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Brandon Barnes, Alice Bee, Jaina Roberts, and Thomas Rogers.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:14) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Sergeant Major Rake Carson, Major Elayne Passik, General Bri Quabil, and Captain Dagon Tong.

Back in the Command Center. Not on the ground or in a safe house doing actual work, but back in the lair of politicians and officers who wanted to be updated on everything before, during, and after the fact. Dagon was waiting for the conference room to fill up with the personalities that had already been designated for this little sit down. He was still in civilian/mercenary attire, and had a cigarra lit to ease the irritation of the event.

Major Elayne Passik was feeling antsy. She had arrived inside of the conference room recently. It felt warm that she anxiously lifted the sleeves of her tunic and laid her colorful tattooed arms on the table before her. She was staring at a datapad. What was next for the Rebels? The Empire was such a massive, overwhelming enemy. Her eyes lifted from her own little world to recognize Dagon. She nodded her head slowly. Here we go!

General Bri Quabil moved quickly from the entrance of the conference room, green eyes scanning those who were already present and offering a slight nod to any who might have noticed her presence. The small woman took a seat at the far end of the table and instantly began tapping on her data pad. Information on both Alliance and Imperial movements scrolled on the screen.

Carson had been in the conference room for some time, having arrived shortly before his commanding officer, as any good SNCOIC should. He was sitting relatively relaxed, or at least outwardly so. Despite the fact that most believed the military loved briefings, it was universally known in the service that the surest contributor to the high suicide rate was the incessant time spent in briefing rooms, liberty briefs, or the dreaded safety brief. To combat this internal anxiety, Carson was doing his level best to drown it with caffeine and nicotine.

He gave a curt nod to those that he recognized, but didn't bother to introduce himself to those he didn't. He took a last drag off his cigarra, and then put it out in the disposable cup that he was using as an ashtray. "Let's get to it. First and only thing on the table is a retaliatory hit on the Empire, in this case the Inquisitor that killed some of you's favorite alcoholic. The plan, as it stands now, is to create enough bread crumbs to bring ISB and the Inquisitor to a point we designate, and then remove that point from existence with a combination of heavy weaponry and explosives. Rake is currently tasked with the on the ground work of dealing with HUMINT sources, while Athol is creating the digital trail for the Imperials to exploit via ELINT and SIGINT. Any questions as to the concept? There isn't much more for me to brief, because the plan, as it is, is still in the rough concept phase."

Her attention snapped back to Dagon as he began speaking. It was everyone's dream to end the Inquisitor. The question of how was where things got entirely too complicated. Taking her out would prove to be a huge advantage. The plan was still loosely constructed, but it seemed to be relatively good. It all made sense to her so she decided to remain silent and show her lack of questions with a shake of her head. Meetings were the worst part of the gig and she had never been much of a talker. She directed her attention down to her data pad, staring at its blank screen while considering what additions she could make to the plan.

She listened as Tong gave his brief report. Eyes continued to gaze at the data pad, index finger of left hand pushing the data across the screen until she found what she was looking for. "According to some of the debriefings we may be dealing with a being of great power that we cannot match. Do you have any plans outside of weaponry?" She was a skeptic of the Force, or at least those who claimed to be able to manipulate it but there were more and more stories of beings capable of such deeds.

Carson made a motion towards the General, then stood up to answer her question. He was aware that she had directed it to Tong, but he felt he was just as suited to field it. As he stood and moved towards the front of the table in the traditional briefing dance that people tended to play in these semi-formal torture sessions, he lit what was perhaps the 40th cigarra tonight. Using the freshly lit cherry to point at the various maps and paperwork scattered about the table, he took a drag and cleared his throat. "As you can see, ma'am, we've put some thought into this. Due to issues of both OPSEC and our own peace of mind, there are certain facts and background information that we intend to keep hidden. Those will of course be forwarded to your office through the most secure chains we can manage if and when the need arises, but this general question and answer session should be sufficient to ensure we're all on the same page and to convey a good enough idea of our intent." He tapped one of the numerous documents to emphasize his next point. "We have here a number of intelligence reports that indicate the general focus of our counterparts' efforts in the region. To date, these have been good to excellent, solid HUMINT backed with excellent work on the ELINT side to verify their credibility. Using that, we can figure out just exactly where to sprinkle enough bread crumbs to draw their attention, and combining that with direct and indirect combat operations, we can force the hand of their intelligence apparatus. If we can convince them that a threat warrants the use of the Inquisitor, or better yet, convince the Inquisitor herself to show up at a location believing she has the upper hand, then we'll be playing ball on our field" He paused, looking around the room to each of the assembled parties before continuing. "I trust, of course, that you don't doubt either Tong or myself in regards to the actual conduct of combat operations, and that you would believe us if we said we could kill her?"

She wondered what kind of techniques they had in mind for destroying the Force user. Placing her data pad back on the table, Elayne's hands moved into her pockets. The smell of nicotine hung in the air. She could no longer resist the urge to draw on her own cigarra. Once she had lit it, she began to speak. "Why not use something like ysalamir to negate the Inquisitor's force powers? We all know what happened to Derek Aito. This is a solid, very good plan. We have to do everything we can to make sure it is successful. It's looking like our best chance of actually killing her." She trusted both Dagon and Carson. They were experienced military men. She could use to learn a lot from them in commanding her own forces. She had no doubt that they'd be able to lure Serine out and give her the false sense of confidence. If they could actually make it happen ... now that was another question.

Bri nodded as Carson spoke. Though he said a lot, he was careful what he said and that impressed her. The general turned her attention to the major who seemed to know more about the myths and legends of Force users. She supposed they weren't all myths. "I have full confidence in all of you. As long was you realize that this power is something less tangible than we typically have to contend with, I am sure your plans will bring an end to the Inquisitor." A quick glance was made to each of those present before placing both hands on the edge of the table, indicating that should would stand. "Is there anything else?"

Carson ashed his cigarra in the cup that was placed at the head of the table for just that purpose. Looking up from his papers he took a quick stock of the questions they'd fielded. There was value, of course, in any exchange, but being on the pointy end of this spear it was difficult to put exactly what they wanted to do into words, and he'd expected questions he might have considered rhetorical. "In regards to the ysalamir, that's something we are looking at, but we can't guarantee that it will work for a variety of reasons. Most important to us is the fact that they may well give us away too early if she discovers any disturbance in the force. Second to that is the logistics of carrying the thing and getting it close enough to her to do the job. I won't go into any great detail about how we plan to pull the strike, but I will state that anything within a good distance of her is not going to be happy." He paused to take another drag of his smoke, then washed the resultant dry mouth out with coffee. "As to anything else, we have several things we need. Those will be forwarded through your office, and I ask that you rubber stamp them without any fuss. We can't have any people digging through our requisitions, and more importantly, if we have to, ah, acquire equipment through less conventional means, we don't want any investigations into it. So free reign of whatever supply system without it being known that we have it would be nice. We don't want people to even know an operation is happening for the most part. Certain acquisitions, however, we do want to advertise, and we'll let you know what those are." He made a move to sit down, but decided against it. "There is the matter of how we're going to actually conduct this operation. Both the Captain and myself have decided not to reveal very much in that regard, but I want it known that we both have a fair amount of experience dealing with Jedi when we were Imperials. Tong, of course, has a more in depth knowledge, but we definitely know how to execute this. Without giving away too much, I'll tell you that we're going to overwhelm her. Certain weapons systems are more conducive to that than others, and we intend to employ a significant amount of firepower to accomplish our goal. Most importantly, there will be a variety of ordnance used, which should help hinder her defense. She might be a Jedi, but she's still organic, and if it breathes we can kill it." He sat down after that, snuffing his cigarra out and lighting another as he waited for their response. "After this, by the way, I won't be divulging any specifics, so if you have any questions now is the time. Once we give this a green light, our team is not going to be giving any indication of our plans, not even to our own side. It's absolutely vital to operational security."

"We are all aware of how your unit operates. You will have our full cooperation. Thank you all." The general nodded and sighed before rising and moving toward the door. This operation was crucial but not her only concern.

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