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Christopher Levy.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:7:1) in the Brentaal system: Warspite.


Major Kerrie Kiley, Vice Admiral Claudius Rodney, and Major Arden Zevrin.


Night had turned to morning aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite. Inside his cabin Admiral Claudius Rodney rested comfortably in his bed. It had been another long day of reassuring local politicians that all was well, while simultaneously stressing to his junior officers that he must see marked improvements by the end of the month of High Command would be displeased. He had been assigned to the Ringali Shell for several months now and while there had been frequent starfighter raids and insurgent attacks planetside, no incident could have been characterized as a "disaster." That had all changed several hours ago, however he had not yet been made aware. If he had known, he surely would not have been able to sleep so comfortably in his bed.

Suddenly the sound of an alarm buzzer broke the tranquility of the Admiral's bedchamber. "Ugh," the Admiral groaned as his eyes opened a bit suddenly. He exhaled a heavy sigh as he sat up in his bed and rubbed at his eyes for a moment. Finally, his attention turned to the door. "This had better be important," the Admiral snarled as he turned his legs to the side of his bed and set foot upon the cold floor. He checked to make sure the button of his fly was secured and moved towards the cabin's door to open it.

The door opened with the familiar hiss of pneumatic pressure. On the other side stood Major Arden Zevrin, the Sector's ISB Officer. She was cold, ruthless, and calculating. She knew better than to wake the Admiral for anything trivial. A minor matter she would surely choose to handle herself so that she could receive the Kataran's share of the credit. However, with the news she had in store for the Admiral tonight she had no choice but to disturb his peaceful rest. A diplomatic smile formed upon her lips as she addressed her commanding officer, "I am sorry for disturbing you, Milord, but there has been a development that warrants your immediate attention. May I come in?"

The Admiral sighed at Major Zevrin as he walked away from the doorway and took a seat in front of a small circular table. "Very well, Major," the Admiral sad tiredly, "Very well."

Major Zevrin stepped forward into the Admiral's cabin. She often daydreamed about the day when she would command such power that she could have a quaters such as this. She walked towards the Admiral in a professional stride and took a seat opposite him. She looked across the table at him and her diplomatic smile turned into a grim expression, "There has been  a development on Ralltiir, sir."

"Oh damn," the Admiral cursed in frustration. Ralltiir had been the most troublesome of all the planets in the Ringali Shell. Ralltiir was the last place he needed to hear from bad news. He sighed again and shook his head at her, "What happened?"

"Major Dagon Tong attempted to forcibly remove a member of Ralltiir's legislature from office," Major Zevrin explained to the Admiral using terminology only the most cold-blooded individual would use. "Unfortunately for the Major ... the Representative's family was with him at the time."

"All dead?" the Admiral immediately questioned, his own face now turning grim.

"Yes, Admiral," Major Zevrin informed him after a brief pause.

"Children?" the Admiral asked her again.

"Four children, sir," Major Zevin explained. Her expression did not change. To her they were all guilty of treason and all should face the Empire's wrath.

The Admiral slammed his fist down against the glass top of the table he was seated at. The glass cracked from his forceful impact and tore into his hand. "Damn it," the Admiral exclaimed, "The operation calls for subtly. Not a fireworks display."

"If only he would have listened more closely to you, sir," Major Zevrin said in a quiet, concerned tone. She saw the initiative. Her chance for power would finally come and she would play him like an instrument she had when she was a child. "From my first days in the region I have agreed with you that our operations must be subtle. He was always against you and now look at the results ... Ralltiir on the verge of open revolt."

The Admiral ignored the pain in his hand and simply lowered his head and shook it in frustration.

Major Zevrin leaned forward across the table and took the Admiral's bruised hand into her own. She caressed it lightly, all the while plotting. "Do not concern yourself with this, My Lord," she said compassionately, "You know that I have always supported your policies in the region. Leave that venomous kath hound to me." A sly grin appeared upon her face, noting the Admiral had lowered his head and would be unable to see.

The Admiral sighed once again. There would be hell to pay for this incident. He had to move quickly or the citizens of Ralltiir who were previously unwilling to support the Rebel Alliance would surely see this as their excuse to move against the Empire.

"You are tired," Major Zevrin explained to him, as she wiped away the blood from his hand. "Do not allow yourself to worry about Major Tong. Get your rest. You will need your strength in the morning."

The Admiral nodded to Major Zevrin and withdrew his hand from hers. "I want him alive," the Admiral instructed her as he returned to his bed.

"Understood, sir," Major Zevrin said as she rose from the table. She nodded to him respectfully, turned on her heel and headed out of the cabin. Once outside of the Admiral's cabin a sadistic grin curled upon her lips. Activating the first comm panel she could find she contacted the Admiral's chief henchwoman, "Major Kiley ... I need you to order a company of Stormtroopers to Cormond immediately."

Major Kiley never slept it seemed. From her usual position in the Warspite's barracks she responded to the ISB officer through the comm. panel, "Cormond? What for?"

"The Admiral has authorized me to deal with Major Tong," Major Zevrin explained.

"Understood. I will order them to the Major's safe house to apprehend the unit and bring them to the garrison," Major Kiley replied.

"No," Major Zevrin responded in an angry tone, "Instruct the troops to eliminate Major Tong and his entire unit. There will be no trial. They will be made scapegoats and served up to the people of Ralltiir."

Major Kiley paused for a moment before questioning Major Zevrin through the comm panel, "The Admiral has authorized such a tactic?"

"I have authorized it, Major," Arden replied in a commanding tone, "You have dealt with the ISB before ... if you doubt my orders I will give them to your replacement and you can return to one of our interrogation centers."

"Understood," Kerrie replied to the Major. It was true ... the ISB had made her life tremendously difficulty. She both respected and feared her power.

Major Zevrin walked away from the comm panel and entered the turbolift. Her sly grin turning into a cruel smile. She even laughed lightly at the situation. She was very pleased with herself.

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