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Sean Brandt, Geoff Elder, Michelle Green, and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:22) in the Chandrila system: Chandrila and Gilded Thranta.
Commander Derek Atio, Duchess Ava Khalessi, Corporal Sienala Pavo, and Corporal Lovora Rikki.

Commander Derek Atio found himself back at the controls of the Gilded Thranta, which seemed to be operating at better performance than since he first acquired the craft back on Alderaan over a year ago. Little did he know that the squad had a new technician in the form of Sienala Pavo who was already working wonders on the decrepit old shuttle. A distress call was a serious matter these days, when the Empire was pushing them to the brink of elimination in the Ringali Shell. He had a received a distress call from one of the members of the Alliance's diplomatic corps who had been engaged in stirring up the local population on Chandrila since the capture and execution of Senator Canna Omanda a few months ago. Ava Khalessi was in trouble and the unkempt commander, a Twi'lek technician, and one lone commando were the only ones who could save her!

"We're coming in hot. Be ready," Derek yelled over his shoulder into the rear compartment of the shuttle, where each of them had hopefully taken a position in one of the turrets. They were rapidly approaching a convoy of Imperial transports moving away from Hanna City and towards the pre-fabricated garrison base. "We haven't much time," he warned, as he examined his scanners, noting that the secret transponder that was given to all agents in the field was now almost directly beneath them. The craft began to shake as they descended through the atmosphere at unsafe speeds, causing violent turbulence that would jolt them in their harnesses. "She's in the middle transport. We've gotta take out the other two without destroying the one she's in ... or we've lost a valuable asset unnecessarily," he warned them, gritting his teeth as he adjusted the controls to lower the craft to an altitude sufficient enough to get them in range for their shots

Running from system to system trying to keep the shuttle from tearing itself apart, the grey-blue Twi'lek was cursing under her breath. "Coming in hot, he says. Haven't much time he says." She twisted some wires together causing sparks to fly from the deck and ceiling. She turned her head to avoid the arcing electricity, "The next time I say it's the lateral controls, remind me to check the deregulator valve. Otherwise we'll be more than hot." Turning to kick a coolant pipe, "Coming in hot. He sounds like Commander Foruse. That stupid cry he made every time he visited Jansice." Then a yell over her shoulder, "You wouldn't know a Commander Foruse would you? A pervert human from the 34th Battalion? Likes his women toasty?"

Lovora Rikki was, at the moment, incredibly thankful that even in her commando armor she was pretty narrow. It made getting into the gunner turret easy and comfortable, even once she strapped herself in. The helmet, of course, was secured with her Z-9, tucked away so it didn't go tumbling all over the place. "It woulda been nice to know just how hot it was gonna be before I got down here.." She muttered to herself, the sight of the hard entry through the clear panels of the turret enough to remind her just how many clones had died manning positions very similar to this during the old wars. Turrets were hot targets, after all, and exposed at that. Realizing she forgot to put on her headset until she heard the commander shouting in it, she scrambled after it, dropped it, then grabbed hold of the thing and crammed it over her black hair, fixing the mic into position. "Roger that, Commander! Two dead transports, coming up!" Something to shoot at was a nice way to take her mind off the peril. As soon as the sensors got a range on the lead vehicle she fired. The first shots went wide, smashing apart the terrain on the far side of the vehicle. With a curse under her breath, Lovora took aim. This time the shots went true, dead into the lead transport, hopefully bringing the convoy to a halt.

A column of flame erupted in front of the cockpit as Corporal Rikki managed to eliminate the first of the Imperial troop transports in the convoy. "Woot! That got it," he cheered over the comm gleefully, as he began to ascent the craft skyward, dodging enemy ground fire as best the slow old craft could. A couple of blasts met their mark, causing the shields to flicker momentarily as if lighting were striking. "Adjust the shielding, Pavo!" he desperately cried out towards the newly arrived Twi'lek technician. Once they had reached a safe altitude, he pulled back on the thrusters, and maneuvered the craft into a 180-degree turn that would end with them pointed directly at the planetary surface. He did his best to line the shuttle up with the third transport in the convoy, which was firing its turret directly at them. "Forward shields ... maximum!" he barked towards the Twi'lek, before he pushed his hand down on the throttle to take them directly at the rear transport. "You're only get one pass at this, Rikki," he announced over the conn, as he accelerated to attack speed, practically straight down on top of the transport. He was unable to dodge the surface blaster fire, for fear of disrupting Rikki's shot ... he just had to hope that the tech could keep the shields enough long enough for the commando to get her shot off.

"Adjust the shielding, Pavo. Forward shields, Pavo. Bolt the droid, Pavo." Pulling one circuit bank and replacing it with another, then throwing a master switch, the lights dimmed, the temperature rose and shields sparked over the hull of the ship in that disturbing way shields did when the hull was ionized. Then suddenly, the entire vessel seemed to wake up. "We have forward shields at one hundred and three percent. Lateral shields at eighty and rear shields at ten. If you want more, you'll have to piss on a motivator unit."

A rattling caught her attention, turning she saw one of the interior hull panels shaking loose. Grabbing her welding gun, she rushed towards it, forgetting the gun was powered by a coupler on the ship's floor. The sudden tension snapped her back bringing her pert rear to be introduced to the floor. "When we get back to base, I'm tearing this thing apart and starting over!"

"There's a reason I didn't sign up for Naval service..." Granted, there was a very thin line between the different positions, especially among the Republic, but Lovora had never been particularly keen on atmospheric flight. Back on Bespin, it was much more like space flight, calm and easy and directionless. Here, right now, she was staring at ground and sky whirling around, bracing herself to try and not go sliding all over the place. Soon as she had a second she tightened the harness in the turret, securing herself better, and then...the lights. Nevermind how hot it suddenly got, and the crackle of shields coming to life. Lovora Rikki froze for a moment, only letting out her breath once things came back to life. " we go.." She popped her knuckles under the armored gloves and got ready for the shot. The targeting computer locked on to the third transport, and she waited...and waited...and waited. Right up until they were right in the apex of the strafe, and she pulled the paired triggers. Two solid blasts, right into the rear transport. "*Woohoo*!"

Ava had been sitting in the back of the transport speeder her hand were cuffed behind her back and a blindfold over her eyes so she couldn't see where she was being taken. Though with each fire that was sent toward speeder it rocked side to side causing her to be tossed about, she didn't know what was going who was firing on them but she only hoped is was someone sent to rescue her. And she hopped it was someone that wasn't there to use her head as a bargaining chip, but someone who knew just who she was and what she was trying to do for the Rebels against the Empire.

With the two escorting transports destroyed, Derek pulled back on the controls, and kept the Nerf Herder scraping across the surface of Chandrila. "That was too close," he muttered to himself, as he began to navigate the craft back into the atmosphere. "I'll get us over her transport. But you'll have to get down and get her out," he announced, as he piloted the Gilded Thranta over the Imperial troop transport. Once they were stationary over the target, he utilized the shuttle's repulsorlift engines to keep them in place. "Prep for evac," he ordered, as his hand slammed on the controls to open the cargo hold. It gave them a straight downward access to the transport, and there was an industrial tension wire rig mounted to the top of the bulkhead where they could easily repel down to the top of the transport.

Picking herself up off the floor, Sienala grabbed a cutting torch and a harness. Dropping her goggles over her eyes and strapping herself into the harness, she linked up to a support bulkhead and opened the access hatch. Diving down, she was like a sunset on Coruscant as she drifted to the other ship, twisting, rolling and pirouetting down to the other ship. Sparking up the cutting torch, she directed the plasma flame to the hull. "Don't you wish your plasma was hot like mine? Don't you?" The hull plating heated, glowing as she was slowly, achingly slowly making progress.

As soon as the Commander said they would be getting her out, Lovora was clawing her way out of the turret, more than happy to be free of the thing. Oh, she was duly pleased with her final shot there, but the commando was in no hurry to stay in that little glass ball. On her way to the cargo hold she grabbed her Z-9 rotary blaster, hoisting the giant weapon onto her shoulder. Her armor was pre-equipped with rapid descent points, and so it was an easy thing to hook in and drop down, following the far more graceful engineer. Moments after the Twi'lek touched down, Lovora hit the ground, detaching herself and hoisting the blaster cannon into both hands, her back to Pavo as she worked, watching for any incoming imperials. "C'mon...can't that thing work any faster?" There was a brief moment where she thought about trying to shoot it open, but for one, it wouldn't likely work, and for two, if it did, she was likely to kill the ambassador. So she had to wait.

The cutting was slow, tediously slow. Sienala looked over at Lovora. Smirking a bit, the young Twi'lek smiled, "As a woman, I would think you'd prefer it if someone with a small gun took the time to do the job right. It's all well and good when you have a big gun, everyone knows that it will get the job done. But a small gun, that takes skill, talent, and determination. If you want it done with a small gun, it has to be done right. Any idiot can use a big gun to help a woman in need." Though her goggles hid her eyes, she offered the commando a playful wink and focused on the work of penetrating the ship.

Lovora couldn't help but smirk at the reply she got, rolling her eyes as the Twi went on with her thinly veiled innuendo. At the end of it she downright laughed. "Lots of talent with a small gun might be fun for some, but me...well, I'm pretty much ok with something big, dumb, and fun." With that she turned and, as Sienala finished making the cut, Lovora rammed the butt of the Z-9 into the cut-out once, twice, and then a third time to send the chunk of hull crashing out of place.

Ava could hear the noise from outside the haul, keeping low the the floor she watched as a torch flame cutting into the roof, looking away she could hear singing from the outside as she shook her head wondering who was trying to get inside. "What is going on out there!" she thought to herself she could feel the fear run within her blood and turn it cold she was finding it hard to hide her fear but she needed to be strong. Then again after being kidnapped by the Imperial troops, cuffed and scared to death about what was to become of her, she could only guess what could happen next. Ava's heart was beating fast with in her breast as she looked up trying to stay clear of any sparks that would fall from the torch's flame. Watching the plate fall from the roof Ava moved her head down as it the floor with a loud echoing bang, smoke and light from outside filled the inside of the haul as Ava looked up, her sight was blurred from the light. Coughing from the smoke she called out "Who are you? What do you want?" Ava couldn't trust anyone at this point. And thought she was terrified beyond all belief she needed to show she wasn't scared of whoever was outside.

"Yes, but it took both of our guns to help this lady." She smiled as she poked her head into the hole, "That's an interesting story. But, a dancer and a commando are here to rescue you. I'm not sure which of us is which, but it will be a very interesting rescue nonetheless." Pulling herself from the hole, she gestured for Lovora to hop on in. "I do believe this dance is for you?"

Despite the jovial attitudes of the two, Lovora was still ready with her blaster, and it was the first thing she had pointed in their improvised doorway. "You must have some stories..." Lovora had always considered herself pretty free-spirited, but she was rapidly getting the impression that her experiences had nothing on the Twi'lek. Once she made sure there weren't any imperials hanging out inside with the Ambassador, Lovora jumped down, setting the blaster aside. "Don't worry, Ma'am. Like my friend here was trying to say, we're here to help." Lovora looked up to Sienala then. "Grab one of the lines, would ya? We need to get her on the ship, fast." With that, she went to help the ambassador. The first step, of course, was to unfasten her restraints, and then the short commando would aim to scoop the ambassador up in her arms and carry her to where the hull had been cut open, ready to help her into a harness to get her out of this place.

Watching as the women looked inside as her Ava looked at her as a brow rose, sitting back against the wall of the haul. "Great I ask pray for a army and I get a dancer ."She said looking at the women she nodded her head slightly "Never the less thank you." Watching as women made her way inside helping free Ava from her bounds the young women rose to her feet rubbing her wrist, they were slightly red and raw "I'll tell you one another time, for now I would like to get out of here." She said nodding her head. "And the faster the better."

"I have a few stories. But when you see a Gamorrean offer a girl a flower instead of an axe, the stories seem to just fade away." There was a bit of a pained tug on the corner of her lips. "Wait," Sienala thrust her head into the hole and looked towards Ava's voice. "I'll have you know, I am the best ribbon dancer in five systems. I don't have a death mark, no. I have a dance mark. And just for that, I'll make sure you don't get to see. Or....or...or...I'll short sheet your bed!" Folding her arms, she bobbed her head for emphasis on the point.

"When I said you had stories, I was kinda hoping you'd save them until after we got outa here. How about that line, huh?" She was still waiting on the Twi'lek to get one of the repelling lines from the ship and feed it down so she could get the ambassador tied in and up to the ship. She lowered her voice some, giving the ambassador a somewhat apologetic look. "If it makes you feel any better, I really am a soldier, Ma'am. A Corporal, even. Corporal Love. I mean...Corporal Rikki. Lovora Rikki. Corporal Lovora Rikki." She was still used to using her old nickname from the squad she'd first been with when she joined, but most had dropped use of it by now. The woman was decked out in full commando armor, but no doubt its effectiveness as a source of reassurance was reduced by the fact that it was draped over a young and not particularly sizeable woman.

Derek's eyes widened as he took a look at his scanners ... there were four red blips approaching from the north. "We're gonna have company!" he shouted over the comlink, as his hands moved to begin powering up the sublight engines. They were going to have to hurry this up if they stood any chance and getting out of here in one piece. "TIEs. Four of them. Coming in from the north," he warned them, noting that since both of them were down below there was no one to man the turrets. He only hoped they would be able to bring the ambassador safely aboard before the enemy arrived.

Ava attached the line around her as she looked up, she did feel rather bad about her comment about being saved by a dancer. "I'm sorry, it was wrong of me to have said that after you and your comrades took the time to save me, you risked everything you have for me. I should be more grateful for all that you have done." She said hoping that her apology would be accepted, looking p at the women who was talking she smiled "Ava Khalessi. Then again I'm guessing you already knew that."She said holding on tight to the line. Looking up Ava started to become slightly impatient with the news that there were more fighters coming in "Let's shut up and go already please!!!" she said making a forward motion with her hands.

Unhooking her line from her harness as Sienala handed the plasma cutter to Lovara, "Here, hold this." Then the harness was handed to Lovara, "And this." She took back the plasma torch, "I'll need this." Then there was a move of Lovara's weapon out of the way, "Just a sec." There was a clicking sound and a Lovara was suddenly pushed into the hole. "Strap her into the harness and let's go," she commanded as she leaped up along the line connected to the bulkhead of their ship and spun acrobatically around the line in a climb up into their shuttle.

Lovora took the cutter, then the harness, then gave back the cutter, then caught her blaster cannon when it started to go, then got pushed...her expression gradually getting more and more aggravated. Finally, once she was finally balanced, she sighed, and put it all down so she could help the Ambassador into her harness and get her up. "Well, it's nice to meet you. Now, lets get you outa here." She gave Ava her best reassuring smile, and then gave two distinct tugs on the line, cueing it to raise Ava up. She then went to hook herself in...only to find Sienala had somehow done it already. "That...I don't..." she sighed, grabbed her Z-9, and gave two tugs to get herself hoisted up as well.

Hitting the motor, the line was being tugged up, faster than when she went down. "Watch your heads. It's gonna hurt if you don't watch your heads." She was already reconfiguring the shields to be ready for any direction once she had the ambassador on board. "I do believe we are about to have a three for one special with play thing on the side."

Once safely aboard the ship Ava took the harness off and looked around, she was surprised to say the least, she forgot that often times rebels did not have the means for a newer ship, but knowing that it was still able to fly was the biggest thing for her at this point, moving to a area of the ship where she would seem to be out of the way from the others. She didn't want to talk about anything that had happened to her while captured. All Ava wanted at this point was to be as far as possible, when the time was right would answer any and all questions they would have for her. Thought in this moment Ava was just happy to know that she was in the hands of those who were trying to do the same as her, trying to fight for what was right, and to destroy the Empire and all who served them.

"Shooting transports is one thing, taking down TIE fighters is a whole different story." Lovora wasn't that confident in her shooting from a ship turret. She unhooked herself and, as much as she would have loved to linger, rushed to secure the blaster cannon before slipping back into the turret and strapping in. If they were going to have company, she should be in position, like it or not.

Once he confirmed that the package was safely aboard, his hands immediately moved towards the thrusters to begin accelerating the tired old shuttle to its maximum speed. "Hang on. Back there," he said, as the craft began to vibrate violently from turbulence as they skyrocketed up into the upper atmosphere. Before far too long the tranquil blue sky dissipated into the blackness of space. It was then the Gilded Thranta jolted violently as the green energy bolts emanating from the four TIE fighters began to impact the shields and penetrate down through the hull. "Hold together," he muttered to himself, as he angled the shuttle in the direction of the nearby nebula. He was literally bouncing about in his seat as the ship moved further away from the TIEs and towards the relative safety of the nebula. He knew that they would not be able to follow them inside. The craft was not nearly maneuverable enough to pull off the kind of evasive action it would take to evade the TIEs, and the ship was as slow as the Y-wings that the company also made. If not for the technician's jury rigging of the shields they might not have made it, but fortunately the shuttle reached the nebula in time. Losing the pursuing fighters who were forced to break off their attack, he began to follow the complex series of waypoints that would ultimately return them to the hidden Rebel station deep within the nebula.

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