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Rachel King, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:5:4) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Liliya Benedt, Kia Kaen, Major Kerrie Kiley, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, and Inquisitor Serine Thanor.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney sat quietly in his office aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite. He had not seen his aide since the incident with the Inquisitor two days prior, as it was too painful for him to see the young woman given the embarrassment of what had transpired. The middle-aged man was married, and had three grown children ... he simply could not afford for rumors of an indiscretion with a young aide ... no matter how lovely she might be ... to damage his reputation both professionally and personally. "Why did you do this to me?" he asked the holographic image of Bail Organa that was perched upon his shelf. His hands rubbed together nervously, and his head sunk into a path state of dejection as he contemplated his next thoughts. It was not Liliya's fault what happened, and he felt as the adult he needed to be the bigger man, and thus he rose from his desk and slowly walked to the exit of his office. As he navigated the corridor to Liliya's nearby office he mentally rehearsed what to say to the unfortunate girl. He cleared his throat and made one final adjustment to his uniform before pressing down on the alert button on the control panel next to the door.

It was fortunate that the Governor had not visited the young assistant for a few days as the woman needed time to recover from that atrocious ordeal. Droid or no, that confrontation was intense and even she needed some downtime. Liliya spent her free time carefully planning her response to the man when he finally did come see her, as on the agenda were quite a few pieces of important topics they needed to cover. The environment upon the Warspite was becoming more hostile than she originally prepared for, and with working conditions deteriorating beneath her every step, it would not be long before she was either displaced violently as her true purpose was discovered or branded as common opportunistic gutter trash who prayed upon emotionally sensitive aging Grand Moffs. Neither of which was on her agenda, both leading to danger and death. Liliya remained in her room for the majority of the two days, having no real reason to journey from it. It was getting to the point where she was scared for her safety just to walk down the corridor, how can she do her job under these extreme conditions? As the buzzer was heard ringing, she could only hope it was Claudius, feeling he had waited appropriately, and she was anxious to talk to him, perhaps even missed him. Two days without contact was long enough, she had began to worry that he was not willing to weather the storm. The door was answered revealing Liliya looking just as she did when she ran from the room, and as her eyes looked up to his, they betrayed a glimmer of shame and she looked away. It was still awkward after two days. "Please come in..." She said softly, moving to the side to allow him entry, not at all her cheery usual self. Time does not always mend the pain, especially when one chooses to try and ignore the real issues involved.

Claudius paused as she asked him to come in ... uncertain as to whether or not it was a good idea. He looked down nervously, unable to look her in the eyes just yet. He swallowed nervously, causing his throat to bulge against the tight collar of his uniform's tunic. "I ... I am not sure that is a good idea..." he said quietly, as his eyes turned to look at all of the Imperial officers who were walking down the corridor. "I came to apologize..." he said, fidgeting nervously as her presence seemed to make him forget everything he had planned to say. He could feel the eyes of the officers on him and finally he broke down and crossed the threshold to enter her quarters. He looked around, finding them particularly uninteresting and not well decorated. He assumed her possessions were destroyed on Alderaan so he dare not mention it. "What happened the other day..." he continued, coughing slightly as he felt his mouth become dry, while beginning to stammer. "What happened the other day was unacceptable. My behavior was uncalled for..." he continued, as he staggered towards a nearby chair, and sat himself down. He was quickly becoming unglued and finding it to be a difficult task to express his views on the matter to her. "Blast," he yelled as he brought his face down into the palm of his hands and remained silently, slightly trembling as he struggled to find the words.

As Rodney sat down a bit disheveled, Liliya would follow suite, lowering herself elegantly into an adjacent chair as she folded her hands into her lap, looking down at them as she listened to him quietly. The act itself was questionable and inappropriate, but it was the aftereffect of having another witness it which created a scene that threatened to destroy lives. Perhaps it was containable, only three people know of it. "I ... I forgive you, please believe me." Said softly but earnestly before she continued. "I was just shocked at the event that followed ... it was ... disturbing. It is not something I am used to seeing." She spoke in truth and accuracy, as an Alderaaian of high class, this was so below her expectations of both a Governor of the Empire and a gentleman of a robust historically wealthy and powerful family. Rodney overstepped his boundaries in multiple ways. "The late Bail Organa sent me to serve you, please don't keep me from my service to you due to this. We can put it behind us, I promise." Liliya said eagerly, that hopeful innocent nature sparking once again in her eyes.

Claudius' lifted his head and looked up at her with hopeless eyes, unable to keep the smile off his face as he looked at her, despite his sadness. "I am a married man. I love my wife very much..." he explained to her, his hands nervously fidgeting amongst one another as he struggled with the words. "You are very ... lovely..." he explained, as he immediately broke eye contact and looked down at his boots, making a mental note to have them polished as they looked rather scuffed. "You are very much like my first wife ... and I am concerned about what people might think ... for both our sakes..." he said quietly, the words becoming increasingly more difficult to speak. He rose from his seat quickly, and turned his back on her, instead focusing to look out at the Ringali Nebula in the distance through the transparasteel viewport.

She believed him of course, it helped that she actually knew in fact that he did love his wife and had file after file detailing their life together in her memory banks. She nodded to in silent agreement, it was obvious that he was a passionate man, and it had just slipped from him in a single moment of weakness, that single moment was just unfortunately witnessed by a third party. As Rodney began to discuss how she resembled his first wife then trailed off after hinting that he may wish to relieve her of her position, Liliya shifted uncomfortably in her chair as a sudden fear began to bubble in her ... in which she could not fully explain. "This is all I have left..." She admitted somberly, lowering her head once again while closing her eyes quite painfully, too afraid to look at him anymore. Liliya was now without anything or anyone, completely forgotten and without Rodney, she would be completely abandoned. This situation was starting to look extremely dismal and the assistant was now fretting for her whole well-being, that gut wrenching fear was slowly creeping into her in which she was not fully programed to handle. How could she have known Alderaan would be destroyed... She could not help it any longer, tears began to wield and she covered her face in shame once again, refusing to allow Rodney to see her break down for a second time in two days.

When Claudius heard her say it was all she had left he felt a pain in his chest and his head sunk dramatically until his chin was pressed against his chest. The sorrow of the situation was breaking his heart, and he felt tears begin to well up in his eyes. When he heard her cry, he turned his body around so that he could look at her. "Oh no..." he said in a panic, as he rushed quickly towards her, uncertain of what he should do. His arms wrapped around her instinctively, like a parent, as he pulled her against him and patted his hand against the top of her back. "Please ... please don't cry, Liliya," he said in a panicked tone, worried that he had further upset her and had made the situation more complicated.

As Rodney's arms surrounded her, she was unable to prevent herself from burying her face into his chest with a soft sob. The threat of being discarded terrified her beyond measure, what use was she if she wasn't fulfilling her programming, and without purpose, she had nothing. The threat of that unending emptiness forever was constantly reminding her just how frail her existence really was. Liliya was soon quieted by Rodney's compassion, quickly relaxing in his arms, feeling rather ... safe for the time being, she liked that human emotion, it was calming. Her hands came up to lightly clasp his shirt, sighing softly, this embrace being a sensation she had never experienced before, perhaps humans took this simple feeling for granted. Liliya gently pulled back a little, perhaps sharing this for longer than necessary would get them back into the same trouble they had been. Her eyes worriedly looked towards her door, as if the Inquisitor would burst in at any second and accuse her of being a horrible tramp. "My Lord ... if it would be better, you could always reassign me to another location on the ship. I could still be of use to you." She did not want to leave his side, but if staying by him would jeopardize her very existence, she could gladly take the alternative.

Claudius brought his right index finger up to her face and gently wiped the tears away from beneath both of her eyes as he smiled down at here. "Do not be sad..." he said to her affectionately as he tried to make the most of the situation. "No more tears ... no more tears," he repeated, almost whispering as he tried to cheer the young girl up. "No. You shan't be reassigned. We will just attempt to be more careful in the future..." he said to her, despite the irony that she was still in his arms. They were not exactly being careful right now and should anyone walk in they would likely be right back in the scandalous rumor mill they found themselves in the other day. His hands came to a rest on the small of her back, unable to fight the fact that whenever he saw her he felt as if he was looking at his deceased wife. He never had this problem with Major Kiley or Lieutenant Ames ... what was it about this woman? he thought silently to himself.

Liliya felt compelled to lean back into his embrace as he showed no indication that he wished to let her go yet. She was convinced that no one would come into her room and witness them, no one cared for her she felt and most importantly, Inquisitor Thanor was in the brig, the only person who would raise the dead about the matter, at least to their faces. She took in a deep breath of relief, very glad to see that the situation was being pacified and all was well this very moment in her life. That breath was held for a moment then eased out as she folded her arms under her while nestling against him comfortably. "No one ... likes me." She said sadly, of course referring to all of the negativity and bitterness on the Warspite. "I'm ... trying to make friends but no one will associate with me. I feel avoided. What can I do, Milord?"

The hand that was in front of Liliya's face descended to below her chin, as he compassionately propped her head up on his hand. "I like you, Liliya. That is all that matters. You need not trouble yourself with the pathetic infighting of the members of my staff.." he said, reassuringly. His eyes locked on hers and for a moment he felt something that he knew he should not. In his mind he could see his head descending and placing a kiss upon her lips, but instead his eyes went wide and he gasped. "No..." he said to himself, as he turned his head away from her, closing his eyes. He was a married man and this tempting treat had been placed before him in a way that threatened to destroy him. He let out a deep, strained sigh as he struggled with what to do next. Suddenly his comlink beeped and he brought it up to his lips. "What ... what is it?" he asked quietly, still not looking at Liliya.

The voice of Major Kerrie Kiley responded over the comlink, her voice quivering and sounding somewhat weak. "Milord ... there has been an incident on the detention level," she began, trying to find the words that would be the least embarrassing for her to admit. "The ... pest ... has removed the Inquisitor's cell door and a creature has inhabited the corridor. No one dares enter cell block C," she concluded, clearing her throat nervously as she awaited a reply.

"Acknowledged. I'll be right there," Claudius replied over the comlink as he tucked it back into his belt. "I am sorry, my dear," he said, as he pulled his arms away from the embrace and stepped aside. "You may continue in your position without issue. There is no one I would rather have as my aide," he said to her with a kind and genuine smile as the color began to return to his cheeks. "But, for now I must return to my duty as Grand Moff and attend to what Major Kiley is incapable of..." he said to her, sounding rather firm, as he turned to exit her small quarters.

Liliya displayed a small frown and a look of disappointment as Rodney broke the contact off, both of which did not belong on her beautiful face. She eagerly looked up to him with all intention of wishing to help, to assist him in anyway possible. "Is there something I could be doing during this time? I have been ... disregarding my responsibilities for the past two days. I'm so sorry, Lord Rodney." She peered at him longingly, wishing their rather brief time together without interruptions could have gone for a bit longer, but she understood that the weight of this entire sector was on his shoulders. Liliya could have said any number of things in regard to Major Kiley and the situation on cell block C, but that was information she was not supposed to have knowledge of, so she looked confused towards him, hoping for an explanation.

Claudius stopped at the doorway as he heard Liliya speak, turning to give her one last look before departing. "No ... just get some rest, clear your mind, and try not to let the shipboard drama trouble you..." he said, offering her one last nod, before stepping out of her quarters and into the corridor. With that, he headed through the winding corridors until he reached the turbolift. Once inside the safety of the turbolift he let out as desperate sigh as he struggled with the internal dilemma of what to do concerning Liliya. By the time the lift arrived on the detention level he had regained his composure, and looked very in control and dignified. The middle-aged man marched past the cowering guards and stood at the edge of cell block C's corridor, eyeing the Inquisitor's apprentice and nexu.

Concerned by the presence of the nexu, Major Kerrie Kiley stood in front of the Grand Moff wearing her Mabari bounty hunter armor, the RL-40 stun net launcher graped firmly in both of her hands. "I advise you not to go down there, Milord," she said, a hint of concern in her voice as she remembered what the young woman had managed to do to her during the interrogation. She took a step forward into the corridor of cell block c, and dropped to her left knee as she brought the barrel of the launcher up in an aimed posture.

"No harm will come to me, Major," Grand Moff Rodney said, as he placed a reassuring hand upon her shoulder. A moment later, he began to walk down the corridor of the cell block towards the teenage girl and the nexu. He had not yet had an opportunity to meet the young girl and considering he kept a worrt aboard ship, the creature did not particularly seem out of sorts given the nature of of the woman's role. He came to a stop and ignoring the duo for the time being spoke loudly so that he could be heard. "Inquisitor Thanor?" he asked, not sure if the woman was even still in her cell.

Kia looked up at the sound of bootfalls, the slight distraction causing the four brightly colored objects to waver in front of her, and crash rather solidly to the deck. She had started focusing more on refining or trying to refine her ability to move things after the mishap with the cell door. Giving Sanu a glower as the Nexu made off with one of her juggling balls. "Hey! Give that back! You can't.. oh fine. Keep it. Just don't eat it, Sanu." Looking back to Serine, she'd follow her teachers lead, but Rodney was not anyone to her. "I'm getting better at holding them steady, Master Thanor!"

What Rodney would see was quite the scene. It had appeared the mechanics of the door controls had been completely busted, scorched marks outlining the panels hanging from wires out of the wall and the door leading to Serine's cell had seemingly been ripped unnaturally free, leaving a gaping jagged hole. The remains of the door was in pieces that were scattered all down the hallway. There were claw marks that scuffed nearly every inch of the panels that lead down the corridor, as if the Nexu had ran up and down endlessly for hours. In front of the broken and busted cell where Inquisitor Thanor was being 'held', there were two sleeping bags, one looking ruffled and well used, the other completely torn up with stuffing and shredded material clumped into a mound. Various objects, many of them colorful and some extremely heavy were littered haphazardly in front of Serine's cell in addition to a handful of used and empty food containers discarded like trash down the hallway. It was a complete mess but the Inquisitor had not left her cell, and inside was completely tidy except for the missing doorway. Rodney wouldn't be able to see her from his distance and position, but he could hear her speak calmly to Kia, rewarding her for her improvements. "You are doing very well, I am rather impressed by your quick advancements." It was slightly an understatement, not many could have ripped a huge hole in the durasteel wall like it was wet paper, even Serine might not have been able to accomplish it without an intense amount of concentration. There was a following silence as she picked up the sound of the Governor. "Kia, it appears I have another visitor." She motioned for the young apprentice to scurry a bit down the hallway and give her some ... conversation privacy with Rodney, though she assumed he would not have much lasting importance, she was beyond friendly speaking terms with that man.

Blinking up and finally acknowledging the others presence, she slipped the three remaining juggling balls into one of her pockets as she stood. Bowing her head slightly to Serine, Kia nodded quickly, "Yes, Master Thanor. C'mon, Sanu." Bending down quickly, she grabbed a larger striped ball, tossing it a little down the corridor, giggling as the Nexu scampered after it.

"Interesting entourage you have there, Inquisitor," Claudius said, as he stepped forward into the pile of debris and stood in front of the open doorway of the cell. "Not exactly in line with Imperial regulations..." he pointed out, as he stepped inside of her cell and took a seat on the hard, durasteel bench opposite hers. He groaned as he sat up for a bit, noting how hard it was, but then forced himself quickly back down. "Not very comfortable, is it?" he mused, as he squirmed uncomfortably on the seat. "You know ... I don't think I've ever been inside one of these before. Very small ... very cramped..." he continued, as he avoided the topic at hand and made idle chatter. Finally, his arms came in front of his chest and he looked at her with a genuinely disappointed look. "Inquisitor, you must take hold of your emotions. These are dangerous times ... for us all," he began, as he attempted to reach out to her. "You are here to advise me and to assist in my governance of the Ringali Shell ... not to barge into my office, belittle my aide, and throw me into the furniture!" he exclaimed, as he stood up from the bench, no longer be able to stand the uncomfortable of it upon his sensitive hind quarters. "You must learn the fine art of subtlety or you will assuredly doom us all..." he explained, as he walked towards her, and attempted to place a reassuring hand upon her shoulder.

"I figured it would be more appropriate to contain my 'entourage' here, where I had direct supervision over them instead of roaming wild and untamed through the entire vessel." Serine said sternly, more or less in reference to the nexu, she knew Kia was very capable of heeding her completely. An eyebrow quirked up as she witnessed the man's inability to stay seated for more than a few moments, pampered bigot... It was obvious that the Inquisitor wanted to add ... so much more to her sentence but she cut it short, deciding to keep her bitter attitude mostly contained, not wishing for her apprentice to pick up disregarding a superior authority as an acceptable response, especially after Serine made it a point to follow his orders and remained detained well after the door was ripped away. "Yes, I am here to advise you and assist in your governance!" She said fiercely, her grey eyes flaring up as he hit a severe emotional nerve in the Inquisitor, believing that she has done nothing but attempt to do just that since her arrival, being halted by resistance from him at every turn, eventually leading to this catastrophic confrontation. But oh... did fire burn in her eyes as he mentioned for her to learn 'subtlety', something that apparently the Governor completely forgot, not to mention his blatant admittance that he believed her to be incapable of this position and her advice meant nothing to him in so many words. She struggled to stay quiet, but it was so very difficult. As he reached to her shoulder, she avoided it, shrugging him off instantly as she crossed her arms and glared silently at him. He forced this indignity upon her, from the very first day he refused to acknowledge her or use her many skills to his advantage in the war against the uprising, did not respect her and denied her access to information. And only now does he talk to her like he actually cares?? It was an insincere lie and Serine was not at all convinced as apparent by her defiance that she made very clear.

Major Kiley remained at the end of the corridor and her attention shifted quickly towards Kia, who was approaching her location. "Hmph," she muttered, as she lowered her RL-40 and stood back up so that she could get a better look at the teenager. Despite the fact that the girl was more than ten years younger than her, she had already surpassed her in height. "Well .. for someone who just a few short weeks ago was blowing up Imperials you certainly seem at home aboard a Star Destroyer..." she said, trying her best not to lose her temper again when dealing with the youngster.

Kia laid a hand on the Nexu's head, murmering something to him, her eyes snaing p to see that there was someone at the end of the corridor she had moved towards, Serine had told her to avoid contact with people, so she offered as polite a smile as she could manage for the woman. "Master Thanor advised me not to speak with anyone unless given permission to do so." She was not about to turn her back to the other person. "At least not to speak with anyone that isn't important. Dunno, you can't be that important, you're on guard duty." Bending down, she threaded her fingers through the Nexu's quills scratching his head affectionately. Talking in that tone people usually get when talking to animals and trying to get a positive reaction. "You're a good Nexu, Sanu! You could bowl that over-armored chit over in a flash huh?" Flashing a smirk up at Kerrie.

Grand Moff Rodney brought his hands up over his face and let out a frustrated sigh as he realized that he would have a better chance reasoning with the nexu than this woman. He balled his right hand into a fist and clenched it until his manicured fingers drew blood from the palm of his hand. He thrust his fist into the wall and punched it angrily, breaking two of his knuckles and causing a fine amount of blood to begin to flow. He brought his other hand up to press down on his wound as he weakly sat down on the bench next to the Inquisitor. "You know ... if we don't get our act together we'll have front row seats at one another's joint execution. Is that what you want?" he asked her, as he let out another dejected sigh, his eyes visibly scanning the room in the hopes the answer might be written on the wall. "We need to start over. This is ridiculous. We have a war to win and we spend all of our time fighting one another..." he bemoaned, the blood staining his trousers red where his hand was now resting. "It's not just you ... I don't mean to single you out ... it seems like everyone is at each other's throats lately. I feel there is a plot against me..." he said, sounding somewhat paranoid, but with the meddlesome plots laid out by Major Zevrin he very much had reason to fear his downfall.

Serine watched the man foolishly punch the wall like a sexually frustrated teenager with mild disgust, honestly it did not surprise her, she was over being surprised by that man's antics. In the Inquisitor's mind, Claudius was a poor diplomat and she took no responsibility for their failure to work together as she was convinced it was his inability to compromise that had doomed them. The Inquisitor's body language was a clear indication of her dismal outlook, not one to purposely hide her emotions well as she was always taught to embrace them, nor did she ever lie. It had been conditioned from her over the years, often times painfully, due to her own master being capable of fully reading her mind. Her voice was soft, dejected and bitter. "I've done nothing but attempt to work under you. What more can I do when you refuse to take responsibilities for your own inadequacies." She blinked while considering his choice of words, confiding in her that there could be a plot against him, she understood that feeling and was inclined to agree, there were always plots, and she had a indication who the source of it could be. "If you want to start over ... very well, heed my advice then, it will make your life easier. And my advice is this; remove Major Zevrin from this vessel. The fact that you have yet to do this on your own disturbs me."

"Very well," Kerrie said sadly as she looked up at the younger, having some regret for the unfortunate way she treated the 'child'. "I am glad our encounter seems to have left you no worse for ware," she said, genuinely trying to make conversation while both of their 'masters' were in the small detention cell deciding the future of the Empire in the Ringali Shell. "The man with the lasersword ... the one who killed my men ... who nearly killed me ... can you tell me who he was?" she asked the child, as she started to quiver slightly as she recalled the traumatic incident that was still fresh in her memory.

Mention of Ty wiped the smirk of of her face, Kia's expression blanked, "He was no one, and it's not lasersword. It's a lightsaber. If you're going to talk about something, know what you're talking about. He's dead, that should be enough for you." Settling back into an easy crouch, she slipped the three bright colored objects from her pocket, setting them just in front of her. "No Sanu. Mine, you already got two of them." She was doing her level best to ignore what was going on in the cell. If Serine had intended her to be a part of it, she would have told her so, instead focusing inward and drawing in the so seductive power she was finally learning more about. Her attention intently the three objects, not moving herself one by one they rose and started to move around one another, the same triumphant grin on her face as earlier.

Grand Moff Rodney sat there silent for a moment, continuing to bleed all over himself, but he did not seem to care. He would need to change before he returned home, lest Htaere think a great tragedy befell him. "Inquisitor ... Major Zevrin has been a thorn in my side since the moment she was assigned to me by the late Governor Tarkin," he replied to her, not needing to go into the painful personal details of their complex relationship. "You of all people should know of my disdain for the woman, but it beyond on my power to simply dismiss her. The woman has ... powerful allies. Would that I could simply flush her out an airlock and be rid of her ... but such a thing simply is not possible," he explained to her grimly, as he rose from his seat and stood in front of her. He extended a non-bleeding hand to her and tried his best to smile at her. "Will you help me bring order to this Oversector?" he asked, genuinely attempting to enlist the woman's support in his cause.

She should have known the Governor would deny her advice to get rid of Zevrin, but he was right about her having powerful allies, remembering that the Grand Vizier himself enlisted her help to free the detestable woman from the detention center that she now found herself in. She heavily signed in annoyance and disdain for Major Arden Zevrin, she will thus have to deal with that woman herself ... in some inventive ways later. As Rodney offered her his hand, she regarded it for a moment, clearly questioning in her mind if another attempt at a working relationship was feasible, it would of course ultimately rely on him to perform like a Grand Moff and not like an irrational mentally challenged squib. "Governor, I have always been willing to follow your orders." If he had ever given her any, she silently mused, except to subjugate herself to the brig, in which she did without question. His hand was clasped by her own, and she used that opportunity to pull herself into a standing position, quite finished with this unbecoming little cell.

"Light...saber?" Kerrie replied awkwardly to Kia as she considered the wording. She hated being corrected, especially by a young child. "Sounds very ... elegant..." she said, wondering if she had used the right words. "I wished that man dead, young one, but you will find once the object of your hatred is destroyed all that's left is an unquenchable darkness..." she reluctantly admitted, sounding somewhat sad and distant. Indeed ... she saved most of her hatred for the Grand Moff at the end of the corridor and vowed to keep him alive just so that the feeling would never fade from her heart.

The loops the objects were going through wavered, then stabilized, Kia's attention not faltering from this. She wanted to learn how she did that damage to the cell door, as it felt like those surges of power only came when she really wanted something or fueled by strong emotion. "I'm practicing. Therefore, busy." Sanu let out a loud purr that almost sounded amused for the large creature.

"Good," Grand Moff Rodney said to the Inquisitor as he led her out of the tiny cell and back to the larger prison that was the Star Destroyer. With a renewed sense of determination, he walked with a full head of steam down the corridor. He stopped to pat the young Kia on top of her head, thinking she reminded her of his youngest daughter, Drusilla. When he reached the bottom of the stairs leading back to the control area he snapped his fingers on his left hand and, much like Inquisitor Thanor's nexu, Major Kiley followed him like an animal.

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