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Cody Andersen, Christopher Levy, and Thomas Rogers.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:4:26) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Imperial Garrison) and Kwai.


Lieutenant Valo Revan, Vice Admiral Claudius Rodney, Major Dagon Tong, and Flight Lieutenant Randi Trainor.


Lieutenant Randi Trainor eased back on the throttle of the Lambda Shuttle Kwai as it descended towards the city of Cormond, Brentaal's capital. As she spotted the Imperial facility in the distance, she cut the throttle almost to a stop and activated the repulsorlift engines. The pilot activated the landing gear, which gently touched down on the platform on the East side of the compound. Her final move was to lower the ramp beneath the cockpit to allow the passengers debark.

Admiral Claudius Rodney, the Imperial commander of the Ringali Shell, descended the ramp into the compound. He was stern-faced, as always. After walking down the ramp he came to a stop before where Major Tong was waiting, and moved several steps to the right to allow the compliment of Imperial troops to debark after him.

''Disembark!'' came the rough voice of the Noncommissioned Officer, Lieutenant Valo Revan. Unlike the rest of the squad he was dressed in uniform. He paused to brush a few specks of dust from his sleeve as the squad of six including himself marched out by twos. Valo bringing up the rear. The Stormtrooper glanced towards the important VIP passenger. He paused to click his heels and give a salute at chest level. You never knew if a rebel sniper was peering down the barrel of a blaster gunning for an officer. ''Admiral Rodney, sir,'' he rumbled and was already struck by the arid and hot climate. He could feel his skin sticking to his uniform already. It would be hellish inside the Stormtrooper armor he was sure.

Dagon Tong looked like a mercenary more than a high ranking officer, in combat coveralls and armor, his face obscured by a pair of sunglasses and a scarf like article that wrapped around the lower half of his face. Both hands rested in front of him, on the top of the blaster rifle that hung from his body by a three point tactical sling. He did not not salute at all, only nodding his head slightly, his left hand falling to his side as he came to attention just slightly, his clenched fist stopping just a few inches from the drop holster on his thigh, and hanging straight for a moment. "Admiral Rodney, given the state of security around here, you will, I trust, forgive the breech in etiquette," he stated.

"Ah, Major," Admiral Rodney said politely, trying to hide his disdain for the attire. "I decided to accompany the first element of soldiers deployed to the surface," he began to explain, "hopefully the locals won't become too alarmed by this development." He paused, motioning towards the Lieutenant next to him, "This is Lieutenant Valo Revan. His squad will be the first deployed to Brentaal. They'll be assigned to assist the Storm Commandos in whatever manner appropriate."

''Sir,'' Valo said giving a nod of his head in his direction. Slowly he quashed the urge to give the Major an ass chewing about his ... attire. If a man was dressed like that in his squad, there would be hell to pay. But rank had its perks he did suppose. ''Certainly the locals will see it for there own ... safety and protection from insurgents,'' he said in that same calm tone. That hawk like gaze spearing the Major where he stood.

"They just lost a hospital to terrorists, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd welcome the troops," Dagon stated as he turned to look at the new man who had disembarked from the craft, his eyes noting the glare, his own flat, dead gaze barely bothering to return the look. "I would recommend moving the meeting indoors, sir. There have been more than one attempt on officers on planet, as you well know," he stated.

"Yes, that seems like the prudent course of action," he informed the Major, "after you."

Dagon nodded a bit, and turned towards the administrative building, which sat closest to the landing pad. The building contained most of the conference rooms on base. The major's boots made little sound against the soil and and duracrete that they fell on as he led them out of the possible line of fire.

Admiral Rodney moved close behind the Major, surveying the facility with a keen eye before entering into the building. He seemed a bit more relaxed once he was indoors. He continued to follow the other officer into one of the conference rooms. It was not as sophisticated as the conference rooms aboard his flagship, but it would make do for the matter at hand.

''Sir, I would recommend that we question the locals ... discover possible hideouts for rebels. And root out sympathizers. Then conduct raids,'' Valo growled as they arrived in one of the conference rooms.

Once inside the building, the major, removed the cowl and sunglasses, his eyes turning on the Lieutenant for a moment. "Question the locals huh .. what, just hope to find one that knows something, in the thousands of people in this city? Not that I especially enjoy finesse, but one of the recent death's  may have given us a more efficient route to a source of information," he stated, as he moved to the edge of the table and leaned to the center, inserting a holodisc into the display module there. Once activated, it spewed forth the file that Lieutenant Targen had created on the informant before his last, and fatal meeting. "If we can get this informant to try and make contact again, I think we'll have the information we need, or at least a place to start where we can find it," he stated.

"Please brief me on what operations you have planned, Major," the Admiral said, as he took his seat at one of the chairs at the large conference table.

Valo was at the least irritated by this upstart Major but chose to keep his mouth closed. He waited for him to continue.

"The major one is a sting on this informant, ISB will make contact, as they were the agency contacted the first time. Upon verification that this is the man, my team, or the Lieutenant's Stormtroopers can affect the arrest without too much trouble. After detention, the suspect will be transported back to ISB offices for interrogation," Dagon stated. The scarred visage turned to look upon the Lieutenant for a moment, as he cited the man's forces. "We have also begun reconnaissance against local nobles and politicians, starting with those suspected to be Rebel sympathizers, and the most ardent Imperial supporters. Brentaal is not teeming with either. The few prospects available will be analyzed, and one selected. Within the next two weeks, a rebel squad will strike and kill one of the Imperial supporters here. With ties that can be traced back to one of the sympathizers. The public will see its leaders falling to terrorists, as did its hospital. Rebel support will dry up like a puddle on Tatoonie at high noon, and if not, there will certainly be less people willing to hide them." The supposed upstart did not smile throughout any of the briefing, only looking those he briefed squarely in the eye. "SAGroup will also begin normal operations within the month," he stated.

"Excellent, Major," the Admiral said. The Imperial operations on the surface seemed to be meeting with greater success than those in space. "Are there any other resources you require," he queried.

Lieutenant Valo Revan to say the least was impressed. A hand scratched at his chin as he shut his trap and let the officers chat.

"We are well stocked with arms here. And with the inclusion of the Lieutenant's forces, I think there will be little need for further assault troops," Dagon stated, but he left out the fact that he had brought his own men in almost a month ago to aid in this, though he figured he would be forced to divulge it at some point. "I do have on request though, sir," he stated.

"Yes, Major," Admiral Rodney inquired, leaning forward in his chair slightly to give the manner additional attention.

"I have a man, Corporal Enzaki. He sustained an injury during an operation, and lost a finger. As a demolitions expert, he needs all ten for maximum dexterity and effectiveness. As the hospital was detonated, such an item is not easily found here. I would like permission to send him back to the Warspite for the prostetic," Dagon stated.

"Very well, Major," the Admiral replied, "have the man brought aboard my shuttle.

"Thank you, sir," Dagon nodded a bit, and waited to see if there was another question in the wings.

"Well, then," the Admiral said, rising from his seated position, "Lieutenant ... I leave you in the Major's able hands. Keep me posted on all of your operations, Major, and please let me know if there is any additional support that can be provided to you."

''Thank you, Admiral sir ... if you wouldn't both mind I'm going to see that my men are billeted properly," Valo stated, and then left.

"Aye, sir. And thank you for not broadcasting my arrival widely, and particularly my identity. It has saved me a great deal of grief," Dagon decided that the fleet officer deserved thanks for that, after the previous night. The Mandao was not above a thanks when it was deserved, though he seldom thought about it.

"My staff would have me take all the press, Major," the Admiral said in jokingly as he exited the conference room.

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