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Alice Bee, Bob Halula, and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:33) in the Ringali Nebula: Ringali Station.
Captain Rhobert Dartanyn, Commander Dillon Hobbes, and Major Elayne Passik.

Major Elayne Passik had only recently returned back to the Ringali Station. She had taken a few days off to attend the wedding of Commander Iyah Xergo as well as scope out what was happening on New Aldera. There, war refugees from everywhere had begun placing their roots. These people felt that they had found their forever home. Elayne, too, thought she had found the place where she belonged when the war was over. In looking at her future, she had begun facing her past. The six months she spent in an Imperial cell had been enough to ruin her for life...or so she had convinced herself. The Imperials hadn't simply taken her legs, they'd taken a piece of her mind and scattered the rest of it.

It was with thoughts of darker times that Elayne made her way down to the crummy, make-shift cantina on Ringali Station. It was the only place that didn't smell weird. She ran her hands through her blue hair anxiously. She wished that there was a mental equivalent to a bacta patch, something to make the emotional pain disappear. The pilot sat and immediately ordered a drink. The cantina was filled with familiar faces; pilots who all liked the liquor a little *too* much. Everyone was antsy from sitting around and waiting for what came next. Even Elayne felt the itch for something to happen.

Rhobert was sitting at the far end of the establishment, his appearance was different than most had seen him in the past. He was dressed the same, but the way he carried himself was almost unsettling to those that had come to know him since he arrived.

Dartanyn always had that professional and dour expression that seemed to be the norm for officers derived from the destruction of Alderaan. He took his job, and the missions he organized or led...very seriously. So it was a little out of character to see his legs propped up on another chair at his table as he poured over his datapad and nursed a wine of some sort, which had apparently came from the bottle also adorning his table.

He glanced out the small window that showed the nebula's brilliant colors and thought a bit more about the prior engagements and Vance's urging to step up operations.

The Captain had to be honest with himself, he hadn't expected it to go this well this quickly...

Commander Dillon Hobbes came confidently strolling into Ringali Station's watering hole, but the cocky look came off his face the moment he saw Captain Dartanyn in attendance. It was not often that senior officers were present, which made him feel as if he had to be on his best behavior. He saw Elayne sitting in the corner table, and made his best effort to navigate a course through the crowd towards her table. "Did you see the old man is here?" he asked her, quietly, as he leaned in to steal a quick kiss. He was not sure if they should make a hasty retreat, or if they should butter him up with a drink. His thoughts, too, lingered on the recent trip to New Alderaan where they were cycled out of the war zone for the briefest of moments. There was a part of him who worried that if the Captain was drinking there was trouble brewing in addition to the ale.

Elayne leaned away from her drink when Commander Hobbes moved towards her. She returned his quick kiss while her eyes landed on Rhobert, whom she had not noticed while lost in her own little world. "Hm. I wonder what he's doing." Elayne mused. Maybe he was just acting like a normal person, but, by the looks of it, something more was going on with the Captain. She rose from her seat and picked up her drink. "Let's go see if he wants any visitors. We *are* the cool ones around here." She winked, carefully making her way towards the table where Rhobert sat. "Captain Dartanyn." Elayne said to stir him from his thoughts. "You're lookin' lonely. Mind if we join you?" She asked, giving him no decision. The Major pulled out a chair and lowered herself into it. "What's going on with you?" She asked him directly. She had seen pilots burn out in other places than on the battlefield. It was within her job requirements to ensure that everyone was capable...both mentally and physically.

The Captain hadn't noticed the two approaching, but when he heard his name he turned his head to address them and pulled his feet down from the opposite chair to sit up more properly.
"Greetings Major...Commander..." he added as he saw Dillon Hobbes trailing behind, "...please sit. I'm just musing a bit on our latest successes. They seem so surreal. You're units are proving to be the hammer we needed to really put the Imperial Navy on the defensive."

Rhobert motioned to his bottle of wine with his hand after setting the datapad down on the table. "Would you like a glass?" Dartanyn had to admit he was surprised the two had come over. His affect on the others as he walked by or entered a room was not lost on him. He thought about addressing it directly on more than a few occasions, but always resigned himself to the idea that they needed to see him as a planner and leader first. When and if things calmed down, then he could try to lighten the tension. As he thought a bit more on that his mind slipped a bit into wondering if he was just procrastinating for his own benefit. He mentally shook off that line of thought, he could address that at a later time...ironically enough. "How was the trip to New Alderaan?"

Commander Hobbes turned the chair around and sat down, straddling his legs around either side of it, to appear like one of the 'cool' ones that Elayne referenced. "At least in one system, Captain," he said, as he looked over at the bottle that the Captain had offered to share. He grabbed hold of a glass, which was cleaner than he thought, but not entirely up to spec. He breathed into it before wiping it off with his shirt. "Don't mind if I do, Captain. Don't get a chance to try the good stuff too often," he said, before pouring himself a glass. Without letting it breath he took a quick swig, drinking it like someone quite uncouth. "Any word on replacement pilots, Captain? We did lose a few. The victories did not entirely come without losses," he said, before toasting in the memories of the wingmen they lost.

People tended to fear authority figures. Elayne really didn't care. She saw Rhobert as a person first, and a Captain later. They were all equally prone to mistakes and mishaps. "It really is fucking surreal. I'm not sure if we died somewhere along the way and this is all some fucked up afterlife or what. Wouldn't be surprised." She said, bringing her legs up into her seat so she could managed to sit cross-legged. It was a harder proposition with her prosthetic legs. She looked over at what Rhobert was drinking, shrugging her shoulders. "I ain't going anywhere tonight. I'll drink with you. Thanks, Captain." She took the wine bottle and filled her empty glass and topped off the Captain's. It looked like he wasn't done drinking. She leaned backwards and sipped on the wine slowly.

"It was a good trip. We got to witness Commander Xergo's daughter down her weight in cake. As much as I thought we'd see that cake again, nothing." Elayne laughed. "What they've got going on in New Alderaan is nice. I'm a little jealous that we don't get such a nice place to sleep at night. Yet, the visit filled me with a surprising amount of hope. The refugees of Alderaan and Delaya have finally found a place where they can restart." She looked over at him.

Captain Dartanyn smiled and chuckled a bit at the mention of a young one downing cake like a Corellian downed whiskey. "I'm glad the planet is flourishing, I'm eager to go there sometime and see if I can restart the family's hobby." He spun the blue hued bottle around so the label was showing to his visitors, it read; 'Dartanyn Fine Vinting' with some sort of crest and picture of a small estate of some kind as a watermark behind the name.

He turned to address the Commander's query, "In fact I am. I have a strong source on getting us some support in personnel and even capital ships. If it pans out, the trickier part will be replacing any downed A-wings. HQ is handing them out like they need to get under the Emperor's robes to get more." He looked back and forth between the two veteran pilots and figured they should weigh in as well. "What do you two think? What would we stand to gain the most from adding to the starfighter capabilities? More multi-role or some dedicated bombers?"

Dillon looked at the bottle carefully, noting that it seemed to have been made by the Captain's family. "Is that what your people did before the war, Captain?" he asked, before he took another sip. He was drinking it more like a soft drink than a wine that should be savored, showing his common background. He leaned into Elayne, revealing a familiarity that perhaps his superior might not approve of, but he was having a good time and wanted to be close to her. "Is 'both' an acceptable answer, Captain? The bombers did a number on some of those Imperial ships, but without the multi-role the TIEs will eventually overwhelm the bombers," he said, before taking another swig of the wine. "What do you think, Major?" he asked her, as he motioned for the serving droid to bring some food.

Elayne's eyes brushed over the bottle with a little smirk. "I didn't realize, Captain. This is fine wine. Let me know when you get that family business running again. I'll happily purchase some of this." She said, though she couldn't help imagining the Captain with his pants pulled up to his knees and his bare feet squishing fruit to make wine. She held back a giggle, planning on sharing that visual with Dillon in private. Though Rhobert was her superior, she didn't shy away from letting her relationship with the Commander be known. Her free hand rested on Dillon's wrist. She listened to the conversation, nodding her head thoughtfully. "Commander Hobbes makes a good point. We *need* the extra bomber assistance. We can't bring down some of those big Imperial ships without it. I believe we'll see a drop in casualties. More power means quicker destruction, meaning we get out sooner." Elayne did think the multi-role capabilities were useful as well. When it got dirty with TIEs, the starfighter could still protect itself. "Do you know when? Our numbers were hurt during that first strike. We need to rebuild."

Rhobert pushed the foot of his wine glass gently forward three times in a rhythm to get the red liquid to swirl a bit before pinching the stem to take a sip of the contents.

He had been nodding with Hobbes and Passik's assessment of their starfighter needs, he couldn't argue that it would be great to have it all..but his instincts told him they'd get some smaller support since the A-wings were such a hot commodity and they had access to them. "Yes, I think perhaps a little of both would be good in keeping through tempo up. It would also let us rotate craft and pilots out regularly to keep both fresh and in fighting trim."

He tilted his datapad up a bit so the lights reflecting off of the screen didn't obscure the display from him, "I imagine we could get 'something' in relatively short order. It would depend more on what has been requisitioned by our asset branch in our region."

He couldn't help but notice their familiarity with each other, and the ends of his mouth perked up a bit into a smirk. Dartanyn felt a small wash of emotions travel up his spine, he was glad to see that the people fighting the good fight kept their humanity about them and were able to still find such comforts.

"Speaking of which, I should probably go submit these requests and get the ball rolling. Come let me know if you have any more input, you know the snubfighters and their capabilities far better than I do." The Captain stood slowly, taking the last long sip from his glass of wine. "Enjoy the rest of your evening", he bowed his head gently to them as a farewell gesture."

Commander Hobbes stood when the Captain stood, offering him him his hand in a brief handshake. "It's good serving under a Captain who fights from the front rather than the rear," he said to him, from a combination of goodwill and alcohol. "I've been in the outer rim. And in the mid rim before the retreat. I've seen first hand how hard it is to replace pilots and starfighters. I'm sure whatever you can get us we'll put to good use, Captain," he said to him, with a firm nod, before moving back down to his seat to finish his drink with Elayne. It would not be long before they took to the cockpits and flew into battle again. Down time like this needed to be enjoyed ... even cherished.

"'Something' is 'something', Captain. I'll take anything we can get as long as it's got a heartbeat." She knew Dillon was down on men. He needed more A-wing pilots. She didn't like the idea of him taking his Squadron out without proper support. She would have rose to see the Captain out, but her prosthetics needing a long looking at. Instead, she looked up at Dartanyn. "Thanks for takin' care of that. You're one of the good ones. I suppose we'll keep you." She waved to him. "Live through this so we can all drink your generation of Dartanyn wine, got it?" She looked over at Dillon. "My stupid left leg is broken." Grumble mumble.

The Captain graciously accepted their compliments on his style of leadership and laughed a bit at the "keel you" quip that the Major added. Leaving on a light hearted note he simply replied, "The the wine would be worth so much more if I didn't survive...choices choices..." He chuckled to himself as he left, unaware of how dark his humor might seem to some. Again it wasn't lost on him the silence that waved over the room as he passed, he simply nodded to those that made eye contact as he strode professionally back to his quarters with his datapad tucked dutifully under his arm.

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