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Christopher Levy and Lee McDonough.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:4:33) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate) and in the Kuat system: Krisscent and Kuat (Kuat City: Spaceport).


Eldan Ione and Trassk.


Trassk, the chief thug of the Rodian crime lord Enkido stood upon the landing platform to the East of Enkido's estate. Surrounding him were various other thugs and assorted cargo containers. This little landing platform had turned into one of the busiest criminal operations in the Ringali Shell. Cargo was going throughout the Galactic Core now. Little Enkdio had gone and made a name for himself, and this illegal spice running was the backbone of his criminal economy. Trassk double-checked the shipments as he waited for the arrival of yet another in a line of smugglers to arrive to pick up their shipment for the week.

Eldan got confirmation to land on the landing pad below that he was flying over. Not having a co-pilot anymore kind of bugged him a little, but he looked over the landing rules for this area, to make sure he did not provoke anyone. The flat saucer YT-1300 Transport Krisscent made a final approach to the landing pad, lights coming on, and landing struts extending just to touch down on the pad for a soft landing. Eldan got up from his pilot seat, not even strapped down. After shutting down all nonessential systems, he proceeded to his exit ramp. Emergency takeoff systems were online still, just in case as he grabbed his blaster pistol and a clipboard. Eldan Ione, looking a bit ragged, walked down the still lowering ramp, went over to who he thought was in charge, the big guy in the middle of the other thugs. "Eldan Ione here for pickup," Eldan said to the large man in the middle.

"Good, Human," Trassk sneered towards the smuggler, "the entire shipment is right here. Get it loaded ... quickly. Take it to Kuat. You'll receive five thousand credits at the completion of the job."

"No problem, I'll get going immediately," Eldan replied back with but a grin on his ratty face. Eldan moved over to some of the cargo containers on a repulsorlift pad after checking off some stuff on his clipboard. He pressed a button on a datapad to make the Krisscent lower her main cargo elevator in back. Moving forward with the containers, Eldan made sure he was quick about it, even though its pretty safe here, at least for now, he wanted to get done and out of here. Eldan pressed the elevator button on his datapad, elevator rising shortly there after. He rubbed his ratty face, thinking he should probably shave and clean up his appearance. Once the elevator was locked and secure, Eldan proceeded to lock down the repulsorlift pad to the wall that contained the cargo. There was a few other containers there, with and without markings, so as to hide the real cargo. Eldan quickly got confirmation over the comlink for take-off clearance from the landing pad while he walked back to the cockpit of the Krisscent. Eldan's blaster pistol flew into a seat near the engineering station, along with the clipboard. Pressing the ramp button to retract it, he sat down in the pilot seat. Having it on emergency Takeoff ready, it was a easy start up Eldan in the pilot seat, the Krisscent blasted off the landing pad not very discreetly but fast. He barely lifted up, just yawed around a bit and engaged the ion engines to full power. Pulling up away from the estate, Eldan quickly plotted a course to Kuat. It would take him nearly twelve hours to get there, but with a shortcut he heard about on the hyperwave, it may cut it down to ten hours. The Krisscent left the gravity well of Brentaal, did no take long, and entered hyperspace for Kuat in ten hours, hopefully. Eldan took some time cleaning up and maintaining his beloved Krisscent while en route to Kuat, the mere ten hours passed without incident.

The Krisscent exited Hyperspace in Kuat space, the stock freighter slowing to a mere twenty-five MGLT, Eldan started to restart systems that were not active in hyperspace. He prepared weapons only to a warm-up, not wanting to attract attention, brought long range sensors online, comlink was quiet, he set it to scan. Particle shields were on at 100-percent, left the energy ray shields offline, was not needed ... yet ... he started to set up a plan to Kuat City down on the planet Kuat below. Eldan yanked on his yoke, while increasing his sublight speed, heading down towards Kuat City. The Krisscent's ion engines glowed from a soft blue to a hot white as it accelerated. Eldan did not see any Imperial traffic or police patrols on any range of the sensors. Should be a good run he thought. He rubbed his now clean face, hopefully he does not look like a smuggler or a thug anymore. Eldan piloted the Krisscent through the traffic of Kuat City, was quite busy today, mainly cargo skiffs and taxis. Dang taxis he thought to himself ... dang tail heads always get in the way as he flew down past a few taxi's cutting them off mid-flight. He laughed. Opening the comlink, Eldan called the landing pad he was going too ... Pad 23C. He noticed that his nails on his right hand were a bit chewed down, his mother always ragged on him about that .. nonetheless the tower gave confirmation to land on pad 23C. Eldan set the Krisscent into landing mode, landing pads and lights coming online, as he approached pad 23C. The Krisscent was slowing now, Eldan decided to be a bit more careful and normal in this landing. The Krisscent landed softly onto the landing pad, again Eldon left the Krisscent in an emergency takeoff mode, in case things went sour. Eldan moved out of his seat again, heading to the ramp, which started lowering. Grabbing his blaster pistol and clipboard off the chair he proceeded down the ramp onto the pad. Eldan stood on the landing pad underneath his stock freighter, waiting for something...

An extremely nervous Bothan emerged from the shadows. He had been transmitted the specifics of the shipment from his contacts on Brentaal. He hurried towards the YT-1300 Transport, sizing up the pilot. "Is it all here?" he nervously asked the Human smuggler.

"Yes it is, I'll unload when you need too," Eldan replied quietly.

"Get it unloaded quickly," the Bothan said, squirming nervously, "we don't want to give the local dock authority too much time."

"Yes, of course," Eldan pressed the elevator button his datapad, the elevator started to lower. He had got the cargo ready just before he exited hyperspace. Eldan walked over to the elevator and it stopped, he got behind the replusorlift pad and started moving it along. "Where do you want it ?" Eldan asked the Bothan.

"Just leave it here," the Bothan explained, getting impatient, "my people will take it from here."

Eldan looked around a bit, he stopped the cargo right in front of the Bothan. "There you are, nice and secure," Eldan said with a smile this time.

The Bothan bent down to begin inspecting the cargo containers, no longer giving the smuggler the slightest care. "Now get out of here before you're noticed," he insisted.

"Well then, I hope those credits will be in my account..." Eldan sneered off and walked back to his freighter at a normal pace ... his blaster pistol bouncing at his side in the holster. Raising the ramp on the Krisscent, Eldan sighed a sigh of relief. He got to his pilot seat, and started the Krisscent. Eldan blasted off that landing platform, just barely missing a taxi again. "Damn taxis," he said. The Krisscent rolled to her port, heading up to orbit.

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