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Rachel King, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:15) in the Essesia system: Esseles (Nurrale: Fort Cravus) and Darkened Oblivion.
Ty Anzion (death), Kia Kaen, Major Kerrie Kiley, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Flight Lieutenant Randi Trainor.

The ancient structures of Fort Cravus stood high upon the cliffs overlooking the city of Nurrale. The Fort once the seat of power of the dreaded Lord Cravus, but had since been turned into a popular tourist destination. Two watch towers stood at the edge of the cliffs, providing a commanding view of the surrounding terrain. Between them a dramatic waterfall flowed from the Fort's moat, crashing dramatically to the surface below. This structure was once the site of great evil and a powerful energy still emanated from the depths.

Former Jedi Knight Ty Anzion had selected this site as his point of first contact with the dreaded Imperial Inquisitor. The middle-aged man stood on the cliffs near the waterfall, droplets of water splashing against the dark brown cloak that shrouded his athletic frame. The hood of his cloak shrouded his head, obscuring his black locks and casting a shadow over his unscathed human face. He could sense the Inquisitor was near, and he dropped to his knees on the cliffs, and began to silently meditate as he prepared himself. His right hand dropped to his belt to clutch at the hilt of his lightsaber nervously, the clammy palm of his hand reassuringly toying with the cold durasteel that comprised the shaft. As his mind focused on the inevitable confrontation, Kia had escaped his mind, his student becoming nothing more than a mere afterthought compared with the ensuing battle.

Having stowed their speeder not far off, Kia crept back along the ledge near her friend. The waterfall was wrecking havoc with the small listening device she had tucked into Ty's pocket. So she had to get closer, that was the obvious thing to her, perhaps not the safest. Frowning, she peered around the rock, looking toward the meet site, this would be interesting she hoped.

The Conqueror-class assault ship Darkened Oblivion rapidly descended through the atmosphere of Esseles, on a course for the distant city of New Calamar. Her hands gingerly moved to the control panel above her head, as she activated her sensors. <Click>"I got you to Esseles, Serry. But it's kind of a pig planet ... how you gonna find one guy?"<Click> the intellectually inefficient pilot questioned the Inquisitor, who was seated next to her. Her blue eyes scanned the horizon, trying to take a visual flight reference, but the sky was overcast and they were above the cloud cover. Her hands pushed forward on the flight stick and the ship began to descend through the crowds, as the ship began to shake slightly due to turbulence. As they penetrated the cloud cover a tremendous mountain appeared directly in front of the ship. <Click>"Well at least I can see something!"<Click> Randi exclaimed from beneath her helmet, as she dramatically pulled back on the stick to just barely miss crashing into the mountain. The dorsal hull of the ship scraped against the mountain, damaging the paint job, but not affecting the operation of the craft. Randi could be heard giggling from beneath her helmet before speaking, <Click>"You're insured, ain't you Serry?"<Click>

Throughout the entire hyperspace trip, Serine refused to acknowledge Major Kiley, as she was not even authorized to be here and her very presence could endanger this mission. The other woman's break in protocol and blatant disregard for orders disgusted the Inquisitor beyond words. Kerrie was rather fortunate Serine was too focused on the matter at hand or she may have contemplated killing the woman on the ground, leaving her corpse to rot in the sun. The Admiral was not informed of this immediate departure, nor did he realize that both were en route to the planet Esseles. It would have been an easy task to remove the stain that was Major Kiley from existence here and now. Fortunately for her bitter rival, who in her mind was not worthy to share the same sentence, she had a far more pressing situation before her. Inquisitor Thanor had little reason to speak to either Randi nor Kerrie until they arrived in the upper atmosphere of the planet, spending her time wisely in deep meditation. It was not just the would-be supposed 'Jedi' that practice these methods, she also had to focus intently in order to locate this man. Even though it was all too obvious he wished to be found, it would still take her concentration to accomplish such a feat. Her breathing had been steady and slow for hours, her eyes closed in meditation as she reached out her thoughts ... things were rather hazy at first, but images began to quickly sharpen and flash by in rapid succession. Her eyes snapped open and she was on her feet immediately in a hastened pace. "I know where he is ... his whereabouts are not far." That was impossible by any standard, there was cloud cover the majority of the way, the surface of the planet had been shrouded and yet Serine was positive she knew. "There is a waterfall. Interesting location choice. Be on the lookout Randi, it may or may not be a trap." She shot a glare over towards Kerrie, useless woman, she should force her to remain on the ship.

<Click>"A waterfall?!"<Click> Randi exclaimed beneath her helmet, sounding very confused. <Click>"Did we come all this way just so you can go swimming? I think the fitness center has a pool."<Click> she commented as she kept them low beneath the cloud cover so she could scan the horizon. In order to get a better view, she rotated the ship 180-degrees so that they were now flying upside-down. This gave her the ability to look over the entire terrain as the navigated the craft the distance between New Calamar and Nurrale. <Click>"Is that a waterfall?"<Click> Randi exclaimed as the ship began to dive down towards the terrain. <Click>"No ... no ... it's just a tree!"<Click> she commented as they returned on their original flightplan. After some time they began to cruise above the mountains surrounding Nurrale and gradually approached Fort Cravus. <Click>"Now that's a waterfall!"<Click> she cheered as she turned the ship back to a level fight and began to circle the ancient Fort, looking for a safe place to land.

Ty Anzion's eyes opened suddenly as he heard the roar of the engines of the approaching Conqueror-class assault ship. He rose from his kneeling position as his eyes followed the craft during its descent. He had prepared himself for this moment since their private little war against the Empire had started. Every Imperial soldier he had killed had simply been a calling card, a way of attracting the attention of his prey. She found me, he thought silently to himself as he began to stalk the side of the cliffs, scouting the terrain as he noted all of the various weak spots and potential pitfalls. She could now sense him as he could sense her, and that excited him, a small grin curling upon his lips as he prepared to meet his destiny. He began to move towards where he saw the ship landing, but maintained a steady distance so that he would be kept out of sight ... for the time being.

It had been a long flight for Major Kiley, having spent most of it alone in the turret of the Darkened Oblivion. She was not exactly on speaking terms with the Inquisitor, and after what Randi had said about the Clawdites, she was not exactly eager to have a conversation with her either. Having spent so much time in the tight confines of the Storm Commando armor her injured muscles began to tense up and lock, encumbering her movement severely. The painkillers had worn off and she was now in a great deal of pain, clenching her jaw beneath her helmet. She did not even bother attempting to exert herself with maintaining a human appearance, as she did not plan on removing her helmet anytime soon. Her hands were clenched around the trigger of the vessel's turret, as squeezing on it relieved some of her stress. Every time she blinked she flashed back to her confrontation with the Jedi and the death of her team. It was something she would not soon forget. As she felt the ship touchdown on the outskirts of Fort Cravus, her instinct was to jump down from the turret and rush into battle, but she was a good soldier and would follow the Inquisitor's orders to remain aboard the ship.

Serine looked intently out of the viewport, scanning the surrounding area that she could physically see for any signs of this 'Jedi'. He was very close, she could sense it, and yet he stayed hidden, that did not bode well for the Inquisitor. Requesting that she seek him out was extremely bold, foolish and reckless. And now that he refused to meet her upfront, the full situation started to concern her. She stood up from leaning to peer through the viewport, a bit tense as she clenched her jaw. "I want you to stay inside, Randi. When I leave the ship, close the hatch. Understand?" She did not bother yelling up to the Major, feeling that her unspoken heavy glances were well enough clues Kerrie needed to go by. "If there is any foul play, I want you to train the ship's artillery on whatever threat there is, especially if something were to happen to me." Honestly ... hiding from her? How idiotic was that, once fully embracing the Force, she would be able to locate him, or whatever threat he was hiding. It was almost ... insulting. With a rather frustrated huff, she slammed her palm on the controls to lower the ramp, glaring from the entryway towards the distant foliage, making her presence obvious and known. The Inquisitor decided to give him a chance to present himself, as appropriate. Ty would be able to get a very good look at the woman, she did not aim to hide herself shamefully as he did. Her face was youthful, she was nearly young enough to be his daughter. Her stern look was piercing, and she carried herself with authority if not aggravated aggression. Ty would also be able to discern that she was battle ready and carried what looked like a whip of some sort.

Ty Anzion stepped forward from behind the rocks as the Inquisitor descended the ramp of the assault ship. He had merely stayed in cover to ensure she was going to play fair and not bring an entourage of Storm Commandos with her. "Inquisitor!" he shouted loudly, his voice piercing the dusk sky. He walked towards her slowly, in a diagonal line, not wanting to present his profile to her just yet. "I am glad you got my invitation," he said quietly as he lowered his head, finally coming to a stop several meters in front of her. Both of his arms raised up and the dark brown cloak gradually fell to the rocky ground beneath him. He was no longer wearing civilian clothes in an attempt to disguise himself, but instead was wearing the interwoven light brown robes closely associated with the Jedi Order. He had not worn them in more than twenty years and the fabric was in need of drastic repairs in several places. His right hand slowly dropped to the hilt of his lightsaber, and in an instant it was unclipped from the belt and held firmly in his hand. "I dressed special for you," he said to her sarcastically, before sliding the activation switch of his lightsaber forward. There was a *snap-hiss* and a moment later the more than one meter long blue blade elongated in front of him. He took no aggressive posture, giving the Inquisitor the option of making the first move.

Kerrie rotated the turret of the Darkened Oblivion's dorsal dual laser cannon turret, and targeted the oncoming Jedi Knight. She had an urge to pull back on the trigger, but she wanted him to suffer, as he had made her men suffer. <Click>"That's the one!"<Click> she angrily yelled from beneath her helmet. She could hear Randi beneath her sealing the ship, and she shook her head angrily, wishing she could be part of the engagement. As her grey Clawdite eyes focused on the man her head began to shake, an uncontrollable rage filling her petite frame. Revenge echoed through her mind, but she remained composed and would let the Inquisitor handle it, per their agreement. She was many things, but dishonorable was not an adjective that had thus far been used to describe her.

The moment the man came into view, she sized him up immediately. Eyes flickered across his frame, judging his physical attributes effortlessly. The other was roughly 50 standard years old ... that would place him during the Galactic Republic, during the days of the Jedi Order. However, she did not recognize him, which was substantially disappointing. She had almost assumed she was being called out by an old acquaintance, someone of her distant past, but instead, she was introduced to an aging, ratty old man. How tripe. This brought up a new question in her mind ... eyebrows perked up instantly curious on his choice of words. "Are you implying that you murdered those multitudes just to get my attention?" She could barely believe even suggesting that, surely no Jedi would succumb to such antics, they were unprecedented and far beneath any who would dare call himself a Jedi. It was almost as if the man slew a real Jedi in his sleep, and stole the lightsaber along with those tattered robes. "Special indeed ... It was as ..." Her words were instantly halted as the other so aggressively pulled his lightsaber and ignited the blade. Serine's eyes shot open in shock, what manner is this?! Literally lost for words for but a moment, despite her reputation, the Inquisitor and others such as herself investigate such claims as Jedi, they do not just blindly run into a fight, and yet this 'Jedi' was all too anxious to die. Was her presence indeed his only motivation, all of the attacks committed to flush her out so he could do battle with her? "You're a disgrace." She snarled heatedly at him, disbelieving the man before her had the audacity to call himself anything less than a cowardly terrorist. "You wish to die, so be it. I do not find you worthy of redemption." Her hand snapped to the coiled whip that hung by her side. It was an extremely exotic weapon, and vastly rare, many only knew of its existence through legends. The handle of her lightwhip was clutched tightly in her right hand and with a dramatic display, it was lashed out before her with a striking heavy snap. It nearly appeared that the Inquisitor fought with a one-handed weapon, but the truth was a little more ... devastating. Her left hand reached outwards towards the air before her gently, fingers fanned out then curled ever so slightly as Serine began to focus intently upon the Force. A soft hum was heard, the surrounding area nearly began to vibrate as small pebbles danced and bounced upon the dirt ground. A heavy hiss followed as her weapon was activated causing the whole whip to light up brilliantly in a crimson sheen before curling around her unnaturally. Ty's training would be able to instantly recognize Serine's fighting style. She uses the Force to control the trajectory of her whip along with it's own natural trajectory, making blocking and striking so much more efficient.

Her breath almost stopped, that could not be true. They were doing all those attacks to fight the Empire! Not find this woman.. Kia swallowed hard, and stayed knelt behind the outcrop, peeking around the darker side to try and watch was going on. She seemed transfixed by the woman, the Inquisitor as Ty had called her. She had a sudden sickened realization. The ship was between her and her speeder now. The change in the air bade her look back, eyes going wide as she caught the "So you wish to die..." This person was going to kill her friend! Scrambling back a few steps, she pressed her back against the rock wall, staying in the deeper shadows, not able to look away from the two facing off.

Ty pointed the tip of his lightsaber at the Inquisitor for just a moment, before swinging it upwards in front of his body, saluting her in a strange sort of way. "I killed the same Imperial scum who murdered my brothers and sisters," he spoke to her, the emotion dripping from his voice, speaking metaphorically of the Jedi who fell during Order 66. "It was not murder. They are the greatest evil the galaxy has ever known, and in time they will be destroyed and freedom will be destroyed to the galaxy," he predicted to her confidently, believing that good would ultimately overcome evil. "But you ... you are the greatest evil of all ... you turned your back on what you really are and I will purge your stain from the Force," he threatened her, his eyes slowly closing as he began to concentrate. The rocks on the ground began to shake dramatically and one by one they began to lift from the mountaintop and soar through the air in rapid succession towards the Inquisitor's location. It would not likely phase her, but it was nevertheless an opportunity on his part to gauge her abilities. Almost immediately he began backpedaling, using the cover of the rocky terrain to hide his movements. The game was afoot, but it was long from over.

This man justifying his crimes was almost painful to hear, because he could not be more wrong. "You murdered civilians, you hypocritical heathen! You are quite literally the accumulation of everything that was corrupt and wrong with the Order." The Inquisitor's duties in situations identical to these was to gauge the Jedi's worth and determine if he could be turned to the dark side and if it would be worth doing so, and if neither were the case, to destroy him. How fascinating that this Jedi was a perfect candidate for the first, but not for the later. Serine would be ashamed to recommend this piece of filth to the Inquisitorius. "Interesting that you only now show yourself then? You must have ran away like a pitiful coward as the Order fell and sulked in your shame for years. Fitting that when you finally decide to act upon your misgivings, you bomb the innocent in the streets. You disgust me." Now that she knew exactly the kind of man that she was dealing with, it did not surprise her that the not Jedi chose to use the Force to fling rocks at her instead of starting a full-fledged combat initiative. The rocks were easily deflected by her own telekinetic abilities, her will was very strong and her extreme anger at the other's abuse of the Jedi name was fueling her desire to rip him apart. As the other backpedaled for cover, the Inquisitor sprinted after him with a bitter growl ... already retreating? Coward! As Ty slipped behind a few large boulders for cover, the Inquisitor lashed towards one of them with her bitter hatred, causing one of the massive structures to explode outwards, sending shards of rock in multiple directions. He will not hide from her, that she was certain!

Ty placed his back against the boulder as he listened to the Inquisitor chastise him, wanting to laugh at her foolish comment. "I murdered no civilians," he yelled out from behind the rocks, having successfully manipulated the young Kia into doing that. The stain of their deaths were on her and the deadly mouse droid she had concocted. The Inquisitor was right, however ... during the liberation of Esseles when the battle became too difficult he ran away. He would not be running away this day however. His retreat into the rocks was strategic, realizing it would most likely irritate her and cause her lust for the dark side to take hold of her. He believed that to be her weakness ... a weakness he would need to exploit if he were to win the day. When the boulder exploded, he crouched down into a defensive position, his hands immediately coming up over his head to shield it against the debris. A volley of rocks and pebbles slammed into him, causing him to groan in pain, but injuries were minor. He was bloodied beneath his robes, but the cuts were superficial. "Good!" he called out to her as he hurried through the terrain, gradually working his way back towards the side of the cliff near the waterfall where he had scouted the terrain. He felt he had the advantage fighting on his hand picked terrain. "Not scared of heights, are you?" he mockingly queried, as he moved dangerously close towards the edge himself.

Blinking a few times as she watched the two, she frowned. No he had not killed them. She had, but he had told her it was the right thing to do ... Kia felt sick, she did not want to watch this, her friend had used that trust. Looking back to the ship she wondered if she could sneak around it and back to the speeder some how. She could be gone before he got back, if he got back. The boulder exploding startled her, making her yelp in surprise, quickly clapping both hands over her mouth. Stupid, stupid giving away your position! Kia looked around quickly, hoping she had not been noticed, maybe this woman with the whip had been too focused on Ty. Could what she said be true, he was not worthy? Of that she wondered idly.

He must think she a fool to follow him recklessly towards the edge of that cliff. Despite being fueled by her loathing of that man and his self-denial, she was not an idiot. It was obvious he chose this location for a purpose, no doubt to be beneficial to him in some way, perhaps he had even set a devious trap for her. The Inquisitor leaped up effortlessly upon one of the larger boulders in order to properly survey the scene before her, keeping mind of anything that looked rather out of the ordinary. She was beyond frustrated, that rage clearly burning in her eyes, this Jedi was being ... so damn dodgy. Her lightwhip was heavily flicked down hard around her, burning large gashes into the terrain as she glared at Ty from her distance away. Not at all wishing to run blindly towards the cliff edge. "For an opponent who purposely called me out, you seem to be refusing to actually face me. Do you enjoy wasting my time?!" She angrily shouted at the other, another irritated flick of her whip as she impatiently waited. "You 'fight' like you have lived your life, like a coward, Jedi." She heavily stressed that word mockingly, as she believed he was everything but a Jedi.

Randi's eyes watched the sensors carefully, watching the blue dot representing Serine and the green dot representing Ty bounce around crazily. <Click>"Why didn't we bring snacks?"<Click> she asked of Kerrie as she continued to watch the battle unfold. <Click>"Um. What do we do if she loses? Run away, right?"<Click> she asked, as she turned to look over her shoulder at the Commando in the turret. She had the utmost confidence in Serine, but ... things happen! Her blue eyes went wide as she spotted another dot show up on her display. <Click>"Kerrie berry, something else is moving out there! Could be a trap."<Click> she reported, transferring her sensor log to the woman in the turret frantically.

Kerrie groaned when she heard Randi's nickname for her. She had been glad when the woman had been transferred from the Rodney family to Serine, so that she no longer had to deal with her. This reunion was not one that she enjoyed. Her Clawdite eyes focused on the third moving dot, wondering if the Jedi had perhaps brought in help for this fight. <Click>"I'll handle this!"<Click> she said as she dropped down from the turret, landing with an audible groan of pain as she impacted on the Darkened Oblivion's deckplating. She began to open the hatch, disregarding Serine's orders because she did not think the orders would matter if the Inquisitor was bushwhacked and killed. She took hold of her E-11 blaster rifle as she began moving towards the dot on the MFTAS readout in her helmet. Instinctively her hand went to adjust the weapon to disperse a stun coil, knowing full well the Inquisitor had questions that would need answers. Dead men told no tales.

Kia was paying more attention to watching 'the lady with the whip' not realizing that danger could still find her other than getting killed at this point. She edged a little closer to the woman, more out of curiosity than anything else, that weapon fascinated her. It was shiny, and dangerous. Therefore it required more investigation. Wisely, she thought so, Kia stayed to the deeper shadows, holding her backpack like one would a favorite stuffed animal. A sound from the direction of the ship drew her attention, the ramp was lowering... biting her lower lip she looked between the two again, before retreating back to where she had been. Trying to stay as unnoticed as possible.

Ty stood near the edge of the cliff watching the Inquisitor exert herself leaping onto a boulder like that. "You have wasted your life, Inquisitor ... wasting some of your time is a small price to pay," he said to her, mockingly as he held his lightsaber defensively in front of her. He gasped suddenly as he could sense the young Kia was in danger. He would have to move fast if he was going to be able to protect her. At this moment he became incredibly distracted, wishing he had taken her to the local spaceport to book passage to the Outer Rim. "I am right here!" he yelled to her, taking a few steps backward. A small group of rocks were kicked aside by his feet, falling off the cliffs and plunging to the pool of water below. It was a fitting location for a duel of this magnitude. "The Force is with me this day," he boasted, as he continued to antagonize her, realizing that he needed her to make the first move.

She could not believe the audacity of this man, and his refusal to actually fight her on common ground, instead wishing the route of a pathetic worm, goading her to come towards the cliff side. Serine flat out ignored the hypocritical spittle that spewed forth from him. Something seemed to be off momentarily, he became distracted ... in which she decided to take advantage of this moment. He wished to fight by the cliff? So be it, she would gladly fling his worthless carcass over the side in pieces. Capitalizing on that split second of distraction, the Inquisitor sprung herself from the top of the boulder, covering the majority of the distance between them in an instant. As she landed into in an offensive low crouch, her lightwhip was twirled with incredible speed, aided by her own skill but heavily influenced by the Force. Almost as if alive, a brilliant red coil twined towards Ty in a twofold attack. The blade being three meters long, it rolled and flew like a creature, slicing towards his arms then flowing around towards the back of his legs in a blur of crimson.

Major Kiley's MFTAS unit could spot the infrared presence of a living form behind the boulder. She stopped in her tracks and her free left hand moved down to her utility belt to unclip a glop grenade. Her thumb slid over the activator and it was set to contact detonation. She groaned painfully beneath her helmet, as her back was still badly bruised, as she chucked the grenade to the other side of the rock. Upon detonation the grenade would explode, spraying its contents over the surrounding area, which would ensnare any unsuspecting prey it was unfortunate to come into contact with.

Kia saw the explosive about when it was arcing down at her. Letting out a startled shriek as it exploded on contact with the boulder she was hiding with. Covered head to toe in the sticky web solution, looking positively miserable. "Ty!" was all she managed to yell out before the solution got her.

Ty easily parried the attack against his arm, sending his lightsaber to parry it. There was a *sizzle* as the blade of his lightsaber connected with her lightwhip, a weapon he was not entirely familiar with. His left hand was held up, telekinetically resisting it's urge to strike against him. It was considerably difficult and required most of his concentration. It was very likely it would not be something he would do for much of the fight. He could hear Kia call out to him, as they had bonded through the Force, and it unsettled him. The distraction was long enough for the attack against his leg to be successful, and he let out a pained cry as the energy tore through the back of his left knee. He dropped to one knee suddenly, closing his eyes to steady himself, as the pain became overwhelming. After a moment the burning subsided, but the damage to the back of his knee had all but immobilized him. Ty flashed a smile at Serine before he closed his eyes, lowering his head. His left hand reached into his utility belt as he produced the explosive that Kia had given to him. Preparing to become one with the Force, he detonated the explosive which immediately obliterated his once proud human form and unleashed a powerful wave of energy at the nearby Inquisitor. He felt it was his one last chance to kill the Inquisitor and spare Kia from her merciless wrath!

Serine had not realized there was a spectator secretly hiding, and soon as she heard the young girl scream, the Inquisitor believed it had been an ambush. Her attention snapped towards the sound, now divided between the chaos that was happening behind her and injured Ty before her. Unfortunately this unintentional diversion gave Ty the opening he needed to unleash a carefully concealed explosive, robbing her the satisfaction of ending his life after a rather unsatisfactory battle between them. The shockwave was intense, Serine was just barely able to instinctively throw up a haphazard Force shield, but it was not enough to save her concussion damage nor divert the roar of energy at pointblank range. The brunt of the explosion hit her dead on, jettisoning her backwards in a catastrophic impact that thrust her right off the edge of the cliff, likely Ty's intention all along. The Inquisitor lost consciousness for a moment, black crept across her vision then suddenly cleared as she found herself sailing downwards to an unfortunate demise. Near panicked, she lashed out towards the cliffside with the lightwhip, desperate to find any sort of crevice or rock outcrop to save her. The whip cut into the rock ineffectively, sliding downwards as she plummeted at increasing speeds, cutting long black ugly scars into the cliff side before finally gripping upon a long dead branch, but it did not hold her long as the lightwhip sliced through it, barely managing to halt her decent for more than a second. However, this gave Serine just enough leeway to clutch at a very narrow ledge sticking out a mere few centimeters from the cliffside. She dangled there helplessly, there was nothing else to grab hold of.

Randi completely freaked when she heard the explosion and was not entirely sure what to do. <Click>"Now she'll never talk to Commander Hood about those stim... Wait. Who am I talking to?"<Click> she asked herself, feeling quite confused. Her hands quickly moved to the repulsorlift controls and the ship clumsily lifted off the surface of Esseles and began cruising slowly off the rocks. She was panicked, worrying that her 'friend' had been killed in the battle. Fear that the Admiral would somehow blame her crept into her mind, wondering what was lower than flying a shuttle. As the Darkened Oblivion began to descend the cliff face she imagined being assigned to a Squib reclamation vessel. She gasped from beneath the cold, black helmet as she spotted Serine hanging on the cliff side and maneuvered the vessel's ramp to be alongside the woman so that she could easily jump. The dimwit had seemingly saved the day.

Major Kiley walked around the boulder once the glop grenade had detonated, keeping her E-11 at the ready as she was not sure what she would find. Her eyes went wide when she spotted the young girl hiding behind the rock. She remembered the reports from the attack on New Calamar and suspected this was the young female spotted with the man. <Click>"You are under arrest in the name of the Galactic Empire!"<Click> the diminutive Commando announced through the comm on her black helmet. She menacingly pointed the barrel of her blaster at the woman, but did not depress the trigger. <Click>"Identify yourself!"<Click> she bellowed, giving the trapped victim an opportunity to explain herself.

Kia still was hugging the backpack, trying to squirm in the sticky goop. She hated these grenades, looking at the business end of the rifle she squeaked again. The explosion ripping through the area got another scream more of surprise / panic than anything. Feeling Ty's death more than seeing it, she looked back at the Commando, struggling to get out of the mess even harder now. She had not registered that there were questions directed at her to that point, the sound of the explosion had blocked out most everything for a moment. Her gaze went past the Commando and rifle to the ship then back to the Commando. Sound returning to her world enough to catch 'yourself'. "Huh?" Swallowed hard, realizing very belatedly, that following Ty was the worst thing to do this time. "I-I'm.. Kia. Please let me go?"

Serine could not hold on for much longer, her future looking very dismal. Her entire body was numb, and she felt she could slip out of consciousness again at any moment. From what she could see as her vision began to blacken, was her ship flying in low with the ramp extended. She held on for as long as she could until her body just gave in, her hand slipping fully from the narrow ledge. Inquisitor Thanor's body fell like a lifeless mass, colliding with the ramp, giving a very sickening bone on metal *thud* as her form splayed out unconsciously upon it, and began to slowly slide down the ramp back to the awaiting abyss.

<Click>"No! No! No!"<Click> Randi shouted as she slammed her hands down onto the control panel when Serine's body began to fall. She immediately pushed down on the flight controls, sending the Darkened Oblivion down in a steep dive towards Serine's body. She is going to be pissed if I miss this, she thought to herself, swooping the ship upwards to envelop her just before she touched the murky water below. Once this was achieved her hand moved to the controls, sealing the ramp so that there would be no chance of Serine falling out again. Once that was done, she sent the vessel into a steep climb to return to their landing spot.

Kerrie tilted her head as she looked at the hapless Kia, wanting to laugh at her pathetic cries. <Click>"No!"<Click> she briefly replied before producing a pair of stun cuffs from her utility belt. She crouched down next to the young girl and grabbed for her arms roughly, attempting to ensnare her in the cuffs. She then began tugging at her backpack, attempting to pull the pack away from her. It was possible it valuable information that would include clues to their Rebellious activity on Esseles. Her hands roamed over her body forcefully, patting her down and searching for any weapons or other noteworthy items.

Kia flinched as the cuffs were fastened but did not resist them being put on, granted she knew she could take them apart and make them much more effective, that was beside the point. Glowering at the rough treatment, she was not carrying any weapons at all really, the contents of the backpack would seem innocuous to anyone who did not know what the random everyday items could be combined into, a spare jumpsuit, some hair ties, datapad and other normal things you'd find in a backpack. "Why not! I just followed here! I didn't do anything! I just wanna go home..."

As the ramp closed, Serine's limp form tumbled awkwardly down it, the lightwhip close behind... it was still activated. The long blade of the weapon lay still by Serine's side, burning an indention into the metal plates and grating, and slowly edging a little too close towards the Inquisitor's leg. A small bump in the flight path was all that was needed to cause a small section of the whip to make contact with Serine. The armorweave took the blunt of the impact, but the subsequent slow burning was not being prevented.

Randi was quite impressed with her flying and she successfully brought the Darkened Oblivion back towards their originally landing point. Instinctively as the ship touched down, her hand move towards the controls to lower the ramp. As she pressed the button she screamed, realizing what she had done, and the unconscious body of Inquisitor Thanor had been unceremoniously dumped from the vessel. She unstrapped herself from her seat and began to run towards the ramp. <Click>"Serry!"<Click> she yelled in a panic as she bustled to the bottom of the ramp, kneeling down to the woman who had seemed to be having a rough day.

Kerrie knelt down next to Kia and her hand moved into a sheath and she produced a Treppus-2 vibroblade that she menacingly held in front of Kia's face. It was just for a moment however, before the blade descended into the glop and began to cut her out of the liquid. Once she was freed from the substance, she grabbed hold of the young girl and hoisted her over her shoulder. She cried out in pain once again as her lower back strained from the weight of the young girl, and gradually she began carrying her towards Serine and Randi.

Blinking at the vibroblade, Kia flinched as it came down toward her, then realized she was cutting the mess away from her, "I promise I'll go away if you let me go. You'll never see or hear from me again. Ever." Yes, she was rambling, in that way that only she seemed to have perfected, "Really ... If you let me go. Poof. Gone. Never heard from again. I can go home. Happily live of Corellia and not bother anyone. Please?" She wobbled a little as she was picked up like a sack of vegetables. "I'm fully capable of walking. I could walk right over to my speeder and never be heard from again you know..." Realizing she actually ... could not ... walk out of there did not dampen the chatter. "Okay, maybe I can't walk out of here. You could fix that though!" Yelping as Kerrie almost dropped her, Kia lapsed into a sullen quiet deadweight attitude.

Serine still lay unconscious, now in Randi's arms. The woman was in terrible condition, no doubt broken bones and internal damage along with hideous burned marks across her right leg. It could be gathered that she needed quick medical attention.

<Click>"Stop whining,"<Click> Major Kiley ordered to her prisoner as she came upon Randi and Serine. She panicked slightly when she saw the Inquisitor's condition, wondering if she had perished in the onslaught. <Click>"Is she dead?"<Click> she asked Randi, as she began to climb up the ramp. Once she was inside, she slipped the young girl off her shoulders and strapped her in.

<Click>"Well she ain't going dancing!"<Click> Randi announced to Kerrie as she began to drag her body back onto the Darkened Oblivion. There was nothing gentle about what she was doing and it was as if she was loading produce onto a bulk freighter. <Click>"You need to lose weight!"<Click> the pooped pilot announced as she moved towards the cockpit and strapped herself in. <Click>"Everybody prepare for takeoff!"<Click> she announced as she lifted the ship off the planet and quickly rocketed towards the upper atmosphere.. It took only a moment for the hyperspace coordinates to be loaded and an instant later the ship blasted off on its way to the Brentaal system.

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