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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:F3:3) in the Brentaal system: Javaal and Revelation.
Inquisitor Jessa Thrope and Prav Ulmgo.

Javaal ... the seventh planet in the Brentaal system and the furthest from the Brentaa star. Millennia ago it was the location of a minor battle during the Cold War, but today it was nothing more than a lifeless ball of ice. The frozen surface was pockmarked with craters from impacts of the various meteors and comets that regularly passed through the outer edge of the system. In one crater lay the remains of an Arquitens-class light cruiser, whose hull was half buried in the snow and ice. The half that was visible was scorched from battle and still painted in the colors and insignia of the fallen Republic and Jedi Order. The vessel had been derelict for nearly two decades, but minimal power remained online for life support, food preservation, and heat. Inside there was minimal emergency lighting that barely illuminated several feet at a time in low shades of red. There were relics from the Clone Wars scattered about, including clone trooper armor and weapons of all sorts. Many of the electrical panels were open, revealing loose wiring where makeshift repairs and jury rigging had allowed the vessel to maintain the limited function that it had.

There was now just one habitant ... a human male in his mid-30s. Once a Padawan during the war, he had taken flight during the Battle of Brentaal when his master was killed and he found himself too scared to fight when he was only twelve years old. For over 20 years he had been hiding in isolation on the frozen world, becoming increasingly disturbed and paranoid. His once youthful features had faded, and his face was now covered in a scraggly, unkempt beard. His hair had grown out and his numerous failed attempts at cutting it had resulted it an uneven, misshapen layering that rounded out his hermit-like appearance. There was both an intensity and a distance in his green eyes that defined his visage, though his eyelids now only opened narrowly as a result of two decades in an artificial light. His body was weak and gaunt ... a product of living on a planet with far less gravity than he was accustomed to and only eating the minimalist of rations. Lastly, he wore the distinct white and brown robes of the Jedi Order, which had by now become worn, tattered, and stained from overuse and lack of care ... like him.

The disgraced Padawan had made it no further than this frozen rock at the edge of the system, lacking the skill to successfully operate the hyperdrive. He had not spoken to anyone in almost 22 years, and if he needed to speak he might not even remember how. He had not heard of the events of that had transpired since his flight and was unaware the Clone Wars had ended and still believed the Jedi Order and the Republic to be standing. His emotional and social development had stopped and when he closed his eyes he still saw himself as a pre-teen. He was huddled around a heater, slowly eating a bowl of soup, as he often did, unaware and oblivious to the proximity alarm that was flashing on one of the displays on the bridge terminal. The Padawan hermit was about to have company for the first time since arriving on his new home, the place that he had lived longer than any other in his life, but it would not be at all what he was accustomed to.

It was questionable why those on the run always selected the worst planets to live. Jakku? Tatoonie? Javaal? Dare we even talk about the ice planet Hoth? It may have been picturesque in its prime, but it sure as hell went to the shitter after the Thought Bomb crisis. Jessa Thrope's parade had been rained on when her search for a special holocron had led her to a planet that was a literal ice ball. The first sight of it through the cockpit's frontal shield of her TIE Advanced v1 earned a deep sigh from the Lepi and a thump of her foot. It was much worse than she had expected. The fur she was naturally born with wasn't going to be enough to keep herself warm. Her deep aversion to clothing was a hurdle she was working over. She thought the time away from the Death Star and working directly with Darth Vader would be like a miniature vacation. In truth, she had soared through the ranks of Sith Inquisitors. Despite her age, Jessa was always rising to every challenge, every assignment, that she was given. The past six months, however, had been spent aiding a new dawn of Inquisitors. Training wasn't Jessa's thing. Trainees had to be broken and modeled into perfect Sith. Killing was so much more adventurous. Even missions like these were infinitely better than training. It had taken time for Jessa to locate the holocron. Now that she was landing on Javaal, it called to her from across the icy planet.

With the Force on her side, Jessa didn't have to waste months combing the entire planet for the needle she desired. Instead, the call of the holocron gave her a vague idea of its location. She didn't even land her ship until she saw the particular crater that attracted her so. It could still take a lengthy amount of time to find the holocron, so she didn't get excited. There was nothing saying that the holocron was waiting on the surface with a big *here I am* note on it. For all she knew, the holocron was located beneath the surface of the planet and she would spend the next six months desperately drilling into the planet. However, Jessa was in for a strain of luck. How probable was it for there to be the remains of an old cruiser in the very same crater her desired item was supposedly hidden in? Slim to none. The ship wasn't in great condition. Half of it had become one with the planet while the other half was seared and blackened. She noticed that the ship was not dormant. Her retrieval trip may involve murder after all.

The hum of the TIE's engine was masked by the whipping wintery winds. She landed a safe distance away from the cruiser in the event that it was merely a lure. The Lepi sensed something along with the holocron, through the pull of the holocron was so strong that there was no way for her to be sure what it was. Her fingers ran down the length of one ear thoughtfully. She didn't know that she was able to stumble on a cute little coward.

Jessa reluctantly layered up. Her normal attire, consisting of petite, sultry pieces, had been hung up for something warmer. A pair of light lavender thermal leggings tugged tightly over her legs. The one-piece outfit she wore over it fit like a swimming suit at the bottom. It clung to her body. Its long sleeves extended all the way down the length of her arms. The one-piece portion of her outfit was a deeper purple with occasionally strip of black. Her fluffy white tail was the only portion of her body that wasn't covered. Her paws were currently hidden in dark gloves. With great reluctance, she suited up in her boots. She even wore a fur-lined leather coat with a hood to cover her massive, soft ears. She dreamed of warm carrots and a comfortable bed. Her dreams would come true as soon as she had finished her mission.

And so, the young Sith Lepi made quick, large leaps through the snow. She wasted no time in finding an old entryway into the cruiser. Granted, the door was frozen shut. She had to patiently use the Force to rip the door from its old, cold hinges. The first fact she noticed before entering the ship was that the interior wasn't as cold as it should have been. In fact, the Lepi felt warmth. The warm didn't ward away the cold, but it was there nonetheless. It was all the reassurance she needed to know that someone else had made the cruiser their home. The information wasn't enough to scare her. In fact, she started rooting through the hobo's home immediately to loudly announce her arrival. The rabbit-female was on the prowl. She moved through the cruiser with the kind of authority that said she already owned it. The way she held herself spoke volumes about her confidence. At only thirteen years of age, she was already dangerous. She found that little Jedi hermit with his pants down...errr, with his dinner in his hands. He wore the distinct brown robes of a pure Jedi. In Jessa's head, she was already reaping the praise Darth Vader would give her when she brought a dead Jedi to the Death Star. "My, my, my. I didn't realize I was looking for two ancient relics..." Thanks to the hood of her jacket, most of her image was obscured. Her twitching pink nose was visible. There may have been a smile on her face. Regardless, her unlit double bladed was in her hand.

The Padawan's senses had atrophied from years of isolation aboard the small craft on the frozen world, and he did not sense her until she was all but upon him. The dominant emotion she would immediately sense take hold of him was fear ... not fear because of the fact that she was a Sith, but fear simply because she was a person. It had been so long since he had come in contact with another living, breathing soul that he immediately scurried away towards the corner of the room, causing the bowl of soup to fall from his grasp, shatter, and splash the contents. He blinked at her several times, attempting in vain to focus his pupils on her small, feminine form in the dimly lit room. He was out of practice and he turned to his practical senses, rather than the Force. It was only after a few erratic moments of silence in which all was heard was his panting did he begin to sense who and what she really was. There was a familiarity to it, which reminded him of his youth and the dark time surrounding the start of the war. His hand instinctively moved towards his belt, where a small, varnished metal cylinder was clipped. In an instant it was raised in front of his body and with a *snap hiss* a fluctuating blue blade began to emanate from the tip, illuminating his disheveled face into better view for her. He held the lightsaber clumsily, without the skill of someone with complete training, and the tremors in his body caused the lightsaber to move back and forth slowly. "Are you..." he began, nervously, sounding quiet and weak with a voice that trembled even more than his body. "Are you with the Separatists?" he asked, tilting his head, unable to see what was beneath the food, other than her distinct nose.

Oooh, he tasted so good. Jessa was instantly feeding off of his fear like she was at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Unlike him, the Lepi was relying off the Force to help her see him. It was dark, yet he made such a ruckus when he moved to the corner of the room. There was no challenge here for Jessa. The time the man spent desperately trying to bury himself into the wall of the ship could have been spent slicing limb from limb. Instead, Jessa let the distance between them remain. She felt over the weak man. It felt like he hadn't even tapped into his inner power in decades. If nothing else, it was disappointing. The man could have been a challenge for her. In her eyes, he was only a trembling weakling. He couldn't even properly hold his lightsaber! Her face collided with her paw. The newbies she'd trained last week were better than him. Considering that she was teaching a kindergarten class...that was pathetic!

"Are you really going to use that against me?" Her voice was silky and smooth. Her free paw reached out. She called to his lightsaber. First, the blue blade disappeared. Secondly, it flung out of his hand with a rough, whipping force of a hurricane. The small cylinder landed in her hand. Seeing that the challenge was nearly nonexistent here, Jessa put both lightsabers on her belt. "The Separatists?" She questioned back at him. "Have you really holed yourself up here for that long, Jedi?' Jessa gave no additional information about herself, however, she did open up her paw. She emitted a strong push of the Force which mashed him against the wall. If he wanted to be one with it, that was something she could arrange. She made her way towards him. Her boots clicked against the ground until she came to a pause roughly an inch away from his face. "I work with Darth Vader. I came here looking for a special object. Maybe you'll be a good boy and tell me where it is?" There was potential inside the man. Deep, deep down beneath the cowardly lion was a beast worth not killing. The wheels in Jessa's mind were turning.

The cowardly Padawan was no match for the Inquisitor and could only watch helplessly as his lightsaber was pulled from his weak grasp. Before he could react, he felt a pressure against his body that eventually began to swell until he was pinned against the durasteel bulkhead. He let out of a groan of displeasure as his weak, lethargic frame was pressed against the cold, unrelenting durasteel. "How long?" he asked, as he tilted his head slightly to get a better view of the malicious young woman. "How long has it been?" he wondered, struggling unsuccessfully against her telekinetic grasp. "Darth Vader? Object?" he repeated her words, sounding both disoriented and confused as he was genuinely unsure what she was talking about. Within the disabled light cruiser there was indeed a holocron, which he had used from time to time to keep full madness at bay with lengthy one sided conversations. He had gotten no real worth out of it, nor did he see the value in it, so he was unable to put two and two together in this case. His head hurt tremendously, as the entire situation threatened to overwhelm and unnerve the already traumatized hermit, who found himself desperately swallowing in an attempt to whet his palette, which had gone bone dry from fear.

He could be trained, she told herself. If he was properly toughened up, then maybe he could become something. If he had been trapped here since the Clone Wars, most of the Jedi code had likely naturally washed away. She found it odd that he clung to wearing his Jedi garb. It was destroyed and disgusting...kind of like him, huh? The man needed a good shave. She couldn't say that she didn't find him amusing. It may have been his potential or maybe it was the simply primal need for a mate. Regardless, she was putting a plan together. Jessa would make the man strong. She could hide him away from her master within the cruiser. Currently, the Lepi was the only one who knew of the Jedi man. She needed a trump card should the tides turn. After all, her loyalty wasn't entirely tied up in Vader. Like any other Sith, she desired power. Like any other Sith, she would betray the other Inquisitors for a better occupation.

This was the Jedi's lucky day.

"You poor old man. It's been at least a decade, maybe two since you've left your little cruiser. There are no Jedi left. They were hunted and killed to extinction. You're a dying breed, my dear." Her gloved paw ran across the side of his scruffy face slowly. She had yet to release her hold. "Don't worry. I won't hurt you. You can be my little secret." Finally, she released him from the wall. As badly as she wanted to find the holocron, Jessa wasn't in a hurry. She had hoped to enjoy herself during her time away from the Death Star. What was more enjoyable than showing a Jedi why emotions were so good? "Take me to where you sleep." She demanded. Her ship was many things. Comfortable was not one of them.

"No," was all the Padawan could muster from between his weary lips at the suggestion that the Jedi had been wiped out. When he fled the order there were more than 10,000 Jedi and he thought her suggestion was a lie to deceive him. It had been more than 20 years since he had sensed the presence of another or felt any connection to the living Force and this creature before him, while clearly a dark stain of evil, was also something more ... something that some primordial desire within him yearned to know more about and discover. The touch he felt on his face was the first time a member of the opposite sex had ever touched him, and even though it was innocuous and separated by the material of her glove, it stirred something deep inside of him. His heart began to beat more rapidly, no longer out of fear but of something else he himself had not before experienced and could not describe. There was a flash of red to his cheeks visible beneath the spotty beard that covered most of his face, making him appear dirtier than he actually was. "Don't hurt me," he pleaded, his voice oozing with patheticness, as he weakly led her down the small corridor that led to the room he had slept in these many years, whose number he lost count. The room was modest, and was large in size as it had been meant to sleep much more than just him. It was a warship and therefore the room was cold and dark, with modest furniture, an uncomfortable bed, and only a handful of personal possessions that belonged to him and his deceased master. "Here is where I sleep," he said to her, as he stepped forward to give her a better view. He did not know why she was here, what she wanted, or why she wanted to see this place ... but she had displayed her power and he would not defy her.

There was nothing but proof for the words she spoke to him. Jessa would teach him about the new world within the safety of the ice planet. Standing before him, the Lepi smelled the change in him. He was scared and frightened beyond believe. There was a flare of something else...another emotion that Jessa could eat up all day; lust. The virgin Jedi was curious about a creature with fur so soft it might make him weep. She had been desirable amongst her fellow Inquisitors, yet she refused to share her bed. Underneath her gloved paw, she could feel his heart beat escalate. He was already playing into her paw without much effort from her. The question was, was the man ready for what the bunny had to give? His sad pleas stirred that demon inside of her. "I can't promise that." She whispered.

She eyed the dark cruiser while they moved towards where he slept. The cruiser needed help. Jessa didn't like how cold it was. She also didn't favor the fact that it was frozen to the planet. She needed to make improvements to the ship should she decide to keep it...that included a new bed. Her deep brown eyes took in the large room. She wondered if her holocron was hidden somewhere in this room. There were some trinkets and personal possessions in the room. As much as the holocron continue to call her name, desires called her name louder. Sith prided themselves on acting on passions. Jessa was no different. "This is a horrible home." She commented with a groan. The Lepi left him standing in the room while she sat on the edge of the old, uncomfortable bed. She crossed a leg over the other, slowly stripping off one boot, then the other. "And sadly better than my ship. I'll be staying with you tonight. What did you say your name was..?" She didn't stop shedding her clothing. Her gloves came next followed by her jacket. Fawn and white fur was revealed along with floppy, large ears. "Find your most valuable possessions and bring them to me. If you find the one I want, I'll give you a reward." She laid back on the bed. "Good luck."

A deep sense of discomfort came over him as he watched the Inquisitor move through his room. No one had ever set foot in there before, and there was something about her touching his things that made him all the more uncomfortable. As he watched her sit on the bed a lump in his throat began to build, making it almost impossible to swallow. As she began to strip and reveal the fur that lay beneath a look of lust and longing came over him, causing his mouth to slowly open, and remain so, until small drops of drool began to form at the corner of his mouth. Down below his penis began to stir, and press uncomfortable against the rough cloth of his robes ... when he last saw a woman he had not yet developed sexually ... this was a day of firsts and new experiences for him. "My name is Prav. Who and what are you?" he asked, as he moved towards a small cabinet to rummage for something of value for the woman. He began tossing empty cups and plates aside in various directions before coming towards the holocron that he had used to pass the time on lonely evenings. "Here. I have this," he said, before he offered it up to her, far too easily. He offered it up with bost of his waiting hands, before coming to a halt in front of her, waiting, but not sure for what.

This wouldn't be the last time he watched the Lepi brush her paws all over his stuff. The poor man was going to be stuck with reminders of her, whether she was there or not. As she laid on his bed, her scent began to cling to the sheets, the mattress, and even his pillow. She wanted him to long for her when she was away so she purposely rolled in his blankets like a happy bunny in summer's first warm grass. Her estimated math told her that this man had never had a female. He was so pathetic and wimpy. Jessa really could do better than him. Soon, she came to settle in the middle of the bed with one leg crossed over the other. She watched him, mouth open wide, drooling over a woman who would soon let him feel her fur. "My name is Jessa. I'm a Lepi. Do you like it?" She questioned him, reaching a paw up to stroke over her own long, soft ear.

The man, now deemed Prav, was working to get his reward. Jessa watched him dig through his possessions. He did a stellar job earning his reward. The first object he brought to her emitted in power. Before she laid a paw on it, she knew he had found what she wanted so bad. The mission was done. She should have turned her back on the Jedi and left him in a lustful heap. Her paw brushed against his hand lightly as she took it from him. She eyed the object, slowly fingering the intricate designs in it. "Oh, Prav.." She began to smile. "You are a good boy. This is what I've been looking for." She inched off of the bed. She set the holocron on the first clear surface she found. She wouldn't forget it. "I guess that means..." Her paw ran over the top of her one piece suit. She slid a sleeve down off of a furry, fawn shoulder. "You get a reward." The suit began to slowly, slowly slip down her arms until she could pull her arms out. Her hands gripped at the cloth that covered her breasts though she didn't reveal them to him just yet.

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