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Sam Allen and Christopher Levy.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:3:2) in the Brentaal system: Black Raven and Brentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate and Spaceport) and the Corellian system: Black Raven and Talus (Daeric: Cantina and Spaceport).


Maarek Dune, Enkido, Phinn, and Flight Lieutenant Reek Trolg.


The Rodian crime lord Enkido nervously awaited the arrival of the smuggler he contracted to handle the shipment of his goods he needed to quickly get out of the system. He knew the Imperial presence in the region would not make this day go any easier. He looked around the room once more before muttering to himself, "Where is he?"

Maarek Dune made his way into the area the two of them had set up. Stopping as his eyes slowly looked about the area. Talking softly to himself, "Another day. Another mark." Slowly his feet took him into the building. His eyes looked from side to side as he walked. His blaster pistol hidden under the jacket he had on.

"You're late. You're already behind schedule. We have to hurry if we're going to get this done," Enkido nervously said as he came around from behind the table. His left hand extended towards a moderately sized shipping container. "This one ... this one here. Take it to Talus. If you successfully get past the Imperials ... and back ... I will pay you five thousand credits."

Maarek's eyes looked to it slowly, and he then looked back to the crime lord. "Understood... Where is the drop point to be at?" Taking in how nervous the man is and seemed to be. Him late. Not by his clock he was on time. But that in it self was another story.

"There's a small bar in the northeast section of Dearic. Look for a man named Phinn. He'll know what to do with the shipment. Now, get going ... you haven't much time." Enkido explained.

Maarek nodded his head. He took the container, as he left, and he did one more look at the crime lord. Was he a man to be trusted or not? But in time that will be found out. He made his way out of the building and back to his ship, and he loaded the container into the hold. Talking to himself, "Time to get out of this place." Closing the ramp to the Black Raven, he made his way to the bridge...did not look like much but it was home. Slowly his fingers slid over the controls, and he turned on the power to the engines and all systems that he will need for this run.

The comlink to the Black Raven began to beep as the Ringali Shell Security Force attempted to make contact with him. "Black Raven, this is Brentaal control, please respond. Over"

Maarek shook his head, "This is Black Raven. Go ahead Control. Over." Now time to see what they wanted.

"Black Raven, this is Brentaal control," the docking authority officer responded, "Our sensors indicate you are powering up. Do you require clearance to depart? Over"

A chuckle came from him as he heard the officer. Maarek hit the comm back on, "Yes...I need to get under way rather swiftly...Any way you can give me the OK to go right now? Over" Seeing what they will have to say to that. Still his fingers working over the controls, as he was also getting the jump ready to go to Talus.

"Alright Black Raven," the docking authority officer informed the captain, "What is your cargo and destination? Over."

Maarek smiled. " Alderaan. My cargo is fine silks. I am taking them to one of the centers there. Over." Thinking to him self, "Lets see if that will work."

"Clearance to depart granted, Black Raven," the docking authority officer replied, "Brentaal control over out."

Maarek smiled, and he then lifted off. The Black Raven rose into the air, as the landing legs lifted up into her...he then made his way up and out of the planet and into space. Doing a few more passive scans to see who and what was about.

Two Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/ln starfighters approached the Black Raven's location once it passed through the region of space near the planet administered by the Ringali Shell Security Force. The lead pilot, Lieutenant Trolg, activated his craft's communication unit and signaled the Black Raven. "Unidentified freighter ... please identify. Over"

Maarek lifted a brow. Yet another fun, "This is the Black Raven. How can I help you? Over" Not sure what he will be facing here with the TIEs and what not. His fingers slid over the controls of his ship just in case he will have to do his jump fast to the planet he needed to go to.

Lieutenant Trolg eases back on his flight controls as he approached the Black Raven. His starfighter began to scan the freighter for a weapon's signature. He had been ordered all traffic in the region for illegal arms shipment, "What is your cargo and destination? Over."

Maarek shook his head, "I am heading to Alderaan, with fine silks. Over." Ah he was being scanned...this should turn up to be fun.

Lieutenant Trolg's head-up display indicated that the Black Raven was not carrying any weaponry. He eased his flight control around to steer the vessel towards the next ship on his sensors, "Alright. Get out of here, then. Over and out."

Maarek smiled...flipping off the comm, as he made his run up to jump into hyperspace, and to Talus that is. Flipping on the hyperspace engines, as he made the jump to Talus. Should take some time to get there...just fine with him since he can get something to eat.

The Black Raven dropped out of hyperspace and near Talus. Maarek flipped on the passive scans. His hands also got ready for any trouble by getting the deflectors online.

The Corellian Security Force identified the vessel on their sensors, and a port officer immediately attempted to raise the vessel on the comlink, "This is the Corellian Security Force. Please identify. Over."

"This is the Black Raven. Over," Maarek said into the comm system.

"Welcome to the Corellian Sector," the CorSec official replied over the comlink, "Do you require landing clearance? Over."

"Yes. I will need clearance to land. Over," Maarek's voce said back over the comm system.

"Very well, Black Raven," the CorSec official told him, "Permission to land on Talus granted. Over and out."

"Thank you," Maarek said. He made his way into Talus and saw where he will be landing at. The landing legs will slid out from under the ship, and he softly touched down. Flipping off power to the engines, as he looked about. He left most systems on for the safe side of things. Opening the platform, he walked to it and out onto the landing platform of Talus. Time to go find this Phinn person at the bar he was told to go to.

Phinn, a human thug, sat in a shadowy corner of the bar in Daeric. He seemed nervous, and anyone that saw him would know that he was 'up to something.' He waited impatiently for his contact, nursing the same drink he bought when he first arrived over an hour ago.

Walking into the Bar. Maarek's eyes slowly looked about. Slowly walked to the bar to ask the tender for a drink. Phinn he hope will see him, as he walked about after getting his drink. Found a table in a way so that he can watch the door to the bar and the others that were in the bar. His eyes never stayed on one person for to long. Took small sips of his drink, as he just sat there.

Phinn swallowed nervously as he stood from his table, and made his way over towards the newcomer. This was a dive bar, and all of the locals who came in here were known to him. This had to be his contact. He looked at him carefully before beginning to speak, "Did Enkido send you?"

His eyes fell onto the man who seemed to stand and walk over to him. Maarek will nod his, "Yes he did. Care to sit down?"

"No ... no," Phinn told him in a rushed tone, "Where is it? Do you have it? I need it!"

A brow lifted, as he stood, "It is back on my ship. It is safe there. So shall we walk to my ship?" Something seemed a little odd. Both men seem to be nervous.

"Yes, immediately," Phinn informed him, and began walking towards the door. "Let's go!"

Maarek moved with the man. He has to see why he seemed so nervous but later. "This way," as he led the man to where his ship was at.

Phinn stepped forward into the hangar, and stopped at the exit ramp of Maarek's ship. He was not very impressed by the craft, and chose to remain inside the hangar rather than enter the ship, "I'll wait out here," he informed him, "Bring it to me out here."

Maarek nodded his head. Opening back the platform. Stepped back into his ship. The smell of home was always a good thing. Made his way to where the cargo was at. Getting it, as he then made his way back to where Phinn was at. His eyes looked at the man again...his own hand was close to his blaster, for he was not sure what this man will try to do.

Phinn dropped to his knees in front of the cargo container. He wrapped his arms around it, as if he was hugging it. He stood with a maddening smile on his face as he picked up the container. "Thank you," he said before running out of the hangar with the cargo container.

Maarek nodded to the man...closing back up his ship and headed to his bunk to get some sleep before heading back to where the crime lord is at to get his money. His eyes closed, as his mind raced with thoughts.

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