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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:25) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Sea Islands).
El-Nay Darr, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Melickielickie, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, and Commander Sierra Rodney.

Sierra Rodney stood in the shallow water of ocean. Her black trousers were cuffed up above her knees. The water swayed back and forth beneath her. She was staring at the completed home in the ocean; the very same home she and Claudius had designed with the intent of living there. With dark clouds surrounding her head, she wondered if they would ever be able to retire to their home...and if much longer would it be? The meeting at the garrison had been overwhelming. Arden showed that she held a full capable of destroying the whole family. "She's back." Sierra said quietly to her husband. The Sea Islands was the only place private enough to bring him. No one resided on those sacred islands. Even the Shore Troopers had abandoned their efforts to destroy the beautiful land. Sierra was still facing the facts: Gaius was free, Arden was back, and, worst of all, it was Livia and Julius who changed Jelena. She wondered if Jelena would live with them on Esseles if it wasn't for that meeting. Sierra opened up her hand and reached out, sliding her hand into Claudius'. As with everything else in life, they were in it together.

The moment the ship had blasted off from Leiliani, Claudius had stripped himself out of his armor and changed into more comfortable clothes. As he wandered into the water after Sierra he did not say much. While he hated Arden Zevrin, the footage of his parents was most troubling. Shortly after Jelena's defection he had sent Kerrie and El-Nay to look for her on Delaya, but not a trace of her had been found. His parents had lied. His parents had delivered his daughter to the Rebellion. The feel of the cool, refreshing water upon her legs did much to keep him from becoming too overwhelmed. He moved behind his wife, wrapping his arms around her, and allowing her to intertwine her hand with his own. As he held her, his chin came to rest on her shoulder, and he placed a gentle kiss beneath her ear. "I know. I know," he said to her, but although he was with her on Delaya he sounded as if he were a sector away.

Her body settled against his. After the ordeal, they needed some time away from it all. As badly as she wanted to rush back to the children, they also needed time to process everything. Sierra let out a long, deflating breath of air. Her head turned to look him in the eyes. Her nose nuzzled against his slowly. "Talk to me," she whispered softly. "Zevrin's video..." She began. There were so many things she could say about it. She wondered how the alliance between Livia and Julius had come to be. There were so many questions that could not be answered. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry your parents played a part in Jelena's association with the Rebellion." She kissed his cheek.

"This goes so much deeper than I thought," Claudius told her, as he lowered his head to look into the water. "I had no idea," he said to her, as he let out a tired, broken sigh. "I am sorry that Gaius did not pay for his crimes. He cannot evade us forever," he said, as he loosened his grip on her so that he could circle around in front of her. His hands moved to the small of her back and drew her closer to him. He lowered his head, placing a kiss upon her forehead. "I've been told Marcus and Zara have been using our house..." he said, sounding a bit jealous, as he abruptly changed the subject to something more selfish. It was bad enough to be driven away from his home planet, but to lose his actual home as well was something else entirely.

"Neither did I," Sierra admitted. At one point, she and Jelena had been as close as close could be. She recalled being disappointed when Jelena did not decide to enter the Imperial Academy with her. Now she knew why that had transpired. She knew it was a much worse betrayal for her husband, and she worked to give him all of her support. Her arms enclosed around him. She held him tightly. She resented losing Gaius, but there were bigger fish to fry. "What? They took our house?!" She pouted in a Rodney-like fashion. "I say we go spend the night there! It is *our* home, after all." Sierra pointed out. She leaned up onto her tippy toes to kiss him. Her arms moved up to settle around his neck instead of his waist. She continued to kiss him while a large wave made its way behind Claudius. By the time Sierra opened her eyes and noticed the wave, it was upon them. It swept over the couple, knocking them to the ocean floor and soaking them to the bone.

Ewwiekewwieikkie opened her eyes slowly, but immediately became scared when she was shrouded in darkness. "Ahh!" she squealed, as she found herself trapped in the storage crate aboard the shuttle. She raised her head, hitting into the top of the crate, but it did have the desired effect of opening it. "Owwie," she said, as she rubbed her head, and took a look around. She sniffed suddenly smelling salt water. "Oh. Oh!" she said, as she climbed out of the crate, silverware now embedded in her fur. "Melickielickie wake up!" she said, as she reached into the crate and gave her a big shake. When that was done she ran down the ramp and landed on the hot sand, looking around at the islands she remembered. "Wowie wow! We at the beach!" she said, before trampling over El-Nay and moving into the water to interrupt Claudius and Sierra's private alone time.

El-Nay Darr did not understand everything going on between Claudius, Sierra, and the Imperials on Delaya, but she did understand enough to keep her mouth shut and stay out of the way. She had stripped out of her armor and changed into a bikini, orange of course, and a pair of glare shades. She was laying out upon the beach getting a tan and relaxing herself when she felt something trample her. When she opened her eyes she spied Ewwiekewwieikkie and began to panic. "Oh no. How did she get here?" she asked herself, figuring this had to be her fault. As she sat up, she pulled her sunglasses down to look at her with her own eyes. This could be bad.

Melickielickie had been having a wild ride inside of the storage cargo. She was gnawing on a large serving spoon while taking a midday nap. The significantly smaller Squib girl began to wake up. "Uhhh???" It was still dark inside of the crate. Her eyelids felt so heavy. She began drifting off again when her sister shook her. "I up! I up!" She squeaked, slowly crawling out of her crate. She sniffed. "Bubble nom?" The girl questioned, crawling towards the chest armor that Claudius had been wearing. "Nom nom nom.." She crept into the armor. She gnawed on it once. "Ewww." She gnawed on it again. "Yucky. Bleh!" It smelled like bubblegum, but it wasn't bubblegum at all. "Yuck, yuck, yucky," she continued to complain as she made her way down the ramp. The beach outstretched before her was unlike anything she had ever seen before. "Wowie wow..." She gasped. Her big, bright eyes followed her sister towards Claudius and Sierra. "Mommy? Daddy?" She questioned. "Sissy? *Sissy careful*!" She screamed, watching Ewwiekewwieikkie dive into the gigantic lake. "Oooh! Oooh!!! I save you, sissy!" Melickielickie ran forward. She rounded El-Nay and continued to the shore. "Oh noes, oh noes." She thought that her sister needed help. She paced at the shore until she saw that nothing was hurting her. Melickielickie decided to follow her sister into the water. "Mommeeeeee! Dadddeeeeeee!" She screamed, grasping for them as soon as she could reach them.

Sierra had been knocked to the shore. Her white uniform clung to her body now that it was wet. She remained on the ground, staring at the sandy beach. "I think I'm hallucinating Ewwiekewwiekkie.. Do you see her too?" Sierra made her way back to her feet only to be tackled into the water once more by both adopted Squibs. "Ewwiekewwiekkkie! Melickielickie! How did you get there?!" She said, wrapping an arm around both of the girls and squeezing them tight. She was happy to see them. With a finger, she pointed out the home to both girls. "What do you think about spending the night there tonight?"

"Ugh," Claudius groaned, in a moment of brutal honesty brought on by exhaustion. He wanted to be alone with his wife, and even the usually slow El-Nay had gotten the message and stayed far away on the beach out of sight. When the girls dove into the water and began heading towards him he wanted to cry. After all that happened he wanted to be alone with his wife. He wanted to make love to her. He wanted to hide from the rest of the world ... the rest of the galaxy. But now, for the sake of the two innocents, he had to put on a big smile. He moved through the water, doing his best to help Melickielickie first, as she was so tiny that she was sure to be under the water in no time. He looked to Sierra, offering her a half-smile, before looking towards El-Nay on the beach. Clearly she had *not* inspected the ship prior to takeoff.

The feeling was mutual. Neither of them had the time to finish processing what and happened, nor had they the opportunity to recover from it. Now there wouldn't be a moment of alone time for an undetermined length of time. Still, Sierra loved the girls. She made a mental note to ask Melickielickie where her amazing hiding spot was aboard the shuttle. As she reached out to Ewwiekewwieikkie, she tagged the girl on her back. "Tag! You're it!" She playfully declared before turning on her sole and running in the opposite direction through the water, towards the shore. At the moment, she wished that they had decided to install professional grade blow dryers in the Sea Islands home for their girls. Ewwiekewwieikkie and Melickielickie would *never* dry out. She looked beyond her shoulder and stuck her tongue out. "You can't get me!" She teased.

"Woah..." Melickielickie was unsure of the giant bath tub. The water moved back and forth. It was hard for her to remain upright until her father came to help her. "What's this?" She asked him, patting the water with one of her small paws. "Bath tub no good without soap." She told him, nodding her head seriously. "Mommy says no clothes in bath." She reached towards the bottom of her dress and began to undress herself in preparation for the best bath of her life.

"How did we get to the beach?" Ewwiekewwieikkie asked Sierra, as the waves lapped over her fur covered body, causing it to become a wet, matted mess. She would be an awful mess to clean up later. "It's dinner!" she said, as she saw all of the fishes beginning to circle around her. Her tongue came out of her mouth, swirling around her face while her yellow eyes went wide. She reached down into the water to snatch a fish, but it evaded her. "Oops, I missed!" she said, before reaching down to try again, but each time her paw penetrated the water the fish scattered. "Oops, I missed!" she said, before trying again, and achieving the same result. "Oops, I missed!" she repeated, a third time, before trying over and over to get the fish.

"El-Nay!" Claudius yelled, for the first time ever. He was determined to get the Squibs situated so that he could continue his conversation with Sierra without interruption. "This is not a bath, Melickielickie. This is the ocean," he said to her, as he did his best to keep her from getting too far out where the water would rise above her head. As he turned he noticed that Ewwiekewwieikkie had abandoned trying to get the fish in order to chase Sierra onto the shore. "Look, Melickielickie, do you think you can catch your mother and sister?" he asked her, as he pointed at Sierra and Ewwiekewwieikkie sprinting to the shore. Fortunately his wife was adept at manipulating the Squibs into doing what was right.

"We came to visit Aunt Zara and Uncle Marcus." Sierra told Ewwiekewwieikkie a little white lie. It didn't matter how old the Squib was, she felt the need to protect her innocence as much as she could. Ewwiekewwieikkie's distraction with the fish gave Sierra a much needed head start up onto the beach.

"The 'ocean'?" Melickielickie repeated the foreign word. She 'hmmed', paw scratching at her chin. "Okay... Clothes stay on." She released her dress. She didn't know what to think of this 'ocean', and decided to keep a paw on her father at all times. He pointed out Sierra and Ewwiekewwieikkie. "Oh! That looks fun!" She doggy paddled in the water even though her feet were able to reach the sand in the shallow area. Once she hit the shore, the girl began running much quicker that one with such little legs would be expected to. "Sissy! Mommy! Sissy! Mommy!"

Sierra knew her time was limited. The Squibs lived off of sugar power. She would tucker long, *long* before they did. She came to a stop in front of El-Nay. "C-Can you take the girls to Auntie Mae's?" She asked. She was trying to catch her breath. "I'll allow you to squeeze Ewwiekewwieikkie three times." Sierra had left herself exposed in an epic game of tag.

El-Nay Darr had waded into the water to help usher Ewwiekewwieikkie and Melickielickie back onto the shore. "I'm sorry. I don't know where they came from," she said in a panic, as she began leading them back towards the Kwai. "Don't worry, Milady. I'll handle this," she said, as she nervously smiled towards Sierra. "C'mon, girls. We're going back to the city for some ice cream!" she said, loudly, with an over exaggerated smile as she moved up the ramp of the ship. How she was going to dry them was another story, but at least she had gotten them away from Claudius and Sierra.

Claudius watched from knee deep in the water as the Kwai blasted away from the beach, taking El-Nay and the Squibs away, along with stranding him and his wife on the Sea Islands. No one knew they were here. No one even knew Claudius was on the planet. "I should be sad to see them go," he said, as he moved through the water until he came up behind Sierra. "...but I'm not," he said, as his hand came to a rest on her ample booty. He allowed his wet hand to rest upon it, squeezing it playfully, as they finally had the privacy he had wanted since they left on this journey.

El-Nay was a damn angel. Sierra adored her girls all day and night, but the recent debacle made it necessary for her and her husband to have some alone time. "Thank you." She said to El-Nay. All she needed to do was say 'ice cream' and suddenly the Kwai was filled with Squib. What Sierra didn't know was that Delaya would soon be filled with Squib too. She stood, watching the Kwai head towards the city where the girls would eat ice cream until comatose. A smirk crossed over her lips. She felt every bit as playful as he did, especially after her squeezed her rear. "You're not..?" Sierra turned to face him. One hand came to rest on his shoulder for added support so she could move back up to her tippy toes and begin placing love bites along his neck. "Now why's that?" She was about to take his thoughts far, far away from the events in the garrison. (D)

"Showing is better than telling," Claudius replied, as he looked down upon her. He moved his hand down to her chin, raising her face, before planting a kiss upon her heavenly lips. As the kiss continued he placed a hand upon her shoulder, pressing down until she was falling down towards the sand, but with his guidance and care. Their soaking wet bodies came to a rest upon the pink sand of the sea islands, which immediately began to cling to their wetness. It would soon be *everywhere*. He began peeling the wet clothes off her, and then himself, as no one but the nesting thrantas and wandering sea cows would disturb them now. He needed this. Perhaps more than he ever had since they came together. (d)

All it took was a sentence to bring Sierra's blood to a boil. She knew that things were headed right into one of her favorite acts. Intimacy was wonderful during the happy times, but it meant something completely else during the harder times. She would never, ever forget the trip to Mustafar and how loved he had made her feel while they were locked together, just as he was right now. Her lips returned his kiss while she allowed him to guide her down into the sand. The kiss continued on throughout his removal of both of their clothing. As her cream tunic was lifted over her head, she resumed kissing him only to briefly pause when it came to remove his top too. The wet clothes gathered on the shore until there was nothing left. Sierra laid beneath her husband, her arms wrapped loosely around him. The bright sun left them entirely exposed. "I love you so much," she told him. Her hips began to dance beneath him. "Promise me you'll never leave my side." She said, squeezing him. "I selfishly wanted you to come here with me. In truth, I needed you. I *need* you. I'm only half a person without you." (D)

"That's the easiest promise I've ever had to make in my entire life, Sierra," Claudius told her, as he finished removing his wet clothing. The sun was now beating down on their wet, sand covered naked flesh as they there alone on the shore. "It was not selfish, my love. I wanted to come. I wanted to be with you. I only ... I only wish I could have done more," he confided in her, before breaking eye contact to conceal his frown from her. It was a great shortcoming on his part that he had lost all influence on Delaya and that Colonel Zevrin and Governor Arundel could conspire to torture his wife as they had done. Even his wicked cousin Gaius, who had been behind multiple attempts on his life, his wife, and had killed his father was set free. (D)

Sierra smiled. After he'd endured the ill fitting armor this morning, she was quite sure that he would do anything for her. Vice versa was true as well. She cuddled close into his bare body which was so familiar to her. She was far too observant for him to get away with hiding his frown. She leaned forward, quickly kissing his lips. "You can't live your life simply looking at what you could have done, my sweet love. You have to give yourself some credit sometimes. You came here with me, despite the consequences which we both know. You stood beside me. You kept me safe ... and sane." She admitted shyly. "No one is perfect, but even *you* have to admit that you've done a lot of good in your life." Her hands began to rub up and down his back. (D)

"I am a fool. I was oblivious to Jelena's deceit, and today I learned that I was also oblivious to my parents' deceit as well," Claudius confessed to her, as he could not shake what he had seen in the courtroom. "Take me away from this," he begged her, as her hands moved up and down his back, causing a tingle to run up and down his spine. Each kiss shared between them made him forget the ordeal they had just been put through. Perhaps, in time, he could send Kerrie or El-Nay to assassinate Gaius, but for now all he wanted to do was experience his wife on what was *supposed* to be *his* beach. "I love you," he pledged to her, as he placed another array of kisses upon her.

He positioned himself above her wet, naked, sandy body. As he did so, his sweat and sea water dripped down from his body onto hers. His breathing was elevated, and he slowly lowered his head to place pecks upon her.

Sierra wished she could wrap her husband up in her arms and protect him from everything that they had learned. "No, you're no fool. You had no grounds to ever suspect something like that. You trusted them." She objected. She refused to allow him to rip into himself as he did. She saw his mind was troubled and she was prepared to do her best to make it all disappear.

"I love you," she whispered.

"This was supposed to be our home. Bruce was supposed to be splashing in these waves. Olivia..." Claudius continued, as he turned his aggression into sexual frenzy.As the pleasure flowed through his body he began to forget his troubles. This was far better than drinking, which was his vice when he was alone. But now that he had Sierra, now that he had true love, he was able to use their intimacy and passion to sustain himself. "I keep thinking this would never have happened if you were with me then," he told her, speaking of Jelena's defection and all that followed. He had come to view her not just as an adjutant, or a wife, or even a lover, but as an equal who could guide him through the difficult journey he was on both personally and professionally.

Sierra's hands fell into the sand. She gripped at it, the small particles sliding through her fingers. "It *will* be our home. We built that home dreaming of what it would be like to live in it. I'm not ready to let anyone take that dream away. When the war ends... when we end it *together*, we will spend the rest of our days here with our children." She attempted to paint a picture of better days for him. She wanted to play with their children on the beach and return to their fortress at the end of the day. Sierra wished she could have been there with him the entire time. Both of their lives would have been totally altered. She understood the special position she had found herself in inside of his life...and she loved it. She had the power to improve life for him. "I would have done everything in my power to stop it from happening. I will never let anything like that happen ever again." She promised him. She swiveled her hips to entice him further, then resumed her thrusts.

When it was over he fell forward, his face crashing into the pink sad, as he let out a contained moan and desperate sighs. He was glad that El-Nay had taken the Squibs far away, as this would have been a terrible time for a pounce party.

She cuddled against his warm body. The girls were at the ice cream shop. She figured it would be a long while before they returned. Her arms weakly draped around him as she settled in for a little nap under the sun. "I love you," she told him for the billionth time, kissing his ear before settling into the sand with her eyes closed. Arden Zevrin had returned. A grand betrayal had been revealed and yet...and yet life was still *good*.

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