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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:17) in the Chandrila system: Chandrila (Hanna City: Pax Amelia's estate) and Umbra, and in the Essesia system: Esseles (The Void).
Trooper Kaiya Crion, Commander Kerrie Kiley, Melickielickie, Commander Min Traebor, and Captain Thaddeus Updike.

Commander Kerrie Kiley stood in the briefing room deep within the Imperial base known as The Void, which had been secretly constructed by Imperial Intelligence and the Black Sun within the mountains of Esseles' northernmost continent. She had not been happy since El-Nay Darr departed, and she had a feeling she knew why the young Mandalorian left. As she stood in front of the assemblage of Stormcommandos and mercenaries her eyes moved towards Trooper Crion, glaring occasionally, as she blamed her bullying to be the cause of it all. As much as she wanted to take the Cathar outside for a throwdown, she was an Imperial officer and had to maintain some level of decorum. "New orders from Colonel Zevrin," she began, clearing her throat before continuing. She hated the fact that she was taking orders from her, and the fact that she had been demoted while Zevrin was promoted. "Our next round of targets are on Chandrila, which, as you know, is the home of the Rebel leader Mon Mothma. The Emperor himself will be made aware of our progress in these acts of reprisals against the traitor," she explained, puffing out her chest with pride, as it was a chance for everyone to be recognized. "Commander Traebor will brief us on the most high profile target," she said, before moving from the podium to take her seat.

Commander Min Traebor was nursing an awful hangover. Ever since losing her position as sector officer for Imperial Intelligence she had found herself buried in the bottle. Being assigned to her former base of operations as a subordinate was a humiliating blow to her failed career. "Huh? Wha-?" she asked, as she looked towards Kerrie. It took her a moment to realize where she was and what was going on. Her hand moved to the mug containing some hot caf, which her shaky hand brought to her mouth in an attempt to stimulate herself. Unfortunately, it was a case of too little, too late. She stood up slowly, looking as if she might fall, before moving towards the viewscreen. "The individual Pax Amelia is a member of Chandrila's assembly," she began, before pushing a button that brought up an image of the man. "We believe he has ties to Mon Mothma and he therefore must be eliminated," she said, before lowering her head and raising her hand to rub at her temple. She exhaled a pained sigh before moving to take another sip of her caf. "Captain Updike, it has been requested that you handle this one," she ordered, before giving Kerrie a sideways glance. She adjusted the viewscreen before bringing up a map of the man's estate in Hanna City. "He lives in this upscale estate in this district of the capital. There should not be much security. All of the files are available for review," she said, before moving back to sit down in her chair. This meeting could not end soon enough.

The scenery around the Void had improved since the disappearance of one certain orange eye sore. Kaiya Crion had successfully chased the Mandalorian away. She was waiting for the day that Commander Kiley snapped and started a fight with her. There had been several times where the Cathar thought it was going to happen. As they passed each other in the corridor, the tension rose in the atmosphere...yet, so far, she had not eliminated Kerrie. Today, there was something new to celebrate: a chance at fresh air. It had been too long since she saw action. She was beginning to believe that the Void was just as uneventful as being positioned at the Governor's lame, boring estate.

Kaiya lingered close to the viewscreen. Chandrila was to be their next adventure. There would be killing involved. She took little information from Commander Kiley, as the Cathar held no respect for an alien too embarrassed with who she was to show her true appearance. The drunky monkey who took over for Kerrie seemed to be no better. She sniffed, surprised that there was only hot caf in her mug and not something extra special. She rolled her eyes, briefly glancing to her captain...and her lover. She would serve him well on this mission, just like all others. If she had the chance to make Commander Kiley look bad, she'd take it. Her eyes moved back down to the viewscreen. Pax Amelia. She memorized the image of the man who she would murder for the Empire.

There were other words that Commander Traebor said that Kaiya liked: 'Captain Updike' and 'upscale estate' were at the top of that list. The location meant that they'd have the chance to loot the poor bastard's belongings. She became so excited that it was hard to stay still. Her tail flickered once behind her excitedly. As the meeting dismissed and the other commandos moved to get ready to depart, Kaiya pushed through them. She met up with Captain Updike himself. "Oooh. You got the high profit target! Sounds like someone up above is *finally* realizing where the talent is around here." She tossed Kerrie a joyful smile which showed off her sharp, feline teeth. "We get to go to the upscale district and everything. I'm going to find you a nice gift!"

Captain Thaddeus Updike found it hard to concentrate in the briefings with Kaiya distracting him like she was doing. He had to bite down hard on his lower lip to keep from smirking at her comment, which prompted him to nudge her with his elbow to try to get her to behave. "Acknowledged, Commander," he said, with a nod of his head, once he had regained his composure. As the briefing moved on to lower profile targets that were assigned to other commandos and the mercenaries, he leaned in to whisper to Kaiya. "I think you got under her skin," he said to Kaiya, while looking at Kerrie. Indeed, their Commander did look more cold and distant since the untimely departure of her orange sidekick. "I hope she isn't distracted on her assignment. She could get hurt," he again whispered, before smiling and nodding his head at Commander Kiley, who was unaware what he was speaking about. He was enjoying life being a subordinate, as it gave him a senior officer to torment. It was the one bright spot in his day.

His nudge did the trick. It seemed that she recalled they were in a meeting and needed to make a semi-professional appearance. Her long tail continued to twitch. She wasn't paying attention to the meeting anymore, knowing full well that she would travel at her Captain's side to take out the high profile target. She playfully looked at Kerrie. A worrisome look crossed over her face. "My, my, that *would* be terrible ... terribly wonderful!" It was her turn to nudge him. Her tail whipped around to playfully hit him in the back. "I have a surprise for you when we get back, Thaddy! You'll never guess what it is!" She started backing away from the viewscreen. She needed to get her armor on and see to it that her claws were properly sharpened. She never had the opportunity to use them here.

Commander Kiley had been around long enough to know that Updike and Crion were up to something, but exactly how far they had gone was beyond her estimation. She assumed the smile and nod after the whispers meant they were having a private joke at her expense, but she only cared that they performed their duties ... she was not here to make friends. As the assignments were given out she shot a glance to Commander Traebor, feeling disgusted that she had to deal with an officer as drunk and useless as her. When the briefing stopped she again rose to the podium, clearing her throat, while moving her leg to subtly kick Traebor to awaken her. "You have your assignments. Carry them out. Dismissed," she ordered, with a firm nod of her head, before moving from the briefing room to begin preparing for her assignment.

Kaiya's tail always did a number on him and, truthfully, it was the first thing he noticed about her. "A surprise?" he pressed her, but only after the Commander and the others had begun to clear the briefing room. "Well now you've given me some added motivation to hurry this along," he told her, before he rose from his seat and began following the others out of the briefing room. "C'mon, Trooper. We have a job to do," he informed her, in a businesslike tone that was designed to dispel the rumors that swirling around about them. However, with the way she carried on his stern tone would hardly do the job. By now everyone knew they were item, but no one dare confront them about it or mock them given their fearsome reputations.

Her head nodded. "Yes, Captain!" It was no secret that they were involved with one another. Kaiya spend her nights in his room rather than her own. There were times when she did absolutely *nothing* to hide it. In attempt to help get Thaddy raised to a higher rank, she tried to tone it down in professional settings. She left the briefing room with him to get herself changed. "Oooh." She said once they were nearly to his quarters. "Remember to check the freezer when you're looting, 'kay? I *really* want to try those Auntie Mae pudding pops..." Once they had achieved some semblance of privacy within his personal space, Kaiya stepped towards him. Her small nose twitched as she leaned in to kiss him. "You got the most valuable target," she teased him happily, then kissed him. She was ready for this.

It didn't take long for Kaiya to change into her environmental suit and her storm commando armor. She retracted her claws on her paws in and out, sprawling out her fingers as she did so. Today was turning out to be a great day. "Ready, Thaddy?"

"Auntie Mae pudding pops..?" Thad pressed her, as a worrisome thought came over him. "You're not pregnant are you?" he asked her, sounding a bit nervous. He was not sure if a Human-Cathar hybrid was even possible. Once back in the confines of their quarters he began the process of putting on his Stormcommando armor. The black armor did much to enhance his physique, and by the time he was finished suiting up he was quite the imposing specimen. "Yes," he said, as he checked the power cell on his E-11 blaster rifle. "C'mon. Let's be the first ones to complete their objective," he told her, as he held the door open for her, before heading to the turbolift that would take them up to the flight deck.

Kaiya laughed at the thought of *her* being pregnant. Even she wasn't sure if a hybrid was possible. "Nope! I thought they looked yummy." She reported to ease his nerves. She briefly sat on his bed and watched him. Her mind derailed from the objective and to the things she wanted to do with him. Thaddy was the most handsome human she had ever met. She was glad to share herself with him. The Cathar rose to her feet. "Let's do it!" She was so excited. Kaiya left through the open door and began moving towards the turbolift. After a short trip down, they reached the flight deck where the coldness of the Void was most noticeable. The gray Delta-class DX-9 transport was waiting for them. Kaiya darted up the ramp rapidly, then she turned around and looked over the other crafts. It looked so much better without El-Nay's heap of garbage. She would never stop being happy that the Mandalorian was gone. She made her way inside the transport and sat. Kaiya made for a poor pilot. There had been an incident involving a ship's controls and her claws one time. She quickly strapped in. The trip to Chandrila would not take long. Soon, she'd be doing what she did best.

The transport made its way to the neighboring sector where the planet Chandrila awaited them. It was one of the Core Worlds brightest planets, but ever since its former Senator, Mon Mothma, came out against the Emperor it had suffered harshly under the Empire. There had been many such missions to Chandrila exacting reprisals against everyone who was even remotely connected to the former Senator. Even some who had supported the Empire had been targeted to make it seem as if the Rebellion was behind the attacks. This was a rather straightforward mission, as the old assemblyman did not have any of the high level protection that might provide a momentary delay in their attack. After landing the Umbra in the outskirts of Hanna City, Thad moved to place the helmet upon his head which gave him a tactical overlay that would guide him during the mission. As he slung his rifle over his shoulder he did not expect this to be anymore more than a simple execution. "Don't be overconfident," he instructed Kaiya, as he began walking down the ramp into the city.

The briefing certainly had given Kaiya the idea that this wouldn't be a complicated mission. However, after she was shot in the chest in Delaya, she knew better than to assume. The injury she had taken had nearly been enough to kill her. Unbuckling herself, Kaiya plopped on her helmet and stood. "Yes, Captain. I don't wanna get shot again." The sensation had not been pleasant.

People on Chandrila were used to seeing commandos at this point. They roamed off and on the planet like they owned it. Kaiya kept an eye out as they descended into Hanna City towards the upscale neighborhood. Doors slammed shut and windows were closed as they made their way towards the next execution. Not a soul was brave enough to step up against them. Kaiya took in the world around her and all its various scents for anything that might be out of place. "I smell ice cream." She whined. She didn't get out enough anymore. The scenery soon changed from storefronts to a higher class neighborhood. There was another distinct scent standing out to Kaiya: the smell of Squib. It was the first time she had smelled so many of them in one place. Her head veered away from the target's home. She lifted her helmet enough that her nose was no longer being obstructed. "Thaddy, I smell Squibs." She had the joy of killing Squibs before. They made for the best playthings and the kind of exquisite food that could be made from them was *amazing*. She shook her head, deciding that the Squib must be living in someone's basement. She ignored it, stopping just outside Pax Amelia's property. She inhaled again. "Ewwwww. This guy smells terrible!! I don't smell anyone else." The Squib smell was stuck in her nose now.

When Kaiya informed him that she smelled ice cream again he stopped in his tracks. Now he wondered if she really was pregnant. "Squibs aren't the target," he reminded her, as he came to realize how easily distracted she was. Finally she focused long enough to get them to the target's property. He could have simply gone in through the window or kicked down the door, but he was treating this target as if it was well defended. From his satchel he produced a small timed explosive device that he placed upon the door. "Clear," he ordered her, while he moved to take cover himself. Once they were shielded he pressed the button to activate the explosive, which blew the door off the hinge. "Breach!" he yelled to her, before moving in through the blown open door. He raised his rifle in front of him, moving through the estate with precision. Her nose had proven to be accurate ... no one was in the estate other than their target.

There were an array of smells for her to take account of and decide where they were coming from. As much as she wanted to run after the Squibs, she remained focused. Kaiya stayed back, watching Thaddy use an explosive to blow the door. She progressed forward, this time grabbing her E-11 rifle as an extra precaution. Her nose was normally *very* reliable, but she wasn't going to be caught with her pants down either. She cleared the estate with him room by room. She resisted the urge to raid the kitchen or even look for valuables until the target was dead. "Awww man. He's in the bathroom." It was the last closed door left. Her tail flickered rapidly. Something else had caught her attention. She looked at her boyfriend. "You take the target. I smell someone at the front door." With that, Kaiya took off quickly. She dropped her blaster back into its sling and moved onto all fours to cross the house much more quickly. Upon rounding the corner, she saw a whole *family* of Squibs entering the house. They were unarmed and many of them were incredibly young. A loud growl emitted from the Cathar. It frightened the Squib family, who had been staying with Pax Amelia for far too long. She pounced the adult male Squib, rapidly ripping him limb from limb with her claws. "Yes!" She laughed, whipping her tale at one of the smaller Squib children. There were little screams coming from the foyer where Kaiya was working to rapidly kill a defenseless family.

"Crion, come back!" Thad ordered, but before he could finish his sentence she was gone. At the slightest sound or shiny object she was often distracted and pulled off mission ... if this were a serious mission both of their lives would now be in danger. Fortunately for them, it was simply an old, defenseless man they had been sent after. As he moved toward the man's bed chamber he heard the sound of the screaming from the front of the estate, and he began to wonder what she had gotten herself into. For now his sole focus was the target, and as he entered the room he found the target hiding beneath the bed. "I would hope for more courage out of an elected official," he said, condescendingly, as he aimed his E-11 down towards the man. He pulled back on the trigger unleashing a deadly bolt of crimson energy that penetrated the mattress and killed the assemblyman almost instantly. With the target dead, he slung the rifle over his shoulder and began hurrying towards the sound of the screaming where his trooper/girlfriend had once again become sidetracked.

Bloodlust leaked into Kaiya's mind. It had simply been too long for her. The mission was in the back of her head now. The screams died off before Thad could even reach her. The foyer had become a bloodbath. It was the likely reason that Kaiya had missed a single, very small, Squib girl. The child was huddled up underneath a dresser. She was covered in blood and shaking like a leaf. Kaiya had disposed of the family. She stepped away from the mess. Her heart was pumping so hard it hurt. She had been born into war; Cathar war. She fought every battle like it was going to be her last. She wiped her claws off on a white sofa as she made her way towards her Captain quickly. Now that her urges were eased, she realized she had done wrong. Her ears began to sink, as did her tail. She killed civilians while Thaddy took the big target. She spotted him, stopping in her tracks. Her claws retracted back into her paws. "S-Sorry, Thaddy..." It wasn't the first time this had happened. Back in the foyer, the little Squib was making a run for it. Kaiya had no idea.

When Thad arrived at the lower level he was horrified by the amount of blood and blue fur that was scattered about. Despite being a veteran commando his skin went white beneath his helmet, and he felt as if he might throw up. He had never seen such a mess, and he never wanted to again. "We need to get out of here," he said to her, in a tone of voice that made it clear that it was an order and not a suggestion. "We need to get you cleaned up before anyone sees you," he told her, as he moved to step over the pooling puddles of blood to keep his black boots from becoming as stained as Kaiya's armor.

Commander Kiley did not trust the duo of Updike and Crion, so once she had tasked the rest of the ShadowWhispers and the mercenaries with their targets she moved to shadow her least favorite members of the team. As she observed everything seemed to be straightforward and by the numbers ... until the family of Squibs arrived. Unfortunately she arrived at the estate too late to save the family, but as she entered the foyer she did spot the young Squib running for her dear life. As she had spent years with Ewwiekewwieikkie she knew what she was dealing with right away, and she bent down to quickly scoop up the terrified child before she could escape the estate and get lost in the city. "Updike, Crion ... what is the meaning of this," she barked from beneath her helmet, as she rose back up, holding the Squib.

The Cathar was covered in blood. The scent of Squib had driven her to momentary insanity. Now that she had finished her massacre, she felt bad she had done it. There was someone there to make matters worse. "Ohno. I smell Kiley." Kaiya stopped him. She wasn't fearful of Commander Kiley, who was already was hated by Colonel Zevrin. Colonel Zevrin would be happy to hear what Kaiya had done. She looked at Thad. "Head to the back door!" She said, grasping at her utility belt until she found a smoke bomb. As she ran in the opposite direction of the front door, she threw the bomb. The foyer began to rapidly fill with thick, grey smoke. It gave the commandos a chance to escape. If the Commander decided to pursue them anymore, Kaiya intended to attack her. The Commander had been stalking them. Kerrie was waiting for them to make a mistake!

Thad did not like running, but sometimes discretion was a better part of valor. When Kaiya informed him that Commander Kiley was on her way, he moved towards the rear exit of the estate at his best speed. The smoke grenade offered them some cover, but eventually they would have to confront the Commander back at the Void. "This is going to be a hard one to explain," he told her, as he moved through the streets back towards the transport. His heart was racing and already his mind was beginning to formulate various cover stories to excuse her behavior. He would not let this pathetic desk jockey to punish his Kaiya.

The smoke grenade came as an unexpected surprise, causing Kerrie to turn her back to her commandos to shield the young Squib from the effects of the smoke. She would deal with them later ... for now she had to safeguard the Squib. In addition to being traumatized, she was also the only witness of what Crion had done in the estate. She moved out the front door, getting them both into the fresh air. She immediately put the young Squib down on the ground before moving her hands up to her helmet to remove it, so that the young girl could see her face ... even if it was fake. "It's alright. You're okay. What's your name?" she asked, as she knelt down so that they would roughly be the same height.

The small Squib was covered in blood. It looked like it would be impossible to get out of her soft, blue fur. She said not a word when she was picked up. In Kerrie's arms, the Squib shook and shook. Melickielickie was *terrified*. She had witnessed such a traumatic event that her young mind couldn't fully comprehend it. The little girl coughed and cried. She was scared of the lady who dressed exactly like the scary Cathar. She stared at the woman, who now showed her true face. Melickielickie cried out. "Mama!" She pointed towards the estate. The smoke bomb, and Kerrie's body, shielded her from seeing what was left of her family. "Mama!!" Her hands pressed against her eyes. "Melickielickie," she finally answered the question. "Melickielickie..." She repeated sadly. Her whole family had been wiped out of existence. There was nowhere for her to go.

Kerrie did not even know where to begin in terms of cleaning up Melickielickie. She sighed, but tried her best to force a smile on her face for the sake of the young one. She reached out towards the Squib, once again picking her up, and cradling her in her arms. She did not know the first thing about what to do with a Squib, but fortunately she knew the one man who did. She moved through Hanna City swiftly, cursing Crion in her mind, as she headed towards her ship to take the young Squib to Esseles and the care of the Rodney family. If anyone could help her it was them.

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