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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:4:14) in the Spira system: Spira.
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Commander Sierra Rodney.

The trip to Spira had come out of the blue for Sierra Rodney. Due to her husband's injury, she had not been able to take her stepdaughter to the Max Rebo concert on Spira...something she had not heard the end of yet. The resort where Sierra had planned on staying called the prior day, explaining that they wanted to reschedule her visit. As much as it seemed like an act of kindness, it was really all about publicity. Sierra had been reluctant at first, correctly assuming that Drusilla would not want to accompany her to the resort planet without Max Rebo playing. She decided, instead, to take her husband on an actual vacation off of Delaya.

As much as she had thought and thought about how to destroy Papius, she simply couldn't come up with anything. The man had the upper hand in every way. She realized that she needed a vacation too. She saw this as a chance to complete check out for a few days. Perhaps the downtime would help her to see clearly again. At the very least, it would be fun to spend private time with Claudius and enjoy all the perks that came with it.

Sierra sat, happily, behind the controls of their shuttle. "We're almost there," she reported affectionately. She had been to Spira once previously when her mother had taken there for a bonding experience. Thankfully, the woman had gotten blackout drunk...thus creating the best family vacation she had ever had! As she lowered the shuttle down onto the planet, it's vast, gorgeous beaches greeted them. "My goodness. With all the sunlight my skin's been getting lately, I think I might manage to keep a tan year 'round." She snickered.

The trip to Spira concluded the longest period that Claudius had stayed in Delaya since before the Clone Wars. At first he thought they were returning to the Ringali Shell, as his wife had been cryptic about their destination. When they came upon Spira he was pleasantly surprised, as it afforded them a chance to relax outside of the watchful gaze of his cousin Gaius and Governor Arundel. He did, however, know how upset Drusilla was likely to be with this outcome. "Your skin is glowing, but it could also be the pregnancy," he told her, as he looked across the console and smiled at her. His hand reached over the control panel, gently stroking at her arm, as he watched their descent into the atmosphere. All of their enemies were light years away.

His comment made her very happy. Her eyes flickered towards him for a half second then back to her work. She didn't want to make a messy landing and kill them...because that really seemed to be the kind of luck they had lately! "Really?! I hope so. Can you believe that I'll be finished with the first trimester after this week?" Time was flying. Each day brought them closer to Bruce, a moment she anticipated but was happy to wait for. She took to pregnancy much more gracefully than her sister-in-law.

Sierra softly landed the shuttle and quickly began powering down the engines. She spotted a droid rolling up underneath the ship to collect their luggage while she undid her seatbelt and stood. Sure though, her ISB uniform had begun to cling to her growing stomach. She smiled down at her husband. "I hear the bathtubs at this resort are amazing." And we all know how much Sierra adores her joint bath time. The hatch of the shuttle opened up. The droid spewed a preprogrammed welcome message. Sierra pointed out the only suitcase they'd brought which held both of their belongings.

"Are you saying I need a bath?" Claudius asked her, as he playfully responded to her comment. He was amazed by Sierra's packing efforts, as he usually traveled with several bags when he packed himself. When they were landed he rose from his seat and then turned his attention to helping Sierra up from her seat. He held her by the hand, leading her down the ramp into the tropical paradise. He took a deep breath as he exited the shuttle, breathing in the air which was far less polluted than Delaya. Already he felt refreshed. "Excellent choice," he said to her, squeezing her hand, as he followed the droid towards the resort that Sierra booked. It had all the beauty and the freshness of the sea islands, but none of the pitfalls of assassins and Imperials.

Sierra innocently smelled the air and made a face which quickly transformed into a smile and laughter. Her finger slipped between his. Together, they made their way down the ramp and into the gorgeous atmosphere of Spira. She was pleased with her decision to take him with her. She could already see that it was doing him good. "Thank you, my love." The resort they were staying at was not far from the landing pad. The lobby was filled with aliens of all races, another reason why she had specifically picked this resort. It fell into line with both of their belief systems. No one was being mistreated there.

In fact, it was a female Wookiee who wore the reddest lipstick Sierra had ever seen who greeted them. She had crazy, blonde highlights as well. It was wonderful! The Wookie didn't need Sierra to tell her who she was, she already knew. "Duke Claudius, Duchess Sierra, welcome to Spira!" She said. The droid raced in front of them towards their room. "Please, follow me to your room. Let me know if I can get you *anything*." On the way towards the suite, Sierra noted an ice cream machine filled with Zara's favorite Auntie Mae's. She wondered what would happen if she ever developed a pregnancy craving...a weird one like escargot! Would there be escargot everywhere? The Wookie was talking again. "Upon reviewing your reservations, we decided to upgrade your suite free of charge. The one you had listed is for our... Other guests." Sierra looked towards the woman...what!? She picked the one that she specifically did for the bathtub. Before Sierra could object and perform a Drusilla-like tantrum, the Wookiee led them to a suite located in its own wing of the resort. She brought them through a door, revealing several different rooms. It was so big! It looked like they could have had the whole family move in and *still* had room. "Uh...Thank you..." Sierra spoke quietly.

It seemed they were known everywhere. There was nowhere in the galaxy where they could travel without being recognized. Privacy and seclusion had become foreign concepts. Perhaps even the Unknown Regions were no longer a safe haven for them. The image of Auntie Mae's ice cream populating this world made him roll his eyes, unable to believe how that ambitious ice cream maker had capitalized on his family's name to launch an intergalactic ice cream empire. Not even there a few minutes and they were already the beneficiaries of an upgrade. The suite they were provided was magnificent ... truly worthy of beings of their import. There were rooms for their rooms, and the view was so spectacular that they could see far enough to strain their eyes. The Wookiee stood there silently, until finally tipped by Claudius who rarely carried credits provided her the financially incentive to leave.

The Wookiee stayed long passed her welcome. It got awkward before credits took her away. "Goodness, we could have brought the whole Rodney family." Sierra laughed at her own lame joke. Before she got too far, she paused to remove her boots. They were becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. She suspected that, by the end of her pregnancy, she'd be wearing something else with her uniform. The young Duchess linked hands with her husband once more to explore around the paradise they've been given. "Top suites like this have private access to a slab of beach." She explained to him. "I use the word 'private' loosely." Sierra stopped in the doorway to the refresher. There was, indeed, a large tub. There was also a shower built for *two*. She spotted, placed on the countertop in a basket of soaps, was a box of condoms. The sight of them made her laugh so hard that she snorted. "You're gonna have to use those, Claudius. I'm not on birth control. Risks and all." She nudged him. "What do you want to do *first*? I'll do anything you want."

"Should we have?" Claudius asked, sounding guilty about leaving the children behind. "More beaches?" he said, as he moved towards the window, casting his gaze down at the sand below. "Before too long you'll be bronze," he said, his hand never leaving her's, as he latched onto her. His eyes moved across the room to the protection, which were a little too late. Not that he minded that she had gotten pregnant. He reached for the box, before moving towards the balcony. Off the railing they went, crashing to the ground at such a speed that they would have killed anyone had they hit them. "Oops," he cried out to Sierra, as he returned to the suite. "What do *you* want to do?" he asked her, as he began to peel himself out of his grey-green Imperial uniform.

"We can go retrieve the children tomorrow, if you'd like. It'll give us a day alone, and a couple days with them. It might spare me the full wrath of Drusilla too." Sierra happily watched him eliminate the box. It went soaring off into the atmosphere at light speed. It really was going to kill anyone it collided with. Sierra smiled, shrugging her shoulders. "Sticky fingers." Out of sight, out of mind. She was much more pleased with watching Claudius remove his uniform. She had never seen the Imperial uniform as erotic until she saw *him* in it. That didn't mean she was sad to see it go. "What do I want to do..." She thought, in a happy lull while watching her husband reveal his body. She, too, began to take off her uniform. It was growing more and more uncomfortable. She needed to get it tailored before she began to spill out of it. When she wore nothing except her underwear, she crossed the room to their suitcase. She briefly dug in it, for it was so organized it'd given a person with OCD a wet dream. She found her bikini and his swim trunks. "I want to go enjoy a Spira beach with you." She decided, sliding off her panties. She tossed them in his lap playfully. "Then, before we have a scandal of our own, we'll return to our room where I'll *really* make you relax." Nude, she offered him his trunks.

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