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Christopher Levy, Shawn Lovelett, and Michael Whittaker.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:9) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Sentica Avenue safe house) and Sonthi.
Sergeant Major Jonas Garrett, Major Kerrie Kiley, and Colonel Verus Theus.

The evening was loud with the sounds of the Cormond traffic, a constantly moving mass that surged about all hours of the night. Speeders passed in front of an inconspicuous house in a residential area. The home was two stories high and windows covered its front face. A number of men sat inside the building, and a glum mood hung over the interior. These were the Black Sun survivors of yesterday's raid on the police training center. The attack had gone well until the Imperial reinforcements arrived, when half of their number had been cut down. All had rifles in hand or nearby, with various grenades and rockets scattered in different rooms. They were paranoid of retribution, and they had good reason to be.

Jonas finished cleaning the last of the foul mess of the sewers from the armor, and sealed the helmet in place on the modified Krail 210 suit. He refused to let the Black Sun agents, to see his face, it would hold up with the fact that he was posing as a Bounty Hunter, he loaded the last capsule into the FWG-5 before securing it in place on his right hip holster. He also went about inventorying his gear, and laying a surprise or two about the grounds, he did not trust the Black Sun agents when it came to setting traps. Though he doubted that there would be any trouble, considering he had cut out most of the evidence. He opened the door into the main room where most of them had been left to chat among themselves.

Four blocks away in a high rise apartment Major Kerrie Kiley stood on a nondescript balcony, an Imperial issued infrared scanner in her hand. She pressed it firmly against the visor of her Storm Commando helmet as she scanned the building that Major Zevrin had identified as a Rebel safe house. It seemed too easy, something was clearly not right. However, she had her orders and she would not dare disobey them. She could make out the images of at least three heat signatures in the building, but she suspected there would be more. <Click>"There is your target. I want prisoners. Not corpses."<Click>, the diminutive Commando ordered through the intercom of her black helmet. She looked almost comical next to the tall, burly commandos that comprised the rest of the unit.

In unison eight Storm Commandos nodded to their Commander and proceeded down the turbolift of the building towards the street level. They would begin the slow march in the darkness, their black armor blending in perfectly with the night. After the first block they split into two groups, four veering off to the right, and four veering off to the left. They began taking parallel courses towards the safe house and were now two bocks away. Each man was heavily armed and boasted the powerful E-11 blaster rifle, and one man each section held an Oppressor flame thrower. An assortment of grenades ranging from fragmentation to cryoban were arrayed on their belt. This lethal unit was handpicked from the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps to fill this unit, and they were well trained for their first hunt against the Rebel scum.

Three of the men in the living room sat around a small table, silently playing cards. None seemed to particularly enjoy the game, as it was simply a distraction against thoughts of fear. The fourth man stood by the window, casually glancing about into the darkness. His eyes darted from streetlight to streetlight, though given the time of night, most everything else was obscured from view. The final Black Sun member was nowhere to be seen, perhaps wandering elsewhere within the house.

Jonas glanced at the men in the living room, as he made his way up the stairs, he did not even acknowledge their presence, as far as he was concerned, his portion of the original mission had been completed, the comm unit though had remained silent, it nagged him as he took each step up the second level.

Major Kiley moved into the apartment quickly, throwing a casual glance to the tied up Bothan in the corner. <Click>"You will have your apartment back in no time, citizen. I apologize for the inconvenience."<Click>, she muttered at the creature reading the correct political spiel. She opened up a weapons case and pulled out a rather large rifle known as an E-11s, a variant used as a sniper rifle. It was not her weapon of choice, but she made her way back to the balcony and quickly dropped down onto her left knee. She gripped the rifle firmly with both hands, leaning her elbow against her knee to create the ideal firing perch as she looked through the scope. She could make out the individual standing in the window, but not clearly, so her left hand adjusted the scope to magnification ten. A perverse smile came upon her lips and her tongue slithered from her mouth to lick her lips. A split second later her gloved finger pulled back on the trigger and unleashed a crimson bolt of death soaring through the night sky at the man's torso. She was aiming for his guts, as she wanted him alive.

Commando Team One made their way to the building, but were still more than a block away. They saw the kill bolt soar overhead and realized their time to attack was now. The second Commando produced his Prax Arms Model AXM-50 "Blast and Smash" and loaded a stun grenade into the launcher. <Click>"Round out!"<Click> he warned his comrades as he pulled back a trigger and sent a stun grenade heading towards the window closest to where the three Black Sun members were playing their card game.

The blaster bolt smashed through the window, striking the mercenary in the chest. With a loud yell he fell backwards, his own blaster pistol clattering to the ground. The men playing cards looked up immediately and one among them immediately darted from his seat, running towards the adjacent kitchen. The other two grabbed their DH-17 carbines and turned towards their fallen comrade when the stun grenade exploded. Both staggered backwards, falling over the various items of furniture that dotted the living room.

Jonas heard the blaster bolt, and then heard even more glass shattering through the amplified speakers, from the helmet. A frown crossed over his face, as he brought up a screen within the helmet, showing him various positions within the house. He took some solace in the fact that the sensors had not triggered yet so that meant they were incoming. The Black Sun
Agents, were now expendable he thought, as he pulled off two grenades from his belt, he punched a small hole into the wall, and ran a razor thin wire out to the staircase, as he finished it up, he pulled the pin on the smoke grenade, and idly tossed it down, creating a billowing smoke that would travel down through the building. It would hamper anyone not wearing enclosed armor. He kept moving, avoiding the windows by ducking, and made it into a room.

Commando Team Two consisting of four commandos had made their way to the rear of the building and took up firing positions on all of the windows. They were to be held in reserve as Commando Team One proceeded for the classic frontal assault. The fourth commando reached down his belt and pulled a fragmentation grenade out. Setting it for the maximum effect, he rolled it forward towards the door and then ran to take cover. The four commandos would crouch and turn their backs to the door as they awaited the grenade's impending detonation.

The sensors went off, a team was at the back door, Jonas braced himself against the wall as he waited for the impending explosion.

The front door was neatly blasted off its hinges and sent sailing back through the main hallway, landing with a rattling crash. No immediate response was heard from within the front of the house aside from mild grunts and groans. The three men within the living room rolled about slightly, with one instinctively clutching his blaster wound, though none would offer any further resistance to the invading attackers.

The four Commandos were splattered with debris, which bounced harmlessly off their armor as they turned around and surged forward into the smoldering doorway. Once inside they began quickly scanning the interior for the remaining Rebel insurgents. The lead Commando adjusted the volume of his comlink and barked a commanding order. <Click>"You are under arrest in the name of the Galactic Empire. Throw down your weapons and give yourself up!"<Click>, he ordered as the fourth commando trained his E-11 blaster rifle towards the kitchen doorway. The second and third Commando quickly made their way to the nearby living room where they found the three fallen Rebels and immediately moved to move their weapons to one side of the room and then dropped next to them begin placing stun cuffs on them.

Jonas started to count down, as he unhooked a glop grenade from his belt, and waited for the speakers to register the incoming explosion of the first planted glop grenade, by this time the smoke grenade would have covered the entire staircase with smoke.

Two loud pops were heard from the kitchen doorway, and a pair of cylinders sailed into the living room. The bottom of both cylinders ignited and propelled the objects upwards, quickly hitting the ceiling. They were hoverflares, designed for illumination on the battlefield, not firing within buildings. Their incendiary charges fired and set the ceiling ablaze, and the
flames quickly began spreading to the walls as well. Between the growing smoke and emerging fire, the bottom floor of the house was becoming a rather unpleasant environment.

The lead commando of team one groaned angrily as he watched the fire begin to spread around them. <Click>"Clear the prisoners!"<Click>,he ordered to the other commandos as his attention turned to the kitchen. His hand went down to his utility belt and he grabbed hold of another stun grenade. He set the timer to explode on contact and he quickly threw it into the kitchen in hopes of getting lucky. Commandos two and three began dragging the three stunned Rebels from the living room out onto the street, struggling against the oncoming flames. Once they were clear one Commando stood over them with his E-11, while the other moved inside to join the two moving on the kitchen.

The stun grenade exploded within the kitchen, though the room had already been vacated. The Black Sun mercenary held a wet towel to his face, squinting his eyes as he dashed through the first floor of the house. He skidded into the first floor bathroom and slammed the door behind him, searching the cabinets for the pre stored weaponry. From a darkened upperfloor window, a sudden burst of blaster fire streaked from the house towards the commandos and prisoners in the street. The fifth Black Sun gunmen held the trigger of a T-21 light repeating blaster for several moments, discharging its lethal fury before ducking back into the black recesses of the upper floor.

Major Kiley had been in her crouched position, watching each of the windows with her E-11s. She relished the opportunity to get in the game and when the man with the T-21 presented himself as a target she quickly zeroed in on the unsuspecting prey. They had their prisoners, and now she wanted blood. She had been relegated to the task of a bodyguard too long and it was against her natural instincts of years of service as an assassin. Without even breathing she depressed the trigger of the sniper rifle and a red bolt of energy left the barrel, making its way directly for the gunman's left eye socket. She did not look away, her eyes fixated through the scope as she wanted to savor the moment.

On the street, the Storm Commando took a hit to his left shoulder from the T-21 and dropped roughly to the ground, cursing under his helmet and the material melted to his flesh. On the bottom level of the house the fire had become too consuming and the three Commandos gave up on their attempt to go deeper into the house and withdrew to the street where the prisoners were being kept. The lead commando pressed a button on his comlink and the message was sent to a nearby starfighter.

A TIE/gt starfighter configured for atmospheric duty roared to life as it soared through the Cormond sky. The pilot activated his proton torpedo launcher as he prepared to unleash his payload on the pre-designated target. It would take another few moments for the craft to get in range.

Jonas pulled the pin on the glop grenade, and cooked it before casually tossing it out the second story window, where it would fall to the ground within a meter from the back door. He had caught the sight of movement, from one of the monitors.

The glop grenade exploded near Commando Team Two that had been waiting at the back door. They were caught unprepared and two of them were immediately ensnared in the restrictive substance. Unable to move they began firing wildly at each window of the building with their E-11 blaster rifles as they lay down suppressing fire. The commando who was equipped with the Oppressor flamethrower pulled down on the trigger, clenching firmly, as a wide swath of flame was expelled from the nozzle and sent straight towards the back door of the safe house.

The top story gunman had already been pulling back from the window when the blaster bolt hit. It would save him from death, but not harm, as the energy bolt struck and seared his left ear. He fell to the ground with a muffled swear, clumsily grasping around for the remainder of his weaponry. His hand felt the round shape of fragmentation grenade; he armed the weapon and tossed it out of the window, out of sight from the street below. On the bottom floor, the bathroom mercenary glanced anxiously between the door and window, debating his options. Electing to escape, he propped opened the bathroom window and hoisted himself out, falling onto the garden bed below.

Jonas struck the sheer-silence bubble generator on his belt, as he removed a smoke grenade form his belt, and pulled the pin, letting it go freely, and start billowing smoke out, as he jumped out the window, sending out shards of glass everywhere, he activated the repulsor jet pack, which allowed him to soar past the squad below.

The fragmentation grenade exploded near the Commandos in front of the house, who immediately were torn into by the shrapnel from the explosion. They wondered where the TIE/gt was as they struggled to move their battered prisoners further away from the house. Suddenly the sound of the twin ion engine roared over head and two proton torpedoes were launched directly at the rooftop of the decidedly unsafe safe house.

When the explosion hit the roof, and collapsed the room he was hiding in, Jonas was already out of the building, and in the air. He did not travel that high up, he used it as a skip, and a jump into another yard. He made sure to keep the building between him, and whatever was facing the opposite end. He touched down onto the ground, and shut down the jet pack.

The upstairs mercenary heard the familiar scream of the incoming TIE, though there was nothing he could do to avoid its wrath. The proton torpedoes struck the rooftop of the house, smashing through the interior before striking a ferrocrete wall and detonating. The explosion ripped through the house, as well as the houses adjacent to and behind the target. Flames extended outwards in all directions, windows were shattered across the block. The bathroom mercenary, now running in the street, was picked up and slammed into a nearby wall by the concussive force of the blast. Nothing was left of the safe house, and its neighbors were in rather poor shape.

The MFTAS would highlight any targets within the surrounding area. Jonas closed down the program in the lower right hand corner. He would not need the cameras anymore since there was no longer a house. He started to move through the yard into the next one, making sure to keep cover via the nearest thing from TIE, which filled his helmet with noise.

The two Commandos who had been trapped in the glop were obliterated by the force of the explosion as the house collapsed around them. It was an unfortunate loss for the Empire, but their mission had been accomplished and the causalities were within acceptable means. The Lambda-class shuttle Sonthi slowly approached and touched down in a courtyard two blocks away. By now the two commando groups had joined together and the three that were still standing upright began assisting their wounded companions and the three prisoners towards the shuttle.

Major Kiley did a sarcastic wave to the bound Bothan as she exited the apartment without untying the poor creature, and quickly made her way down the turbolift towards the street level. "It is done," she transmitted over the comlink to the command ship as she hurried down the street towards the shuttle. When she arrived she shook her head in disgust as she took a head count, noting that she had lost two men. It was never an easy thing for a commander to lose troops on a mission, but she had three suspected Rebels prisoner. She assisted in getting the last man aboard as the shuttle Sonthi began its pre-flight procedures. In a moment it would blast off from the surface and return to the fleet victorious.

Jonas shook his head in disgust, there had been no forewarning of the raid, which meant Jonas was now either considered expendable, and that he was to be terminated, or there had been a lack of communication between the offices. This did not sit well with him, he chewed at his lower lip, as he used the sensors within the helmet to avoid detection on the ground, and would eventually go back out using the sewer system for a second time to make his escape.

A moderate crowd was now gathering in the street in front of the house, though certainly far enough away from the Imperial Commandos and the Lambda shuttle to avoid notice. Concerned whispers and frightened murmurs were heard among the group, pointing to this and that, shaking their heads and squinting their eyes. Colonel Verus Theus stood among the crowd, clad in an unassuming black long coat fitting for the weather this time of year. Limit collateral damage, the Admiral had told him. This strike was on the Commandos, not the 317th, his forces had shown discretion. The publicity victory would ideally overshadow any civilian loss of life, as the Empire had finally made progress against the 'Rebel' cell that had attacked the Imperial Garrison and RSSF training facility. It was a start, he reflected as he gazed upon the burning block, though they certainly had a long way to go.

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