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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:16) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Marcus Rodney's chalet).
Lord Marcus Rodney and Lady Zara Rodney.

Marcus could not get Zara out of Leiliani fast enough. He may have set the record for fastest travel time between the city and the chalet. Nearly the entire youthful population of the city had turned out in spontaneous demonstrations of support, with some calling for Marcus to be immediately named regent due to his father's deteriorating conditions. The repairs to the chalet were complete, as the contractors had wanted to escape the frigid conditions and the uncomforted rumors of a sea monster lurking in the vicinity. After a long day of thinking, he found himself in the nursery, looking at the crib they had built together. Would Darrus even be allowed to use it when they moved back to the Castle? Or would an antique crib be produced made out of some precious metal or precious wood? These were the thoughts that weighed upon the heir apparent to the Duchy of Delaya, as he took a sip of his hot chocolate, which today was reinforced with a shot of alcohol.

A whole new tornado had struck with Zara's life. That tornado would be called Zara-Can't-Keep-Her-Mouth-Shut. Horrified feelings dominated her mind all the way home. She thought about asking Marcus to send a message that said: *Just Kidding*! If she had only listened to her husband and delivered the message another way, then this wouldn't have happened. While it didn't seem as if Marcus was mad at her, she was upset at herself. She hated the thought of paparazzi ruining their special moments with Darrus. She also greatly disliked the idea of moving back into the city. Even if the north was repaired, it would never be as busy as the city. Darrus would be safer here, even with Sir Tentacles lurking about.

It seemed the couple split to process their thoughts after arriving home. Zara consumed all the reports on the HoloNet, because she apparently enjoyed self-injury like that. Supporters seemed to be coming out of every nook and cranny. The wheels had been set into rapid motion. She imagined Julius, pushing for coronation with his last dying breath. After crying, writing angry responses to some of the commenters on the HoloNet, and unbraiding the entire length of her hair, she headed into the kitchen. There, she grabbed a bottle of some strong Alderaan whiskey, the milk bottle, and two shot glasses. She knew full well that she couldn't have any. With it in tow, she set herself wandering upstairs. She didn't even check for Marcus in their bedroom. She knew exactly where he would be.

In the nursery, Zara appeared in the doorway. She perched herself beside her husband, filled a shot glass, and handed it to him. Hers was filled with milk. She threw back the shot like it was filled with something less appealing than milk. "*Ohmygod, that's the good stuff*." She comically said. Zara was already refilling her drink for a second round of pregnancy-acceptable shots. After she drained the second, Zara set her glass down. She wrapped her husband up in her arms. Through his line of vision, she caught what he was looking at. "The crib is coming with us no matter where we go." She said softly. "How are you doing..?"

"*We* are doing excellent," Marcus said, practicing his noble tongue, as he described himself as a *we* rather than an *I*. He had adopted a mid-Core accent, which made him sound all the more pretentious as he spoke. He took the shot from her hand, and knocked it back quickly, adding to his already inebriated state. Smiling at her, he moved towards the crib, where he pulled out the baby blanket and draped it over his shoulders as if it were a cape. Next he took the baby rattle into his hand, and held it up, snobbishly as if it were a scepter. "It is I..." he began, before interrupting himself with an obnoxious burp. "...His Grace, the Duke of Delaya," he finished, before happily stumbling back towards the window seat. There was no doubt about it ... Marcus was *drunk*.

Ooooh, that mid-Core accent was rough. Zara made a face at his new voice. She'd seen videos of Julius speaking the same way. Those were the videos that made her want to rip her long, signature silvery hair out of her pretty little head. She watched him promptly crown himself the Duke of Delaya in all of his baby blanket glory. It was like watching a tiny piece of their coronation... And Zara still wouldn't be allowed to drink. She'd probably end up giving birth from the stress. Zara hopped up, catching him when he came stumbling towards her. With nothing prompting her, the pregnant woman began to laugh. She laughed like someone had told the most hilarious joke. "Duchess Zara." She laughed again. Together, the tumbling pair came crashing down on the window seat. Zara landed on top of Marcus, still laughing like an insane person until her sides hurt so badly that she had to stop. Noticing she was uncomfortable, she turned around and repositioned herself in his lap so she sat, straddling him, looking surprisingly bright eyed and bushy tailed. Her mouth met with his neck. She nibbled on him harder than normal. "Are you gonna divorce me? You totally should. You can marry up finally. Hot Princess Kaguya is waiting for you." Zara's imaginary arch nemesis, of course. "Or you could lose your mind with me. That's always an option."

Marcus' eyes locked onto a sorrowful sight as they tumbled, his lower lip quivering, before the tears began to flow. He had spilled Zara's milk and now he was crying over it. When she began to nibble on him, however, the tears immediately stopped and he began to becoming increasingly aroused by her playfulness and teasing. Everything was a little more intense and amplified for him when he was intoxicated. "No. I'm never going to divorce you, Zara," he said, as his hands moved around her, to ensure she would not fall as she positioned herself on his lap. Even though he was drunk, his overprotective nature was still with him, and he interlocked his fingers to secure, as if his arms were a harness. "You're stuck with me forever ... and ever ... and ever ... and ever ... and ever ... and ever," he taunted her, placing a kiss upon her with each pause.

Uh oh!! Why was he crying?! Drunk Marcus could understand Hormonal Zara...reason five-hundred-thirty-nine why they made such a good couple. She only realized he was crying over her milk when it soaked through the knee of her pants on her right side. She didn't care. She was preoccupied with making those tears end. Her biting ceased while he confessed that he wouldn't divorce her, despite the fact that Zara had driven the last nail into his Duke coffin. His arms helped stabilize her. Trust me, sometimes it's hard to determine how that added weight is distributed. Every kiss, every word, hit her like a ton of bricks. The youthful girl kissed him over and over again until he had run out of 'evers'. "Well ... fine! I guess I'll...I'll ... do this!" She darted forwards. Her teeth scraped over his earlobe to tease him. Nibbles followed, though these were less aggressive than her assault on his neck. "Can we be horrible and get impeached? There's so many balconies on the castle and the weather is just right..." She assaulted him more. "We'll be in so much trouble if we move there. I wanna stay here."

"They don't impeach hereditary nobility, Zara," Marcus explained, or rather tried to explain, as she assaulted his neck. Each work was a struggling to speak, as his urge was to giggle from the lovely nibbling. "That's called a revolution, or if we're not careful with Gaius, a coup," he said, perhaps revealing *too* much, as this alcohol had caused him to open up and present her his unrestrained, cold opinion of the political climate and his scheming rival of a cousin. "We can stay here, Zara. I *dare* them to follow us here to this insufferable cold with it's wolves and sea monsters and arctic chill," he said to her, as he allowed her to continue to ravish him, choosing to instead be the drunken toy for her amusement.

She laughed. "Yeah, I probably should have known that." This was one of those days where it was easier to act insane than deal with the truth. She couldn't be drunk with him, only ten feet off of her rocker. Zara was cruel in her assault on his body. There were love marks forming on his neck left and right. Still at his ear, she listened to his loose lipped remarks. She wondered how much information she could pump out of her intoxicated husband, and so, she prodded him. "What's Gaius' deal? You haven't told me much about him. He looked like a damn vulture the first time I saw him. If he wants Delaya so bad, he can take it. I'll gift wrap it!" No one was going to want to bother the couple up in their chalet. The Alderaan guards were still missing in action. None had been sent to replace them either. Zara wiggled until she could lock her legs around Marcus' waist. It was Zara maneuver number thirty-four. He couldn't possibly leave while she busily tongued his ear in a position that required him to literarily yank her off of him.

When she wrapped her legs around him and tongued his ear, Marcus began to helplessly moan as the sensations he was experiencing were overwhelming. As she was seated upon his lap she could easily discern just what an affect she was having on him. "Gaius is the only one of us that ever wanted to be Duke..." he said, once he finally remembered the question that was asked. "...which means he is the least suited for it," he continued, before stopping to unleash an especially intense moan as she tongued the most sensitive portion of his ear. "He is the commander of the guard. He is the one who sends Hanson to hound us. He's been slandering me for years to hurt my image and make me an unsuitable candidate to succeed my father..." he continued, but only after stopping her assault so that he could have a serious conversation with her. "With Claudius' Imperial ties and my scandals, he has been shaping his image as a sober, competent commander of the Alderaan Guard to project strength and leadership in uncertain times, and now ... now he has taken a well respected woman from Kuat society as a wife through an arranged marriage to increase his claim," he finished, before signaling she could continue her assault.

Zara loved exploiting her husband's weakness. She didn't lay off of him until he told her otherwise, continuing her vicious assault on his ear. That didn't mean she was paying any less attention to the words coming out of his mouth. She didn't need to formally meet Gaius to know she didn't like him. The information Marcus provided her was far more than enough for her to feel the urge to slap the guy in his face. She pulled back, looking him in the eyes. "I'm gonna beat that guy up!" She declared with pump of her small fist. "And then he won't be able to become Duke because I broke his face. That guy sounds horrible. We should go crash his wedding and ruin his life!" A tad bit dramatic, but Zara was an overprotective woman. She nuzzled her face right back into his neck where it had been. She nuzzled her nose against his ear. She sighed. "What is it with your family? I'm going to reach out and see if I have any distant, insane members of my family. I'm starting to feel left out." She smiled, placing a single kiss to his earlobe. "I know everything is insane right now... We'll figure it out. We're too awesome not to." And with that, she bit down on him once more. She might as well aid in numbing his mind with alcohol and pleasure.

It was hard to have a serious conversation when one person in it was nibbling on the other, but nevertheless, when she was not overwhelming him he tried his best to give her the information she was after. Marcus could not keep his hands to himself, and leaving one on her back to support her, the other began to move to her front, running over her growing stomach, and then further up to grope at her drunkenly. "Do not beat him, Zara. It will needlessly provoke an *incident* and cause us to surge of the HoloNet search rankings ... *again*," he pleaded, which he found almost impossible, as she was turning him on so much he could barely focus. "Do you really want to go? We've been invited, but I do not think we are expected. I assume Gaius would prefer it that way, to maintain the center of attention..." he speculated, before turning his head to look at her lustfully. His mouth then went towards hers, biting down upon her lower lip, and then forcing his tongue into a mouth where it engaged in a haphazard drunken dance with her tongue. His hips instinctively bucked, thrusting himself up against her, and grinding against her, which caused him to pathetically shudder against her. When the kiss broke, he looked at her, and smiled. "You are unique among the galaxy, my Zara, and I do not think the universe could handle more than one Ta'em at a time," he said sweetly, before the kisses resumed.

"Don't worry. I'll beat him up, then we can have a sex scandal that covers all the Gaius stuff up. See? Life is about compromises, Marcus." Right now, life was about how best to undress the love of her life so she could engage in certain scandalous activities with him. She shivered, whimpering for him to continue touching her. "I really want to go to the wedding. Let's show him that we don't care what he thinks. I will *try* not to punch his face. I make no promises. Mmm..." Speaking of center of attention, Zara's attention was going elsewhere fast. His biting, his kiss, his body...this was the point where she lost control. Her needy hands began the task of removing his clothing piece by piece. The wedding had quickly gone to the back of her mind. His sweet words inspired her to keep going. She was going to make love to him all night long. Long live the Duke?

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