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Rachel King, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:19) in the Brentaal system: Warspite.
Kia Kaen, Major Kerrie Kiley, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, Doctor Pilaq Tohan, Flight Lieutenant Randi Trainor, and Major Arden Zevrin.

It had been a few hours since he had spoken with Commander Hood and Lieutenant Ames, and in that span of time, she had been interviewing dozens of petty officers attempting to locate Major Kiley. There was nothing in the data banks of her location, though she was confident Randi would not have left without her, and as far as the Inquisitor knew, Kerrie had been on Darkened Oblivion the entire time, not realizing she had secured a prisoner. Everyone she talked to was useless, though perhaps it could be attributed to their shear fear of being questioned by Inquisitor Thanor. Frustrated and running out of options, she continued to aimlessly wander the hall as if eventually someone would magically have some sense.

Lieutenant Randi Trainor was dressed in her badly wrinkled Imperial starfighter corps uniform, her rank insignia pinned haphazardly upside down. She had managed to find the Inquisitor and was eager to continue her discussion regarding the so-called stimulant crisis. "Serry!" she called out down the corridor as she pressed her way through the crowd of Imperial officers and Stormtroopers going about their duties. "Woah!" she said as she stumbled over a speeding mouse droid, landing face first on the durasteel floor in front of the Inquisitor. "I'm OK!" she announced as she quickly popped right up, dusting herself off. "Did you talk to Commander Hood?" she asked, folding her arms in front of her chest and giving her a questioning look.

Depending on her mood and the situation, Serine is either fortunate or unfortunate to run into Randi. She had been so preoccupied with Allegra's retrieval of Ty's lightsaber that she had left Randi on board without even speaking to her once Allegra made her own way to medical. The Inquisitor was obviously extremely agitated, but the other woman's ridiculousness was a welcomed distraction. Serine ignored the other's question and instead replied with her own statement, as the previous ordeal had not yet been fully concluded. "Randi, despite Lieutenant's true intentions, I can only imagine you were easily persuaded to allow her to steal my ship." It was a flat out statement, her tone annoyed and mildly irate. "In the future, if I find my ship missing again ..." She paused, normally the Inquisitor would continue with a rather perilous threat, but ... she was willing to let this one slip ... this time. "In the future ..." She began rephrasing, "... you only take off under my command, understand?" A short huff, though absentmindedly, she brushed a new weapon that hung on her belt next to her lightwhip with her right hand. "Yes, I talked to Commander Hood. I am debating my course of action. You however, will not be needing those. Your brain is jolted enough naturally."

Randi's arms opened wide and she wrapped her arms around the Inquisitor, squeezing her tightly in a warm embrace. "Thank you for talking to the Commander," she said happily, an intoxicating smile plastered on her face. "I'm sorry, Serry," she said, genuinely feeling upset that she had disobeyed her. "However, after Kerrie Berry took the prisoner to be questioned, Allegra said we needed to go back to Esseles to look for evidence," she explained, still excited that the woman had actually taken the time to talk about her issue.

Of course Allegra would know something! She should have just automatically assumed and ask the woman before she had left. That was a mistake, but no more. How curious that there was a prisoner captured. Surely it could not have been Ty, though ... it was not impossible with the aid of the Force. But she dismissed that idea as soon as it came, he was a pathetic old man with no real skills as completely apparent by their 'duel'. The Inquisitor fully doubted that the man would be capable of surviving that explosion, as it had nearly destroyed her. No, the prisoner must have been that girl, the one that cried out Ty's name, right before he detonated the concealed bomb. Serine was tired of wasting time with the rabble around here, she knew exactly what she needed. She had spent more time with Major Kiley than she was willing to admit, that woman's stench could almost be imagined to cover her armorweave, surely she could locate her with a little Force manipulation. If Kerrie took the prisoner to be questioned, they were likely in the detention sector. During this heavy contemplation of events, a few full minutes had passed with Randi standing there, the other would no doubt notice Serine look distant, her eyes glossing over just faintly before closing. They had arrived at least a day prior, it was a little hazy for the Inquisitor since she had been unconscious for a good portion of time, but if Kerrie and the prisoner had yet been heard of since then, foul play may be the cause. They could have a terrorist running free on board, though the thought of Kerrie blown up to pieces somewhere on the ship was a comforting idea. To her dissatisfaction, the Major was faintly located, she could sense the other woman's presence. A shame. Serine's eyes gleamed with purpose as they shot open, looked to Randi with a nod before turning abruptly and making her way towards the turbolift.

It had been two days since she had been incapacitated by the upstart Kia, and still Major Kiley lay unconscious on the floor of the interrogation room. There was dried, dark blood at the corner of her mouth, her appearance that of her natural Clawdite self. She was wearing the armor of the Storm Commandos, but it was now badly damaged from two violent confrontations with wielders of the Force. The back was badly dented, and indicated there was severe damage underneath. It would require an extended stay in a bacta tank for the young woman to be fully operational yet again.

Still suspended with her toes barely touching the floor, Kia had been in and out of consciousness after about the 5 hour mark of hanging there, she was sleepy, hungry and her arms were starting to hurt even more. The crazy lady had not woken up yet either though, that was checked every time she came around enough to remember it. This whole event seemed so out of place for the teenager. Eyes drifting closed again, Kia fought a shiver, a tank top and shorts were not nearly as warm as her jumpsuit had been.

The turbolift arrived on the detention floor, and as the doors slid open, Serine stepped into a completely vacant area. There was absolutely no one on this floor as she could see except, she assumed, Kerrie and her prisoner. Was it any wonder Serine had difficulty tracking them down via normal means. Individuals could die here and no one would know for weeks, perhaps that already happened in this case. It was a seriously breach of protocol to bring a captive down here for interrogations without informing a superior officer. The same could have been said for her own decision to leave for Esseles without informing the Admiral, but in her mind, the immediate resolution of the issue with Ty far superseded her needing to report her whereabouts. Locating the correct room in a sea of empty ones was not terribly difficult due to it containing the only living beings within a kilometer on this level. A simple keypad lock was overridden with her master key code before she jarred the doors open impatiently, anxious to see what awaited her in the room. What she saw was beyond comprehension, what kind of idiot ... is Kerrie truly. Obviously from the condition of the two in the room, they had been there for the full duration. Chairs and the table toppled over, the Major lay unconscious and pathetic on the floor and the captive, a mere child, was strewn up on the wall like butchered meat. Likely dehydrated, no doubt in need of medical assistance. She was so disgusted with Kerrie, she contemplated leaving the woman in there and locking the door, allowing her to perish without so much as a glass of water.

The sound of the door opening sliced through the hazy stupor Kia was in long enough for her eyes to rise to see what caused it, then slowly start to slide shut again, no recognition of the woman with the whip. Her breathing was in slow ragged fits at the moment, letting out a pained cry as the movement to try and get more air set off the cuffs again.

This was a pitiful sight, the Major once again displaying exactly why she was completely useless, as if Serine needed any further reason to believe the woman was a waste of resources, time and responsibility. Not even capable of babysitting for less than two days, rash and undisciplined, deserving of execution. The Admiral would no doubt miss his little pet, but he would not need to know the details. All Admiral Rodney would know would be that Kerrie locked herself in the room and decided to commit suicide. Perfectly acceptable reasoning, her life was disgraceful and worthless anyway, this would be merciful. The child was worth her attention though, most certainly, as the Inquisitor believed the young girl had been associated with the Jedi, useful to him and likely Force-sensitive. Gazing over the battered form of the Major, it had appeared she was thrown a distance, and it did not take much ingenuity to discern that perhaps Kerrie had been caught off guard by a telekinetic blast from the young captive. That would make the girl most useful ... More than likely impressionable, Serine would gladly use her for her own purposes. The stun cuffs were removed delicately from the captive's wrists before her dead weight was carefully caught and lifted gently. The girl was in critical condition, as was Kerrie, but the Inquisitor only felt one of the two was worth saving. She carried the prisoner from the room in her arms, cradling her quite possessively. As the door slid closed behind her, she turned around and glared at the keypad. It instantly burst into sparks, rendering it quite useless, as the remaining occupant inside.

Kia dimly registered that she was moving, off the wall certainly, now that pressure had been removed from the stressed joints in her arms the tingling needle like sensations of blood returning to limbs got a pained whimper, trying to curl in on herself and managing to twitch, she was breathing much easier now however.

"Interesting choice," the voice of Major Arden Zevrin said a loud to herself as she watched the events transpire in the interrogation room from a monitor in her office. She had been careful to completely rig the Warspite for surveillance when she came aboard, never knowing when she might have need to monitor a conversation or watch an interrogation. There was a time, many years ago, before they came to this sector when Major Kiley had been her pet ... but no longer. There was a moral choice to be made here. She could let the Clawdite assassin die ... or she could leverage her into another pawn in her game. Since the arrival of Colonel Verus Theus and his Tactical Unit she had felt left out of the game, but perhaps it was time for her to get back in the game. Once she was content that the Inquisitor had left the area she would send a lackey down to retrieve the hapless woman. The Inquisitor had badly injured her officer ... and ever since then she had been looking for a way to get the upper hand ... perhaps this was it.

Serine was pleased to see that the girl in her arms seemed to be somewhat stabilizing, as it appeared she was breathing more regularly. Doctor Tohan would perhaps be surprised to see his next patient, but she was confident that a physician of integrity would never turn down a patient in need. It took some time to carry the small girl through the hallways of the interrogation room, into the turbolift and through the passageways towards the medical bay. It was difficult at times to maneuver the body in her hands to pass through doors, having to carefully weave her cargo delicately. The passersby in the hallways looked to her in shock and confusion, no doubt wondering if the Inquisitor was murdering hapless children now and carrying them to feed her nexu. Though that could not be farther from the truth, she was not a hedonistic bastard like certain others. In her mind, there was no excuse for Kerrie's behavior towards the prisoner, it was unforgivable, and if all goes well, that woman will rot in that room alone and forgotten like it was meant to be. Serine arrived in the medical bay for yet another visit, though this time ... as an acting guardian. "Doctor Tohan, there is a patient here of utmost importance that needs your immediate medical attention."

Doctor Tohan was not expecting to see the Inquisitor back so quickly and therefore was quite alarmed when he saw her enter his medical bay. His orange eyes went wide as he looked at the woman, apparently carrying a child. As he was the personal physician of Lord Rodney he often had specialized in pediatric medicine and therefore was ideally suited to treat this child. "What has happened?" he asked as his large feet propelled him towards the duo. "Prepare a bed," he ordered to his support staff of droids and a bed quickly hovered to their location. "This child appears to be severely dehydrated!" he announced in a panic, wondering who could have done such a thing. He prepared a hypospray with a booster of fluids designed to reinvigorate her system. The medical scanners commenced a detailed pass over her system, noting bruising to her wrists from the stun cuffs and severe muscle strain to her upper arms and shoulders. A soothing patch was placed on each of her wrists where the cuffs had strained the most. A heated pad was quickly applied to both her upper arms and shoulders. "Who is this child?" he asked the Inquisitor, once the treatments had been applied.

The first thought to enter Kia's mind was she was somewhere warm and soft, slowly blue-green eyes opened to blink around at her surroundings, a medical bay of some sort, she did not feel like sitting up. Kia swallowed hard, almost coughing, "Where? Where am I?" Realizing she was still in her tank top and shorts got a slight flare of anger.

Serine was quite impressed with the speed and diligence the doctor displayed, acting quickly with a sense of urgency and concern. Her personal feeling towards the Ithorian was strengthened by his professionalism, as she believed he was one of the few saving graces upon this ship. The Inquisitor was confident that the child would be in good hands here. "The offender was dealt with, I assure you Doctor." Indeed she has, just shy of slaughtering the unconscious woman, instead going the indifference route. There was still a chance of the Major's survival, but that was up to fate to decide, was it not? For now, Serine was comfortable enough with the idea of Kerrie's demise in that room, not at all bothered by the chance of consequence. If she so chose, she could rip the other woman apart in front of the Admiral and he could do nothing to stop her, physically or otherwise. It would not be the first time she murdered an incompetent fool on the ship, and it probably will not be the last. Kerrie is just fortunate she still perhaps has a chance to live, as the Inquisitor does not personally enjoy killing unconscious foes, though leaving them to their own demise, that is something different. "Who she is doesn't matter, she will be my responsibility. You just see to it that she recovers quickly."

By now the fluids should have been well within Kia's system and the Ithorian doctor reached for her forehead and gently stroked at her hair with his elongated fingers. "There, there," he said in his distinct Ithorian voice as he practiced some bedside medicine. "It appears she was put through a great ordeal..."he theorized, his orange eyes blinking slowly. He suspected there was more to this than he was being told, but the Inquisitor did not strike him as someone particularly forthcoming with information. "I am confident in her recovery," the doctor said, blinking once again, before turning to check on the results of the medical scan.

Kia blinked again, looking up at the Ithorian, then over at Serine, recognition finally lighting in her wide eyes, "" She coughed, then tried to gather her thoughts again, "You're the one who fought Ty ... with the whip..." If moving did not hurt she would have tried scooting away, not really knowing if this person was as crazy as the other one, but she had gotten her out of there. "What happened?"

Serine became a little nervous when the girl awoke and began asking questions. It was far easier dealing with the child when she was just a mass to carry around. But now, where things stood were extremely debatable. Was this child a padawan in training? Would she hold allegiance to Ty? What was her personality and could Serine be capable of bending her to her will? It was rather complicated and not something the Inquisitor wanted to tackle right here and now with the doctor present and the girl in serious condition. "Doctor, she is obviously hallucinating, the strain on her system has been great, perhaps a mild sedative so she can rest."

Doctor Tohan was not one to go about sedating his patients without good reason, as he despised chemical treatments for such conditions. The medical dispensary produced a hypospray loaded with a mild sedative and he took it into his hand deliberately. He froze for a moment as he looked at the young girl, not wanting to do it. However, knowing the Inquisitor's reputation he realized she might be in danger if she were left awake. Reluctantly, he pressed the hyposrpay into her upper right arm and injected the sedative into her system. "As you wish, Inquisitor," he said, discarding the tip of the used hypospray into a nearby refuse.

Kia shook her head, a little dizzy but not hallucinating, at hearing 'sedative', "No. I'm not!" She tried fighting the medication, slipping back into a hopefully dreamless sleep.

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