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Audra Baldwin, Brandon Dellinger, Liz Dorner, Andrew Douglas, Todd Fitzgerald, Nate Lentz, Christopher Levy, Larry Mottola, Amy Paris, Thomas Rogers, Samantha Sinclair, and Anonymous.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:9:16) in the Berea system: Argo and Berea (Imperial Mining, Limited Labor Camp) and in the Lybeya system: Argo.


Commander Derek Atio, Lieutenant Sarn Kielt, Lieutenant Leo Kincaid, Lieutenant Quar Klynn, Petty Officer Tashi Ling, Trooper Miranda Nielson, Sergeant Zev Ordo, R3-QT, Leilia Sangre, Corporal Seekith Shardin, Lieutenant Wes Thrum, Sergeant Aami Tina'da, and Captain Dagon Tong.


The Corvette Argo slowly glided through space in the Vergesso Asteroids in the company of dozens of other Rebel crafts. It was a ragtag fleet of vessels from all sorts of backgrounds ... piracy, smuggling, private use, defense, and even Imperial service. The Argo was in far better shape than when she arrived, but by no means had been restored to pristine condition. Still, the craft had character and provided she could maintain flight control long enough to avoid impacting one of the many large asteroids she was navigating through ... she would continue to serve the Rebellion for many years to come.

Commander Derek Atio walked down the white corridor of the Argo. He had just returned from the Nebulon-B Frigate Comfort where he met with High Command to discuss the previous Mission to Arzid and learn of their next assignment ... one of greater importance, but also of greater difficulty. He stepped inside the conference room where the briefing would take place and waited for the Intelligence officer to arrive.

Lieutenant Klynn stepped down the halls slowly of the Argo as he headed towards the briefing room. Under his right arm he held a small datapad which he pressed closely to his side. He too had bee at the briefing with high command. Quar entered the briefing room and made his way to the front. He set his datapad down on top of the table at the front. Quar's hands pressed over his clothing as he cleared his thoughts for the briefing which he was about to give.

The Astromech rolled along behind, her third leg deployed to allow her to easily keep up with the walking speed of the Lieutenant in front of her. Cheery purple and white paintjob gleamed...she was in a better than usual mood lately, whistling to herself as she went down the hallway, punctuated by odd beeps here and there as she seemed to be making her own humming music to roll along with.

Tong was seated in the conference room, a cigarra in his mouth, and smoke curling around his scarred continence. One tactical boot was up on the table, and the thigh holster made more visible by the relaxed pose, the disruptor pistol not slipping an inch. He seemed almost bored, his dead brown eyes noting each person who entered, while he waited patiently for the meeting to begin.

Sergeant Ordo sat in the conference room at the same table as Tong, leaning back in his chair slightly. His right arm was bent ninety-degrees on the arm of the chair, his chin resting on his knuckles.

Quar removed his brown cloth trench coat from off of his shoulder. He set it down on the table beside the data pad. His eyes glanced over to R3-QT as she rolled along. "Well we are all here, lets get started." Quar sat down on the table and faced towards his audience of three people. He tapped a few keys on his datapad, his eyes scanning over some information. "Turns out we got some interesting information, gentlemen. That raid produced some good intel. R3, bring up a map of Berea."

R3-QT whistled from a low tone to a high tone, indicating that she agreed. Probably the only bit of droidspeak that most organics knew, except for it's opposite, the descending whistle. She trundled up into the middle of the briefing room, and then retracted her leg and holoprojector came up, casting a large perfect circle that was the planet of Berea, before slowly zooming down into the general area of the camp, although she added an insulted beep at being called just any R3 unit.

"Thanks R3," Quar said as he crossed his arms over his chest. He glanced to Ordo and Tong before looking to the projection of the planet. "This is the planet Berea. It is mostly tundra with various mountain terrains. So why are we interested in it?" Quar paused for a moment as he stood up from his seat on the table. He allowed his arms to drop at his sides as he began to walk to the projection. "Because we have fifty or so of our fellow fighters housed here. Berea is a prison camp for people which were captured. We have isolated one camp on the planet that we ... Intel ... feel is most viable. Command has agreed and therefore you boys will be liberating it." Quar glanced over to Tong and Ordo once again as he paused for emphasis. His hand slipped into his pockets as he looked back to the spinning orb from the R3 droid. "The camp you will be liberating is a small work camp. The work consists mostly of mining and this camp is about to be shut down due to lack of minerals. This means that there is an abundance of empty and dead shafts for entry." Quar took a step past the droid to now be slightly past the center mark of the room. "Any questions so far?" he asked.

Tong spoke up without taking the cigarra from his mouth and without an emotion on his face, or in his voice, "And just how many people are we rescuing from this camp?"

Quar nodded at the question. He turned to look at the floating orb in the room. "There are fifty or so fighters as I have said. Command wants at least one third. Moreover, I want you to notice the barracks. There are three sets of barracks." Quar pointed at the three barracks in the center of the projection. "We believe that the two larger ones house at least twenty-five of our guys. They work twelve hour days, so when you infiltrate one barrack will be full the other will be empty." He took a step back as he stared at the projection. His hands went to his pockets as he spoke again, "However, the smaller barracks house is for the off duty guards. There can be anywhere from six to ten of them in there at once." Quar looked towards Tong with his hands still in his pockets, "Does that help?"

Tong did not particularly like this idea ... too many prisoners, not enough people to handle the job. But he said nothing about it. Complaining never helped, particularly not to the intel officer. "Anything else that would be pertinent for this errand?"

"Well, I was just about to get to emplacements." Quar said as he nodded. "The front of the base is in the southwest. To the northeast is a mountain range. Southeast and southwest walls are shielded walls. You cannot penetrate them. At the base of the mountain range is the entrance to the mine shaft. There are three guard towers located northwest, southeast, and southwest. Two men man each post, as far as we can tell one is a spotter and the other operates an E-web heavy repeating blaster. Also you have two roving patrols that can be anywhere within the camp. Each roving patrol has two specially trained creatures." Quar walked back to the front of the room as he reached into his pocket for a cigarra. He removed the pack from his pocket as he used his fingers to pluck one out. He placed it between his lips as he sat next to his datapad again. He hand patted down his pocket as he shook his head, "Damn I need a light."

QT, always the helpful little rotund movable pack of tricks promptly opened a small hatch on her front and extended her arc welder, turned the power down to minimum and craned it upwards towards the man needing a smoke. After all, he wasn't the only organic in the galaxy that smoked. And while QT had no clue why they did such a stupid thing with their frail organic bodies, it was not much of her concern. She just did what she was told, and occasionally took the initiative, sometimes when it was not needed.

Zev looked to Tong and Quar, smirking slightly. "I thought this was the non-smoking section."

Tong shrugged at his executive officer's comment, and slid over a pack of matches. "Now I thought of all people, my XO would understand that we don't play by the rules."

Quar puffed lightly on the cigarra as the welder lit the tip. He inhaled on the tip of the cancer stick before removing it from his mouth. He began to exhale white smoke. Before completely exhaling he began to talk with little wisps of smoke coming out of his mouth as he spoke, "Any other questions or comments?"

"Gentlemen," Commander Atio said from his seated position at the table, "I can have the Argo ready to depart in a couple hours. We still have some repairs that must be made before departure."

QT whistled as she lowered the arc welder, and back into it's compartment, the door closing neatly. She had to ay one thing about visiting high command, they knew much better how to take care of a droid...nothing like an oil bath and a paint touchup to make everything work just so. She whistled to indicate that she was all for helping with the repairs. The only part she had not liked missing.

"We will make the jump as soon as the repairs are finished, "Commander Atio said as he rose from his seat, "I'd better get back down to engineering."

The battered hull of the Corvette Argo emerged from hyperspace in the Berea system. After nearly a week of hurried repairs in the safety of the Vergesso Asteroids, the small vessel was a more friendly sight than when it departed Arzid with heavy damage. The crew had been given another tough assignment and they suspected it would only get more difficult from here on in. The frozen word of Berea loomed in the distance: an ice-covered world filled with tundra and daunting mountainous terrain ... a fittingly harsh location for the Empire to place one of their forced labor camps.

On the bridge of the Argo, Commander Derek Atio sat in his command chair behind the pilot. He expected this system to be more defended than Arzid and was keen to retreat at the first sign of danger. He leaned forward slightly towards Lieutenant Thrum while his eyes focused on Berea through the viewport. "Mister Thrum," he began, "Is the false transponder signal broadcasting effectively?"

The answer offered in response was crisp and precise, lacking of any doubt as Lieutenant Thrum half pivoted his head around to his commander. "Sir, online and functioning without issue."

"Well that makes me feel a little better," Commander Atio said with some relief to the pilot, "Approach the planet ... casually ... bring us into a high orbit."

"Aye, Laying in an approach vector, sir." Lieutenant Thrum's hands danced over the controls laid out in front of him as he laid in, as had been suggested, a casual approach course. With a subtle rising hum he eased the ship into forward acceleration, laying into a sloping path that would run the Argo into a high polar orbit, though he was careful to remain easy on the engines output, no hurry, no rush, just another passing civilian ship. "Laid in, sir."

As the Argo entered a high orbit over the planet Berea, Commander Atio activated the button for the intercom, "Captain Tong, We'll be landing in ten. Get your team ready."

Dagon Tong glanced up at the loud speaker, and shook his head. The team had already been prepping and was onto the final kit inspection. Cold weather gear and standard weapons load out. "Aye that." He spoke into the comm unit and lit a cigarra while he waited.

Miranda closed the last flap of her backpack and set it beside her waiting KX-60 blaster rifle. The zipper of her snow-white parka remained unzipped, and the hood rested against her back.

Zev sat in a chair, his E-11 held in his hands. As he checked over his E-11 one last time, he cracked a small smile at the Commander's message over the comm. He had been on a mission like this once before, and he was anxious to get this one underway.

Leo Kincaid was seated against a bulkhead, cleaning an A280 blaster rifle. He still had a pile to go through and catalog, in case anything was lost on the upcoming trip. Lots of tools were scattered about, a grappling hook standing out, and plenty of other equipment for climbing, as the mission required some terrain navigating.

"Alright, Lieutenant," Commander Atio instructed as he leaned back in his chair and folded his hands, "We have the coordinates from Alliance Intelligence ... take us in..."

Lieutenant Wes Thrum could not help the slow smirk that lifted into his lips as he checked the ships' position one more time before he locked the landing point in and rapidly tapped the required data into the computer systems of the corvette. "Aye Sir, descending in three, two, one...mark." Wes gave a gentle nudge to the ships controls and nosed down towards the atmosphere, peeling off slightly to port as the ship began its decent into the atmosphere of the planet slowly coming up to meet them. As the Argo broke through the atmosphere, her pilot kept careful watch on their decent angle and speed, one degree off and they would overshoot their desired landing spot by hundreds of kilometers.

As the Corvette Argo touched down on the plateau in the mountainous terrain high above Berea Commander Atio activated the control panel that lowered the craft's ramp. He pressed down on the intercom once again, "Good luck Captain. We'll be here when you get back."

Tong lowered the ramp of the corvette to let his team off, his hand bringing the comm unit back up to his mouth. "Just make sure to be ready to dust off as soon as we do get back. Tong out." He nodded to his small squad, giving the signal for them to fall in as he took his first steps into the cold mountainous world.

Almost instantly, Zev got to his feet, his hands placing his hood on his head as he looked around at the rest of the squad. "Alright everyone, let's move."

Miranda took the right flank, as she stepped off of the landing ramp. There was little to see besides the white mixture of snow and ice, and the local flora. Still, it would be careless to leave one's guard down. Her eyes scanned the right quadrant for Imperial patrols and other potential hazards.

Leo Kincaid was trekking to the rear of the group, seemingly more comfortable, but still obviously cold. His jaw seemed to chatter as he carried a slightly heavier load than the rest. He was there for support and to work as a guide, due to his familiarity with the fringe worlds. His A280 blaster rifle was cradled in his arms, more as a precaution than anything.

Grabbing his blaster rifle off of the table, Zev brought up the rear of the squad, hurrying down the ramp.

Tong led his little band across the plateau, and towards the ventilation shaft. He was looking forward to getting out of the open, and so the ventilation shaft door was a welcome sign. As the team gathered, he tried the door, and turned, giving a shake of his head. "It's locked. Anyone have a cutter with them?" He was going to have a chat with his team about the equipment that one of the shooters should be carrying when this was all over. But before he could get to that, he brought the butt plate of his EE-3 down hard on the lock, so as to break the lock and give them access.

Miranda fell into position to guard the others while the door was unlocked.

Zev laughed once, looking at Tong. "I knew you had it in you, Cap'n." With that, he opened both doors to the shaft, looking towards Leo. "Nielson, you've got point."

With the doors open, Miranda dropped down into the mineshaft. Pivoting around, she swept the area for guards before calling the all clear.

Leo Kincaid hefted the doors aside and took a look around, a flash of recognition coming across his face. "Alright guys, let's load up on this mine car. It'll take us as close as we need to be." Kincaid hopped on, only taking point because of his knowledge of the particular car and the general layouts of mines. He looked concerned, however, being in more danger than he was accustomed to.

Not thrilled with the idea of riding in a mine car, Zev followed Leo into the mine, his E-11 at the ready, safety off. "Keep your eyes open everyone..."

"Save the mine car. We might need it for something else on the way out. We walk in. It's a hell of a lot quieter." Someday Tong was going to have to either kill the intel and supply officers, or train them properly. "So out of the car, and get back on point Kincaid."

Kincaid shook his head, but followed directions, making sure he had all his gear tight across his back, his blaster rifle still in his hands, walking out in front of the group very, very cautiously, following the glow of the glowrod.

Needing both of his hands to hold his rifle, Zev followed closely behind Leo and his glowrod, the stock of his E-11 dug into his right shoulder.

Miranda again took up the right flank, keeping an eye on the side passages.

Tong had taken up the rear, his weapon up, one eye peering through the scope, scaled back for short tactical ranges, the light amplification working to his favor.

Leo followed the gentle curve of the mineshaft before he stopped briefly, head half turned, nonchalantly piped up, kind of quietly, as one friend may do to another. "Hey, I got an idea..."

Following behind Leo, Zev quietly responded to Leo. "Well, don't keep it to yourself. What is it?"

He continued walking, "You don't suppose we'll be coming back this way with someone, or a lot of someones, do you? If that's the case, we could use that mine car as a rolling present. Sort of a parting gift, fill it with explosives or whatever those crazy demolition guys do..." Kincaid was not sure how plausible that sounded, but he felt it was worth a shot in offering the plan.

Not a fan of the idea, Zev quickly responded. "Who knows if any of us will be alive for a return trip, soldier. Let's get through this, and worry about parting gifts later...keep your eyes open."

Kincaid shook his head again, not a fan of much any of this, but he was closing in on the blast doors, with less than twenty meters to go, so he started slowing down, as if his footsteps would wake someone. "Let's get in first, eh?" He eyed the door nervously, unsure of how to proceed next. "You got any ideas?"

"I don't suppose you know how close the active shafts would be to this blast door, do you?" Tong was irritated that intel had not mentioned this part of the problem, but he kept his eyes on the rear. "Because a small charge at the hinge might do enough to get us through, but I don't want to alert the entire base we're here until we have to."

"What if we bluff our way in?" Leo asked.

Miranda leaned against the door to see just how much give it had. Provided enough room, they might just be able to shoot the lock off. "You know..." She fell backwards as the lock gave way, sending the doors flying open. A soft grunt escaped her lips as she landed, unceremoniously, on the ground.

Zev looked down to Miranda, stepping past her, his E-11 rifle still at the ready. He said in a slight sarcastic tone, "No time for a nap soldier. On your feet..."

Miranda was already halfway to her feet when Zev made his unnecessary remark. On the upside, she had the door open.

Kincaid tried to stifle a laugh, as his eyes adjusted to the sudden onset of light, scanning quickly for any hostiles.

"Move out. In a hurry." Tong cast a quick glance over his shoulder, and waited for them to start moving again.

Surveying the room as he entered, Zev briefly glanced at the equipment.

Kincaid was not a commando, or a spy, or anything impressive, but he hurried over to the fusion cutters and grabbed a few, trying quickly to get them packed in with his gear. Supplies were after all, his job. "We needed these..."

Miranda took up a position by the door while the others took up their own positions.

Tong stepped into the supply room, still bringing up the rear. "Grab the rebreathers too." He glanced over his shoulder again. "Don't suppose you could take a look outside...see if we can get to the barracks without being spotted."

Kincaid grabbed several rebreathers as well, putting them in his supply bag. This is why it was never more than half full when he left. He obliged Tong's suggestion, and crept up next to the large door, breathing heavily, before trying to crack it open, just a tiny bit to peek outside. Kincaid moved his head away from the door and looked back at Tong. There is a barracks directly south of us, one on the west side, and on the middle." He pointed to accommodate his directions, so they would have an idea of where they were. "There's also three guard towers, in every corner but ours..."

Not far from the action, a smaller jailbreak was taking place. Leilia Sangre did mental cartwheels as the door to her cell softly creaked open. Her lips, tinged slightly blue from the cold, curled upward in a small smile. "Hah...three minutes. Blasted Imp owes me fifty credits..." Leilia peeked out the open door of her cell and, spying no guards, left her cold, dismal cell behind.

"Ordo, can we get to the barracks without being spotted, or do we need to go fast and hard?" Tong asked.

Tong took a deep breath, and moved up to the front of the formation for a moment, by taking a long look out the door. It was going to be tricky, but they could pull this off. "We're going to do this silently. One person moves at a time, we get into the shadows around the barracks, and check each one. We are not looking to engage. We just want the prisoners. If not a shot is fired, I buy you all a drink. Nielson, you're up first. Don't be seen, and move out. Supply, you are staying here and covering the retreat. Any questions? First to be checked is the nearest barracks."

Kincaid smiled, being glad he was a non-combatant, "No questions here," he kneeled in the corner of the room, against the same wall as the door, blaster rifle at the ready. "I'll be here waiting on you guys. Good luck."

Miranda poked her head outside, glancing around for patrols. Once clear, she would move quickly to the eastern barracks. She kept her stance low and made as little noise as possible.

Zev nodded once to Leo before following behind Miranda to the eastern barracks.

Tong was the last one out, still covering their rear, his footfalls silent as the made their way to the east barracks. Once he was there, he motioned for Nielson to check inside.

Taking a deep breath, Miranda eased the door open. She moved inside quickly, scanning the room. "Clear and empty."

"Move out, center one. Quick and quiet." Tong kept his eyes up, sweeping for sentries, and hoping he did not see any.

Miranda stepped outside once more, closing the door behind her. Then, she took the point position as she crossed to the center building quick, quiet, and low to the ground.

Zev quietly followed to the center barracks, his head on a swivel in search of Imperial troopers, his fingers on the trigger of his E-11.

Tong tapped the trigger guard of the EE-3 once before heading after Zev. He knew there was a fifty-fifty chance now, and if it were the guards, they would slap a pair of binders on the door, and move on. If not, they might just pull this off.

With everyone in position once more, Miranda opened the door and stepped inside, her rifle sweeping from side to side.

Leilia had been making her own quiet way toward the main doors, her early years of thieving and burglary keeping her light and stealthy on her feet. She was not expecting the doors to open at this time of night, and hurriedly glanced around for some semblance of cover to duck behind. Not a second to spare, she ducked into the refresher unit, hardly daring to breathe, right hand clenched tightly around the handle nestled at the small of her back, in the event that things got complicated.

"We have someone moving around. I didn't get a good look." Miranda spoke softly so that only those with her could hear. Then, she moved quietly towards the refresher.

"Ordo, get in there and help clear the building." Tong waited for his executive officer to move and then shadows of the building near the door. Tong hoped the Rebels would be smart enough to keep their mouth shut, because if they were not, it would be tough getting clear.

Silently obeying Tong's order, Zev stepped into the barracks, his E-11 quickly coming up to aim forward. His eyes trained on Miranda, he quietly spoke "I got you covered."

Leilia grit her teeth, listening to the muffled voices outside in the corridor. Maybe whoever it was would just pass on by. She clenched her fingers tightly around her whip's handle, and restlessly shook out some imagined tension in her useless left hand. This was not how she planned on spending the night.

One hand grasped the door handle to the refresher. Pulling the door open quickly, Miranda's rifle came level on the stall's occupant.

Two things became readily apparent to Leilia. One: there was not enough room in the 'fresher to maneuver her whip properly, and two: the lady leveling a rifle muzzle on her was no Imp. Naturally, she said the first thing to come to mind, her gray-violet eyes blinking owlishly in confusion. "'re not a guard."

Zev stepped to Miranda's right side, to get a clear view into the stall. He trained his E-11 on the stranger, barking out to her. "Get your hands in the air, now."

On the opposite side of the center barracks an Imperial Stormtrooper passed by the South entrance holding two Huurton's on a chain. They growled loudly whenever they passed by. As far as he was concerned everything was perfectly normal.

Tong was not happy to hear that growling. Another thing left out by the Intel officer. He whispered into his comm again, to the point that he could barely hear his own voice. "We need to do this quickly. Get those people out of the barracks. We can disarm and search them later."

With a nod, Miranda turned and moved deeper into the barracks. "Alright people, it's time to get off this snow ball. If you have any qualms, you're more than welcome to stay behind." She then proceeded to open the other cells.

Laying on one of the cots in the prison cell was a grizzled looking Shistavanen Wolfman. Lieutenant Sarn Kielt started to stir, being woken by sounds of some of the more restless prisons in the cell with him. He had been wearing the same tattered red pilot jump suit for months now. His stench had now mixed with the stench of all the other prisoners. Sarn looked around the cell as he rubbed his dark furred snout, trying to rub of the nightmares of his capture. Unfortunately the nightmare had not stopped since he had arrived. He was still waiting to wake up.

Leilia lifted her right hand in the air, while her left, crudely wrapped from her fingertips to some unknown point beneath her sleeve in what might have once been white bandages, only managed to raise to half-mast. " planning on shooting me now, or what? Don't suppose I could get out of the 'fresher first?"

Zev motioned for Leilia to step out and towards the entrance of the barracks with his E-11 before returning the barrel's aim to her center mass. "Come on, you heard the lady ... get moving."

"No problems with that," Leilia replied casually, allowing her left arm to drop as she moved in the suggested direction.

One by one tired, beleaguered Rebel veterans began meandering out of their cells. They were weak, malnourished, and tired. They had slaved all day in the mines, but still had the courage and determination that led them to become Rebels.

It took a minute for his eyes to clear, but when they did Sarn shot up. The cell had been opened. "...By the force." He snapped to look at the other men in the cell, "Quickly, the doors are open! Move now! Go! Go! Go!" The exhaustion of a full day of work melted off. Sarn was the first out of his cell and he headed straight for the barracks door. He pondered for a quick second on whether or not it was trap. At this point though, he didn't care. He was either going to be free, or he was going to be dead.

Tong had never liked rescue missions for prisoners of war with a force this small. It took too long, and everyone was at risk. As the Rebels made their way out, he pointed them towards the shed that the commandos had slipped in through.

"Come on people. Move like you've got a purpose." Miranda ordered.

Tong took up the comm unit a third time. "Ordo, help me cover out here, Nielson, cover our rear." He kept his eyes out for the patrols, and hoped they could clear the barracks fast so that they were just gone, and would not have a running fight to get clear.

Upon hearing Tong's comm message, Zev stepped down the barracks towards the exit and Tong's location.

Kincaid sat idly, his blaster rifle still leveled at the door of the supply shed, waiting nervously for his team to return with a large group of Rebels and Rebel sympathizers. He began to silently pray that they would walk through before any Imperials wised up.

The Huurton's smelled the flesh in the cold night air. They tugged on the Stormtrooper who was barely paying attention to the situation. In a flash they broke free of their grip and began running towards the line of prisoners moving slowly out of the compound. One of the Huurton's leapt into the air and tackled a Rodian prisoner to the ground and began gnawing on the hapless victim's face. The second Huurton grabbed hard onto a Zabrak's ankle and began to gnaw on the hardened flesh. The snowy ground began to run red with bleed as they made their presence felt.

Tong could only grimace and shake his head. The guards would be coming for their animals soon as it stood. He was out of time. His voice came back into the com for a final time in a whisper. "We're going loud. I repeat...we're going loud. Argo, get warmed up." With that, he brought the EE-3 up, and fired on the first Huurton, in a quick three shot burst from the carbine.

The first Huurton was fired as the three bolts impacted its side. It roared in pain as it fell off the Rodian, who unfortunately had bled to death.

Zev heard the blaster shot just as he exited the barracks, and instinctively he took aim at the 2nd Huurton with E-11, squeezing off a pair of shots.

The blaster fire impacted the second Huurton whose death mimicked that of the first. The poor Zabrak fell to the ground and grabbed his bleeding ankle, no longer unable to walk.

Leilia sighed out loud, approaching the wounded Zabrak with an air of irritation, grabbing onto one of his arms without even stopping for an introduction. "Let's go, I'm getting tired of this ice-block."

At the sound of blaster fire, Miranda wove her way through the prisoners of war to get outside. Things were going downhill quickly.

Leilia wasted no time with formalities as she dragged the Rebel along, hoping to avoid an outright confrontation as the wounded man was now occupying her only serviceable hand.

Suddenly a loud alarm began sounding throughout the compound. Lights went on from each of the three watchtowers and began surveying the terrain for the source of the noises.

"Ordo, get a TD into the last barracks. Make sure we don't have to deal with more than necessary." Tong ordered.

When he heard Tong's order, not bothering to see if he hit his target, Zev took off in a sprint to the third barracks, his left hand coming down to the belt around his heavy winter coat, removing a thermal detonator. In an instant, he thumbed the activator, setting it to impact.

As Zev was running towards the third barracks he passed directly passed a confused Imperial Stormtrooper who lost control of the Huurtons. Upon seeing the movement he instinctively raised his E-11 blaster rifle and fired off a quick series of random blasters at the Rebel trooper.

Zev grimaced as the trooper's blaster bolt seared his right shoulder as he reached the barracks. Reflexively, Zev dropped his E-11. In a moment, he collected himself, remembering the active detonator in his hand. Putting the pain out of his mind for a few brief seconds, his right hand flung the barracks door open as his left hand tossed the thermal detonator into the unsuspecting barracks. Almost immediately after releasing the detonator, Zev stumbled a few steps forward, bending down to recover his E-11.

The thermal detonator exploded inside the barracks, creating horrific damage and incinerating the troopers who had just begun to wake from their slumber as the alarm sounded.

Kincaid shut his eyes hard for a moment, hearing the worst thing he could have imagined. First blaster shots rang out, then alarms, then an explosion. He stood to his feet and got beside the door, trying to pry it open a crack to get a view of what was going on.

Sarn had only been outside for a few second when the blaster fire finally started. Zev, a Rebel commando, had just run by only to be clipped by a Stormtrooper. Sarn charged Strom trooper, using the other prison for cover, and tackled him to the ground. As he rolled off, he already had the trooper BlasTech E-11 in hand. He quickly fired to shot point blank into the man's helmet.

The Imperial Stormtrooper was dead before he knew what hit him. Unfortunately, that was the least of his problems as the Northwest tower began opening up E-web blaster fire in rapid succession down towards Zev and Sarn who had wandered into the line of fire of the northwest section of the compound.

Just as Zev's fingers grasped his E-11 from the floor, E-web fire landed just a few feet beside him, sending cold patches of snow into air. Spotting Sarn take cover behind the wall, Zev did not hesitate in following him.

Miranda dropped into a crouch, raising her rifle to sight in the nearest of the eastern guard towers. "Move people!"

"This is some rescue!" Leilia shouted to no one in particular, growling with effort to drag along the rather heavy Zabrak. "Blast...didn't you guys have a plan for getting out once you got in?" Leilia cast her gaze about almost frantically, looking for the safest course through total chaos.

The Rebel prisoners reached the supply shed and were eager to get out of the line of the fire. In a moment they were through the first door and had begun descending down into the mineshaft under the cover of Kincaid.

"Kincaid, get them moving up the shaft. Get them out of here." Tong was barking into his comm unit, and when he was done, he did not bother to look at his detractor. His weapon stayed up, covering them from at least inside.

Kincaid nodded and gestured with his blaster rifle, "C'mon folks, let's move it out". He took the lead and moved as quickly as he could with his equipment, making sure to be careful enough to scan for any surprises on the way back through the mineshaft. He stopped to look back, wondering if they needed help, but realizing his mission, and continuing forward, away from the camp with his line.

Seemingly out of nowhere two additional Huurton's began rushing towards the streamline of prisoners. The first Huurton leaped at a Human female and immediately latched on her arm and dug its fangs deep inside. Her scream was awful       and echoed through the cold night. Another Huurton was more ambition and pounced Miranda, the Rebel trooper, his fangs immediately attempting to get hold of her blaster rifle.

Miranda hit her comm, they needed out of there and they need out now. "Regroup on evac route, now!" Her attention turned to the immediate threat, as the creature's mouth came in, she swung the butt around to smack the side of its head.

The Huurton whimpered as the blaster butt smacked into its head. It shook its head dazed and then bit back down upon the barrel with a snarl and even greater veracity.

Leilia muttered viciously to herself about crazy Rebels and half-baked rescue attempts. She all but tossed the wounded man toward the exit point, hanging back herself and allowing the other weaker prisoners to head toward relative safety first.

Sarn snapped his head to look at Zev, taking quick note of his rank, "Sergeant! We need to take out that E-web ASAP! You guy are running the mission, you tell me what you want me to do!"

Zev placed his back flush with the wall, bringing the E-11 up to his chest. He turned to Sarn and muttered, "I'm not going to be very accurate with my arm like this, so here's the plan...I'm going to put random fire on that take aim, and make it count."

The wolfman snapped around his E-11 at the ready just at the edge of the wall, his face as serious as death, "Ready...!"

Tong turned instantly, and fired another three bolts into the Huurton that had one of his troopers pressed into the ground. "Ordo, throw smoke, and fall back. We're almost done here."

The Huurton on top of Miranda was blasted and fell to its death atop her, uttering one last growl of defiance.

Kicking the dead beast off of her, Miranda stood and scanned the area for other immediate threats. Why did they have to have guard dogs? Well, if she wanted easy, she would have stayed a civilian.

Zev looked to Sarn after receiving the Captain's orders. His left hand moved to his belt once more, unhooking a smoke grenade. "You heard Tong. On my count, get moving. One...two...three!" In an instant, Zev tossed the smoke grenade out into the open area where the retreat would take place. "Go, go, go!"

Sarn sprinted as fast as he could towards the shed.

Wincing as he returned his left hand to the right shoulder wound, Zev began sprinting towards the exit of the base, disappearing into the now-billowing smoke filled area.

The Imperial Stormtrooper who released the last two Huurtons emerged on scene. Upon gauging the situation he leveled his E-11 at Kincaid, the Rebel facilitating the prison break, and unleashed a volley of fire at the door.

Kincaid fell backwards as he saw the trooper open fire. His job was only to secure the safety of the prisoners, but from his prone position on the ground he randomly fired between his the newly released prisoners at the source of the shooting, his eyes closing almost out of fear. After the reactive firing of about half a dozen shots, he began to crawl backwards, shouting at the prisoners to run while trying to get himself out of harm's way.

Tong spun, acquiring the new target, and firing another triple burst. This was combat, a lovely fluid environment where things changed instantly. He just hoped that the supply officer would make it after being shot at.

Imperial Stormtrooper dropped to the ground with a dull thud, impacting the snow. The only threat left was a remaining Huurton who by now had devoured most of the poor woman's arm.

As Sarn ran, he came up from behind the last Huurton, and fired two quick bursts into the center of the beast's back.

The Huurton to fell to the ground and released its grasp on the woman's arm. Blood began flowing profusely from the wound now that the pressure was released and she fell to the ground in a state of shock.

Tong saw the shots, and nodded slightly, at least that much was handled. "Get her up and out of here. Move!" Tong fell back so that he could cover the door to the shed more effectively, while the last of the people ran past.

"Wolfman, help me with this one." Miranda pulled a medpac from her backpack and worked as quickly as she could to staunch the flow of blood.

Sarn quickly had the girl back up onto he feet and helped her too the shed. Her blood poured all over him, soaking his fur. "Lieutenant Sarn Keilt, Alliance Starfighter Commander" he answered. He never had been to found of the name Wolfman. He continued to carry the women through the mines as the medic tended to her wounds. The women's howls were fierce and shrill in his keen ears.

"We'll deal with intros back on the Argo." Miranda kept moving along with the other evacuees.

The remaining Rebels had by now entered the shed and descended into the mines. Most of them had made it, but a couple would need seriously medical attention in the hours to come.

Leilia was quick to follow the group of prisoners, quite eager to leave this icy pit behind. As she ran along, she suddenly stopped, a dawning look of horror coming across her features. "Damn it all! That guard never gave me my money!" She muttered several colorful curses and actually pondered going back and finding the idiot that had dared welsh on a bet with her. Instead, she gave one last, sound curse, and moved along, keeping with the hodge-podge group.

As the last man was to safety, Tong backed into the shed, and finally into the mines. But they were not safe yet, and he was not going to relax until they were. "Argo, we have over a dozen people in need of various degrees of medical attention, including my XO. So get the bacta tanks ready, along with the engines warm, we're coming home." He kept his face towards the camp the entire way, and as they got everyone back onto the plateau, he shoved the mine car down to block any pursuit.

Lieutenant Thrum stabbed at the comm on his station and responded with a breath of obvious relief at hearing the words sent in his direction. "This is the Argo, roger that, engines are standing by." And just as he had suggested, he rapidly flew through the short prep checklist as he brought the engines out of standby.

Commander Atio depressed the intercom on his command console, "Medical team prepare for wounded."

Aami prepared for the wounded as quickly as she could, setting up her medical supplies and such. "Got to hurry."

Zev quickly made his way back towards the entrance of the mine towards the Argo, his E-11 still in somewhat limp right hand.

Kincaid hurried the Rebels along, "Twenty meters up the hill!" as he led them towards the ship, huffing and puffing in the cold frigid air.

Miranda moved along the line helping those in need.

The group of Rebels began to emerge from the mineshaft back into the cold landscape of Berea. The mountain air being the first breath of freedom they had in months.

Sarn still carried the woman as he finally cleared the mines. She had finally fallen unconscious from the pain and was now over his shoulder. He huffed it up the hill until he finally made the crest and spotted the Corellian Corvette. He nearly broke into tears at the site of it, but his pride stopped him.

An eerie shriek was heard in the air. Different from anything the group had previously encountered. Suddenly green bolts of energy began impacting the terrain near the group of Rebels. Two of them went down almost instantly.

With her first breath of fresh air in months, Leilia broke into a coughing fit, dropping to one knee as she struggled to relearn how to breathe. In the end, her weakness saved her life, as a green blast from a TIE's cannon flash-boiled the planter's surface barely a meter in front of her, directly in her path. "By all the..."

"TIE fighter!" an anonymous Rebel yelled as the prisoners began running towards the ramp of the Corvette. Former camaraderies were abandoned as they pushed each other to get to the front of the line.

Miranda ran a few meters from the line of refugees. Dropping into a crouch she brought her rifle to her arm and waited for the fighter to come back in range. It was painfully obvious that she did not have a snowballs' chance in hell, but maybe she could provide a useful distraction.

"The final checkout complete, all engines responding within expected parameters...wait... " Wes' head snapped around to Commander Atio. "Sir! TIE's! No idea where they came from! Tracking..."

"Blast," Commander Atio cursed, "Order the topside battery to open fire."

The topside turbolaser of the Corvette Argo began blasting randomly into the cloud cover that obscured most of the sky. Several of the clouds flashed when the blaster fire impacted, but there was no sign of any impact.

The green blasts were not at all welcome. They rained on his parade more than he was willing to allow. Tong was more than willing to grab to two downed men and drag them the rest of the way, which is exactly what he did. "Get your sorry asses aboard, now!"

Sarn tried to keep his calm as he sprinted towards the ships ramp. He slowed only to help up fallen comrades as he passed. The tie fighters brought back dark memories for him.

Tortured lungs forgotten, Leilia sprang to her feet, dashing furiously toward the ship's loading ramp. Out of habit, she latched onto the first straggling Rebel she came across, half-dragging them toward the ship. "Don't tell me you want to stay here? Let's go!" She shoved the nameless Rebel in the direction of the ship, looking for more stragglers. Not that she particularly cared one way or the other, but it'd be a shame for these guys to go to such trouble just to lose their buddies.

Just as the pain in his arm began to slightly subside as the endorphins kicked in, Zev hurried up the ramp, not interested in shooting at TIEs with small arms fire.

"Nielson, get over here and do something useful, grab one of these wounded and get them aboard the Argo. Move!" He was getting a touch cranky, which was rare for Tong.

The blaster fire emerged from the cloud cover again, but this time the target was different. The blaster fire impacted the Argo's topside, causing considerable damage as the ship's shields were down.

Lieutenant Thrum's Teeth gritted as the Argo shook, and instantly he scanned the readout in front of him for the request he already knew was coming. "Sir, sensors are offline, we're blind here, and I'd like to lift real soon..."

"Raise the ramp in two minutes, Lieutenant," Commander Atio reluctantly ordered.

"Two minutes and counting...mark." Lieutenant Thrum stabbed at the comm and connected directly to Captain Tong. "Captain, we're lifting in two minutes with or without, I suggest you all come home real fast."

Seekith had been on guard duty that night. He had covered the returning prisoners until he spotted the TIEs. He quickly ran back inside and switched out his armaments. In a jiffy, he was back outside with a HH-15 rocket launcher on his shoulder. More prisoners filled past as he waited for the second pass. He finally spotted the tie. He took aim at the TIE and waited for a confirmed lock tone from the weapon. As the high pitch tone pinged in his ear, he let loose the missile.

Miranda ducked, hearing the missile launch. Well, that much was covered. She quickly returned to helping the line of refugees.

In a massive explosion that illuminated the night's sky ... even with the cloud cover ... the TIE/ln exploded in a fury.

Seekith turned to look at Captain Tong with a huge smile on his face. He yelled out in triumph, "I made it go boom sir! Were almost clear! Let's lock it in!"

Tong was bringing up the rear, and he dumped his two wounded onto the ramp, before he turned to make sure that Neislon had made it aboard. "Nielson, you have exactly thirty seconds to get aboard, or you will be left behind. Move!"

Seekith jogged up the ramp after the last of the prisoners. He moved to the barracks to set down his weapon and prepared for take off.

Leila's eyes widened as she saw the ship's ramp lift off the ground. Oh, she was not staying here any longer! She made a last mad dash, and dove headfirst toward the ramp, just managing to clear the edge and roll across the deck.

Miranda brought up the rear, hitting the button to close the hatch behind her.

They were all aboard now. Tong the last one to get his boots out of the snow as the ramp hissed behind him. He took a deep breath, and lit a cigarra in the insuring silence.

"Get us out of here," Commander Atio barked at Lieutenant Thrum.

"Ten seconds and counting..." an anxious little shudder ran down Wes' back as he watched the display carefully and then he saw it, the hatch was cycling closed."Thank the bloody Force. Let's get the hell out of here." He punched the intercom with a smirk "Emergency dust-off in five...brace, brace, brace." He mentally counted down five seconds and throttled the engines of the ship, urging the hulking piece of starship into the air once more, praying for no more interference from their little TIE visitors earlier.

"You heard the man. Hold onto to something." He took hold of the bulkhead, letting his EE-3 hang from its sling. "Ordo, sitrep."

Leilia lay flat on her back on the ship's deck, blinking half-stunned eyes upward at nothing in particular. She automatically found something solid to latch onto, as she was not in a proper seat.

Aami had finished setting her equipment and things and was ready for patients.

Sarn made it into the infirmary and spotted a medic, Aami. He brought the woman over to the table and laid her down. The woman's gnawed stub was still hemorrhaging blood, but not as bad due to Miranda's help. "Her arm was chewed off. She is all yours."

"By what?" Aami scrambled to the table and began to apply some antiseptic to stop the bleeding.

Sarn had already left the infirmary and had found the other prisoners. Hearing the pilot's command, he grabbed hold of the doorframe and held on.

Aami injected the woman with something to ease the pain and applied a disinfectant then began to wrap her arm quickly. She then injected her with antibiotics.

The ship was lifting clean enough and he pulled it around for an escape vector the Lieutenant Thrum had played in his mind over and over again, angling the thrust of the Corvette forward once more and urging acceleration to the Argo, as the full force of the engines took hold and the ship arched more or less gracefully into the cold, dark sky of the imperial world that he was gladly leaving behind.

Two TIE Fighters approached the Corvette Argo as she ascended towards space. Unfortunately, with sensors disabled there was no warning and the impact of the blaster fire rocked the already rattled ship.

Get those shields up!" Commander Atio yelled at his bridge officer.

Wes gritted his teeth and wove the starship off to the starboard and away from the incoming fire, incase there was more shots inbound on the same vector...he focused his attentions now, pulling up visuals on different hull pickups, watching for what he could as he guided the ship higher and higher into orbit. He snapped out of his momentary diversion of dodging the incoming fire and reached over, thumbing the shield controls online with a stroke of his wrist "Shields charging, full capacity in forty-five seconds.

"Lay in the coordinates back to the Vergesso Asteroids," Commander Atio ordered as he rocked in his seat as the TIE's laser bolts continued to impact the shields.

"Beginning my computations for the jump to lightspeed, entering that data now, sir. We'll be ready to jump in three minutes." Wes' hands flew as he divided his attentions between watching the hull pickups for more incoming ships and the fire they might offer and entering the figures for their jump to hyperspace.

The Corellian Corvette Argo suddenly jolted forward into hyperspace. Damaged, but not destroyed, the vessel had completed its mission and survived to fight another day leaving the two TIE/ln fighters to helplessly watch the ship limp home.

Commander Derek Atio leaned back in his chair and sighed. "It's going to take a while to get those sensors back online," he explained to the Lieutenant, "I don't like the idea of us heading back into an asteroid field with no sensors."

Lieutenant Wes Revon Thrum let out, for the first time, a true sigh of relief as it finally came to him that it was all over...he turned to look directly at Commander Atio "Yes, sir. Might I suggest a detour to the outer edges of the Glythe Sector in the Mid Rim? We could be there within thirteen hours and Imperial presence is not overly strong in the sector as it holds no huge military would be good as a repair stop if noting else."

"We have orders to stay in the Outer Rim, Lieutenant," Commander Atio explained, "We also need to get these prisoners back to the fleet where they can receive medical attention." He sighed before continuing, "We'll just have to risk it."

"Aye, of course, Sir. I'll spend some time reworking the hull pickups into a three hundred and sixty degree visual so I can at least steer clear of the larger asteroids when we drop out of hyperspace...the shields shouldn't have too much of an issue deflecting the smaller ones anyway if we back them up with some reserve energy." Wes turned once more to glance slowly over the readouts in front of him and start right in on his self-assigned task.

"I'm going down below to get a report," Commander Atio informed the Lieutenant, "Your relief should be here soon." The Commander rose from his chair and exited the bridge. He entered the turbolift and pressed the button to take him down to the lower level where the medical bay was.

"Aye, sir. I'll hold things down until then." Wes stated.

Now that they were safe in hyperspace, Sarn moved down the hall to head back towards the ramp. He knew there were still wounded and he needed to help. The BlasTech E-11 was still trapped across his chest.

Leilia winced as she pulled herself up to a sitting position, cradling her left arm close to her chest. The injury was five-months-old, acquired during the incident that ended her in prison, but it still caused her discomfort from time-to-time. "Blast it all..."

As Sarn made it to the ramp, he spotted Leilia Sangre, propped against the bulkhead. "Hey Lei! You made it!"

Leilia glanced up toward he Sarn's voice, managing a semi-strained smile for the friend she had made on the inside. "Yeah well, I'm kind of hard to get rid of, you know...glad to see you've managed to make it out in one piece."

Sarn kneeled beside Lei while looking her over for injuries, "To bad we can't same for you? Are these new injuries?"

Leilia shook her head curtly, wincing as she attempted to move her left arm, making a face at the grimy, sodden bandages completely wrapped around her hand and disappearing beneath the long sleeve of her grungy prison uniform. "No, not new. Just gives me a bit of trouble now and arm's probably acting up right now because it's finally starting to thaw out." She laughed faintly, making light of the situation.

Sarn managed a polite yet rare smile before offering to help her stand. "I don't know how well it will thaw in the cold of space, but we can at least get a medic to look at. Let's go take a walk. You can tell me how it originally happened on the way."

"Heh. Not much to tell, really," Leilia demurred, but allowed the wolfish alien to help to her feet and walk her toward the medbay. "I was stupid and I suffered for it."

Tong took a moment to light his cigarra before heading off to find his executive officer. It was not a secret that he did not care about the cause of the Rebels, but he did care about the men who served under him. He figured that his executive officer would be in medbay, so without bothering to disarm, he went to find the Sergeant.

Zev sat in the medbay in his uniform pants, the shirt long since removed so he could address the wound in his right shoulder. He shook his head slowly in disbelief, muttering to himself. "Two missions in a row...I must be getting old."

Aami walked to Zev. "So what happened to you today?" She looked at his shoulder. "Go lay down on the table." she pointed to an empty table.

Tong stood at the door and watched for a moment, before moving to stand by his executive officer. "You need to get back on your feet quick, because we still have a lot of uninjured prisoners that need secured." And that seemed to be as caring as he got.

Derek emerged from the turbolift on the deck with the medbay. He walked down the narrow white corridors and popped his head into the room. "We lose anyone?" he asked apprehensively.

Aami looked to Derek. "Yes we lost three and two are severely injured." She waited for Zev to get on the table.

Derek mulled the numbers over in his head. They were bad, but not awful. He nodded at Aami silently and then looked over the wounded.

Zev got to his feet and walked to the table as Aami instructed, all the while looking to Tong and nodding. "I won't let something this trivial keep me sidelined long, Captain."

"Good, because I don't want to have to search this tub for some stowaway with an explosive coat." Tong nodded in turn and moved off, still smoking and armed, to herd the non-injured prisoners into the brig. No sense in letting them run about because he was short handed.

Aami tended to his shoulder, giving him something for pain and wrapping the wound. "You're good to go. It wasn't too bad so be grateful."

Zev looked to Aami and shot her a small smile. "That's the second time in as many missions. This is starting to become a bad habit, but again, thank you."

Tong made his rounds, his EE-3 settling any question as to whether or not they would go to the brig. Granted, none were happy about it, but Tong just did not care and locked those that were not in the medbay into the brig.

Seekith stepped out from the barracks just in time to see Captain Tong moving by with the prisoners. With a quizzical look on his face he asked, "Hey Captain. Are we taken them to the brig?

"Yeah, Seekith ...until they are searched and screened. Good security, incase the Imperials got wind of the raid." Tong had locked everyone of the prisoners into the brig, and gave Seekith a nod. "Go check the medbay, find out if any other are ready to be locked down after being patched up."

Seekith nodded, "Yes, sir" He turned to head towards medbay. As he passed the armory he grabbed a spare A280.

When his relief reported to take his place on the bridge, he was just putting the finishing touches on setting up the hull pickups from their default positions to provide to him a virtual windows view around the ship, should he ever have to fly manually and sensor blind again. Wes stood and moved to trail in his commander's footsteps, moving to the tubrolift after straightening his uniform top, stepping in and punching for the medical bay, he was no doctor, of course, but at least he could offer his novice assistance in simple matters.

Leilia frowned slightly as they walked, eyes taking on a bit of a distant light. "Well...I wasn't really the one that suffered at all..."

Sarn spoke with a complete deadpan look on his face so that Lei could not tell if he was joking or not, "Suffering for our stupidity was why we were all there... wasn't it?

Leilia blinked once, dispelling the rather morose expression from her face, and chuckled briefly as Sarn's words. "You've got a point there."

Sarn helped Lei into the medbay and over to one of the beds. He signaled to Aami that they would need help.

Aami made her way to Sarn quickly. "What is the problem?"

The Shistavanen nodded to Lei, "She had had a long standing injury that never received proper attention. Can you help her?"

Leilia rolled her eyes briefly, glancing toward her furry friend. "Sarn here is a mother hen, not a wolf. Seems to think I need looking after, but I'm f..." the fates were against her as a particularly bad twinge in her left arm made her wince. "...Fine."

The turbolift doors hissed open quietly as Wes stepped free of their confines, moving into the medical bay slowly Wes would take the pair of injured being tended to and he would half nod as he glanced over to Aami, the obvious medical officer in charge. "Anything an idle hand can help out with..?"

"'re all patched up but ill get some stronger painkiller for you." Aami walked to a table and picked up an empty syringe then she picked up a small bottle and filled the needle. She walked back and smiled. "This should do it. I'll get a bacta tank ready for you."

" bacta. Just the painkillers will be fine." Leilia's jaw was clenched tightly, her tone brooking no argument on the matter.

"Alright but I really recommend the bacta." Aami walked over to another table.

Sarn had spotted Commander Atio in his uniform and approached. He snapped to attention to the Commander's left side and waited to be addressed.

Commander Atio nodded calmly at Sarn. "I bet you're glad to be out," he said cheerfully, "What unit were you in?"

"Sir," Sarn answered, "Lieutenant Sarn Keilt, Starfighter Command. Seeker Squadron, sir."

Hrm, So busy at her work, that Aami hadn't even heard Wes' offer to aid and took it that she had it under control. He instead turned and moved over towards Derek Atio and the Shistavanen he was speaking to, now was a good a time as any to learn about the people he'd be serving with and why not start at the top of the ladder? Wes made sure not to become intrusive...he simply stayed off slightly to the side...though habit forced him to fall into parade rest in such proximity with his commanding officer.

"What about you," Derek asked Leilia over Sarn's shoulder, "What unit were you in when you were captured?"

Leilia was about to retort to the medic's recommendation when she was addressed by the unfamiliar uniformed man. She glanced toward him briefly, before averting her gaze toward the floor. "Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not part of any unit."

"Not part of any unit?" Derek asked as he scrunched his nose at Lei, "What were you doing in an Imperial labor camp then?"

Leilia shrugged her shoulders with an air of nonchalance, leaning back and eyeing the medical supplies near her bedside, among which was a roll of fresh bandaging the well-meaning medic had neglected to use. "Apparently, the Imps don't like it when their buddies end up dead."

Seeing that the commander was moving on, Sarn turned to Wes. "So how goes the Rebellion? I have been gone for three months. Have we made any head way?"

Wes remained silent as he observed the interaction between his commanding officer and the ex-Imperial captives...seemed he did not need to be there long before he had formed a mental opinion of the man he was serving under because for some reason he seemed to suddenly be satisfied...this was when Sarn spoke up in Wes' direction and he focused those azure hues to the Shistavanen that addressed him, keeping to his position of parade rest out of habit even as he spoke. "Personally I'd like to think that it's going well, but its a constant uphill battle, lack of supplies, shortage of fully trained individuals...heck, before my crash course on Starship piloting the largest thing I've ever piloted was a Sentinel-class landing craft..."

"Well hopefully they'll have me back in the saddle quick. Get you guys at least one more full training individual. That way I can give you some extra cover next time you guys encounter some TIEs." Sarn stated.

Seekith entered the room and survey the injured. Spotting Sarn as the only uninjured former prisoner, he approached. As he spotted Commander Atio, he stood with his A280 in hand, waiting for a moment to speak. Seekith took that moment to speak, "Commander. Captain Tong has order that I take all non-wounded prisoners to the brig and search them."

"That would have been greatly appreciated earlier...I've never had..." He stopped as Seekith broke into the conversation and listened on in passive silence for a moment, before he would turn his eyes to Sarn once more and offer at least a sideliners bit of aid. "If we're in need to retain them until they're searched and scanned, then why not just go ahead and search and scan would certainly be a faster and more efficient use of our time and manpower..."

Sarn looked at the Cathar with a quizzical look, "I was under the impression that we had just been liberated. Or is this just a transfer of prisons?"

"Sorry Lieutenant," Seekith said with an apologetic look on his face, "but standard procedure to make sure that you guy aren't storing any surprises."

It made since to him. But still Seekith had received a direct order from Captain Tong. He glanced to Commander Atio and waited for his opinion.

At least Wes' comment had gone under consideration. That was a good note stored away in the back of his mind. Now, Wes Thrum may only be a Lieutenant, but that did not mean he was not gunning for rapid promotion. He would take any chance he got to prove he could think on his feet and react to a changing situation.

"Run them through personnel records," Commander Atio suggested, "If they're who they say they are ... get them a bunk." His attention then focused on Leilia, "Not sure what to do about this one though."

Sighing softly, Leilia sat up straight, undoing and removing her rather ragged prison jacket, leaving her in a dingy sleeveless undershirt, and her trousers and boots. Her right arm displayed a rather intricately detailed tattoo of a serpent, twining about the entire length of the limb. Her left arm was wrapped in grimy, stained rags that passed for bandages, from mid-bicep all the way to her fingertips, which she immediately began to peel away. The injury Leilia exposed was a burn, yet went so much beyond mere burning to be classified as such. The skin looked as if it had begun to melt from her bones and then cooled while still extended in liquid rivulets down her arm. The skin had partially fused at the bend in her elbow, making it impossible to completely straighten her arm, the same occurring with her thumb, partially joining it to her palm, and her last two fingers. Her hand was frozen in a way as to suggest she's been clinging to something when the injury occurred.

Wes diverted his attention over to Leilia as she worked at her own wound and he would wince empathetically, before his attention would note Derek's words and then shift once more back to Sarn. "Sounds like that's an approval. Let's go take care of the red tape and get this over with...I'd prefer not to see an ally go from one brig to another so fast if I can help it." He gave a mild smirk as he lifted a hand a bit in a welcoming motion to Sarn.

"Yes, sir," Seekith responded. He moved to talk with Sarn as the discussed his information. Seekith ran the scans of whom he was while as Sarn described his previous assignments and such. After confirming that he had been an Alliance member, Seekith started moving around the room to check the personnel records of the injured.

"Let me know when you're finished, Corporal," Commander Atio instructed, "I've got to get down to engineering and work on getting the sensors back online." Commander Atio exited the medpay and proceeded down the corridor towards the turbolift.

Sarn turned his head with a thankful not to Wes. He then extended his hand to him and repeated his usual speech, "Lieutant Sarn Keilt, Starfighter Command. Thank you for your help Lieutenant." He left of the sub part as a courtesy.

Wes allowed a mild grin to slip onto his lips at the unspoken courtesy granted to him by Lieutenant Sarn. "Think nothing of it, sir. Lieutenant Wes Revon Thrum, Pilot of the Corellian Corvette Argo, which I welcome you to. Shall I show you to the quarters you'll be using for the duration of your stay then, sir?" As he was reciting his name, he had make a point to snap his feet together and fire off a sharp salute to the Shistavanen sitting before him, even if he did fall directly back into parade rest afterwards.

Sarn returned the salute with a firm nod. Sarn had never been one to show emotion, but he had learned in the past several years that a lack of emotion could lead to problems as well. "That would be great Lieutenant Thrum. Perhaps on the way you could tell me about the ship and its mission?"

"Of course. I would be happy to, sir. Please, this way, sir." Wes made a sweeping motion of his hand before he would dismiss himself from his parade rest position and moved to show Sarn the way out of the medbay and towards the turbolift to give them more direct access to the section of the Corvette dedicated to crew quarters.

Seekith had been hovering over another of the injured, getting their information. He overheard Sarn's intention to leave the medbay. Without turning around, Seek spoke in a cheerful voice, "Lieutenant. Before you leave, I will be needing that rifle."

Sarn looked down at the E-11 that was still strapped across his chest. He had been hanging there since the escape. He walked over to Seekith and set it down next him. "There you go, Corporal. Thank you for allowing me to borrow that."

Seekith stood up and retrieved the rifle with a smile. He was genuinely a decent guy and meant no ill will to any other member of the Rebel Alliance. "Thank you, sir. It's good to have you guys back with us."

Leilia let her arm breathe for a few minutes, pointedly ignoring the goings-on around her, before snatching up the fresh bandaging besides her and redressing her arm, her expression significantly more grim than when she had first come into the medbay. Fresh bandage secured, painkillers kicking into effect, Leilia gave a brief nod of satisfaction, and swung her legs over the edge of the bed, eager to get up and move on.

Sarn turned to head in the direction Wes was gesturing as he passed Leilia, he rested a hand on her non-injured arm. "You ready to get moving kid?"

Oh! Of course, Lieutenant Sarn's friend...he stopped and turned around, standing by at the medbay's exit for the both of them, hands folding in behind his back and clasping gently together in pertinence.

Leilia rolled her eyes at the nickname, more than ready to get out of the medbay and find a place to clean up. "Don't call me kid, wolfie. Let's get out of here."

Sarn nodded before moving out of the infirmary. He spoke as he walked, "So Lieutenant Thrum? How long have you been with the Rebellion?"

"Roughly four years Sir. I joined up after being rescued by a Rebel patrol shortly after the destruction of the transport I worked on. This is my first real assignment." Half-glance would be given towards Leilia as they made their way towards the turbolift. "I'll make arrangements to secure an analgesic cream for that arm of yours, Miss. Should ease some of the pain."

Leilia, upon seeing Lieutenant Thrum glance toward her, however briefly, offered a faint smile, raising her hands in a noncommittal gesture. "Pain don't hurt. I'll be fine." She lowered her arms and looked away from the pair of military men, her jaw clenching briefly as if was in pain, and judging from the way her left arm hung calmly at her side, that was not it.

Sarn closed his eyes as he walked, feeling the rumble of the engines. His eyes opened again as they reached the turbo lift. "Ah. I did miss the peacefulness of space."

"Yes. It is certainly better than being stuck on that backwater Imperial ice ball, I am sure." Wes allowed a mild chuckle as he summoned a turbolift and those doors hissed open on request. He stood aside to let his two companions enter before him. Only moving in once both were within the confines of the transport tube. "I'm glad we were able to get you all out of here..."

"As are we all to be free. It will feel great to get back into the cockpit of a fighter." Sarn surmised. "Lieutenant Thrum? Would you mind if I asked where we are headed?"

Leilia let herself be drawn from her inward thoughts by the turn of the conversation, and her rather depressed expression turned to one of downright sulking, arms crossed and bottom lip jutting out slightly for added effect. "It's not fair, blast it all..."

"I was going to show you both to a set of crew quarters, thought you might like the opportunity to relax and recover from your ordeal. Unless of course, sir, you had a different destination in mind...err..." Wes shifted his attention to Leilia as she spoke, even if he almost missed it due to the corresponding hiss of the turbolift doors cycling shut. "I'm sorry, but...what's not fair, miss..? Miss...I'm sorry...I never bothered to ask for your name..." bit of an apologetic smile lit his features. It was not like him to forget stuff like that.

Leilia continued to scowl. "Leilia," she responded automatically. "And it's not fair because I'm out fifty credits!"

At this, Wes blinked in surprise. "Fifty...credits?" He could not help the soft laugh that rose into his voice as he shook his head and tapped one of the designators on the turbolift's control panel, to which it responded by whisking silently through the ship towards their end destination in the crew quarters section of the Argo.

"Feh...stupid guard. Should've known the blasted Imp would welsh out on me..." Leilia explained.

"Who and what did you bet over?" Sarn asked.

Wes muttered ever so softly under his breath, "This ought'a be good..."

Leilia shrugged casually. "There's this tall Imp with blonde hair, seemed to think I was bluffing when I said I could break out of my bet him I could pick the lock in less than five minutes. They confiscated all my tools when I got there or the deal would've been two..." Leilia huffed angrily. "Here, I go to all that trouble...and he wasn't even on duty tonight! Like I said...not fair!"

The turbolift door gave another, final hiss as it slid open to reveal that they were in the lower decks of the Argo, Crew sections. Wes stepped out of the turbolift and started down the corridor towards the section dedicated to passengers. With room for 250 passengers, there were plenty to choose from. He continued leading them down the hall until he reached a point in the hall just short of a T-junction ahead of them and turned to face the two individuals he escorted, motioning to the rooms on either side of him on opposite sides of the corridor. "These should do fine...the junction behind me leads to a rec room and mess, as I'm sure you're more than likely dying to eat something not Imperial rations. Figured it would be best if I put you close by, for the sake of ease."

"Well, with any luck. Hopefully one of those commandos paid him back for you." Sarn stepped out of the turbolift and spoke to Wes as he followed, "Thanks Lieutenant Thrum, This will do real nice."

"Heh, one can only hope," this was muttered beneath her breath as Sarn engaged the Lieutenant in conversation. When the lieutenant pointed out the rooms he had chosen for then, Leilia immediately moved toward the door to the left. "Well boys, it's been fun, but I'm about ready for a real bed." She did not even wait to give or receive a goodnight from either man, promptly disappearing through the door.

Sarn nodded politely to Leilia, "Enjoy your rest!" Sarn turned to Lieutenant Thrum, "And earlier I was asking about where the ship was headed?"

Wes seemed to laugh at his own misread of the earlier question that had been posed to him. "Of course, I can't disclose anything of a precise nature, but suffice it to say, Sir, that we are headed for an asteroid field in the Outer Rim. I'd tell you more, but I'm not privileged to discuss the exact details of our orders. I'm sure every effort will be made to get you and your companions taken care of with as little pain and inconvenience as possible."

Sarn turned and offered a tight salute to Lieutenant Thrum, "A pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant. I look forward to seeing around on the ship. And if you need any help furthering that piloting crash course, don't hesitate to ask."

Wes snapped to attention the moment he saw Sarn move to salute him, though he was careful not to beat him in raising his own hand and held that position for a moment before dropping his salute. "Of course, Sir, I'll keep that in mind, if you need anything at all in the way of aid or anything else that I might be able to assist in, please do not hesitate to send for me. Rest well, sir."

Commander Derek Atio stopped dead in his tracks as he turned the corner leading to the next service corridor. What he saw before him was a dismal sight. An overhead support beam had broken lose from the top bulkhead and severed the power conduit leading to the Argo's sensor array. If they could not repair it quickly, the vessel would soon be flying blind in an asteroid field.

At his shoulder, the feisty twenty-four-year-old brunette regarded the damage in mild amusement, her right hand lifting to scratch idly at the side of her chin. "Well, there's your problem!" she remarked, almost willing to take credit for pointing out the issue despite the glaring any good mechanic. She sniffled and began rummaging through the numerous pockets on her military cargo pants in search of her cigarra pack. "Looks like a job for a Ph.D. to me" she commented in the process.

"Yeah...well...," Derek said with a groan as he proceeded down the corridor towards the fallen support beam. "We'll just have to do," he grunted loudly as he thrust his weight against the beam. It gave out after some effort and collapsed to the deck below with a loud clank. The damaged power conduit was now accessible, split in two with all interior cabling severed.

A wry grin flashed over her face. "Oh look at that. You actually can do something" she said, booted feet stepping over the beam carefully. "And here I thought you just sat around all day and told people what to do." Brandy brown eyes followed the cable to its retreat in search of its location on the grid to cut power to it for repair.

"I was a very capable engineer in my youth," Derek jokingly replied. Although at thirty-one he hardly considered himself old he had experience beyond his years like many beings that grew up in times of war. "Does it look like something we can fix?" Derek asked nervously, "We've got a new pilot and I don't know if I can trust him flying blind through Vergesso."

Tashi had already traced the conduit and moved back down the hall, stopping to look at him. "Tell 'em not to pass a bantha. I have to cut the power to the whole array" she said, disappearing promptly. Minutes later and she was back and on the floor next to the conduit, tool box along side her. She sat down Indian-style, and wasted no time with a wire cutter, stripping the rubber insulation off the individual wires in order to reconnect them. The process was tedious and time consuming, but far less time consuming then running entirely new cable. She worked with surprising speed, re-splicing ends and twisting them together, before holding them in place with electrical tape. One by one, each painstaking line was repaired.

Derek adjusted his hydrospanner inside of an open panel. Suddenly, power to the entire deck was cut. All systems for that level were shut down and not even the emergency lights were functioning. In the dark the sound of hurried ratcheting filled the silenced corridor. In a moment power was restored and the lighting clicked back on. "Do you think anyone noticed?" Derek asked sheepishly as he reattached the plating over the access point he was servicing.

Without looking up from her work, Tashi murmured "I'm sure it made everyone feel at ease. If everything was going right, well...then we worry." A small infinity seemed to pass as she met the task head on of reattaching severed ends. At long last, she slipped a plastic jointed sleeve over the whole patch job and likewise taped it in place. She gave it a final once over before getting to her feet. "It's jury-rigged...just like everything else on this garbage wagon. Here goes..." she muttered with a frown before disappearing back down the corridor to the central grid location and turning the power back on to the sensor array. She reemerged, looking to him expectantly. "Say a few extra prayers..."

Commander Atio walked over to the nearest communications panel and depressed the activator. "Bridge," he said calmly, "Report."

"We're coming up on the Vergesso Asteroids, sir," a voice responded over the comm, "Sensors just came back online ... we also monitored a momentary power loss on the upper level, sir."

"Phew," Derek sighed in relief, "Uh...don't worry about the power loss. That was...nothing." He walked away from the panel towards Tashi and smiled, "You may have just saved all our butts."

Tashi managed a grin but it was mirthless, somewhat level in meaning. She finally treated herself to the cigarra she wanted, lighting it up and leaving it between her lips before stuffing her hands down into her pockets. "Great" she answered. "You can buy me a brew when we touch down."

The Corellian Corvette Argo emerged once again from hyperspace near the Vergesso Asteroids. Safely home, the durable little craft fired its engines and returned to formation with the ragtag assemblage of vessels that comprised the Rebel Alliance Fleet.

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