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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:24) in the Chandrila system: Blitz and Vegranian.
Yekaterina Hanson, Ashori Monoceros, Commander Iyah Xergo, and Mug Zoran.

Yekaterina Hanson had changed into the black uniform of an Imperial pilot that presumably the Rebels had stripped off the corpse of a dead Imperial. "My flying's a little rusty," she warned the team, as she grasped the controls of the Vegranian, an Imperial shuttle that the Rebel cell had captured back on Kooriva. The flight from the space station through the Ringali Nebula was uneventful, and as they entered the Chandrila system they came right into the debris of the destroyed Imperial vessels from the starfighter wing's attack of the other day. As the shuttle neared the remaining ships of the systems force her eyes focused in on the Strike-class medium cruiser they had targeted. "There she is," she informed Commander Xergo, as she nodded her out towards the viewport at the Imperial cruiser. She adjusted the shuttle's flightplan accordingly, and the craft slowly turned until they were headed directly towards the ship. "Shuttle we have you on our screens now, please identify," a voice broke in over the comm's panel. "Shuttle Vegranian with parts and materials. Transmitting clearance codes now," she said, as she spoke in her most posh accent to sound more Imperial. Her hand moved to the panel where she transmitted the clearance codes that would either gain them access or lead to their premature destruction. There was silence over the comm as she continued to fly toward the cruiser as if everything was normal. "Shuttle Vegranian ... you are clear to land," the voice informed them over the comm, which caused Kat to breath a sigh of relief. "Acknowledged," she calmly replied over the comm, before smiling back at Iyah. Moments later she landed the shuttle within the small hangar of the cruiser. All around them were Imperial officers, pilots, technicians, and Stormtroopers. There was no turning back now.

All that stood between Commander Xergo and seeing her daughter again was this one mission. If she completed it, she'd have Callista in her arms again within the day. She pushed the image of playing with Callista and Mug to the back of her head when Kat reported that they had arrived. Her head rose from her hands so she could look at the Imperial cruiser. Both she and Mug were dressed as Imperial engineers. They would take a crate of explosives to the engines and place them accordingly. Ash and Kat were responsible with knocking out the auto turrets as quickly as they could. Iyah adjusted her cap anxiously. "Here we go..." She watched Kat input the clearance codes. Her discomfort grew like a wildfire until they were cleared to land. *Thank goodness*! The intel had been enough to get them into the cruiser.

The hangar was dirty with Imperials. Iyah's knee jerk reaction was to fly far, far away. She ignored it and stood. "You know your positions everyone. Get back here as soon as possible. May the Force be with you." She looked at Mug and offered him a little smile. They truly were in this together. As the ramp finished extending from the shuttle, Iyah moved towards the crate.

Ashori Monoceros was out to win today. She felt pumped up. She thought she was going to make Papius a happy man by defeating his enemy. *All* Rodneys were the enemy. The mission required her to part from Mug, but she had been trying to be friendly with him on the flight by starting a conversation. Ash rose. She watched Iyah begin rolling the crate down the ramp. "Let's go." She whispered to Kat, descending the ramp into the hangar. They'd gotten into the cruiser. Now they needed to manage to stay alive.

The flight from the space station to the Imperial cruiser was the most difficult part for Mug Zoran, as there was nothing for him to do but sit there and hope. When the clearance was given he gave a cheer, knowing that they would at least survive this long. When the shuttle landed he rose with Iyah, while adjusting his ill fitting Imperial uniform in the process. Taking control of the hoversled carrying the crate he began leading it, with Iyah, off the shuttle and into the hangar of the cruiser. Having memorized the plans of the cruiser he was able to successfully move towards the appropriate turbolift that would lead to engineering. He gave a sideways glance to Iyah, smiling slightly, as they moved past the troopers in the hangar bay.

Kat was pleased to be paired with Ash ... not because she enjoyed working with her, but because she wanted to keep an eye on her. She took control of the other hoversled with the crate, which they claimed had repair parts, but actually contained explosives. She gradually moved away from Mug and Iyah as they were headed to the rear of the ship, while she and Ash were moving towards weapons control in the forward section. So far they had not been detected, but working alone with Ash gave her a bad feeling about the mission. She watched Ash more than she paid attention to where she was guiding the sled. No matter how Commander Xergo felt about the woman, she would never forget how she stabbed her on Delaya.

Iyah felt better once they had touched ground on the hangar. The flight really was the hard part. It was filled with waiting and anticipating. Now that they were on the move, Iyah didn't have time to think about it. She carefully moved with the hoversled towards the turbolift. She could feel it begin to ascend. She peered out from beneath her cap at Mug. A little smile slipped over her lips. "I think we should have a vacation after this. I know someone who wants to go to Auntie Maeland." Iyah commented. The doors to the turbolift slid open, disrupting their light conversation. "Almost there." She said. There was a glimmer of happiness in her eyes. The sled was in motion again and they were too.

Ash felt like she'd drawn the short straw when she got coupled up with Kat. She wasn't worried about the woman being suspicious of her...not this time. This time, Ash was actually fulfilling her duties as a Rebel. She grasped hold of the other side of the hoversled. She barely paid attention to Kat. Instead, she navigated through the ship towards the weapons control. They passed Imperial officers and Stormtroopers alike without arousing any interest. They blended in, after all. Ash idly wondered if she would wear an Imperial uniform again. With her skills, she felt the Imperial Security Bureau would welcome her with open arms. The women had to take a short ride on a turbolift before they arrived at the weapons control. Ash reached over the crate and opened it up. "We have to hurry..." She began grabbing explosives and placing them. They were working on borrowed time. Who knew when an Imperial would show that *knew* they weren't supposed to be here.

"I want to go to Auntie Maeland," Mug muttered, as he still had a child's innocence that he hoped the war would not take from him. "That should be our first stop," he said, with a smile, but as the turbolift door opened he immediately forced a stern look upon his face. Imperials had no fun he thought, so he decided he should attempt to look as if he were in a bad mood to fit in. When they arrived at engineering the Imperials there were actually *glad* to see them as they expected to be receiving the parts they needed to complete the repairs to the damage sustained from the battle the other day. They had nearly made it, Mug thought to himself, as he guided the hoversled into position.

"Don't rush it!" Kat yelled at her, but in a hushed tone. She, too, was nervous and wanted to get it done as quickly as possible, but she did not want to go so quickly or that they made a mistake. She reached into the crate and began gathering explosives herself, but placing them more slowly and carefully than Ash. She moved as quickly as she could, but not so fast that she gave anything away. When she was done, she placed the cover back on the crate, and began checking over what Ash had already done. She did not trust that she had done her job correctly, but to her surprise everything seemed in order. With the explosives in place she began returning towards the lift that would bring them back to the shuttle.

Iyah lit up more. Mug was who she was talking about! His childish innocence was something she treasured about him. It also kept her away from abusing alcohol. They could have fun in other ways that didn't require her to be drunk. She was relieved to reach their destination. It was good fortune that the Imperials felt the same. The explosive power in the box would be enough to take out the engines. The cruiser would fall from the sky before anyone could do anything about it. "One more crate and then we can get these repairs done," Iyah mumbled to Mug in a voice that was audible to the Imperials who were about to be blown away in the literal sense. She managed to casually turn her back and leave the room. Her heart started beating quickly. It was almost over. It was almost over!!! As soon as they entered the turbolift, Iyah did something bold...and stupid. She kissed her fiance. Her arms wrapped around him tightly. She hoped that things were going as good with Kat and Ash...well, maybe not *exactly* as good.

Ashori growled. "I'm not!" Yekaterina Hanson was a major pain in her rear end. She started moving slower if only to shut her up. "Is that better?" She let Kat see her move her hands dramatically slow. It was worse than slow motion. Ash took pride that she had stabbed Kat and nearly taken her life. Kat would never trust her, so Kat could never find evidence supporting her theory. As Ash placed the last explosive, she stepped back. "Quality controlling me? *Really*?" She whispered. The woman needed to be careful who she was messing with. It was Ashori who held the detonator for the explosives. Little by little, they worked their way back to the hangar. Ash casually entered the shuttle. The first thing she noticed was that the bastard and the Commander had not come back yet. She sat, watching the chronometer on her wrist. Would they make it, or would Ash see *two* Rodneys lose today?

Mug was trying to act serious on the mission, so he was surprised when it was her that broke character and kissed him. "Iyah!" he cried out when the kiss broke, leaving him with a bewildered, but happy, expression on his face. He quickly inhaled and stood at attention when the turbolift door opened, giving them a view of the hangar bay. He could see that Kat and Ash had already made back to the shuttle, which had caused him to lose his bet. He gave a partially defeated glance over towards Iyah before swiftly walking back towards the shuttle, but not too quickly to elicit suspicion. He was getting good at this cloak and dagger stuff ... or at least he thought he was.

Kat grumbled at Ash, but now was not the time to have an argument with the woman. Instead, she focused on getting back towards the shuttle. When she saw no trace of Iyah or Mug she grew slightly concerned, but did not voice it to Ash. Instead, she made her way to the cockpit and began powering up the shuttle's reactor. If something had gone wrong they might have to make a run for it. When she saw Mug and Iyah moving towards the shuttle she exhaled a sigh of relief and even allowed herself to smile. Her hand moved to flip a few switches overhead in preparation to blast the shuttle out of the hangar once everyone was aboard.

Iyah couldn't hide the dumb grin that came across her face after she kissed him. "I can check off 'making out on an Imperial cruiser' off my bucket list." She forced her smiled to fade as the doors opened once more. She kept her head bent down. She recognized the final corridors that led them back to the hangar. There the ship awaited them. While Mug had lost his bet, which was not fair since they were the 'dream team', Iyah was glad that Ash and Kat were already aboard the ship. She wouldn't need to wait for them in order to leave. "Good job everyone." She said happily. She patted Kat's shoulder. "Please, *please* get us out of here. The next time I look at this cruiser, I want it to be going down." Iyah sat and buckled herself in. She glanced over at Ashori. Her feelings on that woman were complicated. Ash had served the Rebellion well. She had also caused her and Mug to become war prisoners.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Kat said, with a smirk as she began to lift the Vegranian off the hangar bay of the Imperial cruiser. Her hand adeptly moved over the controls as she guided them out of the bay and back into space. She moved to the controls to lower the two rear wings into cruise configuration before accelerating to maximum speed to send them hurdling back towards the Ringali Nebula. There was a thin layer of sweat upon her forehead as she leaned back in the chair, not wanting to do anything to blow the mission now that they were so near the end. "We're clear," she informed the Commander, as the shuttle became enveloped in the swirling purple and red gasses that comprised the Ringali Nebula.

Commander Xergo had nearly made it to the finish line. Everyone was still alive. There were *no* injuries. Her hand came to rest over Mug's while Kat took control of getting the shuttle far, *far* away from the Imperial cruiser. In her other hand, Iyah held the detonator. She didn't press the button until Kat confirmed that they were clear. Her thumb lingered over it. "Ashori, blow the weapons." She commanded. Both women pressed their detonators. Behind them, explosions erupted inside of the cruiser. The engines were instantly damaged beyond repair. Everything came to a stop inside of the cruiser. They had no weapons, no form of defense, and they were going down fast. "It's over..." Iyah confirmed, resting her head back against the seat. "Let's go home and celebrate."

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