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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:16) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
Ewwiekewwieikkie, Callista Nilar, Lady Drusilla Rodney, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, and Commander Sierra Rodney.

Claudius Rodney offended just about every officer on his staff by walking out of a conference to ensure he would not be late for dinner. He had promised Callista, but more than that he did not want to leave Sierra alone with three very different girls who shared one thing in common ... they could be a handful. As he descended his shuttle he noticed the presence of the Mandalorian ship and he worried that he would arrive to the find the girl present, thus adding the the noise and chaos of his estate. He shook his head, drawing a deep breath, before walking down the winding path from the landing platform towards the estate. He paused at the doorway, closing his eyes, as he did his best to collect himself for the whirlwind he expected to find on the other side of the door. "Girls, I'm home," he declared, triumphantly, with his best smile, as he crossed the threshold into the ground level of his estate.

It had been a rather eventful day at the Rodney estate. No sooner had El-Nay made her exit did the girls stir awake and set forth on a second round of insanity. When Claudius arrived home, the house was actually ... not that bad! The family's cleaner droid had been pushed to the max today, but it continued to get the job done. Sierra had rounded Ewwiekewwieikkie and Callista into the kitchen while she cooked dinner. Her secret? She'd made a clay for the girls with various pieces of shiny plastic inside of it. She felt it would keep Ewwiekewwieikkie amused and what kid hated space age Play-Doh? Callista looked like she was in need of a bath. She'd eaten spaghetti for lunch and now her cute, chubby cheeks were tinted red. One could see noodles decorating her hair despite the fact that Sierra had put it in an updo. As dirty as she and her clothing was, the crown that Claudius had given her was still spotless. She had been wearing it with pride all day.

When she heard the voice of her husband, Sierra felt *very* happy and relieved. Though she enjoyed all the children, it had been a long day. She removed the pan holding their nerf steaks from the stove. She had made 'brownies' for Callista and Ewwiekewwieikkie, which, in reality, where sweetened by potatoes and sneakily filled with healthy veggies and fruits. Sierra was desperate to get something inside those two besides sweets. It was Callista who first stopped what she was doing, climbed down from her chair, and darted across the estate as rapidly as her little legs could carry her. "Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! I missed you!" The little girl gave him a big bantha hug, complete with a cute little growl. Her chin rested on him as she looked upward. "How was work?" She asked. "Did you get to ride the turbolift? Was it cool? I had s'getti today. Do you like s'getti? Me and Ewwie played lots!" The little girl reported to him in rapid fire.

Claudius bent down and picked up the excited Callista, but as he raised back up he felt a twinge of pain in the small of his back that he knew he would feel later. "Work was good. Yes, I rode in the turbolift. Yes, I like spaghetti," he said, respond to her rapid fire questioning that was intense as any ISB interrogation. "Been teaching her your questioning techniques, Sierra?" he asked, as he walked further into the house still carrying Callista. He was hungry and wanted to ask what was for dinner, but he assumed if that was one of the first things out of his mouth he would get *the* look ... or worse. He was glad to be home. Until...

Ewwiekewwieikkie came running with all of the speed of a train, bounding uncontrollably towards the man she considered her father. "Daddy!" she announced, still covered in sauce and pasta, with a pot on top of her head like a helmet. She leapt into the air, sending him and Callista to the ground with a reckless pounce. "Are you hungry? I saved you some!" she said, before taking the pot off her head to reveal equal parts strands of pasta and strands of blue fur. "I helped make it," she said, as she revealed her pasta alla Ewwie. "Well. Are you gonna eat some?" she said, practically panting with excitement as she watched for his approval.

Callista smiled. "I give you some in your lunch tomorrow!" It made her feel like a big girl helping make her uncle's lunches. She giggled loudly as he picked her up. She nuzzled her messy cheeks against his face. "I love you!" She was so happy. In his arms, he'd feel how she was shaking excitedly. Or was that the sugar?

From the kitchen emerged Sierra. She smiled. "Nope. I can't take credit. The girl is a natural." Sierra had dealt with so many questions today. What is pasta made out of? Why did she do x? Why did she do y? Children are never ending question machines. Ewwiekewwieikkie joined the party as she always does: hardcore. Sierra watched as she leapt and took out Claudius and Callista. Callista was giggling even louder than before. She squirmed on top of her uncle. The little girl wasn't shy. She showed Claudius how good the pasta was by sticking her hand in the pot and eating some rather furry pasta. "Mmmm! Ewwie is a good cook!" Both of the girls were providing peer pressure.

Sierra collected Callista off of Claudius by tickling her until she gave in. "Alright, alright. It's my turn. Go wash up for dinner, girls." She set Callista on her feet and watched the little girl go darted up several stairs. Callista turned around. "Ewwie!" She squeaked, awaiting for her loyal friend to join her.

She offered her hands to Claudius to help him back on his feet. "I think I need a vacation from my vacation." She said with a laugh. "How was it today?"

Claudius looked up at Sierra from his position on the ground, relieved that Ewwiekewwieikkie had been submitted with tickling. "I thought my day might have been worse than yours, although now I seriously have my doubts," he said, once Callista and Ewwiekewwieikkie had fled the scene. He leaned forward, trying to get up, but failed ... miserably. He groaned, feeling he was getting up there in years, before trying to get up once again. "Sierra ... Sierra I can't get up. I've hurt my back," he confessed, in total embarrassment to the point his cheeks began to flush red. He offered up his hand to her, desperate to get up off the floor.

She laughed as she ran her hand through the pieces of her hair that had fallen out of her pony tail. "I'm sure it was worse for you. I didn't have to deal with Meham'ohorovi'cloca." Sierra took his hands in hers and slowly helped pull him back up to his feet. She wrapped her arm around his waist to help support him. "Come on you, let me take a look at it." She saw how embarrassed he was. Though she saw no reason for him to feel that way, she tried to be extra warm and sweet to him to make him feel comfortable once more. She deposited her husband on the closest couch, then disappeared briefly to retrieve her handy dandy first aid kit. It was becoming more extensive now that there was a young child living in their home. Sierra returned and nuzzled her way behind him. Her hands inched up his uniform. She was beginning to feel more like a medical doctor than a mental doctor, but the human body had always interested her. "What happened today?" She asked him.

Claudius was so dependent on Sierra at this point that he could not have made it to the couch without her. "Nothing happened," he said, as he settled onto the couch while she undressed him. "I prefer the days when something happens ... even if it's bad," he said to her, before leaping slightly at her touch. "Listening to battle reports is at least somewhat interesting. Listening to officers find a dozen different ways to tell me nothing happened is a form of torture," he said, as he tried to relax into her touch. "Zevrin was not even awake for most of it. I can't say I blamed her. I always almost envious of her," he complained, as gradually she began to take his pain away. "You better get used to this, my love. I'm not getting any younger," he told her, with a smirk, before leaning over to place a kiss upon her in his way of saying 'thank you'.

Her hands softly worked over his back. She found the problem in his lower back, a place where stress tended to ride. She guessed that it was a minor injury to the muscle, otherwise the pain would be much worse. Her hands moved into her kit while listening to him talk about his day. "You've got to perfect the art of sleeping with your eyes open, my love." Sierra chuckled. "That does sound like torture. I'm sorry it was such a dry day. Never fear, there's enough excitement around here to counter all the bore." She squeezed him with her legs which were extended on either side of him. Sierra selected a special patch to place on his back. The bacta would help the injury heal and the other components would make the pain go away. She briefly stopped to share a kiss with him. Her arms wrapped around him. She loved him so much. She'd do anything for him, as she had proved on multiple occasions. When she released him, her hands met with his upper back and began to rub him. There were too many knots, too much stress. "Don't worry. I'll keep putting you back together forever, Claudius. I'm pretty sure that was in our wedding vows." Sierra teased.

"Oh yeah. There's something I want to show you." One of her hands removed from his back. It felt alone the surface of the couch seat beside them, then drove into the area between the seats where she found her datapad covered in blue fur. Blowing off the fur, she accessed a file and placed it on top of his leg. Before him, he'd see Sierra's concept art for Bruce's room. Given their joint love for astrology, there was really only one choice: a space-themed room. It included a mural featuring some of the planets within the Ringali Shell oversector. Of course, it was a rough draft. "Time will pass quickly. I thought we should start brainstorming on our son's room." Both hands resumed her slow massage.

"Oh?" Claudius asked, wondering what it could possibly have been. When he took the datapad from her he looked at her plans for their son's room, which is something he never thought possible. A tear formed in the corner of his eye as he looked over her design, struggling to find any words to reply with. "It's ... it's wonderful," he told her, before offering the datapad back to her. "Yes. Time does seem to be moving quicker. It feels like Zara will be giving birth any day now," he said, perhaps an indelicate subject to bring up ... particularly while her hands were on a sensitive part of his body ... but a subject that was nevertheless on his mind.

She held her breath nervously. In her mind, Bruce's room had always been clear. It had to be astrology. She had taken some time to herself to soothe the necessity to nest by taking the first steps to making their son's room a reality. Sierra grinned. It made her happy that he liked it. She took the datapad and set it back on the couch. Her hands remained delicate and sweet on him despite the mention of Zara. She wanted to meet Marcus' twins. Everyone had been anticipating their arrival for some time. "You're right about that. It feels like it was just yesterday when we saw them at the baby shower. We could invite them over once the children are born and an adequate amount of time has passed. I'd like to see them." Though she didn't know how Zara would feel about that. Sierra's anger had gone to a simmer as far as all that went.

Claudius was still furious that Zara had shot his wife, but he did not want to spend the evening badmouthing a pregnant woman. "I do not think it appropriate to have *her* in this house," he said to her, as she continued to work his back to wondrous effect. "I've been avoiding this question since I landed," he said, as he slowly turned his head to look at her with an apprehensive look. "I saw the Mandalorian ship. Is you know who skulking about?" he asked, as he raised his eyebrows, looking at her eagerly for a response. He wondered if the kitchen wall had been repaired, but with all Sierra had going on with the three girls he did not want to ask.

Sierra's chin rose to look him in the eyes. Uh oh. What kind of question? "Oh. El-Nay? No. I asked her to deliver some things to Marcus for the coronation. Her ship is here for us to use it on our trip to see New Alderaan. It won't raise any flags. I allowed her to borrow an Imperial ship...And yes, the kitchen wall is fixed." If she wasn't an avid multitasker, things would easily get ahead of her. Thankfully, all she needed to do was summon someone else to fix the kitchen. "She even entered through the front door this time, no additional damage." She snuggled against his back. It was nice to live in routine again. She knew that he'd purposely come home on time for dinner...yet their dinner was in the kitchen cooling while she spent a quiet, calm moment with him.

"We're going in that thing?!" Claudius exclaimed, in a combination of shock and disbelief. "Are you sure it can survive the flight to the Outer Rim?" he asked, suddenly feeling very apprehensive about the voyage. As he listened to his wife stick up for the Mandalorian he realized a bond had been formed, and that it was best for him to simply go along with it and stop arguing. He found his wife to be a very kind and loyal woman, and those were two skills he wished to preserve in her rather than criticize at every turn. He nodded several times, letting her know he was committed to going with her on the unlikely vessel. "When are we leaving? And, do you think Drusilla is suited to watch the girls?" he asked, wondering if she had even gotten out of bed today.

Was she sure? Not really... "Well, it's already been out there once. I think it'll survive another flight. El-Nay seems to take relatively good care of it. It'll be fine." She placed a kiss to the middle of his back upon finishing her massage. She would never breathe a word of what had happened in the Alderaan debris with El-Nay. If the ship failed, she didn't know what she'd do. "When are we leaving..?" She thought 'never' was a good answer. "I need to check on Dru. I haven't seen her much today..." That was a problem she hadn't decided to tackle today. Slowly, Sierra scooted out from behind him. "I'll go see her. You should eat something. I cooked." She winked, rising to her feet. She headed upstairs towards Drusilla's room, realizing that someday they were going to need to install a turbolift in this house! Their son had decided it was now time to be active inside of her womb and focused himself on jumping (or something) on her bladder.

Sierra knocked on the door of her youngest stepdaughter. "Drusilla? Can I come in?" Even if she said no, Sierra made her way inside her room. The girl couldn't remain locked up forever.

Drusilla's room was filled with jizz music as Max Rebo was blaring from her speakers. "Oh. If it isn't the *former* Duchess of Delaya," she said, condescendingly, from her position in bed where she was surfing the HoloNet. "What do you want? Come to collect the rest of the gems I saved to help our family?" she asked, as she sat up in the bed, sliding her pillow over a particularly shiny diamond she did not want to risk losing. She did not know what to make of her new stepmother. She had to admit that her father did seem happily, but that was never important to her. She had lost any hope at a title of importance and she blamed Sierra for it, and this came across in all their recent encounters.

She stopped to turn down the music slightly so she could actually hear Drusilla speak. Sierra knew what to expect at this point. Her young step-daughter had decided that she was at fault, and that was fine. She wasn't affected by the reference to her former title. "That's stepmother *former* Duchess of Delaya, missy." She sat at the foot of her bed. "For all the effort you put into transporting those gems here, you can have them. However, I did find this in the living room." Sierra adjusted so she could get her hand into one of her pocket. She withdrew a gorgeous diamond necklace and laid it on on the bed like a peace offering. She looked at Dru and then let out a long sigh. "You know, I've been planning a special surprise for your birthday. Given the circumstances... I'll let you in on the secret."

Drusilla gasped when she spotted the diamond necklace, and moved towards it as swiftly as Ewwiekewwieikkie moved towards cake. She held them up into the light, watching the light refract them just to ensure Sierra had not slipped her costume jewelry. They were real! She wasted no time in placing them upon her neck, further ignoring Sierra, and then moving towards the mirror in the corner of the room. "It's a start ... a *good* start," she said, as she struck a pose and turned to face her stepmother. "A birthday surprise?" she asked, unable to resist, as he surged towards the woman. She grabbed Sierra's arm and began to shake her, her eyes lighting up boldly. "What secret? Tell me! Tell me!" she said, in a shrill whine that only a parent could tolerate.

There was a lot of patchwork to do with Drusilla. Sierra didn't want to be a villainous kind of stepmother. She wanted to be just as good to Dru, Jelena, and Ewwiekewwieikkie as she would be to her own blood son. She felt she was making some movement in the right direction with her youngest. "I've seen the matching bracelet to the necklace. I'm sure it's around the house somewhere. I'll leave it in here when I find it." She smiled warmly. Unexpectedly, Dru grabbed her arm and began to shake her. Eeee! She chuckled. She really had immersed herself in this 'motherhood' thing. "I know Max Rebo." She told her. "We played together on Alderaan and Delaya several times. He's a friend. Since we missed his concert on Spira, I wanted to make it up to you. He's agreed to come to the estate and play a private show for your birthday."

"Hmm. A bracelet?" Drusilla asked, bringing her hand up to her chin as she considered the present. "Always give a bracelet before a necklace. A necklace is much better," he said, as her hand gripped the diamond necklace, clutching it, and stroking one of the diamonds. When Sierra mentioned Max Rebo her jaw dropped and her eyes went wide. "Get out!" she said excitedly, as she took both of her hands and playfully shoved the woman. "*You* know Max Rebo?" she asked, as if she did not believe her. Sierra could not possibly be *that* cool, or could she? "My birthday? That's in forever. No, I can't wait. I want it now!" she whined, as she folded her arms in front of her chest and pouted dramatically.

"Thank you for the advice, milady." Sierra nodded her head. Dru's reaction to her Max Rebo reveal was *amazing*. This was the single time in Sierra's life where she was going to be able to make her stepdaughter so happy. She grinned cheerfully. "Yup! I do! Look on the HoloNet, I'm sure you can find recordings of me playing with him. I'm not joking!" Her mother had pushed her to become an accomplished violinist. It was part of her plan to make her 'desirable' or something. Her whining was met with more laughter. "Considering the circumstances, I might be able to move the concert up. Would this weekend be better?" The young woman winked. "You know, you have a drum set. If you wanted to learn ... I'd teach you." She wrapped an arm around Drusilla's shoulders, drawing her close. "I'm truly sorry about what happened with the Duchy. That isn't something I can fix, as much as I wish I could. However, I promise you that I will see to it that you marry someone with a title. Someone who will treat you like the princess that you are. In the meantime, you're going to need to figure out what you'll wear when Max Rebo comes."

"Vids or it didn't happen," Drusilla said to Sierra skeptically, as she moved back towards her HoloNet unit and searched for the terms Max Rebo and Sierra Dakkar. Her face lit up when she saw results, but her excitement soon turned to jealousy. "Since it's *my* birthday he'll have to let me play with him. Isn't that true, stepmummy?" she asked, as she continued to look over the HoloNet. "This weekend, but it's only..." she began, her incessant whining seeming relentless. "Fine, fine, fine. I suppose I can wait a few days," she said, before allowing herself to flop dramatically backwards onto her bed. Unfortunately she landed right on the diamond she attempted to conceal, which caused her to let out a shrill cry. "Since you cost me a Duchy I feel it's only fair you find me *at least* a Prince to marry," she said, before leaping up from the bed when the subject turned to fashion. "Oh, stepmummy, I simply haven't a thing to wear. Perhaps you can allow me to go to New Calamar to buy something new?" she said, her eyes lighting up in a way that you could almost see credit symbols in her pupils.

Sierra had no problem with her checking out the authenticity of her words. She watched her lit up ... and then turn green. Sierra blinked. "Um, I suppose you're right." Did Drusilla actually play any instruments? She had seen some in her room, but they looked untouched. It seemed they had reached a compromise as far as Max Rebo went. As she let out a cry, Sierra jumped up like she was ready to strike down whatever had hurt her...oh! It was a diamond. Those things were everywhere!! "A Prince. You make a hard bargain, deary. I'll see what I can do." Her eyes turned to the open door of Drusilla's massive closet. The girl had more clothes than she had ever had in her lifetime. "How about we go together tomorrow? I think I need to burn these clothes after what they've been through today." She pinched the stained material of her top then released it. The girl before her was practically drooling over the idea of going shopping in New Calamar. It was something that they hadn't done in awhile. "Does that sound like a deal?"

"Tomorrow?!" Drusilla whined as her eyes scanned the chronometer ... some of the stores might still be open. "Ugh. Fine," she pouted, as she exhaled in a deep huff. She would make her pay for the delay by purchasing twice as much as she had originally planned. "Wait. Does Ewwiekewwieikkie get to go too?" she asked, apprehensively, as the thought of the Squib ransacking the stores before she got to shop was of very real concern to her. "The tiara that papa gave what's her name ... does she get to keep that? Or just wear it while she's here?" she pressed, as she realized that her adopted sister was in the middle of a sleepover that had infringed upon her own precious beauty sleep.

"Your Daddy and I are going out tonight, so it needs to wait. Besides, we both know all the good stores are closed. Do you *really* want to shop alongside the commoners?" Sierra knew that her wallet would be hurting by the end of the day. She sighed. "I'll see what I can do about making it just a date between the two of us..." Though how she would manage that was questionable. One problem at a time, Sierra, she reminded herself. "Dru! She gets to keep it. Callista doesn't have much, remember? Your father gave her the most exquisite item that she's ever going to have in her life. Pity her. Let her keep it." She was trying to speak Drusilla. "Do I need to show you the dresses her father packed for her? Some of them look to be... *hand-me-downs*."

"No. No ... that's a very good point. I really can't be around *those* people," Drusilla said, as she considered Sierra's words carefully. "Wait. You're going out? Does that mean I get stuck with the kids?" she let out a groan as if she had just been shot, slumping down melodramatically. "She gets to keep it? Are you serious? She's not even blood? And Mug is only a half-breed..." she went on and on and on, lamenting her father's newfound generosity. "Hand-me-downs? How droll," she said, as she rose up from the bed and moved towards the window. "Oh fine. But Max Rebo better give the performance of his life!" she demanded, stomping her foot, before taking a seat in the window.

"Yeah. I'll make it up to you tomorrow. If nothing else, you can take pleasure in the fact that they are going to crash soon. Ewwiekewwieikkie looked like she was slowing down. The little one won't be far off." Sierra stood, still listening to Drusilla go on and on about the family's bastard. She smiled. "Don't worry, he will." She left Dru's room feeling like she had made that situation better. She moved on into her room where, sure enough, Ewwiekewwieikkie and Callista had fallen asleep *again*. Only, the bedsheets were covering them. One of Callista's feet was sticking out. She could see a glob of blue fur spaghetti on the floor beside the bed. Sierra beamed. D'aw. It was adorable!

She quietly gathered some clothes for both her and Claudius to wear on their insane trip to New Alderaan, then, tiptoeing, she made her way back downstairs to meet up with her husband. She was wearing a wide grin. For once, she felt like she was on her Mommy A-game.

"And what is the going rate our daughter charges for babysitting these days, hmm? A small moon perhaps?" Claudius asked as Sierra descended from up above, seemingly no worse for wear. He had failed Drusilla by allowing his parents to raise her, while he buried himself in work to avoid grieving the loss of her mother. Now it seemed it was his beloved Sierra that was paying the price for his shortcomings as a father those years ago. Once a child had been spoiled to the extent that Drusilla had he doubted the deed could ever be undone.

She snickered. "Oh, only a shopping trip with *just* me to New Calamir. I had to pull out the big guns to make her happy. I brought up knowing Max Rebo and how I'd contact him to come play for her birthday." Her nose twitched. "And somehow she pouted her way into making the concert this weekend. How did she do that..?" She shook her head. "Needless to say, she seems to be in a better mood. I could use for her to not hate me for a little bit. The girls have already passed out in our bed." Her smile grew as she approached him and *gently* made her way into his lap. She could hear music playing again from upstairs but it barely reached their ears. "As insane as the day has been... I kinda liked it." She winked. She liked it much more than she was telling him.

"Oh dear. When I abdicated so went my access to the treasury. I am on a mere Grand Moff's salary now," Claudius lamented, as he wondered how his youngest daughter would deal with the changes their new life would require. "You're going to get Max Rebo to perform *this* weekend?" he scoffed, raising his arms up dramatically. "How? A squad of Stormtroopers abducting him?" he asked, as he shook his head at the situation. "I suppose the ISB has their methods," he teased her, but he had learned to never doubt her. As she joined him on the sofa, sitting on his lap, his arm moved around her to thoroughly embrace her. "I'm glad. You're an excellent mother to our children, but remember ... you'll soon have more to deal with," he said, as he lowered his head into her stomach. In his mind Bruce was just the start of their new brood.

"Don't worry. I'm aware of the shift in financials. She is allowed to get a single dress for her special concert this weekend... So if I don't come back from this shopping trip, I'm sure you'll find my body somewhere in the city." Sierra joked. "No, no. Max Rebo is doing this because we're friends. My mother forced me to play with his band several times in Alderaan and Delaya. I believe she said something along the lines of 'men won't mind your butterface if you can play beautiful music'. Ah, what a woman." She gave him a playful look at his ISB dig. "Hey!" She leaned forward, nipping at his neck quickly. Her arms wrapped around his neck. Her heart was pounding quickly in her chest. Looking in his eyes, she couldn't believe how happy he made her. Their family was an incredible addition to her life. His compliment was so sweet that she blushed. "You're right about that. There's no way I'm going to let you off the hook after Bruce." She looked down at him. It was hard to believe that she was nearly upon the halfway mark. Their son was an active little guy. She could now feel him pretty much all the time.

Recalling random information, Sierra piped up like the proud peacock she was. "Did you know he can hear things outside of the womb now? Last time I saw him with Doctor Tohan, he had already developed so much." Her fingers ran through her husband's hair.

Claudius brought his hand up to gently caress her hair as she spoke of her mother, knowing what a monster the woman was, and how hard she had been on Sierra. When the subject shifted to Doctor Tohan he cringed, growing slightly uncomfortable. "How is *our* doctor anyway?" he asked, still annoyed that Marcus and Zara had seemingly absconded with his physician. "Wait. You saw him again?!" he said, hurt that he had missed the trip to Doctor Tohan and had not gotten to see the new image. "As soon as the twins are stable we must bring the Doctor back to the Retributor," he said, sound as jealous and competitive as Drusilla.

He was soothing to her. With his help, even Sierra's old scars were beginning to heal. She didn't fear Rikka, she simply hated her and wanted her to keep her distance. "He seems to be well... Maybe a little better than normal. I *did* see him making friends with a lady Ithorian. I saw him after the latest Delaya debacle. I really wish we could return him now. Hopefully by the next appointment, he'll be back at the Retributor. That way, we can see our son together." She kissed his forehead, his nose, and finally his lips. It was difficult to wait for the arrival of Bruce. Seeing Claudius interact with the girls, especially Callista, was melting her heart. She pulled back suddenly from their kiss. "Remember when you spoke to me about wanting to be a better father to our children? I have to tell you, you're excelling all day long. Watching you interact with the's so obvious. You're such a loving man to all of us. I nearly died from the sheer cuteness of you, Callista, and Ewwiekewwieikkie this morning." She confessed.

"Pilaq with a lady Ithorian? Surely you jest," Claudius said, as his mouth hang ajar from near shock at the gossip being relayed to him. "I would like to see him again. I am very jealous that you saw him without me," he said, before perfecting the pout that his daughter executed so well. "He was well?" he asked, moving his hand down her forearm to clutch her. "You flatter me with your kindness, my love, but it is easy to be a good father when I have such an excellent partner," he said, before moving his face slowly in toward hers and interrupting their conversation with a tender, loving kiss. "I love you. I love all of you," he said, as the kiss broke, and his face slowly withdrew with him looking back at her with unconditional, undying love.

She shook her head, "No, no! I'm jesting at all. I wonder if we're about to gain another reliable doctor." Ooh goodness, that pout. She tried to stay strong. The pout got her to do things like agree to a solo shopping trip with Drusilla and gallivant across the galaxy. "He is. Our boy is right on schedule. There's nothing to worry about." Her cheeks were warmed with her feverish blush. She flattered him? It was he who flatter her! They worked so well together. In every way, they were made for each other. Sierra let him draw her into the kiss. She felt his love wash over her in the most soothing, wonderful way. She drew in a slow breath as he spoke to her, professing the same love to her as he had on their wedding day. "I love you. I love all of you." She told him sweetly. Her arms locked around him tightly. The entirety of her body cuddled against his. It was amazing how she had found right where she belonged.

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