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Christopher Levy, Sarah Riggs-Shute, and Matt Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:7:7) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Doctor Cole Shuura, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Flight Captain Randi Trainor.

Captain Randi Trainor excitedly hurried through the corridors of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite, her black uniform fairly wrinkled and her uniform cap barely on top of her head. Her blonde hair was tied into two pigtails, but they did not fall below the shoulder in accordance with Imperial regulations. The smile plastered upon her face stretched from ear-to-ear and threatened to tear her face in two. As she arrived outside of the office of Doctor Cole Shuura, she suddenly stopped short, nearly toppling over as she ceased running. Raising her gloved hand to the durasteel door, she began pounding her fist on it obnoxiously, rather than simply pressing the button on the panel beside the door. "Doc Shuura? Hellooooo?" she asked, continuously pounding on the door.

Doctor Shuura, hunched over in his office, was concentrating. He twisted a corner of his mouth up and squinted his right eye as if it helped him think. He had figured out the perfect plan to solve an ongoing problem. His time spent at Collective Commerce University obviously did not go wasted. Just as he was ready to make his move, the pounding on the door interrupted his thoughts. The possibility of ignoring it rose to the surface of his mind for only a moment before he sighed and raised up to his full height, an unimpressive one and a half meters. He ensured his attire, which because of its colorful blumfruit and imperial patch did leave an impression, was in order before hurrying to the door to answer the excited knocks. The site that he took in, left him blinking.

Randi gasped audibly at the sight of Doctor Shuura ... her favorite Imperial Holovision star. "Oh boy!" she said excitedly, as her smile grew even wider to reveal her pearly-white teeth. It only took her a moment to surge forward and leap in the air, tackling her beloved celebrity to the durasteel deck below. "I can't believe you're really here, Doc!" she said, as she pinned him to the ground and smiled down at him. Her young cheeks were flushed red, and her blonde pigtails were hanging down into the man's face ... her heart was literally racing and she could not remember the last time she was that excited about anything.

Not expecting a sudden leap, Doctor Shuura put up his arms to catch the lady, but was unable to hold her and went down with a thud. The impact knocked the wind out of him and his defensive measures left his hands up on her hips as he duly stared up at his admirer. He slowly analyzed her posture and expression, looking for intent but could not settle on anything between excitement, lust or possible homicide. In light of all things, he merely waited to see what played out.

After a few moments of staring down with the utmost admiration, she began to climb off him, but unfortunately, she did not have experience with dismounting and her knee found it's way into the man's most sensitive areas. With some effort, she finally pushed herself up, unwittingly driving her knee more severely down into the crotch as she put her weight upon that leg while standing. "I need to talk," she said, as she sauntered over to the nearest chair with the energy of an over-stimulated child. Plopping down, she sat on it backwards, wrapping her leg around the back of the chair, and placing her chin squarely upon the top of the back for support.

A grin crept across Doctor Shuura's face as the exchange of silence continued. It did not last long before everything went white. A devastating blow to the unknown region lit his world up beyond his pain tolerance. He rolled to one side, cursing the two words of huttese he knew. He could not say much as he took in large gulps of air. He knew the Empire would most likely be the death of him, but he did not expect this.

"Oh no!" Randi exclaimed as she looked down at the Doctor from the comfort of her chair, completely oblivious to what happened. "Are you OK, Doc?" she said, tilting her head to one side like a primitive creature as she struggled to understand what was going on. "C'mon! Walk it off! Walk it off!" she encouraged him, before turning her attention back to herself. "Anyway. I keep having nightmares. Is that something you can help with?" she asked, shaking her head back and forth as she began to explain her problem.

The pain lingered. Meaning that the pain, beginning at the level of a bantha trampling, lessened to something easier to handle like ... a nexu mauling. She had, however, said the magic words. The phrase  'walk it off' was one he used a lot on his show. A male would learn that the female of his life was secretly a different species than he believed and Doctor Shuura would tell him to  'walk it off'...walk the pain off. It would be hard to ignore it now that he was receiving the call, even if the pain was physical. In response to the advice (or taunt, he had not fully decided), he slowly came up to a knee, and then walked over to his desk, where he sat on one end and took in a deep breath. After two or ten of these, he addressed her, "I 'm okay. And of course I can help you with your problems. Tell me," he winced, still remembering the pain. "What are these dreams about?"

"Well you see Docy-poo, the other day I had to fly to Prak-" Randi began, but then stopped suddenly when she realized she was about to say a 'no no' word. "Oh no!" she said out loud in a panic, a gloved hand coming to cover her mouth as she went into panic mode. "I mean I had to fly to *somewhere* with ... uh-uh-uh ... *someone* ... yeah!" she said, pulling her hand away as she verbally danced around what she could not say. "But when I got there these people ... yeah ... people ... dragged me from the Dark-," she again stammered, flapping her gums as tried to stop herself from giving too much information. "Dragged me from the ship! Yeah. And then they was going to exe-me-cute me," she continued, not quite getting the word right as she recounted the horrors she had been subjected too. "But not just me. But also the nexu I was transporting!" she exclaimed, starting to tremble as the event was replayed in her mind. "Can you believe that, Doc? They was gonna shoot me and the kitty! Jerk faces," she said, pursing her lips together in a pathetic pout. "Anyway. I don't sleep so good no mores..." she concluded, exhaling in a huff, as she let her head hang over the back of the chair.

As she started talking, Doctor Shuura, took mental note of her saying one too many details and slid across his desk to his seat proper. Once there he slid his hand under the desk, ensuring the device was on. "In these times, I do believe these things to be possible. What I have a hard time believing is that they'd want to harm something so adorable ... and the nexu? Well, maybe he deserved it, " he spat out with a wink. "Either way, what you are experiencing is totally normal. When you sleep at night, your dreams reflect your memories and serve as warnings for the future. Without dreams one is doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over. My first recommendation is to change your surroundings. To serve such a fearful woman is not healthy. Why would she even bring you to such a place and leave you to such experiences? My first thought is the relationship is one sided and unhealthy."

Randi began bouncing in the chair, causing the metal legs to bounce roughly against the deckplating, causing a cacophony of scraping noises to fill the room. "Did you ... did you say I'm adorable? Oh my gosh! Os my gosh! Oh my gosh!" she said in unabashed jubilee, her cheeks flushing as red as a dying star as she stared across the room. She allowed the chair to fall forward, and awkwardly she stumbled forward, walking bow-legged as it collapsed to the ground between her legs. When she approached Doctor Shuura, she puckered his lips and began to kiss him on the face in rapid, uncontrollable succession. "Muah! Muah! Muah!" she said, as she kissed him on the lips, the cheeks, the nose, and even the eyes. "You got it, Docy-poo! Maybe I can be your pilot, huh? You and me ... alone in the shuttle ... with only the stars?" she cooed, before hurrying out of the office to talk to the Inquisitor about his recommendations.

Doctor Shuura had little more time to explain the situation or even react to her actions. He spent a good moment logging the kisses to memory before turning off his device and standing up. He returned to the greater problem at hand. It took him a moment but he remembered the solution to the problem. To solve it, he pulled open a drawer to his desk and pulled out his water bottle, featuring the logo to his college Astrobatics team. He turned his diploma, hanging seemingly straight on his wall. "Moment of truth," he said ominously before dripping water onto the frame. He watched. It beaded up and ever so slowly rolled left. Doctor Shuura frowned, and tried again, further to the right with similar results. It could not be true, but all evidence now pointed to a conclusion. He had hung his frame and it was not straight.

Randi was singing a Corellian pop song, as she skipped along happily through the corridors of the Star Destroyer Warspite. It had been a long time since she had developed a crush on someone, especially someone who thought she was adorable. The word had been plastered in her brain and was being shouted by a chorus of unseen voices as she gleefully made her way to Inquisitor Thanor's quarters. When she arrived, she rubbed a glove-fisted hand to the door and began to pound upon it. "Serry! Serry! Open up!" she begged, her patience all but eroded, as she waited for the door to be opened.

This intrusion by Randi was highly irregular and unexpected. Her pilot rarely visited her chambers with only one occurrence coming to mind. The obnoxious banging on her door was answered as the door slid open revealing a rather annoyed Inquisitor but Randi was still a welcomed sight. Her pilot was far more agreeable than the majority of the occupants on board the Warspite. A quick look to the other, making sure the woman was at least free from food spoiling her attire before Serine allowed the other to bound inside. Almost anything could likely get Randi this excited, and thus the Inquisitor was dreading the conversation that was about to take place. "I have far better things to do than listen to your dribble, Randi." Though Serine at least gave her Pilot a chance, the last time they met like this, she became privy to a forced stimulant abuse conspiracy in which she quickly remedied. "But ... perhaps I could spare a moment for you. Go ahead." Said as she eyed Randi expectantly but with low expectations.

"Oh thanks, Serry!" Randi squealed with delight, as she stepped forward and wrapped both of her arms around Serine in a tight, girlish hug. "So ... yeah ... I just got done chatting it up with Doctor Shuura ... whose super awesome by the way if you didn't already know ... and he was like you're mean and stuff," she began, talking way too fast, as she been completely excited by her time with the Doctor. "And basically he was saying you're fearful and that I like shouldn't serve you and all. Oh! Oh! Oh! He also it said it was really messed up for you to take me to Prakith," she said, but then suddenly gasped as she realized she said the P-word. "But it's OK! It's OK! I totally didn't say Prakith! But yeah, he says I shouldn't do that stuff anymore," she said, nodding her head so emphatically that her hat nearly fell off and her pigtails began to flail wildly. "But then he said I was adorable, so I like totally think he has the hots for me. He's all about this. So maybe I could be his pilot?" she said proudly, looking up at the Inquisitor and placing both of her hands on her hips as she excitedly waited for permission.

Randi's hug was completely ignored as if it had never happened, though she was growing more irritated by the minute the longer her pilot stayed. However, Serine stood uncharacteristically silent as Randi continued her rambling for what seemed like eons, but the Pilot 's words were not glossed over in her mind, every single one was completely absorbed. Captain Trainor had a way of talking that needed to be decoded, every fumbled syllable that would appear nonsensical actually held meaning to the flaky and erratic pilot. Perhaps a bit of investigation was in order before she sentenced a likely painful judgement... just so she was perfectly *clear* on Randi 's asinine suggestions. "Very well *Captain*..." Serine purposely emphasized her title since it was solely the influence of Serine that allowed Randi to be promoted at all. "This is a great opportunity for you. I 'm sure this ... Doctor Shuura will be beneficial to your career." Serine 's words were completely devoid of her infamous anger, and were said rather casually. "So let me just make sure I understand correctly ... is this what you wish?" It was becoming increasingly difficult for the Inquisitor to keep a calm demeanor, and perhaps if Randi was more clever or calculating, she could have finally picked up on the danger she was walking right into.

"Well gosh, Serry ... maybe if you met him you would understand!" Randi continued, completely oblivious to the trap she was walking right into. "He's smart, caring, sensitive, famous, and thinks I'm ... adorable!" she said, clasping her hands together, as she began to rock back and forth, staring off into the distance as she began to daydream. "I'm not getting any younger, you know. And my mom always wanted me to marry a Doctor ... and a celebrity no less!" she said excitedly, bouncing up and down on her feet excitedly, unable to believe her luck. "And babies? Imagine how cute our babies would be? All round ... and squishy ... just like him!" she said, gushing as she curled up into herself a complete and total swoon.

Serine could not fathom the insolence on display here, of course Randi was too ignorant to pick up on any cues, or even the fact that now the Inquisitor was seething. "I s... that ... so?" This was all she could take, that mock calm disposition melted into a blinding rage as Randi's audacious insults were beyond redemption. With Randi 's absent-minded daydreaming, there would be no way she could prepare for what came next. Serine heavily contemplated destroying her pilot in an instance. As her hand fell to the hilt of her weapon, she thought of wrapping the lightwhip coils around that woman and burning her slowly alive. The knuckles of her hand turned white with the effort of clutching that weapon so tightly. At that teetering moment of fate, it did not matter if her pilot lived or died but for a reason unknown even to Serine, her hand slipped from the hilt and in a flash of movement, her hand sprung completely open. The Force augmented her muscles with an intense rage so much that they threatened to tear from the very tendons and bone they were attached to. In a blur of motion, her hand sliced through the air to collide with the side of Randi's face in a devastating backhand with such intensity that the very sound reverberated within the room. It was very possible that such a blow could kill her pilot, but at that very moment, Serine was too enamored with the Dark Side to care if she had ripped Randi asunder.

Randi's world had gone from wedding planning to struggling to stay alive in the blink of an eye. When Serine's hand came in contact with her face, her nose instantly shattered, and became grotesquely deformed as a stream of blood and mucus escaped both of what were once nostrils. From the force of the blow she went flying backwards, into the bulkhead across from Serine's quarters. "Ahh!" she screamed as her back slammed into the wall, before her body slowly slid down the wall to the cold, unforgiving floor below. Both of her gloved hands reached up to her face, collecting the blood and shielding the intensity of the wound. "Ow! My nose!" she screamed, her voice muffled by the gloves, and altered by the inability to breath through her nose. Her big blue eyes looked up to Serine, horrified by what had just occurred, but feeling validated in what Doctor Shuura had said to her. "I guess you don't want to be the maid of honor, Serry?" she asked, as she started to feel more dizzy than normal as the blood rushed from her head.

"You!" She snarled at the Captain with bitter frenzy. "You undeserving and ungrateful spiddle! You would be nothing without me! You would have been a stimpack addicted brain dead floozy destined for nothing more than space dust shattered by the rebellion. How dare you spit upon my generosity!" Serine's rage was smouldering to the point of catastrophic danger as she paced back and forth before Randi who sat crumpled against the wall. Her pilot was unacceptably weak and it was harrowing just to look at the disappointment that bled before her. The Inquisitor was breathing erratically with heavy gasps as glaring silver eyes filled with murderous intent continuously bore right into Randi. "You will never leave my service! You are mine!" Serine fiercely motioned to her pilot before gripping the air in a cruel clutch to signify dominance.

Randi listened to the words the Inquisitor was saying and shook with absolute terror, her face turning a pale shade from a combination of fear and the loss of the blood. Was this the end? she thought, as she began to tense, and curl in upon herself in anticipation of dread. She started to get up, but wobbled at first, finding it difficult to move. She grabbed hold of the wall for support, but her hands were blood soaked and she found it difficult to latch on with any grip. She looked to Serine for a moment, feeling both betrayed and heartbroken by what had just occurred. She wondered if perhaps the Inquisitor was menstruating and that was the cause of the foul mood she found her in, but now all she could think of was escape. Stumbling down the corridors she left a trail of blood behind her, and as she moved she felt increasingly week, as if her boots were now filled with rocks. When she was approaching her destination she suddenly felt her legs go out from beneath her, and she collapsed in a disheveled mess onto the deckplating. Her hands reached out in front of her as she attempted to pull herself forward towards Doctor Shuura's office, but each meter felt like a kilometer. When she finally reached the door, she began to reach for it, but all was in vain as she had lost too much blood. With a dull *thud* both her head and her hand slammed onto the deck as she lost consciousness, drifting off into recessed thoughts about *her* Doctor.

Doctor Shuura sat with a scheduled appointment. Another bridge officer who had seen too much. The conversation lulled over the topic of the officer watching a rebel child who had been exposed to space. It seemed like the daily grind in a weird way. His wandering mind was easily distracted with the thud outside his office. "I see ... I see," He echoed, "Hold that thought while I check on the door." His heart sank when he saw the carnage. "Quick!" He called back "Contact medical." The girl did not deserve this. He wondered if what he was doing was the right thing.

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