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Josh Barton, René Figueredo, Andrew J. Fowler, Christopher Levy, and Tara McLaren.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:6) in the Ralltiir system: Heretic's Avenger and Ralltiir.
Corporal Jason Athol, Jane Minersha, Jett Rhade, and Valeria.

On the rail between Salibury and Cambrielle an armored mag lev train carrying numerous Imperial weapons and other supplies was moving at its top velocity. It was ordered to make no stops along the route and at each checkpoint an Imperial patrol was waiting in position. There was one car on the train where two fire teams of Imperial Stormtroopers were set up with E-web blasters designed to protect the train from any ground assaults. There was one glaring weakness, however, little or no protection had been afforded to aerial protection. Surely no one would be foolish enough to attack from the sky. <Click>"Now passing kilometer marker twelve,"<Click> the Stormtrooper on the back of the E-web said over the comm as he checked in, at a regular interval.

"Sprocket, shut up!" Jane Minersha shouted at the finicky astromech in the engine room. "You are not going to 'fix' the engines mid mission, I don't care 'how much' you beg!" She huffed and chuckled as she approached the train from the upper atmosphere, coming down at a steep diagonal course. She kept the YT-2000 more or less level as she descended quite rapidly to avoid detection and give the people she was inserting an advantage. "Alright. Drop in about a minute. Get ready. Make sure you have your guns. Rocks and slingshots are 'not' assault weapons!" She giggled over the ship's intercom as she looked back behind her, ignoring the controls for a moment or so. "So why aren't you going to blast away at some troopers in the train?" She did not leave her controls for long, and nothing bad came of it as she went back to them, monitoring her sensors to make sure that there weren't any hostile targets above the area of operation.

Valeria responded as she sat in the turrets of the Heretic's Avenger. At present she was spinning around in the turret casually, something that was bound to make her dizzy before too long. She would activate the intercom as she communicated back to her friend in the cockpit. "I think I might like to take it easy for a bit. My bacta tank is started to run low and I don't want to buy any more right now." She slowed down the rotation of the turret once she began dizzy, before continuing. "Plus, we spend so much time in my ship. I figured I should do you the favor of staying in yours."

"Hey there! I listen to you nice and clear, I'm all set! I think." Jett looked at himself seeing if he did not forget about anything. He had his holstered DL-44, and an E-11 rifle he had been carrying since a couple of missions ago. "Alright, keep her steady! I don't want to get hurt yet." Jett was going to be inserted in the train, he had an important task: grabbing supplies. Supplies were always important. He decided to go lightly, since in the train there wasn't too much space for using heavy weapons. A blaster rifle and his DL-44 would be enough. "There we go!" Jett jumped right from the ramp of the ship and fell on the train's roof. It was going really fast. He opened the comlink, "Jett here. I'm alright. This thing is going really fast! Should I wait for the rest of you? I could go looking for those supplies right now, you know!"

The assault rifle had already been secured to the sling, while waiting for a clear spot to land. Why they were doing this the old fashion way instead of just sabotaging the train's electrical systems was beyond his comprehension, but valid orders were valid orders. Peeking over the ramp would give him enough time and space to drop the line down and steady his nerves. Nodding to whomever was still onboard, the line was clipped in, and down he went. Not really able to rappel, this was more of a fast-rope, which Tong had drilled him on several times. A soft thud was heard as he impacted the roof of the train, exactly one meter behind Jett. "So why again are we taking this train the hard way?"

The train was moving at a considerable speed. Jett started looking all over to see if there was a hatch. "There!", he said. He went as he could towards it. "Take cover as you can, I'm putting some heat into the train." Jett took a grenade, loaded it, opened the hatch and threw it. "Get into safety! Oh wait ... just get away from here!" He moved as fast he could away the hatch. An explosion could be heard. The train trembled a bit, but kept the same speed. "Okay, we're getting in. Be careful." He proceeded to go into the train now.

Now for the fun part. With Jett heading in, it was time to move up to the next car. Since they didn't want all their apples in one basket, that meant Jason was going to be staying up top. Double checking the sling holding his rifle, he sighed deeply and backed to the end of the car. Taking off at a run, his eyes were definitely staying fixed on the roof of the train. Jumping too soon would cause him to go tumbling off to a messy death, and jumping too late would see him squished in-between the cars. A few moments would see him jumping from the edge of the first car, landing on the roof of the next with his knees flexed to absorb the impact. "I'm on the next car. Signal when you're ready to enter and I'll drop in a couple flashes."

Jett dropped into the car. It was still smoky. "What the..." He took a look. There were four Stormtroopers ... dead. And not just dead, but messed up. "Oh boy, this got nasty." The control panels were also destroyed by the grenade. "Damn!" He thought for a minute. "Okay, now I'll have to get across to the other car. I'll let know Jason I'm ready to go." Jett took another look at the car. It was really disgusting to see those dead Stormtroopers torn into pieces. He opened the comlink, "Jason, Jett here. I think I made little mess here. Four Stormtroopers are dead. Computers and panels wrecked up. I'm going through the other car now, could you have it ready?"

Well, causalities were to be expected. He thought Jett's voice sounded a bit off, had not the man seen death enough yet to be somewhat immune to the sight? "Acknowledged. I'll drop two flashes in. Wait four seconds after the second goes off and proceed inside, rifle ready. With those terminals down, we'll have to use the command console in the lead car. That means we have at least four, probably six more troopers to eliminate. Keep collateral damage down to a minimum. Out." Suiting action to the chatter, the hatch was quickly opened. The first flash grenade was toss in at an angle to send it to the far end of the car, followed by another a few moments later on a more shallow curve to stay at the front. Once the two bangs were heard, Jett would be free to go on, while he hopped over to the next car. For once, he actually missed having Tong or Carson around.

Jett loaded his rifle, opened the car's door and got into the other one. He saw two stunned Stormtroopers that apparently couldn't see anything yet. He pointed at the first one that was almost next to the door and shot to the chest, bringing him to the floor. With a fast move, he turned to the other Stormtrooper, which was to the other side, next to the door that took to the third car. He shot quickly, to the head. Jett opened the comlink, "Two more down. Sorry about what happened before, it's just that ... you had to see them. Their white armor turned into red. Let's get going, kid." They were proceeding to the third car.

The humor in the situation was not lost on him. Definitely younger than Jett, so the 'kid' comment was justified, the pilot didn't have his level of ground experience, yet. "On my way, don't worry about the Stormtroopers. You'll see plenty more before you retire, quit, or die depending on your luck." The pattern was slightly different this time. Instead of tossing the flash grenades in directly, the hatch was opened while his rifle came into play. Two quick shots into the car aimed at the Stormtroopers would be a fatal distraction, and only then was the flash tossed in. "Three in this one, I hit one. Wait for the boom and go."

Jett was getting through the car between the dead Stormtroopers. He got to the other door and went out. "Okay Jason, I'm all set. I'm using my DL-44 this time, it takes rapid fire. Hit it!" Jett loaded up his pistol. The train was moving really fast. They were getting closer to the primary console.

The dull boom of the flash would be audible to Jett, but not for Jason. Hazard of 200 km/h winds and all. With only one more car to breach, it was a quick leap over to the last car and getting into position. Considering the need to limit damage, this car would not see a grenade, but he would rely on Jett to provide the distraction or execution, finishing it up himself if needed. "All yours. Remember for the last car, no unnecessary damage. Close range blast only. If you can't hit him fast enough, distract and I'll slit his throat when I slip in. Let me know when you're ready."

Jett got in. He was carrying his DL-44, all set. He entered the car. Rapid eye-movement. One was down. Two were stunned. The first shot went to the middle of one of the Stormtrooper's chest. One second later, another shot went right to the second Stormtrooper's belly. They were down. "Jett here, the other two are down, too. It rhymes." He talked to Jason through the comlink. "Alright, I'm coming in for the last one. I'm ready to go, get set." Jett made his way to the last car, still carrying his DL-44. He got in, and when he saw the Officer he was ready to shoot. "Here you go!" *click* "What? Oh no." The pistol had a malfunction. Jett pushed the Officer quickly, where Jason was. "Jason, do it!" The train was going very fast, and just a few seconds had passed.

Soon as he heard Jett report going in, it was easy to slip the hatch open and slide inside. It almost made Jason laugh to see Jett's face as the pistol malfunctioned, but at least the man had the presence of mind to push the officer towards him. Pulling out his vibro-knife from it's holster on the sling, the blade was moved around and up to slide ever so gently and yet deeply, across the officer's neck. He smiled as the officer produced a gurgling sound as the blood filled and drained from sliced throat, and calmly took the weapons that were on his person. "You OK over there?" Delivered in a calm, almost happy voice. "That guy will be dead in a few minutes. You can speed it along and cut his spine if you like." Wiping the blade clean on the officer's uniform, it was then returned to it's holster as he walked to the control panels and started his slicing.

"That's fine. I don't like vibroblades that much. What now?" Jett looked surprised by all the action he was seeing already. He had seen action, but not that kind of action. It was heavier. But it was fine. It was part of his work, after all. He holstered his pistol and walked to the panels as well. He looked over the path they were going, the railway. "Are we taking the supplies?", Jett asked.

"My objective was to get in here and take control of the train. Which I just finished. Try calling the pilots, one of them should know where to meet us. Oh, and do me a favor. Find some fuel. We'll need to torch this thing as well as blow it up after we strip it to cover our tracks." Half absorbed in controlling the train, he was making notes of incidental information and sending along his collector program into the train's systems. No sense in letting a prime intel gathering opportunity go by afterall.

Jett grabbed his comlink and contacted the Heretic's Avenger. "This is Jett. We've managed to take over the train. Know where to meet us? Give us some time, we're going to place some fireworks here to watch them blow. We got supplies, too! We'll see you soon now!" He turned to Jason, "Alright, done. I'm going to grab some fuel. Just contact me if anything comes up." Jett went back through the cars where the supplies were.

Jane grinned as she looked at her sensor readout. Even though she was a little disappointed at the lack of an air response, she activated her ships short range com system as she slowed her ship, turning around so the port side of the ship was towards the train near the second car. She extended the three landing struts and as usual, she set the ship down so smooth, it almost felt as if they were still flying. She lowered the boarding ramp at the same time as she activated the powerful hydraulic systems that lowered the entire deck of the two cargo bays down to the ground. "Get all of the supplies you can fit and do it fast. I'd rather not be caught on the ground having to defend you guys from an Impy strafing run, and you don't want me to either. If my ship gets so much as a scratch, you are all paying for the new paintjob!" she laughed like a maniac before cutting off the external comms, and activating the interior comm system. "Maybe next time the Imps will want to protect their cargo with an escort or six."

"I am a little disappointed at the lack of eyeballs to shoot." Perhaps it was from hanging around with too many Rebels, but Valeria seemed to have picked up their parlance for TIE fighters. Thus far she had only been spending this flight getting uncomfortable up in the turret. She wondered if it might be possible for her to convince MIni to install massage circuits up there like she herself had on the seats in the cockpit of her vessel. She activated the intercom and casually commented to Jane. "They're going to give you a pilot's commission in the Rebellion soon, right?"

Jett was getting to the supplies car. "Jason, I'm here. I'm taking the fuel now.", he contacted Jason through the comlink again. "How about all these supplies? How are we taking them?" Things happened so fast today for Jett. He sure saw a lot of action, and he could say it was a lot because he was not used to it. Then he contacted the Heretic's Avenger. "Jett again. There are a lot of supplies in one of the cars. Any ideas?" Jett was thinking about the Stormtroopers he killed. And he also thought that if wouldn't have killed them, he'd probably be dead by now.

To that, he could only shake his head and chuckle as he turned on the comm. "There's powerloaders in the car, use them to haul the supplies over. If I did my numbers right, the amount of the supplies and other useful pieces on board should just fill the Heretics' cargo hold if you stuff it to the last possible square centimeter. Leave the fuel out, I'll set up the blaze path. once you all have it unloaded. Remember we need to be fast, so conscript those pilots if you need to." Still waiting on the data mining to finish.

"Got it. I'll contact you in a few moments." Jett proceeded to move the supplies. He did as fast as he could. He moved them into position so he could lift them with the loaders. "Heretic's Avenger, this is Jett. I'm lifting the supplies. Can you be ready to pick them? Don't worry, they'll fit. Try to hurry." And then talked to Jason, "Kid, I'm having the supplies ready. They should pick them by now."

"I'm already landed!" Jane sounded a little bit annoyed, but than shrugged it off. Her cargo holds were open and ready to be loaded, and the ramp inside the ship was lowered. She was keeping quite a close eye on her sensors. She was going to see any inbound ship or ground vehicle long before it got into weapons range, and she would make sure it didn't last long enough to be a problem.

Valeria frowned as she reached for her back, getting increasingly uncomfortable the longer she was in that seat. It was all that she could do to avoid taking a nap, which would probably not be the best thing to do in a live fire zone.

With the supplies loaded onto the Heretic's Avenger and the data mining completed, Jason stood up and stretched out for a moment before walking over to the set aside fuel. Within the space of a few minutes, the interior of the train was coated in the fuel, with a finely atomized cloud ready to set it all off with a blaster shot. Stepping outside, he quickly walked over to the Heretic and stepped inside, turning on the internal comm. "We're set. Supplies are loaded. Anyone want to volunteer to set off the fuel explosion before we have Valeria there blow the train to molecules?"

Jett turned on the comlink, "I'll do it, kid." He walked to the ramp, and slowly took his pistol. He loaded it, very slowly. And then, he aimed at some spot of the fuel trail. "Well, are you all ready for some nice fireworks?" He shot. The fuel trail ignited and started burning very fast. "Alright, that's it. I'm closing the ramp. Val, it's all yours!" The ramp started to close slowly. Jett turned and went towards the cockpit.

As soon as the cargo was loaded, she activated the cargo hydraulics and lifted the cargo into the ship. Once she saw that the ramp was closing, she lifted off slowly and banked away from the impending explosion. "Oh Val. Weapons free!" she said as she fed more power to the quad laser system. From her turret station, Val could fire all four of the quad laser cannons, provided the target was within the field of fire of them. Making sure this happened, she angled the ship to point directly at the train so that Valeria could have her fun!

"Okay, this almost makes up for the boredom." She squeezed her thumbs down on the controls for the quad lasers, causing destructive energy to pour forth from the Heretic's Avenger and rain destruction down on the train. Valeria didn't enjoy killing ... not that she minded it ... but there was nothing wrong with finding glee in a massive fireball of an Imperial supply train.

The train started blowing up. Fireballs could be seen all around the cars. "Now, that's a spectacle! Nice work Val!" Jett watched as the train was turning into pieces. Explosions were happening continuously in every car. It was sure a busy day for the Corellian. But, thankfully, everything went well. "Good job everyone. Let's get back to the base."

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