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Rachel King, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:5:2) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Kia Kaen, Major Kerrie Kiley, and Inquisitor Serine Thanor.

Inquisitor Thanor stormed out of Grand Moff Rodney's office blinded by rage but contained enough to follow his orders. She refused to give that man any further excuse to indict her as a betrayer of the Empire. Serine was extremely loyal to the New Order and believed all that it stood for, thus she would never willingly go against Imperial authority, including the Governor's unfortunately. Her apprentice was on the forefront of her mind, for she had no indication how long she would be imprisoned and thus needed to inform the young girl and hastily arrange for her care as well as the nexu. This whole event was unprecedented and she inwardly hoped it would remain contained but she shook her head with the disheartening thought, knowing full well that this would spark a rumor storm of immense proportions. It was a disgrace ... and she was not enjoying the idea of having to explain this bizarre and surreal situation to the young Kaen. The door to her private chambers opened with her hasty arrival and snapped closed quickly behind her. "Kia, have you been studying as I have instructed?" She sternly asked her, clearly agitated but not at the other, the situation itself was beyond measure and the Inquisitor was still rebounding from the implications of what she was about to do.

Kia had felt something 'off', she was getting markedly better at sensing things around her, currently she was playing catch with a durable chew toy with Sanu, laughing brightly as he scampered back and forth retrieving the object. Kia had finished the lessons Serine set for her and repeated them for good measure. Scrambling to her feet at hearing the door open, Kia dropped the toy, "Um ... Yes, Master Thanor! I finished them all. And then repeated them to make sure I could do them correctly. I was just making sure Sanu wasn't bored. everything OK? Something felt strange earlier. I think it did at least." She shifted slightly, looking up at her teacher.

Serine was pleased to see Kia learn so quickly, and so eagerly, it was at least a bright spot in an otherwise horribly dismal encounter with the Governor and his untrustworthy aid. The woman took a slow steady breath and eased it out, trying to relieve some of her anxiety while contemplating her options. Was it wise to tell Kia the truth or not ... she would no doubt find out due to the inevitable backlash commotion this would stir, besides it was uncharacteristic for the Inquisitor to lie, especially to the young girl who she desired to create a strong unbreakable bond with. If Serine was ever going to truly regard her as capable and worthy to succeed her, she would have to confide in Kaen. Her words were strained, it was obvious they were near agonizing to say. "I've been commanded by Grand Moff Rodney to subjugate myself to the detention brig." She followed her statement with a soft growl as she clenched her fist in a fury although subdued. "You will need to care for ... Sanu ... and be responsible for yourself until I am released. I know you are capable of this, think of it as yet another test of your ingenuity."

Kia blinked repeatedly, looking up at Serine, "You're just going to walk in to the brig and let them lock you up? Why?!" She realized just after the fact that her tone was not appropriate, quickly adding, "Master Thanor, there has to be something else that could be done...!" Shaking her head, she was trying to process the fact that she was going to be alone on the ship, "Is there anything I should do while you're gone?"

She understood the other's outrage and did not reprimand her for her outburst since no one was more bewildered and enraged than Serine. There was not a soul that could quite fully realize the turmoil the Inquisitor herself was feeling over the absurd events. "If I were to tell you to do the same, would you do it?" Perhaps there was a lesson to be learned here regarding loyalty and devotion. It was true that Serine loathed that man who so freely decided to insult and humiliate her by forcing the woman to surrender herself into the custody of officers she so completely outranked and terrified, but that did not excuse her from her duty to her charge and to her mission. With Rodney's promotion, he now had full authority over her and that was a bitter yet necessary pill she had to swallow.

"Of course I would. I respect you. This person..." Kia bit her tongue, looking down not wanting to speak ill of someone who Serine was obviously willing to follow an order from. "No ... This person, from what I've read doesn't deserve it. Why should you have to do that? I would follow your order because that's the right thing to do. You are my teacher." Frowning again, she crossed her arms more stubbornly than anything.

"You are correct, he does not respect me, and no, he does not deserve his position, but neither of those points, no matter how valid they are, is a qualified excuse. However much I detest him or the notion, if I were to disobey these direct orders, I could be court-marshaled, perhaps even executed. Is that what you would wish?" Serine waved off this conversation, it was useless to continue when her point had already been made and she was beyond repulsed by the whole ordeal. "As I said, perhaps you were not listening. Take care of Sanu and yourself. Avoid the 'Governor' and a woman by the name of Arden Zevrin. Actually ... perhaps it would be best if you avoid everyone for the time being. Do not trust anyone on this vessel except perhaps for the physician, I found him to be an excellent caretaker. If you have concerns, speak to him, otherwise ... try not to get into trouble." Serine firmly stared at Kia for a moment afterwards finishing her sentence with a silent but clear warning to keep from causing havoc in her absence.

"I did listen! I just wanted to know if you wanted me to try taking care of anything else while you were away." Kia all but wilted under the stare. "I won't cause trouble. I'll avoid everyone if possible. There really aren't many reasons for us to leave here." She fidgeted though, looking over at the half emptied backpack, and the other work she'd been studying, "Are you sure there are no other 'tasks'?" She sounded almost hopeful.

"There will be tasks, I assure you, but I do not believe you are ready to attempt them without my direct supervision and guidance. I rather you concern yourself with staying clear of conflict. I am going to have ... an abundance of time on my hands shortly, and I do not want to occupy the majority of it fretting over you." Serine said honestly, but it was hard to tell if it was real concern for Kia's safety or concern that Kia would do something inappropriate and hazardous. "If you wish, you may accompany me to observe where I will be held. Know that I am doing this under my own will and if necessary, I could easily escape." With a grimace, she unhooked her two weapons, the splendid lightwhip and the acquired lightsaber, gazing down upon them almost painfully before hesitantly offering them to the young girl. "I want you to care for these." She said before quickly adding with a sharp tone. "They are not toys! You will not activate them, understand?"

Kia's eyes went wide, very carefully taking the weapons, "I wouldn't! Not without you saying I could. I will do my best to keep both of us out of trouble, Master Thanor." Biting her lower lip, Kia shifted again, looking back down at the weapons like they were one of her higher yield explosives. "I would like to go see, if you don't mind. Do you think they'll let you have visitors, I'd could bring reports if you wanted!" She was still eager to find some way to help in all of this, even if she still didn't really understand why she was submitting to this.

After some careful contemplation with Kia's suggestion, Serine would nod lightly in agreement, it was a satisfactory idea. "Very well. If you are able, report to me daily on what you have been doing and if anything of substantial influence has occurred. Perhaps that would ease my mind some despite the situation I will find myself in." The Inquisitor appreciated Kaen's enthusiasm to please and make herself useful, it was a very rare and vastly superior quality to have, and it was not something she could train, it was an innate trait that was not overlooked in Kia. "Hopefully that fool will come to his senses, and eventually, whenever he does, we will continue your training. It is my regret that my responsibilities to you are being ... derailed for the time being. Now, I will delay no longer. Keep quiet and just observe." She realized it may be difficult for the young girl to watch her mentor being detained, and Serine did not want the situation to go from bad to worse. The door to her room slid open and they journeyed forth, the Inquisitor leading the way towards the brig.

Major Kerrie Kiley stood defiantly in the Warspite's detention block, wearing her old bounty hunter's armor rather than her Imperial uniform. There were a number of weapons on her, but most notably she had brought her old Golan Arms RL-40 stun net launcher out of storage and was grasping that firmly on her hand. Oh, how she had longed for this opportunity ... she thought silently to herself as she took a step forward when the Inquisitor arrived. "Your cell is waiting," she said, with a firm nod of her head, as her left hand motioned to cell block C. Her hand stroked over the barrel of her weapon, yearning for the Inquisitor to make the mistake of crossing her at this moment. Her eyes squinted slightly as she stared at the woman, wondering what she had done to deserve this punishment. Her attention then shifted to the young Kia, her eyes flaring with rage as she stomped a foot down angrily on the deck plating in a display of rare emotion. "You!" she sneered angrily, as she looked past the Inquisitor and towards the young one. "You should be in here too ... you stinking little brat!" she yelled, as she brought up her RL-40 stun net launcher. Her hand began to shake as she wanted to pull the trigger, but instead let out a tired sigh and lowered the weapon. She did not want to get thrown into a wall again!

Kia stayed close by Serine until they arrived at the brig, eyes going wide again seeing Kerrie. It took a mere second this time, her eyes narrowed at the weapon being aimed at her, remembering her order to not cause trouble, she looked back to Serine and returning an indifferent stare back to the Major. "Go torture some helpless person, seems you're good at that." Crossing her arms, she settled into a crouch near where Serine was now being kept, "You know ... I do need to practice. You could always volunteer?"

Of course Major Kiley would be awaiting her arrival, she expected at least one of her rivals to be ready to taunt her while that moment lasted. This was only a momentary defeat, it will soon pass over and be yet another rumor that was exchanged feverishly around the mess hall, but for now, Serine would have to endure it. And she did so with an aura of dignity and class. Kerrie was a mere insignificant obstacle, nothing more, and the other woman would be promptly brushed passed and ignored as the Inquisitor made her way to cell block C, not at all wishing to give Kerrie even the slightest bit of satisfaction. As she entered the detainment area, she turned to give Kia knowing glance, a sign of appreciation for coming this far and not making a scene with the Major despite that feat being difficult.

Kerrie took particular satisfaction in activating the controls that would seal the Inquisitor into her tiny cell. Once the door was closed, her right hand instinctively wrapped around the trigger of her KYD-21 blaster pistol, as she let the RL-40 be cradled under her left arm. She pressed the muzzle of her blaster against the door controls and, turning to look perversely at Kia, she pulled back on the triggers and unloaded a deadly bolt of energy into the mechanism. "Fair is fair..." she said, as she twirled the blaster pistol with a flourish and slid it into her holder. And with that, she happily strut past the young Kia, quite content with how things were shaping up aboard the Warspite.

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