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Christopher Levy and Shawn Lovelett.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:34) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Sergeant Major Jonas Garrett and Flight Captain Randi Trainor.

Jonas Garrett took a step to the side as the Merr-Sonn taser stave OR-322 swung at him hit where he was only seconds ago. He could feel his pulse racing as he did when he was in combat, he brought his own staff upwards towards her midsection, he anticipated her movements, and caught her off guard. The staff's electrofied tip struck her and she cried out in pain. He backed off there had been no need to see through with the attack since it was only a sparring match. He shut down the weapon, and stepped to the side where he picked up a bottle of water and downed some of it. At the corner of his eye he watched her rise to her feet and approach him, there was a look of anger, after all it had been his request to spar. "You're improving." He commented as he put down the bottle of water, he had to remind himself to compliment others since he was not formally her instructor, his voice remained cold so he was sure he did more damage than good, yet he did not care. "Return to barracks, I will contact you if there is a chance of a briefing for a mission." He said as he applied the towel to his head, and wiped away as much of his sweat as he could as he listened to the sound of footfalls away from him, and then door opened and then sealed with a hiss. He was alone now he returned the stave to the rack of others, and sat down folding one leg over the other, and started to practice his breathing exercises focusing on the rush, pushing it back attempting to push his senses to their limits, as the slightly brass nature of the workout towel settled around his neck. He had spent the past six hours reading reports, there had been no flaws in his first investigation, and in his second it only made it more perplexing as if he were missing something. He had needed a break and a chance to test his limits to get his mind off the coming interview process.

Jonas' eyes shot open at the sound of the comlink going off ten feet away, he rose from his spot and stepped to it at an even pace. He picked it up from where he had placed it before the start of the sparring match, and turned it on. "Sergeant Garrett here." He said into the unit. An officer responded a name he did not recognize someone beneath his ranking. "Acknowledged, Garrett out." He said, before shutting down the unit. He started to stretch out his muscles, before checking his chrono. The meditation had only lasted about ten minutes but he had found himself lost within the stillness, he showered at the refresher, and changed into a fresh uniform, and made his way out of the training room into the hallways of the Warspite, he glanced over other officers as he passed those cold blue eyes looking from beneath that solid black hat. His gloved hands straightened the cream colored tunic when he noticed in his haste to dress it wasn't perfectly aligned, he caught sight of a smirk from a low ranking officer and chose to ignore it. He reached the room first so it seemed as he opened the door, and saw that it was empty. He placed a hand down onto the comlink, "Have a pot of caf brought in." He said into the unit, and then he sat down into the right seat. Jonas adjusted the comlink's frequency, "Captain this is Sergeant Garrett, I'm currently interview room 11-38, I will beginning the interview process with Officer Trainor if you wish to be present." He said, before sending the message. Jonas then switched the communication link, and sent the order for the officer to arrive in ten minutes, it would give the Captain plenty of time to show. He then shut down the comlink, and slipped it down onto his belt, before folding his hands into his lap.

The mimicked sound of a large explosion escaped the young woman's lips as she sat on the mess deck, telling another fictional account of her exploits to the newly arrived pilots. "...and just like that I slammed two torpedoes into that corvette and *boom!* it was gone!" she explained, clapping her hands together in a way that caused a loud noise to echo through the air. She sunk into herself when she heard her comlink, and when realized it was the Imperial Security Bureau, her naturally cheerful demeanor faded away and a look of concern crept upon her face. "I'm needed elsewhere!" she told those she had been eating with, which hid her apprehension. Randi stood up from the table and headed to the nearest lift, her black Imperial uniform in desperate need of ironing, with a few traces of her dinner still lingering upon it. Her cap was off its axis, and tilted down slightly, which the best she could manage. When she arrived on the appointed deck, she spirited down the hallway and barged into the office. "Am I late? Did I make it?" she said loudly and nervously, without showing any sign of formality or discipline.

Jonas had the two seats placed facing the doorway, he raised a gloved hand, and pointed at the single seat across from him. "Sit, Captain." He said, the way he said it was more of a command then a request, then the door opened and a low grade ensign stepped in with a pot of warm Caf with three mugs on a tray, and placed it in the middle of the table. He slowly leaned back into his seat, and observed what she would do, he motioned lightly with his right hand signaling that would be all from the ensign.

Randi smiled pleasantly at the ISB Sergeant as she moved towards the chair as instructed. After she sat down, she crossed her right leg over her left, and folded her hands in her lap. "I don't think I've ever been on this deck before!" she said, covering her nervousness and apprehension, as her big blue eyes scanned the room. "Interview, huh? You mean like on Imperial Holovision?" she asked the Sergeant, completely oblivious to all that was transpiring around her. "So what's all this about?" she finally asked, more directly, having heard outrageous stories and gossip about the Imperial Security Bureau ... but had thus far had no major interaction with them.

Jonas was silent as his jaw remained straight, her voice was an octave too high, that alone wasn't annoying, it was the lack of addressing him by his rank. Jonas let his hands come to rest now on the table. "Captain Trainor I will be asking the questions you will be the one answering them. If I see any hesitation I will consider it insubordination do you understand?" He asked, and then nodded indicating that she could answer.

"Insa-borda-whatsa?" Randi asked, her blue eyes going wide as she recoiled in fear from the ISB Sergeant who was menacing her from across the desk. "I'll answer anything! I'll answer anything!" she repeated in a panicked frenzy, adjusting herself in the chair so that both of her boots were now touching the floor. Her lower lip began to twitch, as she realized she could be in a great deal of trouble. If only the Inquisitor were here to help her, she thought quietly to herself, as she readied herself for what might be to come.

Jonas found it quite hard to believe it was possible for someone such as this to exist within the ranks of the Empire, he would put a formal request to have her brought up to a review board. "How well did you know Ensign Beded?" He asked straight away not burying the lead.

"Ensign Beded? Who is Ensign Beded?" Randi asked, not immediately recognizing the name when she hear. The Sergeant may have observed the sound of gears turning as her face went blank for a long moment while she tried to place the name. "Oh!" she exclaimed, as she lit up with excitement once she had figured it out. "That's the guy that tried to blast Captain Anson, right?" she said, nodding her head so forcefully that her pigtails would bounce up and down. "I maybe saw him on the bridge once or twice, Sarge," she said honestly, having only limited contact with the operations staff of the ship.

Jonas knew this had been a dead end before the conversation had even started yet he had to pursue it. "Try to think back to any contact you may have had with the Ensign, any mention of relationships? family members, anything at all you can recall can be of great assistance." He said, as his voice remained leveled, the woman acted like a raw recruit instead of an officer.

"Hold on, Sarge. Lemme think... Lemme think..." Randi said, as she reached for her and removed her cap. Once done, she placed it in her lap before proceeding to scratch at her head. Finally, she frowned, and sunk dejectedly down into herself. "I'm sorry, Sarge. I ain't got nothing," she explained reluctantly, having done her best to recall anything of note. "You should talk to Ally!" she explained, referencing the Ensign's commanding officer. "I bet she knows what you want. Hey, you're not going to tell her I said that are you?" she asked, ursing her lips forward while scrunching her nose as she considered her predicament.

Jonas was silent for a few extra seconds as he listened to her he had confirmed that this had been a long waste of his time. "I would prefer you do not mention this conversation with anyone. If you do I will know, then you will find yourself assigned to a unarmed training class instructed by me. I'm a hands on trainer if you must know." He said, as he brought back his hands, and let then slowly cracked his knuckles slowly for emphasis, something he detested in doing but often it was better to play the role he represented.

Randi audibly whimpered when the ISB Sergeant cracked his knuckles, so successfully intimidating her that she began to shake. "You ain't gonna hurt me are you?" she asked, her lower lip so pathetically trembling that she was forced to bite it to cease movement. "Can't I just tell one or six people?" she asked, hating the idea that she had been put through such an experience, but would not be able to share it with anyone. She had come to the conclusion that the ISB was simply no fun at all.

Jonas eyes narrowed slightly as the tip of his hat lowered towards Randi's direction. "My classes start at 06:00 hours. Are you well versed in using a Merr Sonn taser staff?" He asked in response to her statement.

"N-n-no..." Randi managed to utter, stuttering helplessly as she considered what the Sergeant had said. "All right ... all right!" she said, with a dejected sigh, an unmistakable frown quickly rushing to her face. "I won't tell nobody nothing!" she reluctantly agreed to, as she began to rise from the chair with a bit of unease. "You know, you ain't so nice!" she said, as she tried to place her hat back on top of her head. "Hmph!" she muttered, as she turned on her heels, and proceeded to leave the office. But, as she reached the threshold, she turned to face the man and brought her right hand up to her mouth and proceeded to pull her fingers across her lips as if she were zipping them closed. With that, she turned her forward and scampered out into the corridor.

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