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Brandon Derive, Erin Highberg, and Christopher Levy.

Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:9:3) in the Ringali nebula: Argo.


Commander Derek Atio, Flight Officer Zan Shelby, and Emi Shinohara.


The CR90 corvette Argo patrolled quietly in the safe confines of the Ringali Nebula not too far from the hidden Rebel base on the converted gas mining system. The Argo had been home to Commander Derek Atio and a ragtag assemblage of Rebels for almost a year and in that time they traveled to countless worlds winning victories, facing setbacks, gaining allies, and mourning friends. For the past several months the ship had largely been hidden within the nebula as their scanners detected an evergrowing Imperial presence in the six systems that the nebula occupied. Having only narrowly escaped their encounter with Jarga the Hutt, it was decided to devote some time to more proper training before deploying on the next mission. To that end, the Commander had established a small training facility in the small hangar bay that occupied the midsection of the blockade runner. The portly man from Empress Teta was wearing his proper Rebel uniform for once that was made up of coat, shirt, trousers, and boots in varying shade of brown and accented with a small rank insignia indicating he held the rank of a naval commander. An assortment of blasters ranging from small holdouts, to standard sized blasters, or larger rifles had been laid out. "Take whichever calls to you, Ambassador," he said, to Emi, as his grease stained hands moved over the selection of weapons. "These are easily concealed, but less powerful against the armor of an Imperial Stormtrooper. These larger weapons are more effective, but can be cumbersome to carry, and impossible to hide. Once you decide, we'll get you squared away," he said, nodding his head at her. He had cleaned up his act a bit since the arrival of a new chief of staff that had been riding his ass since almost immediately entering the system.

Emi Shinohara, the feisty shorter Alderaanian had nearly escaped with her life from Hutts. Normally holding a weapon was something that she detested. But in this case, it would be much more than needed. She was dressed in something a little less regal. Pair of dark green cargo pants, brown leather boots, simple tunic, and black jacket. That dark brown hair framed her face as she took in a deep breath. Dark eyes glanced at the significant amount of fire arms. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked over the selection. It wasn't something she'd really see to find interesting...but it was needed. After a small defeated sigh the young woman shook her head. "There isn't like...some standard issued blaster? Or whatever?" Yes, the woman was completely out of her element. She'd definitely make someone's work cut out for them.

Zan was only at this demonstration to improve his own combative training and also size his fellow comrades, know their weaknesses and obviously show off his strength. He knew that the gossip that he was just a smartass half rate pilot with a grudge. He didn't care for some portions of the training, he was beyond the basics of blaster training and disarmament, the Imperial occupation of his home world made sure of that very quick. Zan was dressed in a casual tan shirt and brown pants, with a black vest over his shirt as he stood behind Commander Atio. Smirking at Emi's indecision of weapon's choices. "She'll take another era if we move at this pace, sir. I suggest a holdout blaster, it's simple to handle. Or at least in my experience," Zan walked in front of them both and grabbed one holdout blaster and handed to Emi. "You want to be taught, or forever be the spoiled princess?"

Derek watched the Alderaanian diplomat and the pilot look over the weapons patiently. He was not much of a weapon's man himself, preferring an old carbine that had served him well in civilian life. He was taken aback by Shelby's uncouth behavior when it came to the diplomat and quickly moved to interject himself into the conversation. "While Shelby's social graces may not be the best, ambassador, the hold-out blaster is ideal for someone in your position. Small. Concealable. Not too much kick," he explained, rattling off a list of reasons, while his eyes slowly moved towards the junior officer in an intense glare.

The young ambassador slowly turned to Zan as he spoke...especially after that last question. Simple cold glare as she parted those lips to speak, but was interjected by Derek as he spoke. Roll of those dark eyes as she shook her head. "You might want to tell lackey number one to address me with a little more respect," she said as those lips pursed in an unimpressed expression. She reached out and grabbed the hold-out blaster from Derek's younger comrade. She palmed the weapon, then wrapped those delicate digits around it. She spoke directly to Derek, knowing full well that Zan could hear her. "So which one of you is going to show me how to fire this damn thing?" Again the young woman did not look at Zan, but kept eye contact with Derek. If Zan was going to be snarky, she'd accept the challenge.

Zan chuckled for a brief moment as he was tempted to trade barbs with them both, but he was there for a sole purpose of furthering training for the both of them. "This may surprise you, Lady Shinohara. But this is a controlled battlefield you stand at right now, everything is calm and collective. I've been in several heavy battle skirmishes, enough air to air combat patrols, ten prison escapes and too many interrogations by imperials if I may add. You must know whom your enemy is before you can probably engage into a fight to the death with them and come to a key realization. That pistol will likely be separated from your fingers, and you will be on your own," Zan stepping right before Emi and Derek, gently guiding her hand and the blaster directly against his chest. "Center mass is the largest target area, that's your priority target to hit. Then next would be the lower torso and the legs, but only if you have gotten the proper experience with your weapon of choice. As for a suggestion, if you desire the fight to end quickly. Get in close and knock your enemy on their back and aim for the head," Zan guided the blaster from his chest to head stomach, then back to his head. "Now if you want to learn disarmament skills, that I will gladly teach you," Zan said with quite a youthful confident tone in his voice. He tried to sound experience without the emotion of a painful memory. Anyone looking to his eyes though, could see the torment this man had been through.

"Manners," Derek said to Shelby per the ambassador's instructions, as he was fully aware they were the military arm of a civilian government of which Emi were the senior representative. As he listened to the pilot guide her in the use of the holdout blaster, his focus shifted to a crate that contained three old Marksman-H training remotes. He reached into the crate and began activating them before tossing them up into the air. The three remotes took up position in front of Emi at different distances and heights before beginning to move in an unpredictable pattern. "When you think you're ready take a steady aim and gently squeeze the trigger," he said to her in a polite manner, before moving carefully behind her as to not put himself in her possible line of fire. Accidents were prone to happen whenever someone fired a weapon for the first time and he did not want to be late for his dinner with Parka Pepper.

Emi looked up to Zan as he spoke, allowing him to move her hand that was connected to the blaster from his chest to his stomach, then to aim it back to his head. "Although that sounds terrible, it doesn't give you the right to speak to a senior in such a manner." She expected an apology but knew she probably would not receive one. Roll of her eyes to the comment about being taught how to disarm. Small sigh was given as she turned from Zan over to Derek. "I don't think I'll ever be ready to take someone else's life...much less pull a trigger...but...I know it certainly will help me be less helpless in the future." She took a step to the side as she held the hold-out blaster out with a slightly bent elbow, aiming to one of the remotes. She'd took a few moments to line the end of the blaster up with the remote. Index finger pulled on the trigger sending a small red bolt zooming towards one of the three remotes. She didn't exactly hit the target,a little to the right and a nice hole in a crate was made. She looked from Derek to Zan the back to Derek. "I don't like this...And's not because I missed. That was the first time I've fired a weapon." Her voice trailed off as she lowered the weapon and let it rest at her side.

Zan stoically looked back towards Emi, no longer smirking as he dials back on his antisocial demeanor. "You are right, Emi. No one has that right and I apologize for the assumption. As for your blaster, you can always modify it to boast performance or train in the unorthodox like I did. Our Commander can attest to it's effectiveness, even though I was completely off my in my timing and execution of my attacks. Gamorreans are easy to overcome, bounty hunters are overconfident, but Imperials are the most trained. We all need to be at our best. If I seem heartless, I apologize in advance. But I don't want any more lives lost because we were unprepared," Zan moved aside as Emi took aim at the training droids, himself tempted to take a crack at the random moving droids. "You did well, Emi. No one looks to taking another's life, but if it means you surviving. I would think the choice would be quite simple," Zan looked over to Derek, as if he was requesting to test his customized blaster pistol.

Derek let out a soft sigh as he watched the ambassador miss and express consternation at the exercise. He moved towards her, before reaching to take the holdout blaster from her. "A war is not the place for everyone, ambassador. We have enough soldiers. Your diplomatic skills are more valuable to us than another inexperienced gun," he said to her, before placing the weapon aside. "If you don't want to learn ... I won't force you. We have enough commandos to protect you," he explained to her, with a firm nod of his head. "What occurred on Nar Shaddaa never should have been allowed to happen. For that ... I *am* sorry," he said with emphasis, before turning his attention to Shelby. "If you would like to take a couple of shots against the hapless remotes, Shelby, then by all means," he instructed, before moving to sort the weapons once again.

"Okay, I know I have a commanding presence, but you don't have to over exaggerate my ability, or kiss my ass." Emi smirked looking to Zan and then to Derek. Although she was well versed and was well educated, she wasn't looking for that exact type of treatment. "I'm a pacifist by nature. Which in turn makes me useless if I am ever isolated. It's not that I don't have a desire to learn how to protect myself, it's hard when you've been brought up on nothing but education and negotiations." Right arm moved to drape over her toned stomach and grip her hand at her forearm as Derek took the weapon from her hand. She gave a long soft sigh. Weight shifted from both legs to favor her right leg, hip slightly popping as she shook her head. "I know I'm half your age, but I'm stubborn." Smirk soon curled over those plush brims, hoping to see a little humor in her situation.

Zan lowered his right hand to his customized DL-18, tempted to raise Chelsea and blast each floating droid out of their floating position. He raised his blaster quickly as he kept his legs tight and used a two handed grip on his blaster to improve his accuracy as he switched the blaster to a setting three round burst and aimed, patiently waiting as one floating droid peered into the sight he felt comfortable firing into, he squeezed his finger gently on the trigger as three round burst burst from the DL-18 and connected with the droid as he knocked down his first target, before engaging the second and third targets as he switched to a single shot setting as he felt he had predicted the pattern for his firing sequence, quickly dispatching the remaining droids with a total of three shots. He missed the second droid on his 2nd shot before finishing it off with an impatient third shot. "Annoying droid."

"Whatever you say, ambassador," Derek said, offering a polite bow at the waist. To him she represented one of the last vestiges of Alderaanian authority that he had pledged himself to at the outbreak of the war. "That's enough for today," he informed them both, before moving to carefully put away all of the toys they had been playing with. When they had departed he carefully examined his own QuickSnap 36T, studying it intently, and wondering if he too needed some work. He was convinced their mission would only get harder from here on out and every moment they spent preparing was likely to make their task easier.

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