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Bob Halula, Christopher Levy, Jaina Roberts, and Thomas Rogers.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:33) in the Chandrila system: Chandrila (Hanna City: Ding Phest's estate) and Skiá.
Sergeant Reilly Judah, Commander Kerrie Kiley, Assemblyman Ding Phest (death), Captain Dagon Tong, and W'ray'then.

Hanna City on Chandrila had become occupied territory as elements of the Imperial Army had come to dominate the planet's once vibrant capital. Anyone suspected of having connections to former Senate Mon Mothma and the Rebel Alliance had either been round up or was in the process of being round up. Such menial tasks were left to the ShadowWhispers, a company of Storm commandos assigned to the Ringali Shell. A Delta-class DX-9 Stormtrooper transport, the Skiá, was silently operating over the more affluent government quarter of the city while SigInt personnel attempted to intercept transmissions calling for help. "Commander, we have a potential signal at grid coordinates 54 mark 8," the operative reported, which prompted an immediate reaction from the Commander. "Pilot, set a course for those coordinates," the diminutive Commander Kerrie Kiley said from beneath the black helmet of her Storm commando armor. She had with her an entire platoon of commandos, which seemed a bit overkill for this operation. She wanted to be conducting counterinsurgency operations, but instead she was rounding up old diplomats who could barely hold a blaster.

The estate of Assemblyman Ding Phest stood in the northern section of the government quarter. Phest had avoided being detained by the Inquisitor when the assembly hall was occupied the preceding week and had been in hiding ever since. Only when he heard rumors of Imperial forces pulling back did he dare attempt to make contact with a Rebel unit for possible evac. Unfortunately for him, the Empire had been monitoring for just such a signal and as soon as he transmitted in the clear the Skiá began to descend as if on cue. As soon as the transport touched down on the rear lawn of the estate the first squad was deployed and began moving towards the rear of the estate for a breech. They had done this so many times over the past two weeks that no one was expecting anything out of the ordinary. "Secure the target," Commander Kiley ordered through the comlink in her helmet, as she remained near the command and control center in the rear of the transport to supervise her four squads.

Dagon was one building removed from the estate, sitting in his hide that he'd been using to surveil the assemblyman. He could have warned Phest that the Storm Commandos would be coming for him, but chose instead to use the man to lure in a platoon. Likewise, he could have hit the commandos as soon as they landed, while they were starting to move on the breach, but he decided to wait until they were moving to exfil, a successful raid possibly clouding their judgment and lowering their situational awareness. Doctrinally, they shouldn't, but even the elite slip up from time to time. He had a datapad set up, with links to numerous small seeker droids already hidden around the block, some with pre programmed actions set up, and some that were more of a remote control. He had his EE-3 set on the table in front of him, as well as a flechette launcher. He was in full armor, because he was expecting to actually have prolonged contact, and the onboard weapons systems of his gear could help tip the scales in his favor in a close in fight.

The black fur on the back of W'ray'then stood up a bit as he slid into a shadow that all but hid his dark form. He was new to this pack of hunters, and still was a little unsure of what role he was to have in this operation. He was positioned a few blocks away from the action and given a description of the type of enemies to expect and asked to tap the comlink a few times to mark the approach.

The weapon strapped to his back was awkward, he had just started using these high technological weapons a few months ago...but the long vibroblade at his hip was comforting. The Mashi Horansi were well known for their nocturnal hunting capabilities,which is what attracted the Alliance to him.

His feline eyes darted from shadow to shadow, ignoring the open enemy would be walking straight the economy of searching where he would plan to approach was a priority.

As the transport flew overhead he began to meander his way toward the estate at ground level. He was better on the ground where his natural speed and agility could be used to hit and feint. He settled in an area where he could easily get on top of a parked vehicle to see over the estate's outer barrier and into the courtyard where the Delta-class had settled.

Reilly watched the troopers from afar. A former terrace of some now gone diplomat's mansion, now in shambles was her point of view. She kept against the wall, using binoculars on occasion to get a better view, though there was little need. The seen was one that had played out several times. Troopers come in, bodies come out. A deep sigh blew past her pale pink lips. Would this war ever end? Could there be an end or would another power try to take over if and when the Empire fell? She was starting to wonder if any of this mattered. Lives around her ended in seconds. Strangers. Friends. Death was everywhere. As the troopers headed into the dwelling, she stepped slightly out of her concealed place. Maybe this time they could blow up the transport and actually damage the troops on ground here. She waited for any signal from command.

The first squad of the ShadowWhispers wasted no time in moving through the two level estate of Assemblyman Phest. They cleared room by room until they found the target cowering in the refresher adjacent to the master bedroom. "Target in hand," the squad leader reported over the comm, as two of the commandos moved to lift the man up from the ground and drag him into the bedroom. "Acknowledged. Second squad on me," Commander Kiley ordered, as she descended the ramp of the shuttle, checking the status of the power cell on her E-11. "First squad, secure the prisoner. Second squad, cover Intel as they search the terminals. Third and Fourth squads secure the transport," she ordered, as she moved into the estate. As she looked around the decadent design of the assemblyman's abode it sickened her how the corrupt government officials were getting rich. She understood why the Emperor wanted to do away with such corruption. "Evac in five," she ordered, as she stood in the ground floor of the estate. Eventually the first squad made their way down the stairs dragging a sniveling assemblyman with them. "Get this ... 'man' secure," she ordered, as they began to exit the estate to move towards the waiting transport.

Finally, the Storm Commandos had cleared the building, and found their target. Dagon knew as well as anyone the stress of clearing a hostile building of this size, and rushing through it was a tried and true way to make a dangerous mission down right suicidal, but he still thought the Imperials were going too slow. Finally, when he had eyes on the first squad hauling their secured prisoner out of the house, he reached over and tapped a button on the datapad. A pair of seeker droids, basically smaller versions of the scout droids that the Empire used for deep recon, rose up over the estate walls and opened fire on the Imperial troops, oblivious to the sympathizer in the midst of their targets. They utilized both small rockets and blasters simultaneously to create as much violence of action as possible, with the shortest amount of time spent on it. Only once the explosions and blaster bolts were rolling did he pick up the flechette launcher. He moved closer to the window, and shouldered the launcher. After a breath to ensure his eye sight wasn't going to blur from lack of oxygen, he launched the rocket at the transport's engine compartment, aiming to ground the Imperials and leave them stranded on the 'X' that the rebels had just created.

As the battle erupted in the courtyard, the Recon specialist the other affectionately referred to as 'Wraith' took a few quick glances to each side to make sure there were no unaccounted for enemies prior to leaping up into the roof of the hovercar in front of him to get a view to the other side of the wall that separated him from the prey.

The Horansi fluidly drew the A280 off of his back by unslinging it and pulling it up to be shoulder on one motion. He drew a bead on a pair of Storm Commandos that were reacting quickly to the situation to place cover between them and the first immediate threats.

"S'necca dol'rinesta," he murmured the quick spiritual prayer of his he pulled the trigger to let loose a few quick burst of fire from the weapon into the flanks of the targets...both dropping before they realized a second enemy had appeared. W'ray'then then dismounted the hovercar to find another location to engage the enemy next.

The droids being deployed was the signal she had waited for. A few steps brought her to a better spot from which to fire her weapon. Reilly tapped the firing stud of the FC-1 she'd been given. It was hard not to close one eye while looking down the range finder at the targets below her. Perhaps it was because they were faceless, though more likely she knew that she was growing numb to the violence but she had no regret as the canister flew from the flechette launcher toward a group of stormtroopers who were confused by the shots fired by the drones. Once the canister was off, she moved from the balcony, running to her next appointed destination. She didn't look back and kept mumbling that this was all for the best. So, maybe she wasn't as cold and hardened as she thought. Once near the street she slowed down, becoming more cautious, watching for any movement, any enemies that might be moving to find who had fired from her former post.

As the first squad was moving from the estate to the transport they came under unexpected fire from the droids and the hidden Rebel commandos. "Take cover," the squad leader yelled to the troops, but before they could move about half the squad ... plus the assemblyman ... had been cut down. "Taking fire," one of the commandos informed the Commander over the comm, as four of the troops had managed to find themselves returning fire against the droids. "Taking fire..." Commander Kiley muttered to herself, not having expected to face any kind of opposition. "What kind of fire?!" she yelled over the comm when the sound of the explosion of the transport erupted in the rear. The force of the shockwave was such that the estate rumbled and the glass blew out. A column of fire began to raise from the remnants of the ship, eliminating about 80-percent of the third and fourth squads that had remained aboard the transport. "To all Imperial forces in Hanna City area. This is ShadowWhisper command broadcasting a distress. Under heavy Rebel attack. Request reinforcements to grid coordinate 54 mark 8," she calmly reported over the comm, as she began to assess the situation. Three of her four squads had suffered heavy casualties. She quickly concluded that if she sent her remaining squad into the fray without better intelligence they likely would suffer the same fate. "First squad, try and cover the rear of the estate until reinforcements arrive. Second squad, take up defensive positions within the structure. Does anyone in third or fourth read me?" she asked, as she looked towards the chronometer, realizing how long it would likely take the garrison to respond. Inside the estate the remaining full strength squad began to cover the front entrance and the windows, with some moving towards the upper level to take overwatch. The four remaining members of the decimated first squad took up cover near the rear of the estate, illuminated by the burning wreckage of the ship, as fire came down upon them from the Rebels. There were horrific cries of pain among the fallen in both the yard and the transport.

Seeing the effects they had on the target, Dagon snagged his data pad, tucking it into his pocket as the Imperials finally started to deal with the droids in a meaningful way. They weren't having much luck with the living, breathing Rebels though. He picked up an anti structure rocket and loaded it into the launcher on his way to another room on the same floor. He made sure the doors were open so that the back blast didn't kill him when he fired the rocket, and targeted the residence of the assemblyman, who was likely dead and in pieces with his would be captors. He didn't need to be nearly as accurate with this round, it was an easy shot to put the rocket into a first floor window, though a tougher angle to get it closer to the middle of the structure. The detonation wasn't as impressive as holovids would have you believe, the idea behind this munition was to create a barometric wave that would literally push the load bearing walls out until the structure collapsed on itself. As soon as he had fired, he turned, taking his weapons with him, and moved to his third observation point, where he gave the exfil order over their encrypted coms. "All elements, exfil. Imperial QRF should already be en route." He made sure that there wasn't enough left of the Storm Commandos moving around the downed transport or destroyed structure to give pursuit before he himself departed the scene, heading for his speeder.

'Wraith' made good time moving along the wall of the courtyard, leaping towards the wall and kicking off of it, then a signpost to fall adeptly on top of the wall. He spun around and leveled his blaster rifle again at the Storm Commandos taking what cover they could find in the rather open yard.

Another set of burst from the weapon lit up a trio of troopers that had solid cover from the direction of Dagon and the droids but were woefully uncovered from his secondary attack point.

W'ray'then probably could have engaged a few more of the Commandos but the scene of destruction captured his attention for a few quick heartbeats. He was more accustomed to the style of hunting that was precise and with purpose, this new style of fighting was something he would have to adjust to, he supposed.

As a roaring sound following by a whistle whose pitch increased as it got closer came from his two o'clock, he held his rifle out to the side and dove for the ground as he caught a glimpse of the rocket lancing out of an elevated window for the building to his left.

The feline tucked into a roll and rose in a dead run, hearing the order to leave the AO right after the near-deafening report of the building implosion. Slinging the rifle back onto his back and moving for the nearest shadows to disappear into, he spoke a silent prayer for the prey that had given their lives for the hunters.

By the time she reached the street before the rendezvous point Reilly could hear the sound of transports moving in her direction. No doubt they were the reinforcements for the surviving Imperials. She slipped down a side street to avoid the oncoming traffic, pausing as several transports sped by heading in the direction of the destruction. It felt like the parade of troopers would never end but finally it seemed as though the last of them had passed. Still, it wouldn't be wise to take that busy street so she continued down the narrow passage, moving cautiously but casually so as not to draw any attention should she run into a patrol. A loud explosion caused her to pause. "That will be the mansion," she thought as she look upwards to see if she could see any smoke. The current street was too narrow and the buildings too tall for her to really see anything. Before long she reached the rendezvous point. Another quick glance was given to make sure no one saw her and then she slipped inside.

"Incoming," one of the Storm commandos perched at a window on the upper level of estate screamed into the comm, but it was too late. "Brace!" Commander Kiley blasted over the comm just as the rocket tore into the estate, causing severe structural damage. Rather than attempt to flee the estate, the Commandos took up positions and prepared themselves for the collapse in the best positions they could find. The structure wobbled somewhat before collapsing in upon itself, killing someone of the Commandos instantly, while pinning others beneath mountains of debris. From overhead the distinct screech of twin ion engines began to fill the sky as TIE Strikers from the nearby garrison began to overhead. In the streets leading to the estate Imperial troop transports were on the roll, supported by AT-DPs, as they began to move to reinforce the commandos ... but by the time they arrived the Rebels had gone and the battle had been lost.

Dagon wasn't done with the Imperials just yet. Another droid was down the block from the estate, downloading its captured imagery to Dagon's datapad. He had not gone to the safehouse yet, concerned that the Imperials might be able to track the signal from the droid to his location, if they realized the droid was even there. Not that it would matter in a few seconds. He let the QRF roll down the street, and the sky fill up with ties, waiting for the troop transport or a command vehicle to pass an innocent looking luxury speeder that he had stolen and planted on the street the night before. Once enough vehicles had made their way into the blast radius, he tapped another button on the datapad, and 500 pounds of high explosive kicked off with enough force that even a few hundred yards away, the droid went down from the concussion and pressure wave. Dagon pulled open the datapad, sat it on the ground and smashed the internals with his boot before he got back into his speeder and headed for the safe house.

As Imperial forces were moving towards the scene of the destructed estate the secondary explosion went off, causing considerable damage to the column that was attempting to navigate the streets. Two of the Imperial troop transports were obliterated from the initial force of the explosion, while one the AT-DPs was blown over onto its side, but not before crashing through a building. As there were now two sites of serious calamity for the Imperial forces in Hanna City the entire planet would soon find itself on full alert. As the casualty figures began to pile in it became abundantly clear that the Rebel cell operating on Chandrila had dealt a serious blow to the Empire that evening. As the rescue teams reached the estate and began the process of digging out the surviving Storm commandos, a badly bruised and beaten Commander Kiley wondered how she would inform the Inquisitor of this defeat.

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