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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:26) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Dillon Hobbes and Major Elayne Passik.

Commander Dillon Hobbes was waiting in the hangar bay on Ringali Station deep within the Ringali Nebula. His Blackguard Squadron of A-wings had not been called upon during the recent ground operation on Chandrila because their weapons were useless against Imperial armor. As the X-wings and Y-wings started to land, he began counting, anxiously looking for the identifying marks of Major Elayne Passik, the Wing Commander. He had developed a real soft spot for the woman, which was inevitably turning to true affection. He took a nervous swig of Corellian whiskey from his flask as he waited, slowly running out of X-wings to identify. It was only then at the end that he spotted the markings of Major Passik, which caused him to smile with relief that she had survived and joy that she had returned. Being this close to someone in a war was bound to make things difficult.

Major Passik had *no* time to relax over the last couple of operations. It was like she had taken off her jumpsuit in time to need to put it on again...which was annoying when her legs didn't work quite like anyone else's. To make matters worse, the A-wings were not selected for the most recent mission. She had to completely trust in the Knaves Squadron. She was glad to be returning to home, not so sweet, home. Her thoughts were on a certain individual. The Commander of the Blackguard Squadron was who she was coming home today. If the blue accents on her ship weren't enough to identify her among the other X-wings, Elayne briefly let herself do a loop the loop in the X-wing justttt to make sure he knew she was safe ... and to show off! Her ship soon came to settle in the hangar bay. The Major removed her helmet as she climbed out of the cockpit, leaving it behind. It took little effort to find Commander Dillon among the crowd that had gathered in the hangar bay. She made her way towards him with a smug grin on her face. "Commander," she said with a glimmer in her eye. "I see you're starting the party without me." She referred to the presence of his flask.

"Well if you hadn't shown off with that loop you might have been on time," Dillon fired back at her, as he intertwined his arm with hers and began leading her away from the commotion in the hangar. "Everything went well I assume?" he asked her, as the pilots from the mission seemed to be acting as if they had been victorious. As he led her through the dark, winding corridors of the converted gas mining station he passed by droids and personnel representing at least a dozen alien species. It was not long before they ended up at a ... supply closet. "Wait. This isn't right," he said, sounding quite embarrassed, before pulling out the map she had given him. "Hmm..." he said, as he began leading her back from whence they came. Before too long they arrived at the small bar that had been set up aboard the station, which was already filling up with personnel looking unwind after the battles. "That's better!" he said, before using his rank to arrange for a semi-private booth for two in the rear.

Elayne laughed. "Well, you can't blame me for trying to impress you." She was more than happy to be lead away. "Yes, thankfully. I was worried I'd have problems without your Squadron. We even got to take out an AT-AT!" She sounded excited about that. They always made the best kind of explosions. Elayne had absolutely no idea where they were going. It was to her amusement that they ended up at a supply closet. Oh, she couldn't let him live this down. "Apparently my maneuvers worked, but a supply closet? I expected better, Commander!" Elayne teased him. She was happy to see that he had kept her map, and that he was actually able to use it to locate the bar. He was a man after her own little ticker. She needed a drink and the chance to wind down. She slowly sat down at the booth made for two. "What were you up to while I was gone?" Her hand took his beneath the table. She was *relieved* that they had both survived their latest missions. She felt like he did; once you found something worth keeping, you typically lost it. As soon as a droid appeared to take their order, Elayne ordered some Corellian whiskey since it was her favorite. For once, she was pretty damn happy to be home.

"You've already impressed me," Dillon informed her, with a smirk, as he slid comfortably into the booth and motioned for the serving droid to come over. "Little exercise. Little rack time. Anything to pass the time while you were away," he told her, in-between placing orders with the droid. He, too, predictably ordered a Corellian whiskey. The droids got tem their drinks much quicker than a human server, and without the potential for error. "Scuttlebutt says we might be going out again soon," he said, as he looked down into his glass of whiskey. He watched the liquid in the glass swirl around a bit, while bringing both his hands around it to warm the liquid within. There did not seem to be much downtime in this sector, which had caught him slightly off guard. He brought the glass up quickly, taking a sip, before smiling across at her. "That was some battle yesterday," he said, as his mind drifted back to the cockpit and some of the close calls they had during the engagement.

Elayne wasn't on the battlefield, yet she was feeling the heat. She smiled shyly. The Major placed her drink in front of her when it arrived. Her eyes remained on Dillon, a little frown showing on her lips. "Really? *Again*? It's been rough for us lately, even by Rebel standards. "Looks like I'll be the one waiting for you on the hangar tomorrow. So, don't let me down." She warned seriously. Elayne didn't doubt that they'd spend tonight like they had been spending their evenings lately; cuddled up. It had been a difficult week. Not only was it physically demanding, but it grated on Elayne's mental health. If there was ever a time where she needed someone in her life, it was *now*. "Fuck, tell me about it." She picked up her drink and took a sip. "It was a wreck out there... And then there you, saving my ass. I never did get to thank you properly for that." Elayne certainly lived in the moment. She didn't think twice about leaning into him and kissing him softly.

"I'm sure with the amount of sorties you'll have plenty of opportunities to return the favor and save my ass," Dillon replied, smirking across the table at her. He never saw her cybernetic legs when he looked at her. They were never a distraction and never made him view her as less than. Therefore he did not even hesitate when he brought his foot across to her, under the table, as he played footsie with her. He felt a closeness to her he had not thought possible with the war raging around them. He never thought he would find time, nor someone that would survive long enough to have a real connection to someone ... yet here it was happening. He quickly raised the glass back to his mouth, taking another much needed drink of the Corellian whiskey to stiffen his resolve.

That warmness she had begun to feel spread throughout her body. Dillon surprised her. He didn't shy away from her limbs, or lack thereof. She couldn't explain to him the ongoing recovery process that was losing her limb. Elayne felt like less of a woman without them. Her days of wearing dresses and shining with body confidence had ended. Did she think she'd find anybody? Not at all. Her mind was so damaged that, at times, it was like a secondary war was going on inside her head. All of the noise had stopped temporarily just so she could entertain the idea of sharing her life, however much remained, with someone else. She made the effort to play with him. Her booted feet nuzzled against his and his ankles. She wasn't sure if she would ever be able to repay him. Fact of the matter was that Dillon had been saving her ass for several days. Elayne took a drink. "You're going to stay with me again tonight, right?" It was a question she posed to him every night. "We can stop by your bunk and get your stuff. If they call you out, I don't want you to be late because of me."

"Of course I'm staying with you," Dillon said to her, as he reached across the table to place his hand upon hers reassuringly. "If this keeps up we should inform personnel so they can free up my bunk for another pilot," he suggested, as his finger maneuvered across her hand like a starfighter performing an evasive action. "But perhaps I need to start wearing my helmet to bed. If I hit my head one more time..." he complained, before breaking into a pleasant laughter. Morale was high all through the space station after resounding victories in space and on the ground. "Are you hungry?" he asked her, as he summoned the droid back over to them. "I'm hungry!" he announced, before ordering some bantha ribs from the droid.

Her morale was certainly soaring. "I think you've just explained why you should keep staying with me. Think about it, Commander. *Your* nights won't be lonely, and some other poor bastard can deal with your crappy refresher. Besides. . . There are other perks to staying with me. The hot water actually works in my shower. Don't tell." She winked. She couldn't help laughing at the idea of him going to sleep with his helmet on. "Just make sure you turn the comm off!" She teased him. "Hell yeah, I'm hungry. Blowing up AT-ATs will do that to a girl!" She ordered herself her own bantha ribs. They were just the kind of victory meal she needed. She watched the droid roll off to fulfill their order. Her head tilted down to look at their hands. Her hand turned around, fingers intertwining with his. "If that droid doesn't hurry it up, I'm gonna eat it." Elayne grinned.

In short order the droid returned with two platters of bantha ribs that dominated the table and obstructed his view of her. "Look at the size of that thing!" he cried out, as he examined the massive rack of ribs. "I think we could have shared an order," he told her, before breaking off a rib and beginning to sloppily eat. "Your secret is safe with me, Major. I think we're going to both need a shower after this meal," he said, as he continued to gnaw at the bone. "You know, to ration hot water for the others we could take one together," he suggested, as he put down the first bone and went to work on the second. The more he ate the more he got to see of her across the table again.

"H-Holy shit." She gasped. The bantha ribs were bigger than the ribs on her body! "This seems like one of those meals you want a big ass baby bib for." Elayne commented, yanking a rib from the rack. She was starved. She had been eating rations on a normal basis for some time. "I think we're gonna need a doggy bag. . . or three." The Major started her feast. It was goooood! "You know. After being in the service, you know, for a century, I gotta say the thing I miss most is food. I've eaten more sickening ration packets that I want to admit!" She couldn't help but get BBQ sauce on her as she ate. Dillon's comment was met with a look...a look that said 'fuck yes' without saying it. The Commander was a good looking man. He'd proven to be more than a pretty face already. His heart was kind. *He* was kind. The redness of her face was clashing with her pretty blue hair. "*Together*? With *me*? You're *sure*?" She wanted clarification before she celebrated. The shower was so small. They'd be close.

"I'm sure," Dillon replied with a mouthful of food, before bringing his arm up to wipe away some of the sauce that accumulated on his mouth. He might have been a skilled pilot, but he sorely lacked table manners. "If we eat any more of these we won't fit in the cockpit," he joked, as he pushed the platter away from him. He took hold of a napkin and wiped his hands as best he could, before taking another sip of the whiskey. He leaned back in his seat feeling warm from the whiskey and full from the food. So far this transfer to the Ringali Shell had been wonderful. "I'm glad to be assigned to your command. Really," he said to her, as he leaned forward and smiled across at her through the remnant of the rib bones.

Well, there was something else for the Major to look forward to. Soon, she would share her bunk with Dillon, her shower, and more. The woman was only able to make it through one rib before she was completely filled. She laughed loudly at his joke. "You're not kidding! It'll be hard to find a jumpsuit that actually fits." She did her best to clean up with the napkins left for them but it simply wasn't enough. Elayne was beginning to look like she had been in a dogfight with a bottle of BBQ sauce instead of TIE-fighters. After she smeared sauce down her arm, she gave up trying to clean herself up until she was in the shower. "I'm glad you're here. You were exactly what I needed. I didn't even know it." Elayne had ribs to hide behind. Hopefully he wouldn't notice how flustered she'd become. "You wanna head out? I'll lead the way this time."

"Of course you didn't know it. How could you ever know someone as amazing as me existed?" Dillon replied, with a wink, before sliding out from behind the booth. As he stood he stretched out and gave out an awkward burp, uncertain as to whether or not it was from the whiskey or the ribs. "Lead on. After all, you outrank me," he said, before taking her by the arm again, and accidentally smearing more sauce on her. He allowed her to lead this time, back through the dark and dreary corridors of the space station to her cabin.

Elayne's small shoulders shrugged. "You got a point, Commander. Maybe I should review your files and see just how amazing you are..." She prodded him with her elbow. Slowly, she made her way out of the booth. When she stood, she felt roughly ten pounds heavier. She wondered if she'd need to unbutton the top button of her pants before attempting seduction. She giggled stupidly at his burp. She was buzzed and *happy*. Elayne didn't mind leading at all. Together, they made their way back through the insane, winding corridors. In no time at all, they were back in Elayne's pathetic little room. Now they both looked like they'd fought their dinner instead of ate. As the door closed behind them and the rest of the world was shut out, Elayne turned. She grinned mischievously. "I'm having a *very* good night." She admitted to him, wrapping her thin arms around his neck. She leaned onto the tippy toes of her boots and kissed him. Meeting him had awoke something inside of her; the will to live. She wanted to keep spending more time with him.

"Oh no. When I was eight years old my instructor told me my permanent record would one day be used against me. I guess my day has finally come," Dillon said, as he turned his attention to her. Suddenly he grew very quiet ... very serious. "I ... I may have cheated on a history test when I was seven," he told her, as he brought his hand up to wipe away fake tears. "Of course you're having a good night. You're with me," he said to her, as he rose his hands up in the air excitedly. "Not that I'm using you for your hot water, but ... where's your hot water?" he asked her, as he smirked while looking about her cramped bunk for any sign of a serviceable refresher. An elusive target in a hot warzone.

Elayne crossed her arms over her chest. "Tsk, tsk, tsk! You're such a bad boy." She laughed and laughed. She was going to have to pull his record just to see if there were notes on him cheating on his history test. Dillon was right. Her good night was based off of him being there, and continuing to be there. Elayne proceeded further into her room. She opened up a door that nearly blended in with the wall. She had a small bathroom with a stand up shower in it. There was enough room for two and that was it! She didn't enter the bathroom just yet. Instead, she sat on the bed and began removing her boots and socks. Admittedly, some parts of the dressing and undressing process had never gotten easy for her. As soon as that task was accomplished, the Major made her way into the refresher. Her heart was thudding. Dillon was soon to see her, *all* of her, both prosthetic and flesh alike. Elayne boldly removed her tank top. Her skin was marred with scars varying in how large they were. Her right arm was covered with colorful ink. Pictures depicting the sky, favored starships, and so on. Her bra would have followed had her shaking hands not stopped her from undoing it.

Dillon stripped out of his clothing to reveal a respectably toned physique from having to maintain peak performance in the cockpit. Sitting long hours in the cockpit had made him sweat profusely, inadvertently causing the pounds to fall right off him. Once he was naked he joined her in the refresher, standing across from her as the advertised hot water began to rain down upon them. He wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace that caused their two bodies intertwine and become one. He placed his lips upon hers, kissing her with a sense of passion he had never felt for a woman before. When the kiss broke, his mouth descended and he began to kiss down the side of her face and neck. Oh yes ... he was definitely going to enjoy it here.

Once she was in the shower, she took a moment to collect herself. She looked down at her prosthetics nervously. After this shower, she'd know if Dillon could handle what she didn't have. She expected her problem to put space between them right from the beginning, and she would continue to think that until Dillon got the truth through her thick skull. The Major turned as he entered the shower. A smile instantly appeared on her lips, for the A-wing command truly was a handsome man, both inside and out. She couldn't stop herself from feeling attracted to him in every way. She wanted this to work out. She wanted to know what it was like to truly be loved. Elayne didn't make the first move. Her legs seemed to have malfunctioned, though it was all in her head. It was he who depleted the distance between them until they were together. From there, everything came naturally. Their bodies entangled underneath the warm water. Their mouths fought together in a fit of passion. In that moment, things aligned in Elayne Passik's life...

"Fuck!" She gasped. The night had progressed from the shower, to the lone piece of furniture in her room, and at last, to her uncomfortable bunk. As the last of her energy escape her, Elayne settled into the bunk. The lengthy union with Dillon lifted her up higher than she ever thought she could go. She was so *happy*. She was giddy and laughed. "Mmm. Okay, you can stay with me forever." She decided for the both of them as she rolled onto her side and assume the little spoon position that she slept best in. Elayne's clouded eyes were seeing clearly. Dillon cared about her. He had given her no reason to believe that he didn't like *every* part of her.

"With how hot you are the water could be ice cold and I wouldn't even know it," Dillon told her, as they got messy, rather than clean, within the refresher. Before long they were destroying her entire apartment as they carried on like a couple of teenagers. When it was over he held her near in the bed and reflected on how quickly his life had changed since coming aboard the space station. "I'm going to need that order in writing, Major," he teased her, as he allowed his hand to get lost running through the blue locks of her still damp hair. But then the smile began to fade and he looked at her with a more serious expression, while continuing to hold her. "I ... I love you, Elayne," he told her, after a pause, just to make sure he really meant it. They were not words he wanted to throw around lightly, but when he finally said them he was sure.

She certainly was made to feel like she was hotter than her X-wing's engines that night. Elayne was basking in so many good emotions. It was hard to recall a time where she had ever been so happy. For her, her 'highs' simply weren't all that high. "Mmm... I'll do it in the morning." She promised with a complete lack of will to get out of bed. She reached down, pulling up the thin covers over them. She was in her new favorite spot when Dillon confessed to loving her. She had sworn her heart was full before, but now it was overflowing with a combination of love and happiness. She didn't want to lose him on the battlefield because she had instantly invested herself in him. Elayne's body nuzzled against his. "I... I love you, Dillon." She felt comfortable admitting it to him after they had been so intimate with each other. From here on out, they were together.

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