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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:1) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Alderaan Guard headquarters and Marcus Rodney's chalet) and Nerf Herder.
Oliver Henzel (death), Lord Marcus Rodney, and Lady Zara Rodney.

Marcus and Zara had retreated to the isolation of the great white north for some precious moments alone before a number of diplomatic events would force them back into the forefront of Delayan society. *Pop* went the cork from the bottle of sparkling wine that Marcus opened in celebration of the fact that he was no longer needed to serve in the role of Duke of Delaya. His attention then went to a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling cider for Zara. Pouring them each a glass the good stuff went to him, and the children's drink went to the pregnant Zara. "Cheers," he said, as he tapped his fluted glass to hers. "I pity them," he said, as an impish grin formed upon his lips, before downing the entirety of the glass. It was his first day as a free man and he intended to celebrate.

It was all over in a single visit to the medcenter. Marcus was no longer going to become the Duke of Delaya. Their son wouldn't have to live with that pressure hanging over his head either. Zara's heart felt light. Everything seemed better at this point. She felt rejuvenated and excited for the arrival of their children. She'd never lose Marcus to the insanity of politics or anything else. Needless to say, she was one happy lady. She sat with the widest grin on her faces. Freedom tasted so sweet. The celebration would be even sweeter. She took the glass from him, thanking him. Sparkling cider was more delicious to her than the wine. Zara had a *massive* sweet tooth. Their glasses clinked together. "Cheers," and then she took a long sip. She lowered the glass from her lips. "I do too," she didn't look like she felt guilty about it, "They don't know what's coming for them. We should gift them some strong wine for their wedding. They are going to need it." She finished off her drink almost as quickly as he did. Her finger ran over the flute while she spoke. "As soon as all of this is finalized, we'll receive the privacy that we've been waiting for. We can enjoy life again." The pregnant woman rose to her feet. Instead of grabbing Marcus' flute, she retrieved both bottles of sparkling wine and cider. She sat beside him, carefully filling his drink to the brim before repeating the same process with her own drink. "Oh, what I would have given to be a fly on the wall when you convinced him that being a Duke is a good thing."

Another glass of wine was needed, as the guilt needed to be beaten back with alcohol. "He seems like a genuinely good person, with a strong desire to help the refugees," he explained, as he turned more of his attention towards his wife. "It did not take much convincing that he would be able to help them more as Duke than as a crew member of a Rebel frigate. It just took a little push at the right time," he explained, smirking to her once again. He took a step forward, wrapping both of his around her and spinning her 'round the room. "What did you think of his woman? Am I right to understand they have a little girl?" he pressed, as he attempted to learn more about the people he had dumped his responsibility on. He had done it mostly for Zara, and hoped that he had her support with this and all things.

"It might work out for him." She commented. "There's nothing say that your half-brother will entirely hate it. You weren't lying. He will be able to do more." Only the future would tell what happened once Duke Mug became a reality. She hoped it wouldn't be too horrible for them. Those concerns were quickly pushed from her mind as he spun her round 'n round. Zara laughed. Goodness, she felt amazing. She swirled back towards him. Both of her arms locked around his neck so that they could continue their little intimate dance. "Oh, Iyah? She clearly wears the pants." Zara giggled. "She seems so put together. Your mom came bursting into the room while you were gone. Drunk, with bottles in each hand. The way she handled your mom was magical. It was like watching someone tame a gigantic octopus." Zara sounded a little jealous. What a cool superpower that was! She looked into his eyes, smiling brighter. "Mhm. Her name is Callista. They adopted her from the refugee camp. She's probably our biggest fan too. I'm pretty sure she knows my wardrobe better than I do. She's very sweet. She even invited me to her next birthday, though it's months away. I'd love to spend more time with her. Maybe she'll be friends with our daughter eventually." She understood his motives. She appreciated him and supported him entirely. Marcus had fixed the problem she started.

"Three additional tauntauns were devoured while we were at the capital. If Iyah's as good as you say, maybe she can talk to the monster out there in the lake..." Marcus teased her, as he moved to take another glass of the sparkling wine. "I'm sure you'll find life in the city more enjoyable once no one is pressing you to inherit anything," he said, as he moved them towards the window seat. He delicately sat the *three* of them down, before placing his glass aside to look at her seriously. "I am concerned about my father. Who would have tried to kill him when he is so close to death? There is something at play here I do not understand..." he said to her, grimly, as he attempted to understand what was happening. There was no clear motive he could think of for someone to want to kill a dying old man.

"Three more!? Let's see how she lasts the first week in the castle. If she survives, then she can come and crack the whip on our eight-legged problem." All life would be better without the pressure of inheritance. She wondered if the paparazzi would lose interest in them now that the Duke's bastard was on the verge of revealing himself. Zara quickly decided that she'd teach Iyah about the horrors of the Holonet before the Rebel's nude body was plastered all over it. "No one will harass us at Auntie Mae's anymore..." Of course, that was the most important thing to the pregnant woman's mind. She wanted to eat her ice cream in peace. She sat on the window seat with her legs extended. It overlooked the icy terrain below; the very place she called home. "That's bothering me too. Who would benefit from your father's death? Who is impatient enough to do that?" Mug had been in the wrong place at the wrong time...or maybe it was the perfect storm for Marcus and Zara. She readjusted, setting her bare feet in his lap. Her hands rested on her stomach. "Can you think of anyone?"

"The person who would benefit the most from my father's death is, of course, Claudius, but he has no interest in inheriting anything," Marcus explained to her, as the wheels slowly turned in his head. He was trying his best to process facts and see into the shadows where the culprit lay. "I must find out who tried to kill my father, Zara," he said to her, as he gently reached out with his hands to squeeze her own. "I do want us to get a break from all this, but whomever tried to kill him may have reason to try again ... at any of us," he explained, feeling gravely concerned for *all* his family. "When Claudius arrives it will be the first time the entire family is together since he married Htaere over a year ago, it could be just the opportunity the assassin wishes..." he informed her, in a gentle voice, as he hoped he would not frighten her.

Claudius didn't add up in her mind. If he wanted to become Duke, he would have shown up already and made his interest clear. "What about..." Zara started, her mind rewinding back to the first night the Duke had been in the hospital. There was one person who lingered like a vulture waiting to consume a carcass. "Your cousin..? Gaius seems to want it more than anyone else." Her eyes flickered towards Marcus. She was still thinking. "We could do a little bit of investigating ourselves. The man who tried to kill your father is in custody. With our skills combine, we can go visit him." She was concerned about the assassin. Was Julius the only target? Her small hand squeezed his. She wasn't afraid. She found it essential to start taking actions to find out what was happening. If that meant dusting off the *Nerf Herder* armor, then so be it. "We need to be vigilante. We should warn Claudius immediately and increase guard presence at all of our meetings." She was looking forward to seeing Htaere, Ewwie, and Drusilla. She didn't want any harm to fall on the members of their family. She guided his palms to her rounded stomach and let out a sigh. There, something weird happened...something weird that had happened several times over the last week. Her tummy felt *weird*. It was feeling similar to the feeling of having butterflies in her stomach, only the flutters were so much softer. Right now, those feelings were centered around where Marcus' hands were. A concerned look came over her face. Could he feel that?

Marcus was just about to comment on Zara's suspicion that Gaius was somehow connected to the assassination attempt on his father when he began to feel movement on her stomach. He stood up almost immediately, and seemed to be panicking, as he looked towards her for some reassurance. "What is this? Is everything ok?" he fired the questions at her quickly, but never moved his hands away. He pressed against her delicately, following the movement he felt, and then he began to realize what was happening. He fell to his knees in front of her and then lifted her shirt to get another view at her belly. His face moved forward and he planted several delicate kisses upon her belly. The tears soon began to flow as he watched the little rippled in complete amazement, speechless.

He was on his feet so quickly that Zara wasn't sure if she'd said something that made him feel enraged. Gaius seemed like a potential culprit, though this wasn't about him anymore. "I-I'm okay," she reassured her husband. She felt no pain while the babies kicked and punched inside of her belly softly. The first few times, Zara hadn't been sure what was happening. Now she understood. By Marcus' reaction, he had felt them too. He exposed her pale tummy. Zara's emotions overtook her. With each kiss and each touch, Zara's love for Marcus, and her family, grew. She was crying, just as he, eyes planted towards her tummy. She was reminded all over again of the lives that they had created. One of her hands extended to his head where her fingers drove through his hair. The other hand cradled his cheek. "I love you so much." Zara sniffled. "It's amazing... I can really feel them." She wondered if the twins sensed their father's closeness. They were being active in reaction to his touch. "I'm so happy that we get to give them the life we wanted to."

What happened between Marcus and Zara had left the young woman exhausted...and happy. Things had progressed to the bedroom eventually, where she now laid beneath a bundle of warm blankets. She lay on her side, the new most comfortable position thanks to her growing tummy, with her body pressed against his. Her fingers brushed through his hair slowly. "I love you.." She sighed, still coming down from orgasmic bliss that had rocked her body. Now that she'd gotten that out of her system, her mind felt focused again. "I really meant what I said. We should go interrogate the assassin. I think we'll be able to avoid a future attack if we can get the information we need out of the guy. It just seems stupid to try to kill your father right now. Too much effort for something that's inevitable. I smell ulterior motives cooking."

"I love you too, Zara," Marcus said, as he lay stretched out in their large bet, wrapped in a fur blanket to keep them warm in their arctic retreat. As he listened to her bring them back to reality with talk about the attempt on his father's life. "You're right. The Alderaan Guard ... what's left of it ... isn't equipped to conduct an investigation like this. I don't trust my cousin, Gaius, and you've met Kat well enough to know she isn't competent," he said, as he relaxed under her soothing touch. "I only hope Claudius doesn't overreact and involve the Empire. His Major Kiley is such a bore..." he complained, as he rolled over onto his side to face her. "We should take hold of this," he said, before leaning forward to place a kiss upon her lips. "Besides, it'll give the contractors a chance to repair the window without snickering at us," he explained, as he began to reluctantly pull himself from the bed to make preparations.

She watched him. "If the corruption is coming from the inside, the Alderaan Guards will be worthless. We can only trust ourselves, for now." As much as she didn't like Miss Frumpy Hat herself, this didn't seem like her cup of tea. If anything else, she seemed extremely devoted to the Duke. Talk of Claudius made Zara worry too. "Maybe we can keep this away from him then. That's the last thing we need." She shared a sweet, quick kiss with him before making her way towards the edge of the bed. I've been keeping tabs on the assassin. I know where he's being held." She announced, on her feet now. Her talents were still useful. She laughed hard at his comment. "We'll leave them to speculate what actually went down. I'm pretty sure that isn't the last time they'll replace windows in the chalet." The silver-haired woman didn't dress. Instead, she waited for him, then led the way downstairs to the equivalent of their bat cave. Messing around so close to home was dangerous, so she'd actually need to cover all of her body, including her face. She began dressing in one of her skin tight bodysuits. "We haven't done this in awhile." She commented with a smile. He was the best possible partner for her; in life and in crime.

"No. We haven't," Marcus said, as he began covering her scarred body with the pieces of dark armor that would hopefully shield him from adding to his collection of wounds. "To be honest ... I kind of miss it," he said, as he caught a glimpse of her body in her suit ... he noted that her baby bump was causing it to hug her curves all the more tightly and he felt himself becoming aroused. He shook his head as he tried to snap himself out of it, as investigating his father's assasination attempt *should* take precedence over another encounter with his alluring wife. His helmet was quick to go on his head, as he then moved towards his teenage bride. He spun her around, perhaps more roughly than he should have, pushing her against the table that contained most of their weapons and gear. "Here. Let me help," he said, from beneath his helmet, before reaching down to her butt and grabbed her zipper and sowly pulled it upwards to seal her in. He reached around, pressing his front against her back, and grabbed his rifle. "C'mon, let's go," he said, as a gloved hand teasingly slapped her on her right butt cheek, and he proceeded towards the stairs in desperate need of a cold shower.

"I miss it too," she admitted. She knew full well that they would never entirely abandon their secondary lives. Having a husband who was a bounty hunter was *inspiring*. What kind of damage could they cause together? Zara hadn't bothered to upgrade her outfit to work with her new body. It was tight, and just slightly uncomfortable over her bump. There was no way that she could get her suit zipped up herself. She appreciated the "help", especially when he forced her against the hard surface of the metal table. Zara had yet to put on her helmet. She whimpered and shivered. Wants tugged at the need to leave. As badly as she wanted him to take her, and potentially break some more portions of their home, she knew that it was important to reach the assassin before someone else got to him. Still ... "Mmmm... You're pulling the zipper the wrong way." Time was pressing, just like his front against her back. Zara couldn't get him out of her mind. With her butt cheek still aching, Zara darted after him. It was go time...

The Nerf Herder crashed into a green hill before skidding into a pasture full of nerfs. When the craft finally came to a halt they had skidded for several meters, but fortunately, he was able to pull up the ship at the last minute to avoid a potentially catastrophic crash. Instead of an expression or pain or concern at the crash, the damage to his ship, and potentially to himself, he instead had a delirious grin upon plastered upon his face. Slowly his head rolled down to look at Zara, who had positioned herself between his legs to *relax* him during their trip to Leiliani, but instead had caused him to lose control of the ship. "Are you all right?" he asked, wearily, as he moved his gloved hand to the corner of his lip to wipe away some of the drool. "You really have to warn me if you're going to do something like that," he said, as he reached next to her to begin checking the ship's systems to determine how bad the damage was. "We may have to proceed on foot..." he reported grimly, as it seemed they had suffered damage to the engines that would require an extensive repair. Lately their escapades had been destructive *and* costly.

The ride in the Nerf Herder was wild. Instead of dismissing her lust entirely, Zara decided to take it out on her husband by doing something she had never done before. Instead of occupying the seat next to his, she occupied the space between his legs. Her helmet sat on the seat. Her silver hair was frizzy, yet still pretty. She had no idea what was happening until it happened; the ship crashed. Her fingers gripped his hips for support. Her body was jerked left and right. She managed not to get hurt during the collision. In fact, Zara looked like she'd won the lottery. She used her glove to wipe off her mouth. "Awww. I thought you liked surprises." She teased. "I'm okay. Are you all right?" It wouldn't be the first time that their urges had cost them credits. She slowly crept out from in front of his seat. When she stood, she gazed over the damage. Shyly, the teenager grinned. "Sorry about that, honey." She really felt guilty! She took his hand, squeezing it. "I promise I'll make it up to you. Let's go." She turned away, picking up her helmet before she settled it over her own head. She pulled up a digital map through a watch-like device on her wrist. "It's not far." She informed him, heading towards the cargo bay of the ship. Poor Nerf Herder.

Marcus stumbled out of the wreckage of the Nerf Herder, still a bit dazed from the whole experience. "You most certainly will make it up to me," he said, as he leered at her from beneath her helmet. The release from the burden of becoming Duke had focused all of his attention and affection on his bride. He led her towards one of the large nerfs, and unceremoniously gave her a boost onto the back of the Nerf. "Ooof," he groaned beneath his helmet, noting the weight she had put on from carrying twins. He took the creature by the reigns and began leading her towards the city. The Nerf Herder had finally begun to live up to his nom de guerre.

Hours later Marcus and Zara arrived at the Alderaan Guard headquarters where the suspected assasin was being held. His seeker droids were moving around the facility giving them a view of the layout and where the prisoner was likely being held. As it was the middle of the night his cousin Gaius had long returned to the castle, and Kat had been reassigned to protect Mug and Iyah, leaving only a handful of guards present. "Remember, Zara, these are our people. We don't want to hurt anyone," he noted, as he held the display closer to her to see. "We need to get in and out without them realizing we were even here..." he explained, as he began to plot a mental course through the corridors towards the cell, but he did not move from the roof until she had her say.

It was like being thrust into a second honeymoon phase. The lack of stress was the most wonderful gift. Zara felt lighter, and she was certain that Marcus did too. She'd do the repairs on his ship once they had gotten it back to the chalet and assessed the damage. For now, she did what she could to help mount the nerf. It was almost like some strange rendition of the biblical story of Jesus' birth, only Zara was nothing like Mary and Marcus... Yeah, not Joseph. She appreciated him giving her the time off of her feet. Carrying twins wasn't easy business, though she wasn't much of a complainer. "And the husband of the year award goes to..." She looked down at the back of his helmet. Yup. Partners in life. Partners in crime.

In time, they reached their destination. Zara carefully came down from the nerf. The seeker droids went off this way and that. She nodded her head. "I understand." It was necessary that no one saw them. An armored man traveling around with a pregnant woman... Well, that might blow their identities. Zara wasn't aiming for that. She studied the display, just as he did. She committed it to her short term memory. Before responding, she used the limited buttons on her watch to perform some of the dirty work. First, she fed the cameras a fake stream of footage only hours old. Next, lines of access codes appeared on the small device. She could now open any locked door in their path. "Let's go." Between his display and her hacker skills, the couple penetrated the building. Patience rewarded them as they began to make their way through the corridors entirely unnoticed. Zara said nothing while she stood outside the holding cell, punching in an access code rapidly. She stepped inside. Guards watching their displays would find that the prisoner still looked as if he was alone.

Marcus followed Zara, who he acknowledged to be the better infiltrator of the two, doing his utmost not to foil her plans. He was as quiet as a rodus as he made his way through the corridors, until finally arriving at the holding cell. If she were not with him he likely would have blown the door, but fortunately for them, she was able to slice into the terminal and silently open the door. When he first lay eyes on the assassin, his instinct was to pummel him into submission for what he did to his father, but instead he simply moved towards the man in a threatening posture. He decided he would let Zara ask the questions, as she was less emotionally involved than her. *If* he spoke he likely would have given away his identity, and that would have caused problems for everyone.

The assassin was sleeping in his cell when the door suddenly and unexpectedly opened. He initially looked up, expecting it to be the useless Alderaan Guard again, but instead he saw too dark and mysterious individuals. "Who are you?" he asked, as he curled up into a corner of his cot, bringing his knees up in front of his chest. He had no idea what he was in store for and wondered if the individual that hired him had sent them to kill him for his failure in killing the Duke. "Are you here to kill me?" he asked, slightly shaking, with a tremble in his voice.

This was Zara's specialty. Her line of work was all about blending into the crowd, or not being noticed at all. The only time she ever slipped had resulted in her marriage. Interrogating the assassin was important to her. She wanted to get to the bottom of this before the next Duke was named...and potentially murdered. From beneath her helmet, she looked at the prisoner. He looked sleepy-eyed. It had been hours since anyone had entered the holding room. Zara, moving like a prowess, made her way towards the cell. She didn't think twice when she opened up its gate. The man didn't look familiar. He didn't seem as crazy as she suspected either, as he hadn't started crying the minute she showed up. The young woman stepped into the cell. Slowly, she lowered herself onto the opposite side of his cot. "*Maybe*." She said, her voice coated in a heavy, fake accent that made her impossible to recognize. There was a reason why she had never gotten herself in serious trouble. She knew how to work.

"Or maybe I'm here to release you. It depends on what you tell me." She sat back, reaching into a compartment on her belt. She pulled something out, though it was so tiny that it blended it with the material of her gloves. "Who sent you to kill Julius? The man is on his deathbed. Is your employer so impatient?" Zara was collected. There was no reason for her to be scared. The man was unarmed and her husband, the most dangerous of them all, was close.

The assassin looked to her and froze, remaining deathly silent as he gazed upon her concealed yet sensual form. He could tell he was dealing with a woman, but not much else. "Listen, honey," he began, as he began to loosen up, realizing that if they were sent by his employer he would already be dead. "In my line of work it's best not to ask questions, and clients rarely provide any extra info. Yanno?" he asked, as he moved towards the edge of the cut, coming to a calm resting position with his feet hanging down to the floor. "What's it to you, anyway?" he pressed back, wondering if this was just a new technique by the Alderaan Guard, or something *more*.

"Oh, c'mon. We both know there's some information provided. Maybe the way his voice sounded, or a word he used stood out to you." He had already confirmed one of her suspicions: this man was hired to do the job. She, too, relaxed. She sat sideways on the cot, extending her legs out far, so her booted feet were right by his face. One foot nudged the side of the other, causing a knife to slide out from the toe of her boot. It was still attached, only its fine point was very close to the man. "It doesn't mean much to me. The question is, how much does it mean to *you*? If you want a chance at ever leaving this cell, now's about the time you'll want to start talking." The threat to her family had awoken some sort of beast inside of her. Push her. See what happens.

Marcus watched silently as Zara *did her thing*, but he had a strong desire to surge forward, grab the man, and slam him into the wall. He took a step forward, doing his best to make the man feel cornered, in an effort to psychologically torment the man. He folded his arms in front of his chest and tilted his head, slowly lowering his head to glare down at the man through his helmet. He did not speak as he felt his voice could be easily identified. Unlike his wife, he did not do well at accents, and remained silently, strongly against his will.

The knife surprised the assassin, and he backed away slowly, until his body collided with the cell wall. "If I tell you the moment I walk out of here I'm dead ... dead," he explained to her, trying his best to get her to back off. "*If* I even get out of here," he stressed, before turning his head to look away. The man was scared of his client ... more scared than he was of the two individuals cornering him in the cell. He trembled, trying not to look at her knife, but instead found himself looking at the blade even more.

Her eyes flickered towards the infamous Nerf Herder. Between the two of them, this man wasn't going anywhere. Now she could feel his fear. She could smell it as it hung in the air between them. The man wasn't even a good assassin. He'd missed his target and now he was crumbling in his cell. Zara reached down the length of her body, plucking the knife from her boot. She then scooted close to the man with the knife's hilt between her fingers. There were no feelings of reluctance to kill him. It was the price he'd pay for attempting to kill the Duke anyway. She kept the blade close to the man, always close to him. "You're likely to die no matter what you do. The real question is if you want to bleed out silently in your cell, face execution, or attempt to get away. What do you think? You don't *really* need ten fingers to live, right? You can keep your mouth shut, but you'll pay in blood. Tell me about your employer."

The assassin looked towards her, taking in a deep breath, and then exhaling slowly ... he was about to gamble with his life. "My dear, it has been my opinion that the people who want someone killed are more dangerous than the people who want to know *why* someone was killed," he informed her, with logic that seemed sound to him. He simply did not believe she would go through with her threat ... he believed she was bluffing. There was still a chance this was all a psychological trick from the Alderaan Guard ... perhaps she was the Guardswoman he spoke with earlier. He closed his eyes, tensed up, and waited for her to do her worst, but he expected she would not.

Clearly this man did not have lady luck on his side. His response only made Zara sigh. "Hold him. The room is sound proof. No one will know what's about to happen." She was looking at the assassin, though clearly speaking to Marcus. When he had a hold of the man, Zara took his hand in her gloved, much smaller hand. She brought the tip of her knife over his pinky finger. "This little piggy went to the market..." And onto the next, "This little piggy stayed home." It lingered over his middle finger. "This little piggy had roast beef..." The blade grew closer to his skin, "And this one had none." Finally, the knife was positioned at the space between his thumb and index finger. "And this little piggy... Well, I think we both know." In a smooth motion, her game crossed torturous lines. The sharp blade of the knife penetrated through skin and bone, severing his thumb completely from his hand. No. Zara hadn't been bluffing. The *thud* of the detached thumb falling to the floor came with blood springing from his hand. "Tell me about your employer." Her voice was harder.

The assassin let out a scream of pain when she cut off his thumb, which reverberated throughout the entire holding cell. Blood started flowing from his wound, but he could do nothing about it with Marcus holding him in place. The scream alerted the guard who were on duty and before Marcus and Zara could react an alarm began to sound and red lights began to flash throughout the building. "You cut off my thumb. You bitch..." the assassin screamed, as his skin turned a volatile shade of crimson as he glared at the woman furiously.

With the alarm sounding, Marcus panicked, fearing they were running out of time to get the information they needed out of him. He released his grasp on the man, and instead grabbed him by his shirt and started shaking him. When the assassin made the mistake of calling his wife a 'bitch' he really lost his temper, and slammed the man hard against the wall, but unfortunately did so at an angle that broke his neck, and killed him instantly. "Talk, damn you. Talk!" he shouted at the dead body, unable to understand the man was dead because of how furious he had begun. He continued shaking and screaming at the corpse as the sound of bootsteps running through the corridor began to fill the air. Only his wife would be able to calm him down and get them out of there before they ended up locked up in the cell themselves.

The alarm brought Zara back to the planet's surface. Maybe she should have considered her options before driving into the assassin like a maniac. He wasn't talking. Bleeding and furious, the man just wouldn't break. She needed more time, but time was cut off by the screaming alarm and the fact that guards were coming. Marcus had taken action. She watched him grab the man, shake him, and eventually kill him for calling her a *bitch*. The man had gone limp in his hands, yet he continued to prod the man to talk. She understood his fury. She pulled a small explosive device from her little utility belt, throwing it towards the furthest wall of the cell. Her hands clamped down on her husband's, guiding them away from the dead man. "He's gone! He's dead! We need to go or we'll be of no use!" She was yelling over the sirens and screams. There was a little explosion, opening up the wall leading to the outside where Marcus' seeker droids awaited them. She did what she could to pry her husband from the man, directing him outside. "Move, move, move!!" Even she was moving quickly. Thanks to bundle of fresh, green grass, the Nerf had remained close by. She didn't think twice about having them *both* scurry on top of the beast. She prodded it with her boot. "Go!" One hand held the nerf's reigns, while the other was working at her belt. She threw a smoke bomb towards the new entrance into the cell. It was the only way for no one to see them. It was one hell of a close call.

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