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Christopher Levy, Shawn Lovelett, Alexander Oliva, and Michael Whittaker.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:23) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Dagon Tong's safe house).
Trooper Zek Correson, Sergeant Leroy Goodwin, Trooper Trenton Iacon (death), and Sergeant Korr Machton.

The streets of Cormond were bustling with civilian activity as the restaurants began to let out and businesses had begun to close. At the corner of one particularly busy infrastructure a checkpoint featuring several Imperial Stormtroopers had gathered, who were slowly scanning each speeder that passed through the intersection. Tensions were growing high as tired Brentaalans were eager to get home, having become quite frustrated by the recent increase in Imperial security measures. The Stormtroopers were newly arrived to Brentaal, replacing the Battalion that had been previously slaughtered by Tong's Commandos and were not combat tested. Their scanners were old and in badly need of upgrade and as a series of speeders began blaring their horns they began letting the speeders move through with lackluster scans.

<Click>"You want to get something to eat when we go off duty?"<Click> Trooper Trenton Iacon said to the trooper standing next to him as he hurriedly waved a speeder along. <Click>"Move along, move along,"<Click> he repeated as tired eyes barely registered the scanner's readout. A model of Imperial efficiency he was not.

As the streets were beginning to get crowded, the Rebel, Zek Correson, was awaiting orders from his commander as he drove his speeder down through Cormond. Evidently, he had expected the newly stationed Stormtroppers whom he spotted a mile away. Heading down the streets, he came closer near the men, while glancing over to his partner. "We got a little trouble. Sure that thing will prevent us from hiding the weapons back there?" Nodding behind them.

Korr Machton was quite distracted. A catchy song from the earlier cantina visit refused to leave his ear, and the young man continually bobbed his head to its rhythm as the speeder drove along. It took several moments for Korr to register that his partner was speaking to him. Turning towards Zek, Korr shook his head slightly. "Oh, we'll probably be fine. Can't imagine they're all that perceptive, and isn't it right about time for their shift change?" Korr glanced at the chronometer on his wrist, noting the hour before resuming his rhythmic nodding to the unheard musical beat.

Sergeant Goodwin readjusted the pauldron as it dug into the neck seal of the helmet, the MFTAS scanned the populace as he started his approach on the two Troopers, an E-11 with it' stock extended hung in his grip, as it shifted with every step. The sun reflected against the plastoid armor that encased his body, he came to a stop of the two troopers, his helmet's speaker gives off a short squelch as he started, and then ended t talk, <Click>"I just received a communication, the next few trucks are to be hand searched, and scanned."<Click>

<Click>"But Sergeant ... that will take forever,"<Click> the inexperienced Trooper Iacon complained as he looked over the seemingly endless row of speeders moving through the intersection. Sighing beneath his helmet he cursed in a way that could not be heard through the helmet as he proceeded to search the first speeder. He found nothing, but truthfully he was not performing the most effective of searches. The Trooper on his right side held his T-21 repeating blaster, standing in reserve should he be needed.

Glancing at Korr, Zek was a little nervous about the troopers finding the illegal firearms they possessed. Not to mention their allegiance with the Rebel Alliance. Heading down along the line, he glanced at one of the troopers. "Afternoon." He said calm and polite.

Korr had fought his way through several skirmishes in the past, though he was not particularly worried about a confrontation at the Imperial checkpoint. As their speeder pulled up Korr flashed a semi-sincere smile at one of the troopers. It was a preemptive apology, perhaps, in case the Rebel guerrilla ended up shooting the trooper later.

Goodwin shook his head disgustingly at the Trooper that asked that question. <Click>"Random inspections, and secondly I just gave an order. If you want to go back to your shifts aboard the Star Destroyer, guarding the Captain, instead of doing your duties. I can arrange that, Trooper."<Click> He said, as he pointed his left forefinger directly at him.

Trooper Iacon nodded to Zek, not suspecting anything out of the ordinary as it appeared to be just another speeder. He grumbled about his Sergeant beneath his helmet as he moved to the back of the speeder to begin his ordered manually inspection. He attempted to open the rear compartment of the speeder, but found that it was locked like many of the speeders he had inspected that evening. <Click>"Open the trunk, citizen,"<Click> he ordered as he slapped his armored covered hand on the back of the speeder once.

Looking back at the Trooper, Zek grew nervous and wondered how things were going to work out. Underneath the blazing sun, sweat ran down his face covering up his nervousness. Yet, the Rebel soldier remains cool and calm. "Sure." He said, then pulled the lever opening the trunk. Once popped open, inside the Trooper would see various pieces of broken parts from a freighter. Hopefully the parts covered up the A280 repeater blasters. He glanced back at Korr.

The young Rebel continued his rhythmic bobbing, casually glancing at the troopers around the vehicle. His right foot came to rest on the speeder's door release valve, and the Trooper began judging the distance between himself and the nearest Imperial. He expected the parts to conceal the blasters, which had been deactivated and separated from their power packs, but even the best laid plans were prone to going awry.

Goodwin, rolled his eyes behind the the polarized lenses, he stepped away from the Trooper with the T-21 rifle, he starts his approach to the driver's side of the speeder, and came to a stop three feet from the trooper, observing him.

Trooper Iacon grumbled at the Sergeant beneath his helmet and began carelessly shifting around what appeared to be broken speeder parts in the back of the speeder. Thinking there might be a second layer beneath the parts, he attempted to lift it up when suddenly he hard a *click*. A moment later an explosion of shrapnel erupted from the trunk of the speeder obliterating the Trooper before the hapless Trooper could realize what had happened. As a security procedure a triggered explosive had been rigged to keep their weapons from being discovered.

Goodwin was knocked backwards, the E-11's strap was the only thing that prevented from the weapon skittering across the ground. The helmet's speakers adjusted instantaneously preventing him from being completely disoriented, he got to his feet, brandishing the E-11.

Peering back, Zek had studied the Trooper whom checked the trunk temporarily until a sudden explosion kicked back the Trooper. In an instinctive motive, Zek punched the speeder and driven towards the Trooper carrying a T-21.

Korr's rhythmic nodding was violently interrupted by the explosion of the trunk. His head slammed forward into the dashboard before Korr reeled back in his seat. "Go, go!" The guerrilla shouted as his right food pressed the speeder's door latch. The vehicle door swung open as the speeder accelerated, creating a wider profile that would ideally impact the T-21-carrying Imperial.

As the smoldering remains of Trooper Iacon lay behind the speeder, the remaining Trooper with the T-21 began firignly wildly at he oncoming seeder. However, the speeder made short of him, throwing him back helplessly against the duracrete before the speeder crushed him beneath its considering weight.

Goodwin's MFTAS highlighted numerous points on the speeder as it crushed, the trooper that was there only seconds ago. He took aim with the E-11 rifle, and fired off two shots at the respulsors of the transport, he was in shock everything had happened so fast. Yet the training had kicked in, and he was on his feet. <Click>"Stop, freeze!"<Click> He yelled as the speaker amplified his voice.

As the speeder's front end struck the Imperial soldier, Zek had thrusts the repulsor engines and sped quick as possible. Meanwhile, he listened to the other Stormtrooper try stopping them, only as Correson's speeder would be hit by one of the two shots of the Troopers shots. Zek almost lost control but shortly recovered as he retrieved a C-22 grenade and tossed it to Korr. "Give'em hell!" He shouted, while he continued racing through the streets of Cormond.

Korr felt the speeder shake slightly as it was impacted by the blaster bolt ... the Rebel hoped it would hold together, as he was not quite in the mood for a foot race against the Empire. The guerrilla caught the grenade and activated it, sitting upright in his seat and twisting as he tossed the explosive behind them. He had been briefed to avoid collateral damage when he first arrived in Cormond, but given the example his fellow freedom fighters had already set regarding discretion, he was not too concerned about being reprimanded for destruction.

Goodwin had just enough time to throw his entire body backwards, and as the grenade exploded, he had taken up enough cover, and the fact that his armor was still intact, he survived the blast, though this time he was disorient, and searched for the missing E-11, he scooped it up by the weapon strap. He called in the description of the speeder, requesting immediate assistance, and that two troopers were down.

The explosion would most likely buy some time for Zek and Korr to make their escape. Speeding down the streets of Cormond, he made sharp turns and twists through traffic, aiming to hideout somewhere within the vicinity of Cormond. Seeing various vehicles in sight, Zek made expertly maneuvers dodging any incoming traffic. Remembering about one of the Rebel hideouts, he headed towards a nearby destination. "Better hide this piece of a junk, otherwise they'll find us. There's a nearby Rebel hideout. Let's head there."

"Can't argue with that." Despite their speedy getaway, Korr felt vulnerable with their lack of firearms. He continued to glance about as the speeder twisted through the city streets, as the Imperial presence could certainly appear when they least expected it.

Checking his navigation system, he entered the coordinates while making his venture through Cormond. Keeping track of his destination, he noticed the lack of reinforcements or back-up the Imperial soldier would had called. The Rebel Commando headed towards an alleyway fifteen-meters from the Rebels hideout. Powering down the aerial vehicle, Zek had popped open where those two A280 rifles and their power packs. "Set a charge on that speeder. We can't let them know where we are." Providing yet another C-22 fragmentation device, he tossed the explosive at Korr before heading towards the hideout. Making his way near the front entrance, his hand checked for a hidden panel. Applying his hand, a fingerprint identification scan was registered. Taken a few seconds until he gained access within the small hideout. He waited for Korr near the front entrance.

Korr debarked the speeder with his partner, catching the second grenade in his hands. He glanced at the nearby entrance to the safe house ... fifteen meters seemed slightly too close for comfort. Running over to the driver's side, Korr entered several automatic nav points for the speeder to follow in the back alleys of Cormond. Satisfied with the route, Korr set the grenade for a two minute timer and placed it in the driver's seat. Slamming the button for the automatic pilot, Korr backed away as the speeder took off. He joined Zek at the safe house entrance, proceeding inside and eagerly awaiting to hear the distant explosion of their former craft.

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