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Rachel King, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:1) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Kia Kaen, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Major Arden Zevrin.

Major Arden Zevrin took a long sip of her coffeine, holding one hand daintily under the mug so that she would not spill any of the brown liquid on her cream colored uniform. Oh, how she hated stains. The full-figured blond could not help but smile as she watched the bridge of the Warspite on one of her monitors, watching Commander Hood once again discipline the hapless Lieutenant Sheppard. Leaning back in the chair, she would kick her feet up onto the counter in front of her and relax as blue eyes darted over the dozens of monitors displaying images in front of her. She observed almost every aspect of life aboard the Star Destroyer and it had allowed her to consolidate her position aboard the vessel. Despite invoking the wrath of both the Grand Moff and the Inquisitor at various phases over the past several months, the cunning ISB officer had managed to keep her head, but not her hair. She nearly spilled her beverage when her comlink went off and she heard she had been requested to conference room D-12. She let out a tired sigh as she reached for the cover of her uniform and placed it upon her head, which was quite unusual for her. With a cheerful spring in her step she bounded from her office and headed four decks up to where the conference room was.

Inquisitor Thanor's presence upon the Warspite had been nearly absent for the past three weeks due to her ongoing diplomatic missions to the various politicians and noblemen that held considerable power within the Ringali Shell. Despite her vicious temper and her persona of being rash and quick to violent action, Serine's missions had been rather successful, likely much to the surprise of anyone who had been following her progress. She was more than willing to prove that she was capable in any regard, and more so eager to prevent any sort of ill plans COMPNOR, and more importantly, Major Arden Zevrin had in craftily arranging this assignment. Though it had crossed her mind that her mere absence from her duties upon the flagship might have also been factored against her. Regardless, she had accomplished her task and now was back in full splendor ... and a few would definitely have much to answer for. Serine wasted no time once arriving back upon Warspite, having already spent considerable time briefing her apprentice, Kia Kaen, on her next line of action ... but this time, they would be internal affairs. It was the Inquisitor that had arranged for Major Zevrin to be summoned to the conference room where she was waiting with intense anticipation. Many questions had been boiling over for the past three weeks and she was determined to have the other answer for them, one way or another. This detour also gave Kia the opportunity to partake in some ... underhanded activities in Zevrin's absence. The moment the Major would enter into the conference room, she would immediately catch sight of the Inquisitor and realize quickly the intent involved. Surprisingly enough, Serine appeared mild, comfortably seated in one of the many chairs surrounding the large table, not the least bit infuriated, but that should already raise quite a few red flags. "Sit down Major, we have much to discuss."

Major Zevrin silently and swiftly blinked as she saw the Inquisitor in the conference room. Ah, so she was back, she thought to herself as she forced a smile onto her face. Her left hand moved up to the side of her head to run through the hair that had nicely regrown in the time since their last encounter. "Welcome back, my dear," she said smugly, as she moved like a feline creature towards the seat furthest away from the Inquisitor. She pulled it out the chair slowly as she bent forward to afford her a particularly nice view of her cleavage, before she slid into the chair and cleared her throat. "I have been reading reports of your diplomatic activity," she began, as she lay her hands flat on the reflective black conference table. "Very nice job. You have surprised even me," she added with a subtle wink of her appropriately sized blue eyes. "I will forward your reports, along with my thoughts of course, to COMPNOR," she said, smirking with the last bit as she intertwined her fingers. "Now, what do you want to discuss?" she asked, wondering if her hair was safe this time.

"I'm sure not many share your sentiments of a welcoming, though I appreciate them however much of a lie and shallow it all may be." Something definitely seemed a bit off with the Inquisitor. Perhaps it was three weeks of idly wasting time with the pompous and bureaucratic, having to learn and practice useless etiquette and master the subtle art of false sincerity. But it was also quite possible that this was the calm before the storm, and that Serine was just waiting for the opportunity to explode, unleashing her wrath once again on the Warspite. She would like to think that her time was not completely wasted ... no doubt some of the deceitful ways of politics she picked up on her missions could eventually help her in other ways, perhaps they would sooner rather than later. Serine shifted the chair back and forth slightly over the course of time, though the gentle rocking did nothing to ease the stare she found herself giving the Major. At first it almost appeared to be indifference, but slowly that angry spark found its way back to gleam in those silver eyes. "Oh, there are so many topics, where shall we begin?" There were numerous things they could discuss, and the Inquisitor afforded a barely hintable smile as she ceased the absentminded rocking in the chair to lean forwards, placing her folded hands upon the table. "You're clever enough to know, are you not? Let us start with an easy question and then I'll gauge how much you dared to lie to me." The Inquisitor paused for a moment as she tilted her head just barely to the right, debating with herself the course of action if Zevrin were to blatantly lie. As an Inquisitor, it had been in her training to question others ... though this was far from what she would consider a proper interrogation. "What 'exactly' is your relationship to High Inquisitor Tremayne?"

Major Zevrin listened to the Inquisitor's words very carefully, attempting to look thoughtful, though she was not truly interested. "My relationship with ... Antinnis ... is none of your concern now, is it?" she said with a sneer, as she brought her gloved hands up to her mouth and bit on a finger to slowly slide the leather from her flesh. Her exposed hands dropped upon the table and her fingers impatiently tapped at them in the form of a Kuati song. "Why is it you want to know?" she asked, as she rose from her seat and began to walk around the conference table towards Serine. She would hoist herself up on to the table, sitting on it directly next to Serine, her legs swinging back and forth beneath her. "...jealous?" she asked after a pause, a genuine smile finding its way onto her attractive visage.

The audacity of Major Zevrin was starting to annoy Serine greatly as it was beyond acceptable. Perhaps Serine really had been to too many diplomatic meetings, since she had began to approach this entire situation probably with more respect than Arden was willing to match. The Inquisitor believed before and now was just confirmed that 'diplomacy' does not work ... on certain individuals. Was the Major really so careless as to challenge Serine in her own avenue of expertise, it was as if the other was willingly leading the conflict to a more violent confrontation. "You seem to be forgetting ... who you are addressing." She felt the other woman was smarter than this, or perhaps Zevrin felt too comfortable that she could continue to act in this manner without regards to superior status, rank or ability. Serine was still remarkably calm, and even though that spark of anger was brooding, she remained relaxed, at least what was visible to the other woman. Despite what could be the heavy implications of what the Inquisitor was suggesting, the atmosphere in the room was rather subdued as there was yet no anxiety outwardly emanating from Serine, in what could possibly be the first time ever. "I 'advise' against your tactics, if that is what you are 'attempting' to accomplish, it is extremely foolish ... and I believe you know that. So I shall ask again, and this will be the last time I ask so casually. What is your relationship with High Inquisitor Tremayne?"

Major Zevrin leaned back slowly until she was laying on the table, looking directly up at the overhead light as she considered Serine's line of questioning. "Antinnis and I go way back," she explained as her hands folded on her lap, considering just how much she could get away with saying. "It is not dirty ... so please do not think it such," she explained, sounding genuinely concerned that the woman might have illicit thoughts concerning herself and the High Inquisitor. The truth was she had earned her position in the Empire and had remained remarkably chaste for a woman in her position. "I came to his attention several years back during my early years as an interrogation specialist for the bureau..." she began, reflecting on the story before she rolled over onto her side and stared directly into Serine's eyes. "He admired my skills as an interrogator. One professional to another," she said, as a sadistic look crossed her face. "Perhaps you might have heard of my recent session with the Lady Rodney?" she continued, a soft, brief laugh sneaking its way out of her pert lips.

Serine listened very intently to the other's story, seeming to ignore the fact that the Major decided it was appropriate and of good taste to completely lay on the table and then roll to the side ... it was a bit ... what was it ... unnerving? Though still paying attention, she decided to distance herself somewhat, thus she stood from her seat and paced towards the open viewport. She had a difficult time believing that Arden knew Antinnis before she did ... and yet this was new information, though her master did make it a point to keep quite a lot from his apprentice. "You must not have been that important, he never once mentioned you." Serine had all inclination to believe that Zevrin was providing intel to Tremayne in the form of video surveillance, but she did not necessarily want to bring that up into the conversation lest the Major pick up on Serine's true game here. Thoughts drifted to her apprentice Kia, wondering if the young child was capable of breaking into Arden's office yet. "Perhaps his admiration was ill placed, as you are fortunate to be alive. A failure of that magnitude deserves execution." She eyed the other woman with a very purposeful and clear longing for death, as the Inquisitor would have been all to eager to give that execution as was her privilege and at times duty upon a starship. "Now ... for three weeks I was so ... so very curious if there was possibly a greater purpose to so obviously maneuvering me from my responsibilities here. I would be extremely disappointed if it was not the case." She loathed the very idea of being moved like a game piece around on a board, but it had happened, and Serine had been forced to accept her mission and the acknowledgement that it was likely for a more devious plot that she had hopefully derailed with the success of the mission. Eyes flicked to the chronometer hanging on the wall out of curiosity for the length of time they had spent in this room together, every minute counted for Kia.

"Of course he wouldn't mention me, my dear. He is very discreet," Arden explained, as she situated herself back up and adjusted her uniform accordingly. "I am sure much has happened in your absence," she continued, as she audibly plopped down from the table and walked next to the Inquisitor to look out the viewport. "The usual soap opera nonsense. The Governor continues to brood over his ... feelings ... for his new aide. His daughter continues to be resentful concerning Alderaan. And his wife continues to be oblivious to it all. Makes for a rather interesting watch. Perhaps I could send you a copy?" she asked, as she turned to look down at the woman. "I am glad you are back though ... it was getting boring here without you," she said with a soft chuckle as she considered what delightful encounters she was missing on her monitors for this conversation.

A look of distaste crossed her features and Serine was not sure what irked her more, the mentioning of the Governor's 'aid' or the suggestion that Zevrin had nearly the whole ship under her ever watchful eye, but she refused to even acknowledge that information. The other was completely unreliable regardless of the information she decided to so freely hint with. If all went well, Kia would have more than enough actual facts to share soon. Once she could actually piece together Zevrin's real worth, intel wise, she was to Tremayne, Serine could very potentially remove the Major from the equation permanently and her master would be none the wiser. She wanted Arden off of this ship, preferably dead. But now the Inquisitor was faced with another issue, not enough time had passed to give Kia the appropriate leeway to properly gain access to the Major's office and successfully slice into the woman's database infrastructure. It was not as if the Inquisitor was incapable of forcefully keeping the Major here, but that would instantly create suspicion when Serine wanted Zevrin to be completely ignorant that anything had transpired. "One more thing Major ... which has perplexed me for some time. For some reason, along the way, you decided it was the best course of action to make me an enemy instead of an ally. A shame." Eyes flicked once again up to the chronometer, keeping time, if she was capable of stalling for just a few more minutes, it would give Kia the perfect window of opportunity.

Major Zevrin shook her head at the Inquisitor's statement, completely disagreeing with her. "An enemy? I do not consider you my enemy," she said, as she watched an Imperial shuttle fly by the viewport. "Do you consider me your enemy, Inquisitor?" she asked, sounding a bit hurt, as she playfully bit her lower lip. The woman had been playing a dangerous game of politics aboard the Warspite, but she did not think she had gone as far as making the Inquisitor a 'true enemy'. Her arms folded in front of her chest and she shook her head at her once more. "You don't think I'm still mad about the haircut, do you?" she asked, a small smile curling upon those lips of hers once again.

Silver eyes snapped dangerously to the Major with what she believed was an apparent lie, a light scowl was afforded to the other. "Oh? How interesting. I told you before when we first discussed the matter; I am not one to toy with!" It was obvious that the Inquisitor was still very bitter with the Major finding a way to assign the Inquisitor to diplomacy when she was so incredibly not expected to fit the task, and it was so apparent that it was a set up, it blew her mind that Zevrin would fake ignorance on the issue. "How dare you! You believed I was incapable of the mission, you had everything to gain with my perceived failure." Seething anger washed over her as she slammed her fist into the viewport with such an impact that it put a heavy dented crack into the transparisteel. "The liberties you take only confirm that you deserve an execution ... carelessly pulling the strings of a member of the Inquisitorius. I should rip you apart."

"An execution? I believe Governor Rodney already tried that one this season, my dear," Arden replied quickly, as she hastily moved away from the cracking transparisteel. "Perhaps something more original?" she suggested, as a hand instinctively grabbed hold of a bolted down object should the Inquisitor's temper get the better of her. "Besides ... you are merely an Inquisitor, and the last time I checked a High Inquisitor was rather invested in my livelihood," she said with a satisfactory smile. "Now, is there anything else? I have matters of galactic importance," she said, tapping her booted foot impatiently on the floor as she looked towards the Inquisitor.

Serine glared at the other with a controlled rage, fully capable of tearing the other asunder, but realizing that Zevrin held the one card that could continuously save her. They both knew it. But oh ... was the Inquisitor planning on removing that safety net from the Major shortly, all she needed to know is how Arden fit in the picture and things would change drastically. Despite the other's seemingly lack of authoritative respect, it mattered not at this moment as Serine realized she was able to hinder the Major for a large portion of time, giving Kia the full access she would need to get in and out without detection ... providing her slicing skills were as good as the young apprentice boasted. Showing a rather sizable amount of restrain, Serine actually lightly smiled to the other, a knowing smile of victory. "I believe we are done here, Major Zevrin."

Major Zevrin brought her hand up to her mouth and then waved it at the Inquisitor as she blew a kiss teasingly in her direction. She then confidently moved from the conference room, but not back towards her office. First, she would head to the comm relay center where she would send a message of particular importance to the High Inquisitor. There was more to this ISB Major than it would seem.

Kia knew her directions well, stepping up to the sealed door of the Major's office, the easiest way was to just act like she belonged there, lightly resting her hand over the locking mechanism for the briefest of moments. She waited until she heard the tell-tell clicking of the door unlocking, she had yet to find a door that this wouldn't open, a gift from her idol, known only as Mali, when she had first achieved a noteworthy 'slice' it had gotten her in and out of more than one sticky situation.

It made sense that this spider would have her office well monitored, and before palming the door open, she let her mind drink in the power that always seemed to just be there waiting for her to bend it to her will. Exerting her will slightly, she pushed at any cameras within the office, enough to nudge them out of alignment to create a 'deadzone' or a safe area to move forward, she had not realized until recently that the 'trick' she had used to avoid detection for most of her life after her parents had died was actually part of the Force.

Moving through the doorway, she let the door close behind her, looking quickly for the obvious cameras, smiling at the surge of dark energy within her mind that was her connection to a 'much larger world'. Kia crossed over to the desk, admiring the system as she sat down to work, slipping a modded datapad out of her backpack, Kia carefully slipped a pair of thin leather gloves on her hands to mask fingerprints and set to work.

After plugging in a data connection cord she turned her attention not to the computer terminal but to her datapad, working quickly to pull up the programming she had been studying for this task, the mainframe of the Warspite, isolating the terminal she was plugged into, Kia started masking her inquiries as coming from the mainframe itself. A routine systems check.

She was not even breathing hard, planting these tracers was almost like second nature to her, and it was not exactly as if Imperial security was that difficult. Slipping a disk with the rewrite directions into the reader, Kia hit the prompt to start a data backup of the console, the sweeper program showing only that the files were being scanned for anything harmful and nothing more. While the system worked, Kia stared at the final two instructions, she could do one of the two and either could be a right choice, deciding on a backdoor remote access program, she patiently waited for the sweeper to finish with the backup before sliding the next instruction disk into place, launching the program from her datapadd to let it run, installing itself deep within the core of the system. Biting her lower lip, Kia checked the file integrity of the copy she made, Serine hadn't told her what to look for, so she made a copy of everything that looked important, nodding to herself the file was fine, it was huge but intact.

Closing down the data connections Kia waited for all of disconnection lights showed yellow on her display before quickly disconnecting the cords and slipping everything back into her pack, backing back to the door, she paused to readjust the camera she moved to create her safe zone, this was something she was used to doing back on Esseles. Smiling, she palmed the door open, stepping out of the office and moving off looking like she was on an errand for Master Thanor, disappearing down the corridor.

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