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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:17) in the Essesia system: Retributor.
Lieutenant Allegra Ames, Liliya Benedt, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Lady Jelena Rodney, Doctor Pilaq Tohan, and Major Arden Zevrin.

Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca made her way through the Executor-class Star Dreadnaught Retributor's corridors carrying a stack of datapads containing the schematics of the vessel, dossiers on the senior officers, the deployment of the additional Fleet, and recommendations for the entirety of Cobalt Scimitar Command. Unfortunately for the Chiss tactical officer, she was not permitted to speak directly to Major Arden Zevrin, the *de facto* commander of the Ringali Shell Oversector, and had to go through the unfortunate business of turning them over to a junior, Human officer. She was going over them in her hand, not paying as much attention to where she was walking, when she uncharacteristically connected her left foot with a mouse droid. She let out a panicked groan, stumbling, and dropping her datapads to the ground. She fell to her knees and looked forward with her red eyes, which were widening exponentially, as her datapads flew forward in front of her. Furious, she took her gloved fist and pounded it onto the ground in an uncontrolled outburst of all the frustration she was experiencing since the unofficial change in command.

Liliya Benedt was on her way to visit the medical bay where she was to gather information regarding Jelena Rodney's condition and hopefully some details covering the strange device implanted next to her heart. The aide was still a bit shaken up by the brief confrontation she had with Major Kiley which put a bit of unnecessary pressure for her to perform this duty accurately and with fervor. She knew just how much her charge was upset by the sudden appearance of Major Zevrin with the realization of just how precarious Jelena's life hung in the balance. Her thought process was cut off as she witnessed Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca stumble and then topple right over a mouse droid, spilling datapads across the floor in a disorganized mess. The droid squealed in a harsh mechanical tone before rushing off beeping grimly in what could only be described as curses.

With concern and surprise, Liliya rushed over to the scene, attempting to assist in best she could. She did not have a personal working relationship with this woman, but she figured this would be a good opportunity to start building that bridge. She had decided just recently, after realizing her real plight and pitfalls upon this vessel, that she needed to start better socially networking between the many members onboard. The aide carefully knelt to the ground, taking care not to damage her brand new white dress, as she began to collect the fallen datapads in earnest. "Lieutenant, here, let me help you." Said sincerely as she finished gathering the materials before handing them over to the other woman. Her beautiful and synthetic eyes holding legitimate concern.

Meham'ohorovi'cloca rose from the ground in the most dignified way possible. As she stood up, she adjusted her trousers, and dusted them off. She reached forward with a gloved hand to take her datapads back from the governor's aide, examining her with contemplative red eyes. "How is the Governor?" she asked, as she sorted the datapads in the most efficient of ways, placing the one with the most pertinent of data on top. She did not know what to make of the young woman, but she did observe that she was wearing white instead of her usual black dress. "I see you have undergone a wardrobe change. Previously, you have worn a color your species associates with mourning, whereas now you are wearing something more ... lively. What has prompted this change?" she asked, sounding somewhat bitter, as she spoke in an exotic, foreign accent that some aboard found difficult to understand at first.

As the other stood, so too did Liliya as she also took care to make sure her attire was pristine. Though the aide was not purposely trying to make it obvious, she was unknowingly making it very clear she took a great amount of care towards that white dress. She had yet to even come close to mastering subtlety. However, the very fact that the Lieutenant noticed her attire change gave her an unexpected amount of joy as it seemed her efforts were starting to be noticed. The Chiss had a very unorthodox manner of bringing the topic to light, and Liliya had never considered that wearing all black could suggest she was in a constant state of mourning. Perhaps that is why she was rarely approached by others ... this weighed heavily upon her, but she brushed it off for contemplation later. Suddenly, that last question directed at her made Liliya rather uncomfortable as she could not possibly give the true reason on why she decided on this abrupt change in style. "Oh, well, you see ..." An embarrassed blush just barely tinted her cheeks, and she wondered if her human programming was faulty or if this was just ... really how humans acted. "Do you like it?" She took a quick gamble to change the subject but then fell into another trap, and instantly regretted her question. A rejection here could potentially be devastating.

Mehema'ohorovi'cloca tilted her head to the right slightly as she examined Liliya intently. "I would prefer you have to change into the old dress for the Lady Jelena's funeral so we may all return to our duties," she said coldly, as only a Chiss could. The blue skinned alien blinked her red eyes once as she looked at the woman, not exhibiting any emotions as she so coldly calculated the scenario she believed would be the best for all of them. "By Imperial law Jelena is a traitor and should be executed. If the Governor would simply do his duty, then Major Zevrin would have no leverage and he could actually perform his duty as Regional Governor," she said, matter-of-factly, as if she was giving a basic weather report. It was then that she noted the chronometer and realized she was risking being late to turn over her tactical data. "Give my regards to his excellency, and..." she paused, pursing her lips, as she struggled with the words she needed for this scenario. "...and the dress looks ... most adequate," she added, with her mouth curling upwards one-degree in her best, forced effort to smile, before navigating around her to move further down the corridor.

Liliya was initially shocked that the Lieutenant would suggest such a terrible thing, as that was Governor Rodney's child and he obviously cherished her very much. But with second calculations, Liliya could appreciate the logic behind the other woman's words, though she would never be able to openingly admit it as it would completely blow her cover, as least she thought. "I ... I see," Liliya stammered, not knowing what else she could possibly say with such cold and direct insights coming from the Chiss. With a favorable compliment to her dress, Liliya perked up immediately, a happy appreciative smile went well with a joyful look gleaming in her eyes. "Thank you!" Despite how odd this conversation had been developing, it had completely turned around in her favor and she could not be more pleased. Her spirits were lifted tremendously and it appeared with just one bit of praise was all that was needed to make all of her efforts worth it. Perhaps this would be the first step to forming a friendship with the Chiss after all, it had been looking a bit bleak there, but now she was confident there could be more meaningful conversation when next they met. It only took a small positive exchange to make it possible. With renewed confidence, she once again made her way down the hallway towards the medical bay, smiling pleasantly and warmly to all she happened to pass.

Jelena Rodney had been spending almost all of her time since being released in sickbay, under the careful watch of Doctor Pilaq Tohan. The teenage noblewoman turned Rebel propaganda tool was staring up at the grim ceiling of the room, unable to relax or find peace. The device that was placed upon her heart did not hurt her physically, but understandably caused her untold mental anguish that prompted Doctor Tohan to administer sedatives to help her sleep. It was an awful feeling knowing that Major Zevrin could blow her up at any moment and for any reason. She was doing everything in her power to *not* look at the monitor next to her bed that was showing a 3D representation of her heart and the device, with Doctor Tohan had been examining for quite some time, with no positive results.

Doctor Pilaq Tohan was staring at the monitors intently, as he had been for the past several hours. His large, bulbus eyes were beginning to hurt under the strain of it, and he knew that he could no longer look at it. He moved away from the terminal, walking towards Jelena, and extending his long digits to affectionately stroke Jelena's hair. He had been with her since birth, and in fact had been the doctor who delivered her, and what he was seeing now caused him endless pain. "You must try and sleep, Jelena. The sedatives do not permit you to enter a deep, REM sleep that is essential to your health," he said, before instructing the droid to give her yet another shot. Perhaps if he had access to ISB files that described the method of insertion and the complete schematics of the device he could figure something out, but given the current state of knowledge there was nothing more he could do than keep her calm.

Soon the two within the medical bay would no longer be alone as Liliya entered in looking way more cheerful than this somber environment required. Thankfully her human program quickly processed that information and shortly afterwards her smile completely faded and a new look of concern fell upon her features. Being sent to gather any and all medical data the good doctor had upon this situation had an added benefit for the replication droid. If ever she could actually report all of the stored knowledge she had acquired, having information on such devices could prove invaluable. As with Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, she had very little, if any personal exchanges with Jelena or Doctor Tohan. This was a good opportunity to once again try to build a favorable outlook and perhaps even befriend them. It took the aide a moment to decide who would be the most proper to address first, did rank come before prestige here, and she ultimately decided to acknowledge the Doctor first considering this was his medical facility.

"Doctor Tohan," she politely nodded to him before respectfully addressing the other, "Lady Rodney." She paused, waiting for their attention before she could continue. "I am sorry I did not send word that I was arriving on official capacity, as it was extremely sudden." Delicate fingers traced a few patterns on her datapad, bringing up a field for data entry. "As you can imagine, everyone is extremely concerned for Lady Rodney. Doctor, do you have a current update on her condition?"

Doctor Tohan turned to Liliya, and politely bowed his large hammerhead in her direction as a sign of respect. Privately, he wished Claudius had come himself, but his old friend was acting quite the coward and rarely came to sickbay without assurances that his daughter was asleep. "One moment, Miss Benedt," he said, as he moved back towards her terminal. The Ithorian made it halfway before he had to stop, shifting all of his weight onto his walking stick to keep from simply collapsing to the ground. The Ithorian was already quite old, but the long hours of working were beginning to take their toll. "Excuse me," he said, as he used the walking stick to force himself forward to get the data that the young Alderaanian diplomat needed. A few keystrokes into the terminal produced a small datadisk, which was quickly offered up to the young woman. "Her condition remains unchanged. I do not have the necessary knowledge or expertise to remove the device," he informed her, speaking from each of his mouths in a distinct stereophonic voice. "Inform the Governor that he might have his engineers review the problem. It is more a problem of technology than medicine," he stated, before turning his head to see how Jelena was responding to the sedative. It would not take a medical expert to determine that the Doctor himself was in need of rest.

Jelena looked over at the young Alderaanian diplomat who her father had sent to check up on her with a look of disdain that was second to only that of what she reserved for Arden Zevrin. It seemed each time her father tried to replace her mother the person got younger. Next, she thought, he might be pursuing one of her childhood friends. "Wearing white? Do you plan to marry my father? Has he rid himself of Htaere during my absence?" she asked, incredulously, as her tongue spewed forth acidic words at the woman. "Will you give him the son that he has long sought?" she asked, as the sedative had similar effects to alcohol on the young noblewoman. She was disgusted by what she perceived as her father's lecherous infidelities, and although she did not state it as such, was one of the main factors that drove her from him. "You are welcome to him. You deserve each other..." she said, before rolling her head over on the pillow, unable to look at the promiscuous pixie who had seduced her father.

Liliya graciously accepted the datadisk and immediately began to key in the information causing the small disk to be drawn into the datapad. Details regarding Lady Rodney's condition began to be displayed upon the view screen in rapid succession. Soon everything had been transferred over and the small disk was ejected and returned to the good Doctor. "Thank you. Hopefully this information can be used to better serve Lady Rodney." This was a really unfortunate situation they all found themselves in, and it was a shame that Tohan was unable to remove the device. But perhaps all hope was not lost and some bit of data here could be the key to freeing everyone from the shackles Major Zevrin placed upon them. Just one look at Jelena and it was quite clear that the woman was under the influence of heavy sedatives. Liliya was more than understanding and was about to leave with just a simple polite nod to excuse herself, but what came next was completely devastating. Miss Benedt soon found herself being addressed in the most cruelest of fashions, and despite the vile content, she was obligated to listen, trapped even.

Her greatest fears were realized as Jelena quite clearly laid out the issues that everyone else had but were either too mercifully polite or not drugged enough to say. The aide was frozen in anxiety, forced to re-live what Major Zevrin had so viciously told her, but the words coming from Jelena were somehow propelled to be even more brutal. Her hands started to tremble with dread but she clutched the datapad so fiercely to calm those jitters that her knuckles began to turn a pale white. How could she possibly leave here saving face ... and in her mind, she began to panic. Liliya could sense she was about to break down, but ... she had to keep it together just long enough to get out of the medical bay. Lady Rodney was apparently a lost cause, but Doctor Tohan was not ... and she could not afford to let him see her crumble completely. Overwhelmed, traumatized even, she slowly turned from them both and silently made her way from the area, unable to even speak a word least she collapsed right then and there.

As soon as the medical bay doors closed behind her, and she had the solace of knowing she was alone in the hallway, Liliya broke into a series of uncontrolled sobs. A trembling hand was brought up to the side of her face in complete misery, and she had tried so hard ... it was apparently for naught. She could not report back to the Governor like this, she needed time. This was all just too much for her to handle ... but, Jelena was right, wasn't she? This was truly how people saw Lord Rodney's aide, and that knowledge was the most damaging of all.

Major Arden Zevrin had been observing the incident in sickbay with much delight as she devoured another box of Bethany's mother's brownies. If the young girl continued to receive such wonderful care packages she would gain so much weight that her uniform would no longer fit. Sensing an opportunity to both grow her resources and cast more evil into the world, she rose from her throne and began a path through the corridors that would lead her to intercepting the lovely Liliya. When she spotted her, crying, it was almost too delicious to resist. She moved towards her quickly, bringing her right index finger up towards Liliya's face, and dabbing it upon her tears. She returned her moist finger to her own face, and placed it between her lips to drink Liliya's salty tears. "Oh. Not enough salt in your diet, hun. I've had better," she said, as she flapped her lips several times to savor the taste. She raised her hand and placed it against Liliya's shoulder, roughly forcing her backwards until she was up against the bulkhead. Arden continued to move forward until her body was directly against Liliya's and they were face-to-face, mere centimeters apart. "Lovely dress, sweetie. Did the Governor pick it out?" she asked, her lips practically touching Liliya's, and each vibration bringing her mouth dangerously close. She moved her face forward that last distance, placing her lips directly against Liliya's in an impassioned kiss. Fortunately for Liliya, it did not last very long, as the kiss was broken by her unexpected, overwhelmed reaction.

Unfortunately Liliya did not have much chance to gather herself from a rather pitiful breakdown. Even as the distressed woman was weeping gently into her hands, she caught sight of Major Zevrin stalking her through the hallway. There could not possibly be a more worst situation for Liliya to have to bear. There was a panicked rush to try to rally from such a devastating previous confrontation with Jelena, but Arden just seemed to be in the perfect place at the perfect time to cause even more duress and hardship upon the Governor's aide. She tried to quickly wipe those tears away but apparently Zevrin also beat her to that and in Liliya's shock and confusion, she witnessed the other woman actually *taste* her tears. This was starting to overwhelm her data processing, as this behavior was so twisted and bizarre that it was causing her body to quiver ever so slightly. "M-Major ... Zevrin, I need to ... report ..." Liliya was unable to finish her sentence as she found herself quickly cornered and physically pushed up against the side of the wall, trapped and rather timidly helpless. Eyes frantically darted around the hallway, and surely enough, there were no others present to intervene, and much to her dismay, they would be unlikely willing to help even so.

"I ... need to ... report ..." She weakly repeated as her thought process was being reduced to a closed loop, as she was bewildered, afraid and endlessly nervous of this unfolding event. She was startled once Zevrin closed that small gap, pressing her body directly up against hers. Fearful, Liliya dropped her datapad and clutched at the wall powerless and paralyzed. Her whole face was flushed and she was growing steadily warm, uncomfortable and dizzy. "Please ... I have to ..." Liliya was unable to fully complete that last sentence, as Arden began to lean in ... and the poor aide could feel her circuits beginning to overheat as Major Zevrin pressed her lips to her own. That was really the last thing she could handle, her whole world began to fade, a creeping blackness covered her vision and she lost consciousness. The limp form of Liliya Benedt slowly slid down the wall then collapsed sideways upon the metal floor plating without a further sound.

Lieutenant Allegra Ames was watching around the corner, having just come from sickbay herself, and was peering over her own datapad as the Major subjected Liliya to a near sexual assault. She held the datapad in front of her lips so that no one could see the insufferable grin that was plastered upon her young lips. There was something very exciting about being assigned to a command ship, with all of the psychotic personality traits shared by those that had risen to leadership positions within the Empire. Seeing that the Grand Moff had fallen out of favor, and that the Inquisitor was off on her own ship with her own misadventures, she saw an opportunity to smear her nose with a shade of someone else's brown. "Oh dear. You seem to have broken her," she said, as she moved towards the Major and the downed Liliya. "Well done," she said, clapping several times in mock applause, as she came to a stop next to Arden, and looked down at the governor's precious pixie princess.

Arden ignored the pesky Lieutenant Ames, whose reputation as a sycophant preceded her. She was more than aware of her connection to the Inquisitor, whose wrath Arden would turn to once she was suitably done with the Rodney family. She dropped to her knees next to the girl, and ran her hand through what little hair she had. "There, there. I'm sorry, but I simply had to see what old man Rodney saw in you," she said, before lowering her face directly to her ear. "...and now I know," she said, before allowing her tongue to slide from her mouth and into Liliya's ear, swirling like a serpent. As she rose back to her feet she picked up Liliya, whose notoriously narrow waist resulted in her weighing no more than her desk ornament. She hoisted the woman over her shoulders, with her head and shoulders hanging down her back. She lifted up her own hand, slapping Liliya's behind, which was atop her shoulder, and next to her face. "C'mon now, let's get moving," she said, with a wicked smile, as she headed down the corridor ... her mission complete.

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