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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
718 years before the Battle of Yavin (683BrS:4:2) in the Alderaan system: Alderaan (Aldera: Royal Palace) and in the Coruscant system: Coruscant (Galactic City: Jedi Temple).
Dayna Ferobos, Baron Germanicus Rodney (Darth Crassus), Baroness Raeni Rodney (Darth Radic), and Yiddo.

Coruscant. The glistening capital of the Galactic Republic. The entire planet was dominated by Galactic City, whose towering structures threatened to reach the stars. At the heart of the city was the Jedi Temple where concern had been growing since the death of three Jedi on Skor II. This, combined with Master Ferobo's encounter on Hoth, had caused the venerable old Jedi Master to believe that their age old enemy had returned. He sat in a meditation room in the lower levels of the massive temple, the blinds partially drawn to only allow a small amount of light penetrate. His eyes closed as he put his mind to the living force, attempting to sense the elusive enemy that he knew to be somewhere, out there. Despite his best efforts and drawing upon his centuries of experience and training he could sense nothing more than a distant shadow. He let out a small groan as his eyes opened, but rather than try again he saw that Master Ferobo would be present soon, and perhaps she could provide new insight on their enemy.

There had been disturbing news uncovered on Master Dayna Ferobo's latest mission to the planet Hoth. She returned to Coruscant empty handed. The female Twi'lek was unable to recover the young force user. Instead, she had witnessed the power of two people whom she was certain were 'Sith'. To every light side, there is always a dark side to balance it out. Dayna had tracked the Sith to the planet Delaya, where she was convinced that they were still living along with the young Twi'lek boy. As she strolled through the Jedi Temple with meaning in her step, she thought about what she was going to report to Master Yiddo. Her mind was troubled with the new revelations that had happened before her eyes.

The winding corridors took her further and further into the depths of the temple where she was to meet with Yiddo. She presented herself before the man. She wore the robes of a Jedi Master. There was concern on her face. No amount of meditation could wipe the worry from her mind. "Master," she said, bowing respectfully. "I was unable to recover the boy." She told him truthfully, fully aware that it was obvious. She had made a very quick report to the Council during her chase. She was determined to get the boy back and eliminate the Sith Master and apprentice.

As Master Ferobo entered the room he gazed upon her with his golden green eyes. Before she uttered a word he knew that her mission to retrieve the boy had failed. While the loss of a child identified by the kyber crystals was troubling, the deaths of Master Chasta and his two Padawans was the real concern. "Moving in the shadows our enemy is," he observed, as he sat on the circular chair in the center of the room. "Found they must be before repeated the horrors of Skor II are," he informed her, as he listened to the development that she had tracked them to Delaya. "Hmm..." he murmured, as he closed his eyes, the white hair on top of his head beginning to stick up as if he were suddenly statically charged. "On the brink of civil war the Alderaan Sector is," he continued, as his eyes opened and slowly looked towards Master Ferobo.

There was so much information they were missing on the Sith. Master Ferobo had failed to see the faces of the Sith who had taken the young boy. She had retreated back to Coruscant after tracking them. The duo would be able to eliminate her, just as they had Master Chasta on Skor II along with his apprentices. These Sith needed to be handled with care. She watched the old wiseman as he delivered the words she had hoped not to hear. It was known to her that the King of Alderaan was nearing his death. The Sector would soon be thrown into disarray, especially under the influence of the Sith. "What do we do, Master?" She asked. She had, embarrassingly, ran away from the Sith on Hoth. Even she had felt fear in her heart when she saw them murder the Twi'lek family. That fear was something she had meditated on all the way home. Her head was level once more, but the next path was unclear to her. She didn't stand a chance at killing both of them alone. She needed more help.

Instead of responding, Yiddo instead rose from his seat and moved towards the window, which was partially obscured to allow only rays of light to penetrate. He raised his hand and immediately the blinds in the window dissipated allowing the room to flood with light. "When exposed to light disappears darkness does," he instructed her, as the warm rays of the Corusca star enveloped him. He closed his eyes, breathing slowly, as he allowed the warmth to flow over him. With the subtlest of emotions with his hand the blinds were drawn and the room grew decidedly dark. "Only in darkness can darkness be scene," he instructed her, with en emphatic nod, as he began moving towards her at a labored pace. "Travel to Alderaan you will. Kept safe your identity must be," he continued, as he climbed back onto his circular, cushioned seat. "Trust in your senses and find them you shall, but engage them you must not!" he said, raising his voice, as he knew that if she attacked them she would likely suffer the same fate as Master Chasta.

Master Ferobo's eyes blinked away tears. The sudden exposure to the sun in the otherwise dark room was uncomfortable. She turned her body, taking three steps towards the window that overlooked the vast city-covered planet of Coruscant. She listened to his orders. Alderaan was a neighboring planet to Delaya. It would come as no surprise to find them hiding there ... but where? She stepped back. "I will not engage. I'll report back to you as soon as I know something." Dayna was determined to discover the identities of the evil Sith. When they were both gone, the world would be cleansed. She bowed to Master Yiddo, turned on her boot heel, and ran out. There was no time for dilly dallying. She left for Alderaan immediately.

Baroness Raeni Rodney wore a friendly smile on her face. She was seated amongst the hens of the Court attempting to gain influence over them. Raeni had uncovered a talent to charm people. As dark of a person as she was, she could be so warm on the outside. She made a comment to one woman that had them all laughing. "You'll have to excuse me." Raeni made an escape from one of her least favorite activities. Slowly, the pieces were falling into place for her and Germanicus. Since the adoption of Magnus and her severe injuries, the family had gained the media's attention. Those of the court were actually interested in them. Earlier, she had seen Sierrus Dakkar pouting in privacy. Raeni felt he would be left behind in no time.

She escaped to the closest balcony to breathe. Her hands fiddled at the laces in the front of her dress. Raeni understood the fashion of the court but the fashion of the court didn't understand *her*. The young Sith woman sucked in a deep breath. She was fighting with morning sickness and her ever changing body. One of the women had been wearing a perfume that was unholy and wretched. It made her feel so sick. Magnus had stayed home on account of Raeni's sickness. Her patience became thin when she didn't feel good. "Germanicus is lucky." She grumbled under her breath. None of the men smelled that bad.

Germanicus was moving swiftly through the halls of the Aldera Royal Palace, as he had just left an audience with the King and other members of the nobility. He needed to see Raeni and he needed to see her now. When he arrived at one of the gatherings of the nobleman's wives he was not at all surprised to find that she had fled the scene. It was amazing that she had lasted as long as she had. He took a moment to breath, catching his breath, and allowed the force to guide him to her. He walked further through the palace until he arrived on the balcony where Raeni had retreated to. "I thought I might find you here," he said to her, breaking the silence, as he moved next to her. "Are you alright?" he asked her, as he placed a hand on the small of her back for support. He wanted to tell her the news, but until he was certain she was alright he was not going to tell her.

Raeni was staring at the Triplehorn mountains to ease her queasy stomach. She could sense her husband drawing nearer and nearer to her. It was one of the many perks of them both being force users. Her head turned to look at him. She smiled at him. It was unlike any of the fake ones in which she used to charm royalty. "I'm better now." Raeni reassured him. The woman had been through a lot of pain in her life. This was nothing more than an annoyance for the greater good. "I only recently left the henhouse." She confessed. It was hard for her to listen to the ladies of the court. Those women had never really experiences life. Raeni had. She couldn't very well share her stories of working in mines and fighting for her life. "What happened?" Her blue eyes searched his face for answers.

Germanicus brought his hand up slowly to her chin, stroking it gently, before his hand brushed across her cheek. "During today's council meeting the King collapsed, and his doctors were summoned. He was taken to his chambers and we have received no update," he informed her, as his eyes lit up with excitement. "The old man cannot have much life left within him, though I confess it is a bit sooner than I had planned," he said, as he began rambling on, turning his attention away from her to gaze upon the mountains as well. "The Antilles, the Organas, the Dakkars..." he said, as he gripped the railing so tightly that his knuckles turned white. "Our claim is lower than all of these Houses, but with some influence we may be able to win the vote," he explained, already sounding defeatist. There was a whirlwind of emotions stirring about him, and all of his darker influences were taking hold. In the distance there was a shriek of a thranta who could sense his anxiety and vocalized what he could not.

An ease began to surge over her. The times when she felt weak and sick during her pregnancy were unpleasant for her. It was the first time in her life where she felt she needed him near to protect her, which was a weakness she'd rather never tell him about. She shared in his excitement as he recounted the tale of the dying King. "He did!" Not a day went by where she did not think about the King dying and how to ensure that the throne became theirs. She looked towards the mountains once more as he continued to explain the situation. All three of the Houses that stood in their way were so influential. Raeni wondered how they might win the vote. She could hear the defeat in her husband's voice. It was a sound she disliked. The woman rested her hand on top of his and squeezed. "It isn't over yet, my love." The thranta's screams in the distance told her more about what was going on inside of her husband. Her fingers laced with his. "What can I do to strengthen our claim? We can reveal my pregnancy. At least that will get us further than the House of Dakkar." For Sierrus had no male children. As for Antilles and the Organas ... that would be a different story. Raeni loosely wrapped her arms around her husband. They had come to support each other.

Germanicus nodded his head slowly at her suggestion. "Yes. If you were to become faint in the 'henhouse' and cause a stir with your pregnancy then our House would be ascendancy at just the right time," he said, as he angled his head to flash a grin at her. "Sierrus Dakkar will never allow our claim to even be heard. He must fall for us to rise," he said, as he pulled one of his hands off the railing and then slammed it back down. When her arms wrapped around him he let out a contented sigh, as she did much to sooth him. "I would kill them all and seize power, but the Republic ... the *Jedi* would never allow it," he said, the mere mention of the word causing his tongue pain as if it were dripping with acid.

"Then it shall be so. We'll wait a few days before returning. The King has had his moment today. I'll have my moment another day." Anger stirred within her at his words. She hated Sierrus Dakkar. The man was a pompous idiot. "We'll make him fall. With the King's condition growing worse, we're going to have to speed up all of our plans. I won't let you miss out on this opportunity." Playing the political game was bothersome. Raeni wore a mask around these people. "It's a shame. I'd take pleasure in stealing the power. It's no fun spending my time in the henhouse. I'm sure you aren't overjoyed with your position with the noblemen either." She rested her head on his shoulder. After placing kisses to his neck, she continued speaking. "How will we deal with the Organas?"

Germanicus sighed contently as he listened to his wife, and then soaked in the delicate kisses that she placed upon the back of his neck. "It is excruciating. There is not a single one of them whose company I can stand," he complained, bitterly, before lowering his head in thoughtful contemplation. "The Organas and the Antilles will dominate the vote in the early rounds..." he began to explain, before spinning around so that he could face her. "Neither of them has the influence to win outright and neither could stand to see the other take the throne," he continued, doing his best to bring her up to speed on Alderaanian politics. "My plan is to wait until the deadlock becomes unresolvable and then offer myself as a compromise candidate that both houses can tolerate," he explained, with an inspired grin. "The issue is Dakkar. As an older man he would not reign as long. He would be viewed more favorably, because the competing houses could press their claims again after his death," he said, bitterly, before clenching his jaw. "That old man cannot block my path to the throne," he said, as he looked beyond her towards the palace.

Raeni was sympathetic. She squeezed him a little tighter in her arms. There was no one within the palace that she would rather spend her time with. Here, time spent with Germanicus was time where they weren't working on securing the throne. She listened to him explain Alderaan politics, which was something she was learning more about the longer she lingered around the palace. Germanicus had time to plan everything out. She liked his plan, because there was no way that they were going to be considered over the Organas or the Antilles unless something major happened ... like everyone dying. "There's no issue with Dakkar." She said, releasing him. "I will see to it that he blocks nothing." The implications behind her words were strong. However, carefully disposing of Dakkar would be problematic. She needed to devise a plan of her own. "We're leaving." She said suddenly. "We've both been here far too long."

Instead of departing from the palace, as she stood on the balcony, she began to reach outward. Her eyes closed. Her breathing leveled. A thranta could be seen high above them, cutting through the cloudy skies. It's path of flight shifted suddenly as Raeni worked her way into the beast's mind. While she did not possess the same abilities of her husband, she worked every day to make herself stronger. The thranta came to settle on the balcony...

Before long, they had both boarded the majestic creature. The thranta took to the skies while, far beneath them, Master Ferobos had arrived on Alderaan in search of them. The beast flew high where they would not be visible to anyone in the city. It flew further and further away from Aldera. Raeni had a destination in mind and the flight was doing wonders for clearing her head. "We will align the stars so you become King, Germanicus." She told him while they flew to an unknown destination outside of city limits.

Germanicus watched as Raeni summoned a thranta ... she was learning faster than he could teach her. As he mounted the thranta behind her he sensed something, but before he could attune himself they were beyond the palace and eventually the city. His arms wrapped around her waist, as he leaned forward to place his chin upon her shoulder. "None of this would be possible without you. It was the will of the force that I should find you," he explained to her, as his hands moved to her stomach where their son was already developing. He overconfidently believed his plan was going perfectly, unaware that outside forces were already moving against him. For now he was content to lean against the woman he loved, uncertain of what destination lay ahead. The student was in danger of becoming the teacher if he did not quickly gain control of the situation once again. He knew she was more powerful than her, but he felt if he ever let her know that he knew it would be his undoing. Such was the way of the Sith.

Her head turned to look him in the eyes. "And it is the will of the force that you will rise to power. Our meeting was destiny. Our legacy is waiting for us to grasp it." Now that they were away from the palace, Raeni didn't need to keep up appearances. She let herself expose the most raw portions of herself to the man she loved so much. One of her hands left the thranta to run over his cheek slowly. Raeni had yet to discover that she was more powerful than her teacher. It wouldn't change much if she did. She lusted for his power and knowledge. Despite the Rule of Two, Raeni would not kill him. The thranta was beginning to make its descent in a remote, lush place in the mountains. There were blue starflowers that dotted the vividly green grass. A large waterfall collided with a lake just as clear as the one they lived beneath in Delaya. The thranta came to rest, gentle, in the field of starflowers. Raeni's hands dropped to his own and squeezed them. "You haven't been having enough fun lately." She said, carefully sliding off of the beast. She rounded to the front of the thranta where she pet its head. She may have not been a beast master, but she felt affectionate towards animals. "Chase me, Germy." The woman prodded him on just before taking off towards the lake.

The thranta descended into one of the most beautiful landscapes he had yet come across on Alderaan. When they landed, he was quick to climb down from the creature, where he was suddenly surrounded by the beautiful starflowers. "The fun comes *after* I am King," he said to her, in a decidedly serious tone as she squeezed his hands. "Chase you? That's preposterous I'm not going to chase..." he said, as he stood there, but as she began run towards the lake he found himself chasing after her. He could not believe that he was behaving in such a manner, but when they finally reached the lake he did catch her, nearly tackling her into the water. "Did you find this place? Or did you let the thranta guide you?" he asked her, as they suddenly found themselves in waist deep water. It was cool, refreshing, and did much to sooth the anger he had over Sierrus Dakkar.

It was good to let go every now and then. Raeni was a control freak. All of these unknown factors in their life made her uncomfortable. She wanted to do everything she could to lockdown the throne. At the same time, they were limited. They could only do so much before the King actually was dead. When she looked behind her shoulder, she found that she had snatched up Germanicus' attention and that he was catching up! She made it into the water by the time he reached her. She reached behind her, quickly undoing the various accessories that held her lengthy, golden blonde hair to her head. She released it and her hair fell. "I let the thranta guide me." She said, turning towards him. "It was more natural summoning the thranta than our sea creature. It was less exhausting too." She snickered, suddenly splashing him with her hands. "I told you, it's time to have fun. Let yourself enjoy life. I'm not a slave anymore. Neither of us are alone anymore. We're having a *son*." She splashed him again.

"Not all creatures are the same. That sea creature on Delaya is an ancient evil with a strong will of its own. To control it takes patience and confidence. The thranta, while majestic, have simpler minds and are weak. That is why you feel the difference," he explained to her, never missing an opportunity to continue her training *and* remind her that he still had knowledge to offer. However, as he answered he found himself splashed, and the dark emotions within him had been stirred. His hand skimmed along the surface of the water, causing the smallest of waves to rise up, as if a storm had suddenly began, and he unleashed it in her direction. It was not enough to harm her or their child, but certainly enough to get her wet and draw back her focus.

Eek! The small wave he produced certainly soaked her. She pushed her wet hair back away from her eyes. "That makes sense, *Master*." Raeni inched closer to him in the water. "I'll master the sea creature too, in time." The very same sea beast he had used to nearly kill her. She still missed the beast. There were no animals for them to connect with at their Alderaan home. The young Sith locked her arms around her husband's neck. "I know there's much going on, but I need your attention too, Germanicus. Not as my master, but as my *husband*." She clarified for him, suddenly releasing him. She made her way to the banks of the lake where she began working her way out of yet another ruined luxurious dress and to her under garments. The pregnancy had finished the healing process from years in the mines. She had never looked so healthy before...nor had she ever *felt* so healthy. Upon tossing the dress aside, she stood wearing nothing but her bra and underwear. The beginnings of her baby bump were only noticeable with her clothing off.

Germanicus grew silent, listening to her, as he followed her towards the banks of the lank. "What is it, my wife?" he asked her, as he reached out, and placed his hand upon her as she began to change. "There is a lot going on," he agreed, and nodded his head to her, before moving to take a seat down on the grass, beside the flowers. He crossed his legs beneath him, as he shifted into a more comfortable position from which he could meditate. "Tell me," he said, as he closed his eyes, and attempted to sharpen his focus. Every animal within two kilometers suddenly ceased whatever activity and was doing and began to migrate towards him ... even the fish in the sea and the insects in the ground.

She stepped back into the water for the moment. She enjoyed feeling it was over her legs. There was a shift in the water. Suddenly, she could see multicolored fish of various sizes making their way towards her...towards Germanicus. Amongst the group, she saw a sea cow like the ones the beast of the lake enjoyed to eat. Raeni stepped back onto the banks where she sat, hip to hip, with her love. She leaned against him while drawing her knees up to her chest. They were soon joined with other life forms; insects, small squirrel-like creatures, and even ducks. Raeni was surrounded with wildlife, which was so much easier to understand than the people of the court. She cuddled him. "Hormones." She finally answered his question. "I spent too much time conversing with those horrible women in the court. Their marriages aren't like ours. We actually enjoy spending time with each other." Raeni's eyes settled on the overzealous sea cow. "Will it change when you become King? Will you still have time for me and our sons?" Her eyebrows furrowed. "I become a bigger liability the day we're coronated. If anyone ever finds out who I *really* am, it will be damaging. You should have married a trophy. Instead you married a spice mine slave." She spat those words, feeling disgusted with herself.

"Hormones? I understand those less than I do midi-chlorians," Germanicus told his wife, before rolling his eyes. "Of course I'll have time for you. Of course I'll have time for our sons. In fact, I'll have even more time, because right now all of my time is invested in becoming King. Once I *am* King there will be nothing left to do," he explained to her, with sound logic at least from his way of thinking. "Once I become King you are my Queen and then nothing you ever were will matter. No one will dare oppose us. The people will worship you ... as I do," he said, before leaning over and placing a loving kiss upon her. "I did marry a trophy," he told her, as soon as the kiss broke. He was overconfident about her as he was his quest for the throne of Alderaan.

"They are what make women crazy." Raeni explained to him. This was the most human she had ever felt in her life. It was ... *uncomfortable*. He drew her back into him. Her head arched towards him. She had no doubt that she would make for a good Queen. She could fake compassion for the people and use her power to protect the wildlife and sacred places like this. They shared a kiss that drew her towards the light. Her fingers ran over his cheek slowly. She hardly considered herself a trophy, but had to believe that *he* thought of her as such. "I love you." She whispered. Her arms wrapped around him. She slowly lowered herself to lay in the grass with him. "I never want anything to change us." Her head rested beneath his chin. It would be a long time before they headed home.

"We will change. We will grow in power. We will ascend the throne of Alderaan. We will see that Sith endure and reclaim the galaxy," Germanicus told her, in a serious tone, as he looked her in the eyes. "But 'us' ... 'us' will never change," he vowed to her, as he moved towards her, slowly bringing his hand to press at her shoulder and lay her on the ground. He then climbed on top of her, so that their wet bodies connected with one another. He lowered his mouth to hers, biting at her lower lip, before shoving his tongue deep into her mouth. As they became one in nature the creatures surrounded them, watching the strange human ritual. A dark power was building on Alderaan ... one that could threaten the entire galaxy.

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