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Nigel Casantini, Brandon Derive, Christopher Levy, and John Liczbinski.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:3:12) in the Brentaal system: Theta 4.


Flight Lieutenant Jaden Leora, Flight Lieutenant Bival Rhett, Flight Officer Zan Shelby, and Ensign Ulmgo.


Tendrils of gas sprayed outward from the nebula, wreathing the T-65B X-wing fighter in shimmering reds and blues of an embryonic star as the pilot of Corsair Seven kept an eye out for TIE fighters while his yellow astromech droid, Ziggy, kept him updated on the technical details while the gases slowly drifted away from his ship. On his scanners, and set against the pinpricked blackness of interstellar space, sat the signature of his mission target.

Zan's repaired X-wing seemed to be handling itself quite well after being basically owned in the battle it had been in a couple days earlier. His personal droid which he named Zef, seemed positive as usual. Zan himself was more cautious then before. Rushing into battle is pointless if you get yourself killed.

Lieutenant Jaden Leora's T-65B X-wing came out of the brilliance that was the nebula directly behind the X-wings of his squadron mates Bival and Zan. As he came in closer to them his R2 unit Slag started his shrill beeping. On the head-up display he saw their target. Opening the comlink he started to give the orders to form up, "Seven, Two form up on me we will go in together. Lock s-foils into attack position."

The Assault Shuttle Theta 4 moved forward towards Brentaal IV, the largest and most populated of the moons in the sector. The Empire had begun quietly constructing a garrison base on the moon, and this transport was one in a series that had been running between the Imperial Star Destroyer Warspite and the moon all day. The pilot, Ensign Ulmgo, was a pilot of limited experience who had washed out starfighter training while still at the Academy. Still, he was confident, and proud to be serving aboard an Admiral's taskforce in any capacity. His attention was barely being paid to his duty, as he had performed this same milk run several times already this day.

As Jaden took his X-wing in closer to the target his scanners started to show exactly what it was they were gunning for. Switching his comlink over to the Corsair frequency he gave more orders, "Seven, Two, Leader here you are clear for attack give them hell."

"Alright, I'm going in. Cover me. I'm not going to have another rerun of last week's mission," Bival barked over the squadron's communications channel. Even though he was subordinate to Leora, he was given clearance and had a clear shot, which allowed him to call the shots for the moment. His craft strained to reach out toward the Assault Shuttle, taking painfully long to reach firing range after he emerged from the nebula at full throttle to take every advantage of surprise they were afforded by the cover it provided. He locked his S-foils in attack position and a whirr sounded through the hull while two green lights lit up on the console to let him know that his craft was ready for combat. Locking his lasers into the default dual firing configuration, he guided his green targeting reticule over the Assault Shuttle, and then allowing it to drift ever so slightly to lead the lasers ever so slightly. As his reticule turned red, he squeezed the trigger calmly, unleashing two dual pairs of crimson light.

Ensign Ulmgo grabbed the controls as his head-up display alerted him that there were incoming craft in the region. Unfortunately, it was too late and the first X-wing managed to strike a direct blow before he could take evasive action. The viewport flashed vividly as the laser cannons impacted the shuttle. "Blast," he shouted as he looked at his HUD once again, noting his shields were now down below fifty percent.

Zan Shelby sat back in his intercom T-65B X-wing which he throttled forward toward outward of the nebula. His read off his meters which provided the information toward his head-up display. Zan's X-wing thrust out of the nebula at 100% full throttle. He proceeded to lock onto the main target. "Target is locked on", he thought outward to himself. He second guessed himself and fired off a pair crimson colored cannon bolts from his attack foils, which by this time were in attack position.

"How many of these damn fighters are there?" Ensign Ulmgo asked his co-pilot as a series of laser blasts from the second X-wing impacted his shuttle. He noticed that his shuttle was nearly gone, but he managed to turn his craft in time to target the third X-wing in the formation, that had yet to attack. Ensign Ulmgo's co-pilot targeted the X-wing, and activated the controls that unleashed a series of blasts from the shuttle's turbolaser turret at the X-wing.

As the Assault Shuttle turned and fired Lieutenant Leora had little time to maneuver out of the way. Taking direct shots to his port shields and hull he saw the shields collapse right away. His hull was also hit by the attack slowing him considerably. "Seven, Two I am hit. Considerable damage but I can handle it. I am starting my attack run." Pushing his damaged fighter forward he made a run at the shuttle side slipping left and right. Snap rolling starboard he snapped off his shots.

"Shield's are nearly gone," Ensign Ulmgo shouted to his co-pilot as the third X-wing unleashed a volley of laser cannons that struck the Assault Shuttle.

Going under the shuttle after hitting it Lieutenant Leora pulled a tight loop around to come in for another attack run, "Seven, Two set up for your second runs. Lets see if we can kill this thing on the second pass." Tightened his loop until he was once again looking directly at the shuttle he locked on. Lasers in dual fire mode. Pulling the trigger he let off his second salvo of lasers.

Ensign Ulmgo was piloting for his very life now. He thrust down on his flight stick as the laser blasts once again slammed into the hull of his Assault Shuttle. However, even though the lasers impacted his craft, no damage occurred. "Phew," he sighed as he regained control of the shuttle.

Bival, drawing ever closer, and then passing and looping back around toward the Assault Shuttle while it had focused on his squadron leader. Now, he'd drawn a bead on the Assault Shuttle and calmly squeezed the trigger to fire his craft's laser cannons at the weakened shuttle.

"There go the shields," Ensign Ulmgo yelled as his viewscreen was illuminated once again. He shook his head as he accelerated his throttle to the craft's top speed, but he was halfway between the Star Destroyer and Brentaal IV, and there was no safehaven in sight.

Bival keyed his comlink as he passed the Assault Shuttle by, noting the impact on the hull, "Shields are down! Get it!"

Zan heard over the comlink that the shuttle's shields were down. This was his chance to destroy it, Zan checked his meters before he prepared to fire his his laser blasts. He turned under toward the underbelly less armored section of the shuttle. He locked onto his target which was displayed on his head-up display. Firing off a barrage of laser shots from his S-foils.

Explosions ripped through the cockpit of the Assault Shuttle, as most of the systems went offline, and the vessel came to a complete stop. "That's it," Ensign Ulmgo informed the crew, "Abandon ship." Ulmgo and the four other surviving crewmembers of the Assault Shuttle hurried into the the escape pod, cursing the bloody the rebels and their lack of proper escort. Ulmgo slammed down on the launch button on the side of the escape pod, and it shot from the shuttle into the darkness of space. This action activated the vessel's distress beacon, and notified all Imperial ships in the sector. The shuttle itself came to a complete stop, and now lay dead in space.

Bival swung around again for another run on the Assault Shuttle, now adrift in space and in flames, with its crew aboard an escape pod. He targeted the Assault Shuttle, their target, not the escape pod. "We're better than they are," he thought to himself, as he squeezed the trigger, firing his laser cannons at the Assault Shuttle.

The Assault Shuttle Theta 4 was rocked by a final, fatal series of laser blasts from the attacking X-wing. It shook violently before it erupted in a massive explosion, sending debris from both the ship's hull and cargo across the nearby area.

"Nice shot, Seven. Alright boys lets go home," looping his damaged X-Wing Jaden headed back for the nebula and home the mission a success with no friendlies lost. Entering the nebula he was on his way.

Bival rolled his X-wing away from the roiling debris of the Assault Shuttle, sparing half a glance over his shoulder. Ziggy chirped at him, reminding him to lock his S-foils into cruise position, which he mindfully did as he headed back into their recesses of the nebula, sparing one last quick glance at the stars of the infinite night.

Zan yelled over the comlink with an emotional burst of joy, "That was incredible, Seven." He followed Corsair Leader back toward the safe direction of the nebula, but he still felt empty even after the destruction of an Imperial shuttle. Zan looked back toward his personal droid Zef with a joyless smile which he had not done in a while, "Lets go home Zef."

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