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Christopher Levy and Tara McLaren.
Five years before the Battle of Yavin (30:9:33) in the Socorro system: Caritas Ascendant and Socorro (Vakeyya: Spaceport).
Kerrie Kiley and Valeria.

Kerrie Kiley smiled confidently as she escorted her captured bounty to the Vakeyya spaceport on the planet Socorro. The Clawdite bounty hunter was carefully mimicking the appearance of a moderately attractive Human female in her early 20s. The young hunter had made the mistake of taking a bounty posted by the Black Sun against one of the Hutt's top slicers, but the credits were so high she could not resist the temptation and the challenge. She wore the black armorweave of the Mabari, the order of warrior-knights who raised her and turned her into the fearsome warrior she had become. As she opened the door to the docking bay a massive explosion consumed her ship and sent her and her prisoner dramatically to the ground.

"Argh," Kerrie groaned as her durasteel helmet hit against the wall, when suddenly blasts of laser fire began flying around her. "Get down!" she yelled to her captive, as she pushed the man's body down behind a few storage crates. She lowered the targeting scanner atop her helmet to cover her mimicked blue eyes and she could make out at least half a dozen armed gunmen firing on her location. "It seems you have powerful friends..." she complained as she drew her polished chrome KYD-21 blaster pistol and began firing off wild shots at her attacker. Grabbing her prisoner by the scruff of her neck, she dragged him hurriedly into the next docking bay over under a hail of wild bolts of deadly red energy.

Meanwhile and not too away a sometime smuggler and all-around party girl was staring at her ship from a distance of some thirty meters, the comlink on her wrist open for communications. "I don't know, R3. I don't have your sensors, but something looks off. Maybe have the pit droids check the hard points on the armor plating?" Eyeballing was usually not considered a valid method of mechanical work, but that was what the young and armed female seemed to be doing as she used her thumb to try and see if there was something a bit off about her ship's profile. The vessel had its armor plating stripped there in the spaceport in order for some work to be done and it seemed like there might have been a mistake in reattaching it.

Kerrie did not have a chance to look at Valeria or her ship as she found herself behind a stack of cargo containers. A hail of blaster fire followed her into the hangar, following by a small metallic object. The Flash-bang grenade exploded in a hail of sound and light that would have blinded Kerrie had she not pulled the targeting scanners over her eyes. "Argh," she said as she held her hands over her ears as the sonic energy suitably disabled her for the time being. Her prisoner had been completely incapacitated by the grenade and was laying disabled at her side. She let out a whale of a scream as she fired disoriented over the cargo containers at her unseen attackers.

"Usually I'm the last person who should be complaining about someone making noise, but can you guys keep it down?" Valeria glanced down towards the entrance to her docking bay, and the firefight which had found its way into it. "Or maybe you could offer an opinion? Does the plating on my ship look right to you?" She placed her hands on her hips as she glanced back towards the ship, ignoring the fact that there was every chance some of that blasterfire might come towards her.

"What?!" Kerrie yelled at the top of her lungs as she finally noticed the half-Zeltron pilot standing off in the distance. She was still deafened by the grenade and could not make out a word of what the woman was saying. A blaster bolt suddenly flew over and clipped her in the shoulder, causing her to scream out in agony as she slumped down against the cargo containers and considered her options. After taking a moment to catch her breath she lifted her KYD-21 again and unleashed a hail of unaimed fire that took out one of her attackers. She began looking around the hangar for some sort of escape and spotted Valeria's vessel. "Is that your ship?!" she yelled very loud again, still in a half-deafened state.

She twirled, turning away from her examination of the vessel. "Of course it's my ship! And could you keep it down?" She turned towards the ones that were chasing her, before getting a running start and making an impressive leap atop a nearby crate. "When I told you to keep it down, I meant it. Pay your own blasted docking fees!" She stood there, her legs planted wide and her arms resting aside her thighs were two blaster pistols were holstered. If she had not provoked them by now to attack her, this ought to have done it.

"How much to fly us off this rock?" Kerrie asked as her eyes scanned over the acrobatic woman. Her breathing was very labored as the blaster burn began to cause a great deal of pain to flow through her left side. A steady stream of heavy blaster fire continued to keep her pinned down, and it felt like they were beginning to draw closer. Perhaps the Clawdite bounty hunter had picked off more than she could handle.

"Just no consideration for other people." Valeria vaulted off of the crate, doing a forward flip that ended when she drew her twin blaster pistols and began firing back at the multitude of attackers. She moved once she began firing, not providing an easy target. "Make me an offer." Valeria called back towards the wounded and struggling bounty hunter, very casually.

Most of Kerrie's credits had been aboard a ship that was now a smoldering ruin and her attention went to one of the pouches on her belt. She quickly counted out 2,000 credits and frowned disappointedly as she looked up at the woman. "2,000?" she asked, sounding very unsure of herself. Her hands went to the fallen slice as she began searching his body for any additional credits. She doubted it would be enough.

"2,000, huh?" She looked thoughtful, or at least she would have if anyone was able to notice her face amid all the fighting. With the way she fired her pistols, she was going to run out of charge on her power packs pretty soon. She could use the credits, if only to have some technicians run a full diagnostic on her armor system. "Anything interesting you have to throw in the pot?"

Valeria's blaster fire managed to take out another of the assailers, leaving four who were continuing to fire on the duo. Kerrie continued to search the slicer and found a No-Show attached to his right wrist. She disconnected it and tossed it over to the smuggler. "Come on ... that's gotta be worth something, right?" she said, starting to sound very panicked as another bolt of deadly crimson energy impacted near her head.

She tossed up one of her pistols at the same time as she tossed the bracelet, catching the trinket on her wrist before retrieving the blaster as it fell. "Okay, you've got a done deal." Valeria kept up that impressive rate of blaster fire, this time with a distinctive intent to kill the attackers pressing forward. She started to back towards her ship, even as the boarding ramp for the vessel ... a Corellian heavy gunship ... began to lower.

Two of the attackers fell dead from Valeria's onslaught, but two remained and continued firing. Kerrie bent down and picked up the slicer and attempted to hoist him over her shoulder, as she began running towards the ship at her top speed. One of the blaster shots impacted the slicer in the head and killed himself, causing her to scream loudly and drop the man like a sack of duracrete mix. "Get the ship ready!" she cursed, as she pulled her KYD-21 and hurried towards the two attacker. She began using her targeting scanners to focus on them and began firing accurate shots that ended both their lives.

"That...looks like it might hurt the value of your bounty." She get firing as she backed her way up the boarding ramp, which began to close as soon as she was inside the ship. Valeria holstered one of her blasters and began tapping on her communicator, even as she called out to the bounty hunter. "You coming or what?"

An injured Kerrie ran towards the ship and dove onto the ramp before it closed, and lay there unmoving for a few moments as she struggled to catch her breath. "Enough of the wisecracks," she bitterly said as she realized how much trouble she was now in. She had been paid a deposit and the bounty was alive only ... there would be repercussions for this. "So where do I get to go for my 2,000?" she asked, as she finally picked herself up off the ground and began attending to the rather nasty blaster wound on her left shoulder. So much for armorweave, she muttered to herself as she placed her right hand on the wound to apply pressure.

"That's probably cauterized." She grinned, showing perfect and large white teeth as she nodded towards the wound. Kerrie would have found herself in the command deck of the vessel, one that looked like it had been partially converted into a kind of lounge complete with a food-processor. A R3 droid ... or some approximation thereof ... had raised the shield on the ship and was beginning to power up the engines. "As to your destination, you look like you might have just lost a job. Care to join me on my next one?" Valeria seemed oddly calm, despite the fact that her ship was probably starting to take heavy fire at this point. it was from personal rather than ship weapons, of course, but still.

Kerrie sat down in one of the seat's on the command deck and quickly strapped herself in as she studied the woman's features. "What's the job?" she asked, as she grimaced while pulling the melted armorweave out of her wound. Her eyes scanned around for any sign of a medkit, but she did not initially see one. Her mind drifted to the dead slicer wondering if there was anything she could have done differently to have kept him alive and completed her mission.

"Have a bacta tank in the back. You could hop in it for a while." She pointed towards the rear of the ship, where indeed a bacta tank had been haphazardly set up. It looked like this place was aiming to have a full a real medical bay set up but had not quite reached that point. "I'd offer you the services of my medical droid, but uh...kind of in several pieces at the moment."

Kerrie began peeling off the Mabari armorweave that clung to her athletic form until she was stripped down to the climate controlled bodyglove she wore beneath. She thought the idea of a sting in a bacta tank was a wise one, but she needed to know more about their next move first. "Before I take a swim I want to know more about this job. I ... owe some money to a vengeful Vigo," she pointed out, as she took her helmet off to reveal her ornately braded brown locks.

"Those Black Sun guys are pretty weird about things, aren't they?" Valeria looked back towards her R3 unit, nodding towards the astromech as it began to activate the ship's thrusters. "It would really help right now to have something to shoot back with, wouldn't it?" The ship was obviously well armed, but it did not have anything in the way of weapons scaled towards dealing with people. Valeria then noticed that a question had been asked of her. "Just a gun run I wouldn't mind an extra hand with. They tell me its dangerous to tamper with a droid's natural inhibitions to killing sentients, so I normally go solo on these things. Got a bad feeling about this one. I'd give you half my cut on the run. You might earn enough to get Black Sun off your back."

"Gun running? Sounds simple enough..." Kerrie murmured as she pulled the bodyglove from her cauterized wound, causing the poor woman to squeal in pain. She let out a weakned sigh as she revealed the sports bra beneath and began making her way towards the bacta tank. "Why do I have a feeling like you're leaving something out?" she weakly said, as she turned to look at the half-Zeltron once again.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much. Everybody loves me." Suddenly she sniffed, her ready smile turning itself into a frown as she placed her hands on her hips. "Although I certainly don't like the smell of ozone. That stuff is almost impossible to get out of my hair." That seemed to be her primary objection to the blaster battle still taking place outside the ship, the odor created by the discharges from the energy weapons. Meanwhile, the R3 would direct the ship to lift off, exiting the docking bay and heading up into the atmosphere.

"I don't like surprises," Kerrie replied, as she exited the command deck and made her way to the cargo bold where the bacta tank was kept. She hated being in the tank, but she did not seem to have much a choice. She finished stripping, but maintained her mimicked Human form to keep the smuggler from learning of her true identity. As she descended into the tank with the rebreather in her mouth, she closed her eyes and thought about happier times.

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