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Tom Hutchens and Christopher Levy.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:3:30) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate).


Novall Rylous and Trassk.


Trassk, a Trandoshan thug in the employ of the Rodian crime lord Enkido, stood his post at the East entrance of the crime lord's palatial estate on the outskirts of Cormond, Brentaal's capital. He was expecting the arrival of a local gambler, who had attempted to increase his status in life by trying to move into the illegal arms business. He knew no deliver would be made tonight, but he had to keep up appearances. He snorted once as he looked up at Brentaal IV, the planet's largest moon. He was beginning to think the man did not have the courage to show up, and, quite frankly, he did not blame him.

Novall sighed as he stepped out of the taxi shuttle. He was in a rather slumped and dejected mood after the events that had unfolded earlier in the day. He made his way up what he felt was an eternity of stairs.

"I don't see any cargo, Human," Trassk snarled at Novall, noticing he was traveling quite light for a man who was supposed to be delivering a large shipment of weapons.

"I guess they weren't lying when they say Trandoshans are aware of their surroundings," smirked Novall as he shrugged at Trassk. Novall looked down at his hands. He noticed the white of his knuckles from where he had been clenching them all day. "I had a little problem...of sorts. I need to talk to your boss about it," said Novall.

"Well," Trassk began, moving menacingly closer towards Novall, "Where is the shipment?" Big for a Duck: Trassk raised his right hand above the smaller Human's head and snarled, "You will talk to me, Human. Where is the shipment?"

"That's a good question Trando," replied Novall. "The shipment was sent by Countess Talos, and I did check the logs at the starport and they had been checked in at bay 97," added the Human. "So ... I don't have it," Novall stated.

"What do you mean you don't have it," Trassk said, outraged. He moved himself closer towards Novall, now standing directly in front of him.

"I don't have it. It's been stolen and I have no clue who took it," replied Novall. He stepped back a little to put some distance between himself and Trassk. "I can't give you something I don't have," Novall stated. "Thats why I need to talk to Enkido. I need to iron this out," Novall said sternly.

"Enkido does not deal with failures," Trassk explained, "Now either find the shipment or bring us the thirteen thousand you owe us ... or else our next conversation will not be as pleasant."

"How am I supposed to find them!" Shouted Novall sarcastically.

"That is your problem, Human," Trassk growled, "Not mine. Now get on it."

Novall softly shook his head as he turned around to head out. The first thought on his mind is to talk to his supplier ... Countess Talos. Perhaps she could at least provide him the name of the pilot that brought the shipment in.

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