was no getting her away from the Rebellion. She worried about what would happen to her when the Rebellion was crushed and the war ended. She had no idea if she and Claudius would be able to safe her from the Emperor's punishments for the traitors. She wanted to burst out crying in frustration and sadness. Instead, she internalized in by biting her tongue. El-Nay's ship was close. When she found herself in its privacy, she could let it all out.

Sierra was speechless at first. She seemed floored. "I know." She finally said. Her words were weak and quiet. Jelena was a leader now...the leader she had been prepared to be some time ago. Sierra rose from the sofa, reaching towards her helmet on the chair. "You're right where you belong... as much as I wish that place was Esseles, I can't change your mind." She brought the helmet to her head to rest it upon her shoulders. "I...*We* worry."

"How much are you going to tell him?" Jelena asked Sierra, as she stared into the T-shaped visor of the foreign Mandalorian helmet she wore. "I worry too," she said, as she frowned, doing her best not to break down in front of her. "He should retire," she said, with a nod of her head, knowing that he would never listen. She worried as the Rebellion continued to gain victories in his oversector that the Emperor would execute him. She did not want that.

"I'm married to him. I'm obligated to tell him everything." Sierra explained. "He's a changed man, you know? Different from when we were younger." Claudius Rodney and the man Jelena had told her about seemed to be two entirely different people. He was committed to his family and had shown that they mattered more than his post on more than one occasion. Her teeth scraped over her lower lip, quickly recalling the trip to Mustafar and the feelings associated with coming to terms with Claudius' potential death. She never wanted to watch him suffer like that. In a lot of ways, she wished retirement was possible. "I wish he would. There have been too many close calls. He will not retire until the war ends. Right now, no one knows who will be the victor when the dust clears." She had thought about the Empire losing too in the times when fighting against the Rebels became incredibly difficult. She thought about what it meant for their family and all the potential outcomes that could happen to Claudius. To her. Feeling saddened, Sierra grabbed Jelena and gave her a tight hug.

"Hey. Be careful hugging people when you're wearing that thing," Jelena said, as she offered a bat to Sierra's back, which was covered in a plate of Mandalorian iron so she doubted she would ever feel it. She did not want to discuss the end of the war, victors, and losers, for she knew in her heart the Rebellion would ultimately win. "Well, you had better get going before you're missed back at Esseles, and I need to go check on Callista to make sure she's okay after Iyah pulled a blaster," she said, before bringing her left hand up to the back of her neck. "You take care getting back. And, let my father know that I'm alright. He's got enough to worry about," she said, before giving one last look, and then turning to seek out Iyah and Callista. She had finally gotten everything about her involvement with the Rebellion off her chest. She felt relieved, but hopefully it would not pain her father too much.

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