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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:12) in the Brentaal system: Darkened Oblivion and Warspite.
Major Kerrie Kiley, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Flight Lieutenant Randi Trainor.

Major Kerrie Kiley emerged from the turbolift on Inquisitor Thanor's level, still wearing her battered Storm Commando armor, but without the distinctive black helmet. She looked furious, and her face was badly bruised featuring a black eye and several cuts. She was walking with a ton of determination, and when she came up to the Inquisitor's door, she quickly depressed the signal. The woman was fresh from battle and smelled of, desperately need in of a sonic shower. She had lost three of her best commandos, and unfortunately it seemed her old nemesis was her only viable attempt at vengeance. She was not sure why the Jedi wanted the Inquisitor, but after what happened ... she was bound to find out.

It was not the best time to approach the Inquisitor's quarters, she was still furious after the brief and yet extremely irritating meeting with the Grand Vizier. She was convinced that the man had not fully read her report nor gave it any real consideration. The result of her meeting was that perhaps she could move the Admiral's family on board of Warspite. Never mind everything else that was in her report. It was a complete waste of time. In her mind, she accomplished even less than she would have if she had pestered the Admiral for an additional ten minutes. Serine could have easily fabricated the whole report, but she didn't due to her self-conscious loyalty and faith in her duties and to the Empire she believed to hold meaningful values. She softly growled as she heard the ring and promptly answered. Her door slid open introducing a rather shoddy looking Major Kerrie. It appeared the woman had seen battle not too long ago, though it wouldn't surprise her if someone decided to kick the crap out of her out of spite. "Major Kiley, it appears as though you upset yet another individual." Said very dryly, obviously not at all interested in speaking with the Major right now.

"It is not the time for jokes, Inquisitor," Major Kiley angrily replied at Serine's attempt at humor, her armored hand clenched into a fist as she fought back her urge to do violence. She wanted revenge so badly that she was not thinking clearly and had to turn her attention away from the woman for a moment while she steadied herself. "My entire team was just killed!" she yelled angrily, as she turned half her body to her, making only the slightest of eye contact. She became so enraged that for a moment her body shimmered, retreating into her native Clawdite appearance, before she steadied herself and became human once more. "It was one of your kind," she said angrily, shaking her head in disgust at what had happened. She thought for sure after the training with the Inquisitor they would have fared better, but in truth they were killed in minutes.

Serine could not recall the last time she saw the Major this angry, perhaps never. Even when they fought, the other composed herself well enough not to have her disguise melt before her eyes. Serine's gaze flicked about the hallway, wondering if there were any witness to Kerrie's sudden but quick lapse in transformation before ushering her inside of the room quickly. "Come inside Major..." She all but yanked the woman inside, completely enthralled by what Kerrie was suggesting. As the door shut the outside world off to what may be discussed inside, the Inquisitor anxiously glared at the other before quickly demanding more information. "What do you mean ... by 'my kind'? How did your team die?" It was unfortunate that the Commandos were violently dispatched, as she had just recently tested their mettle and had her own plans for the group, but if what she believed attacked Kerrie ... then things might become a bit more ... interesting.

Kerrie groaned in pain as she was roughly grabbed by the Inquisitor, having recently been a battle and suffering serious injuries. She flinched as she twisted her back slightly, trying to adjust the muscle in her back. "One of your kind," she explained using the same reference as earlier. She had grown up in seclusion and had never heard the term 'Jedi' before, so she did not know what else to call him. "He had your ... powers," she said angrily as she shook her head angrily, while pacing around. She was filled with energy and wanted to do something ... anything ... to avenge her losses. "He had a lasersword and he easily defeated us," she confessed, lowering her head in defeat as she recounted the events. "He ... nearly killed me. But spared my life so I could tell you that he was looking for you..." she revealed, not sure how the Inquisitor would react, but she was hopeful the woman would help her get her revenge.

Serine cared little that the woman was injured, as seeing Major Kiley in pain was very commonplace and almost expected. She almost visibly winced at the term 'lasersword', the untrained agitated her to no end, but Kerrie's inability to understand the situation at hand mattered not, Serine was nearly positive she was dealing with a renegade Jedi. Her breath quickened a little, the possibilities now were in the multiples and she was having difficulty suppressing fleeting emotions. "Tell me Major, what color was the blade of this weapon?" She hadn't seen a true Jedi since her old Master, Jerasea, died. The Inquisitorius specialized in dealing with spurts of Force Adepts, be they Jedi that slipped through the Empire's grasp or Force-sensitive that needed ... new direction in life. Perhaps this Jedi knew her ... he asked for her personally. "Did he ask for me by name?" He must have sensed that she was near ... though why had she not sensed his presence? That bothered her ... perhaps he was specifically looking for her and that aided in his assumption that she was near. "Did you report this?" She was bristling with questions ... and impatiently waited for them to be answered immediately as she asked them.

Major Kiley would never forget the battle for as long, or short, as she lived. "Blue ... it was blue..." she said, sounding very traumatized as she looked away from Serine, not wanting to face anyone right now. It was very difficult to think about, and even more difficult to talk about. "No. He didn't ask for you by name. He only asked for the Inquisitor," she explained quietly, as she remembered being held down by the man with the lightsaber dangerously close to her head. Every time she closed her eyes she saw it hovering there, and felt as if she could be decapitated at any moment. "I am reporting it ... now, to you," she announced, feeling she had done everything she could, but still found herself failing miserably.

"You aren't giving me enough information, Major. Where did you see... this individual? How many died?" Something did not ... feel right about this. As far as she was taught, back when she herself attended the Jedi Academy, one didn't send ominous threats via an injured solder, never mind killing unnecessarily. Perhaps this was not a Jedi after all. Regardless, Serine needed far more in order to make an educated decision on her next course of action. "Was he with anyone else? About how old would you say he was?" She paced back and forth, deep in thought, perhaps the Admiral should be informed, though she would of course have the Major clue him in well after Serine departed in case the Admiral decided to restrict any follow-up. That would be idiotic, but probably something the foolish Admiral might conclude. "Details, Major ... details!" She barked to the other. "If I am to find this individual, I need more..." Serine stopped pacing for a moment and turned to the woman, it was obvious the other was distraught, and rightfully so. "I can only avenge your fallen comrades if I know everything, and I will avenge them." Said with a stern confidence that nothing could prevent her victory in this matter.

Kerrie listened to Serine's questions and put her hand up defensively, still recovering mentally from what happened. "Calm down," she begged as she moved over towards a nearby seat. Her black armor was badly scraped from where she had been thrown across the base's tarmac, and beneath she was badly bruised. She took a seat on a nearby chair, without asking for permission, before continuing. "Three days ago there was an attack on New Calamar by an individual with a laserword. My unit was ordered to Esseles in case he was sighted again. There was an attack today on the Terril Naval Base, outside New Calamar and we went in..." she began, her eyes looking almost glassy and fogged over as if she was not quite there. "When we arrived the base was already in flames ... dead troopers everywhere ... we engaged..." she said, shaking slightly as she again lost her ability to maintain her appearance as a human. She struggled now, the emotions raw and fresh as she recounted the events. "He was very powerful. He was in his 40s or 50s... He was alone," she said, as she had not seen the young woman with him.

Things were not adding up properly, this sounded more like terrorist attacks than something a trained Jedi would engage in. Serine had a look of confusion on her face, trying to put pieces together that were not fitting together right, it was irritatingly perplexing. "If you have no further information, I suggest you report promptly to medical. I will be leaving for Esseles within the hour." Serine was completely enthralled now, driven to pull up the databanks on this issue from her deck, nearly completely ignoring the Major unless she had something important to say. Serine also had access to the com, but she never needed to use it, until now of course. She accessed the link before speaking in controlled manner despite her hasty desire to leave immediately. "Lieutenant Trainor, report to Darkened Oblivion for assignment." Eyes washed over the databanks, attempting to locate any such information about an insurgent with a 'lasersword' as painful as it was to inquire.

The Imperial databanks detailed reports starting with the attack on the Imperial checkpoint in New Calamar three days earlier. There were casualty reports on the Stormtroopers manning the checkpoint and local civilians. It then went onto explain how the individual engaged and killed several Stormtroopers with his lasersword and seemed to have the assistance of a young human female.

Kerrie stood up defiantly, grimacing in pain. Perhaps she had a broken bone in her back from where she had impacted the support beam of the shuttle, but she did not care. "Damn it! Do not make me do it," she pleaded with the Inquisitor as she moved forward towards her. "He killed my men. He nearly killed me. I need to watch you kill him..." she insisted, not wanting to spend yet more time in the medical bay when vengeance was being had in a nearby sector.

Serine took a onceover look of Kerrie's condition, not at all convinced the woman could be any use to her as she was and Serine was not at all willing to wait for the woman to recover. "You are not capable of assisting me at this time. As you stated twice now, you nearly died, what use could you be to me, and in your state? Surely Major you understand, you would only slow me down in completing my personal objective. I will handle this, you will just have to be satisfied with this fact. However..." The Inquisitor paused for a moment, a new thought came to her. "... if I should capture him alive, I'll allow you to be present when I interrogate him. That should be sufficient, should it not?" Her attention flicked back to the readouts on the databanks display, delving into the information as if she were swimming, completely engrossed. "This ... this can't be correct." She refused to believe a Jedi would stoop so low as this, endangering hapless civilians ... disgraceful and without honor. The Inquisitor had her own grievances with the once Jedi Order and its many hypocrisies, but she had respected, and even loved her old master. There was a certain standard that was demanded ... for the Jedi, and this stooped so low as to be inconceivable. Surely someone must have murdered a real Jedi, stole the lightsaber and is masquerading around. Serine was determined to get to the bottom of this ... mishandled situation.

Major Kiley was furiously as she heard the Inquisitor dismiss her, she raised her hand to begin to argue with her, but it caused a sharp pain in her right side and she let out a groan of pain. She listened to the rest of what the Inquisitor was saying and she felt somewhat better. "That is ... acceptable," she said coldly, as she took her leave of the Inquisitor and began walking towards the exit. "Take him alive, Inquisitor," she insisted, exiting her chambers and making her way to sickbay. She did not know how she would explain this to Doctor Tohan and it was beginning to feel like she was always having to travel to the medical bay ... it was quite embarrassing.

There was not anything else Serine needed to know, she had everything, most of it rather disturbing, and thus she made her way hastily to the hanger bay. Confident Randi would be waiting for her. The Inquisitor was anxious to perform her unique duties in hunting down so called 'Jedi', and in this case, she was taking the word 'Jedi' very loosely here, at least until she would meet him face-to-face. There was still the question on why he wished to face her, calling her out directly, and ... the matter of the girl seen with him on several occasions. It was interesting, at least. Far more productive than her meeting with the Grand Vizier, or convincing the Admiral to listen to her advice, which was still a sore point to her. Pestage had made it painfully clear that she was to take proper initiative, and thus she was, but in doing her unspoken duties. The Admiral may have the last say in many matters, but this duty was none of his concern and thus it was not important to inform him of her departure. She doubted he would even notice she was missing. She entered the hanger with a sense of purpose, gazing around intently in search of her beloved vehicle and hopefully her pilot waiting to take off immediately.

Randi stood in the hangar wearing her black flight suit, her helmet connected to her oxygen back and tucked securely beneath her shoulder. "Did you talk to Commander Hood yet?" she asked, her mind still on the stimulant crisis that was plaguing the TIE pilots. She was unaware of their purpose, only knowing that she had been ordered to the flight deck to report for special duty. It had only been a few hours since her meeting with the Inquisitor, which had decidedly not gone well. The easily excitable blonde locked her blue eyes on the Inquisitor, noticing that something seemed a bit off, but she could not quite place it.

Randi was prompt and awaiting her arrival, excellent. She did npt want to waste any time, especially not with some silly dribble about stimulant abuse! But for the other woman's sake, she would humor her at least a little. "He was very busy when I came to speak to him about it, he scheduled me to meet with him later." She lied, but it was very convincible, the Inquisitor's word was, up until this point, always true. She had actually completely forgotten about Randi's case between her meeting with Pestage and this troubling new matter developing. But she was going to say something to Commander Hood... she already told the other that she would, just not right now. There was too much on her mind at this moment. "We take off immediately for Esseles. Please prepare."

"Esseles?!" Randi exclaimed in shock, dropping her helmet to the floor, which clanked loudly against the durasteel floor. "Serry, have you lost your mind? Esseles is a war zone. We can't go to Esseles," she pleaded with her frantically, shaking her head at her in a way that caused her pigtails to swing from side to side. This was the last thing she had expected when she was told to report for duty. The young pilot folded her arms in front of her chest defiantly protesting, believing the whole thing was just a terrible, stupid idea.

Serine did not have time for this! How could Randi be so incompetent to argue with her now? Flat out refuse to pilot her ship? She more than likely could convince her of the necessity to go, or pull rank, perhaps even threaten her, but all of those options was going to waste a considerable amount of time. It was not worth the effort ... but there was a far simpler and easier solution to this hindrance. Throughout her younger years, she had been trained by the Order to never use the Force excessively when  other means were acceptable, using the Force to make a situation easier could cloud the mind, lead one to become lazier, easily agitated, and eventually lead to self-destruction. Such one-sided thinking was absurd, it was a good thing she was not a Jedi then. "Randi..." said softly as she shook her head, the other was weak-minded, sad really, but a perfect candidate to be ... persuaded. It took little effort to reach out towards the other with the Force, gently touching her mind, causing the words the Inquisitor was soon to say make perfect sense, as if Randi thought them herself. There was a faint wave of Serine's hand towards the other woman as she spoke. "You want to make me to Esseles." Said in a matter-of-fact way, as if there were no other options and it was perfectly fine. "You are perfectly capable of avoiding any danger." Her tone never changed as she spoken in simple sentences. "It is time we prepared for takeoff."

Randi's eyes widened as he looked at the Inquisitor, her weak mind easily becoming susceptible to the Jedi mind trick that was being inflicted on her. "I want to take you to Esseles..." she said slowly, as in a trance as she bent down and picked up her helmet. "I am perfectly capable of avoiding any danger..." she said in the same emotionless voice before putting the helmet on her head, and walking to the ramp of the Darkened Oblivion. She felt somewhat dazed, but she would shake it off. "Well let's get going then, Serry..." she said as she strapped herself into the cockpit and begin flipping a series of switched to begin powering up the vessel's systems.

Before the ship could take off Major Kerrie Kiley ran towards the ship, wearing her intimidating black Storm Commando armor, and carrying her E-11 blaster rifle. She was still in a great deal of pain, but the medical staff had filled her stimulants and painkillers. The Clawdite assassin was doped up in a number of ways, but she would not miss the opportunity for vengeance to be done on her behalf. <Click>"You do not strike me as the prisoner taking kind,"<Click> she said through the helmet as she climbed aboard the Darkened Oblivion. She did not want to miss the chance to see the upcoming battle.

Serine was sitting in a passenger's seat, watching Randi prepare the ship rather impatiently. She was very anxious to track down this would-be 'Jedi', to do her appropriate duties as an Inquisitor, instead of mulling about with the Admiral and suffering his political backwash. The Inquisitor could barely believe the sight of Kerrie climb aboard the vessel, suited up as if she was capable of any real action. Serine shot up to her feet in an aggressive posture, glaring intensely at the other woman. "Are you so incompetent as to ignore a direct order from a far superior officer?! I do not have the patience to babysit you, Major Kiley!" She snarled at the other woman, her upper lip curled into a heavy scowl. Such audacity! Serine's gaze was intense, peering towards the other in heavy contemplation to throw the other woman right out of the ship, even as it began to take off. A heavy curse as she realized it would waste far more time to land the ship than Serine was willing to spare. She began pacing back and forth, glaring at the other the whole time. "Sit down, Major! If you dare to get in my way, I will cut you down myself ... and blame it on the Jedi!" That word may not mean anything to the major, but that didn't matter, Serine was too infuriated to give heed to the other's knowledge.

<Click>"I want to take you to Esseles..."<Click> the influenced Randi said again from beneath her helmet as the ship to begin to lift off from the hangar bay. Her hand moved over the thruster controls and in an instant the Conqueror-class assault ship began to accelerate rapidly through the hangar, in an instant it dove out of the hangar and entered the space, and her hand moved over the throttle controls. <Click>"Hang on!"<Click> she yelled, as she accelerated the ship to it's maximum speed. The Darkened Oblivion cleared away from the Warspite and her hand moved to navigation computer to begin downloading the coordinates to the Essesia system. While she waited, she took the controls, and rotated the ship 360 degrees as she executed a rather basic spin. A moment later the computer beeped and her hand moved to the hyperspace controls, pushing her hand forward the vessel surged forward into hyperspace and their impending date with the Jedi on Esseles.

Kerrie was jolted when the ship spun, groaning in pain as her already injured body crashed against the bulkhead. She rememebered how much she hated flying with Randi. <Click>"Damn it, Ran."<Click> she screamed at her, as she carefully made her way to the seat and strapped herself in. She was thankful to be going on this mission, as she had never suffered such a crushing defeat before, and she needed revenge.

Serine was too far in rage over Kerrie's insubordination to remember Randi's love for the ridiculous. The sudden burst of speed and completely unnecessary spin caused the Inquisitor to stumble and sprawl out upon the deck flooring before scrambling to seat herself in a passenger seat, strapping in with a grunt. Her eyes snapped back to the Major in severe contempt, fury raging in her eyes still at that ... woman. "You are useless. Stay out of the battle ... just watch or I will kill you. Understand?"

<Click>"I understand, Inquisitor,"<Click> Major Kiley said to the Inquisitor in obedience. She was dutiful soldier and she would not argue now that they were officially on a mission. She resented being called 'useless,' but she could not dispute the assessment the woman made regarding her performance. It would be enough just to see her victory, even if she could not take part in it.

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