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Christopher Levy and Kyle Sisk.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:14) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Derek Atio and General Akilist Volkov.

Deep within the heart of the Ringali Nebula, the Rebel Alliance's secret base lay safely hidden from the forces of the Galactic Empire. From this Ringali Station, a converted mining station that now bustled with military activity, the Alliance had struck at the six surrounding systems with dramatic success. Navigating through a series of encoded waypoints, Rebel starfighters safely operated while Imperial craft quickly became disoriented and unable to function. In this relative security in a heated warzone, the officers and men who comprised the Ringali Shell Sector Command went about the business of driving the Empire from the region. The old stationed creaked tiredly, as it was long past it's service life. The lighting would frequently flicker and many of the power systems had been jury-rigged. However, while the station was past her prime, the weapons and materials she stored were some of the best in the galaxy. The upstart Rebellion had began developing contacts who provided them with excellent equipment ... equipment which they had used to bloody the nose of the Empire.

It had been a long and tiresome day for Akilist as he propped backwards in his office chair with his hands nestled comfortably behind his head with his eyes closed. A stack of paperwork decorated his desk alongside several data-chips that were spread out casually along the influx of documents and presentations that had been accumulated throughout the evening. His rest was brought to an abrupt halt as the lights flickered from the aging power grid amongst the old station that now served as a detrimental insurgency in the bid to over-mind the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. His eyes flickered open momentarily after the flux of lighting in the room reestablished itself, leaving him propped upwards into his chair as if embarrassed to have fallen asleep on the job. "Damn lights," Volkov murmured to himself in a most disgruntled undertone. He allowed his hands to go to work amongst the control console in front of him in order to gather his mission assignment data that had been ungraciously flustered before him earlier in the day by a countless line of delegates, officers, bureaucrats, and ominous other recipients. After sorting through his materials he would rub his hands casually together and blow a current of warm air onto them to quietly celebrate his arduous task. Can I ever get any peace and quiet in this place? Volkov thought silently to himself upon hearing the shrilling noise of the blast doors proximity warning alerting him to the presence of a fellow comrade making their way towards his quarters. With a reluctant gesture of the right hand, he waved leisurely to his side which would automate the 'motion sensor' activation switch on the pressure-lock, releasing the twin durasteel doors open with a hissing of pressurized gas.

Commander Derek Atio, who once had the honor of commanding one of the proudest blockade runners in the Alliance Fleet, now found himself conducting milk runs between the space station and the Rebel cells on Brentaal IV. The middle-aged man was dressed in the uniform of the Alliance Starfleet, a light brown coat over a dark brown shirt, with matching trousers and black leather boots. His face was clean shaven and his dark hair was neatly kept. He was known to keep a smile on his face, but he was not happy with his assignment captaining a freighter. He missed his command and hated being attached to a sector force. "General," he spoke out loud as he reached the officer's dwelling, eager to deliver his report so he could get a much needed sonic shower. "I have the latest dispatches from Brentaal IV," he explained, as he stood before the man's desk in proper military fashion, waiting for an acknowledgment before going any further. This was a setback for the former engineer. For months he had traversed the Outer Rim Territories in command of a starship, and now he was left to deliver messages across enemy lines. As disappointed as he was, he would nevertheless perform his duty.

The general would slowly bring his gaze to meet that of Commander Atio before focusing his attention back down onto the paperwork after recognizing who it was intruding on his own private space. With a slight wave of the hand to his side, Volkov commented, "At ease Commander." Being so gracious in his mannerism, the general directed the young commander towards a relief chamber that was installed around the perimeter of his office. "Please, have a seat." Upon gesturing the man to lavish himself in the accommodations of the luxury suite, if you could call it that, Volkov leaned forwards with a rugged expression of concern taking form upon his face. Indeed the operations in the sector had been excelling and exceeded expectations even beyond the imagination of the general himself, but one was to never let their guard down in such a time of darkness. "Please, by all means, share with me Commander."

Derek pulled the chair out from in front of the desk, and an awful screech of durasteel on durasteel echoed through the room. "Sorry about that, sir," he said nervously, as he sat down in the chair. He slid the chair forward and again the awful metallic screeching noisily disturbed the silence of the room. "It's a mix of good news and bad news ... I'm afraid," he began, as he placed a datapad on the General's desk. "Since Captain Tong destroyed the Imperial base they've managed to deploy another one and it is now fully operational," he explained, going over the first part of the report. "The 39th Roving Line managed to force the Star Destroyer Warspite out of the system, however when I was just out there I saw that she has returned to active duty," he continued, going down each topic on his bullet point list. "There were several attacks lately that we were not associated with ... including one on an RSSF training facility that resulted in local security calling in greater support," he noted as he looked over the next items on the list. "There have been some attacks on Imperial forces in Esseles, but we do not believe that it is one of our cells doing the damage," he reported, not thinking much of that. "Lastly, Sergeant Cosgrove's Brentaal cell was compromised and most of that squad was either killed or captured," he grimly announced, shaking his head in disgust as he concluded his report.

Volkov shook his head despairingly upon hearing the news of the specialized task force that had been implemented into organized operations upon the surface of Brentaal in order to undermine Imperial security. ISB perhaps? He thought to himself upon hearing the dreadful news while allowing his elbow to prop his chin, harnessed in the palm of his hand. The general did everything he could to prevent the look of dread from flooding his expression upon hearing the news, but Cosgrove had been one of his most accoladed performers in the entire sector. "Compromised you say?" The question came with obvious reluctance at the mere notion of such a thing even taking place, much less receiving the report face-to-face with a leading officer. "And exactly how did this happen Commander. Please...I want to know everything."

Commander Atio sat upright in his chair as he reviewed the information he had been able to gather from his contacts on the surface. "It is difficult to say, General. Each cell operates independently from the others and they don't know what the others are doing so that if any one cell is breached they cannot collapse the others," he began, recounting Captain Tong's standing orders in the field. "What is known is that they were attempting to recover weapons that were being delivered to the Black Sun when they were intercepted by the Empire. It's all over Imperial Holovision..." he concluded, nodding his head firmly. He had never met Sergeant Cosgrove, or his squad, but they were some of the first troops the Alliance had deployed to Brentaal and their sudden, grizzly loss had really dampened morale amongst the soldiers in the region.

Volkov snapped his head upwards and pierced the gaze of the commander with a most hardened look before speaking solemnly in a modulated tone of voice, doing all he could to restrain his emotional connection with the pioneering Brentaal task force that had brought so much success to the sector. "Concluding the fact that our units operate independently in the field, being the superb agents that they are, we must make it a priority to reestablish contact with Cosgrove's squadron. If we cannot verify that Cosgrove's men are still alive, then I will see to it personally that we incorporate another unit to the area to continue operations as planned. We must continue to exert our will on the local populace to keep the locals opinions swayed against the Empire." Volkov shook his head and stressfully brought his hands to rest upon his forehead before continuing, "Send a detachment down to the surface to retrieve any possible information that may lead to the whereabouts of our missing officer. Keep this covert commander and see to it that it is done properly. That is all."

Commander Atio nodded to the General. "If any of Cosgrove's team survived then they've already followed standard procedure and gone to ground by now, General. It would be very difficult to establish contact, because they do not know the location of the other active cells. However, we will attempt to reach them via their last known whereabouts," he explained, sounding rather pessimistic about the outlook of any such operation. "I can bring a detachment down in 48 hours when I make my next run, General," he informed him, before rising from his chair at his dismissal. The Commander offered a final, courteous nod, before turning on his heels and beginning to walk out of the room. He needed to see about that sonic shower, and as he walked down the corridor he lifted his right arm and had a whiff of his armpit. He needed a new uniform as well, he thought to himself as he hurried back to the former gas miner's control room that had been converted into a makeshift officer's barracks.

This could npt be good news at all. Sector Command had not made any contact with the agents in record times. The squad itself was not to report back to command itself but instead to conduct their operations independently with dependable leadership amongst their squad commanders. Volkov did not know exactly what had gone wrong during the operation, but the news could prove to be a significant repercussion to the successes of the Rebellion taking place within the Brentaal sector. With proper execution and fundamentally sound orchestration of their plans, the generals forces could continue to be successful despite their losses but would indeed need a new strategy to reinforce intelligence in the area. With better information, the alliance cells could better organize their operations on the ground and reduce the amount of 'red tape' they'd have to go through in order to conduct their strategies. This plan, being put into action, will allow for agents in the field to be able to move or roam freely without the discretion of higher authority personnel whom have been in control thus far. From this point forwards, a change in policy was of most importance. Communication with his men were needed, but jeopardizing their positions was of even greater concern. In a bold move, General Akilist Volkov would begin appointing seers to each designated unit which would participate in missions on the ground during select missions specified via high command. These specialized personnel would report back to Volkov personally and update him with information that is only sensitive to mission critical objectives surrounding their unique squadron that they may become embedded in.

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