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Rachel King and Christopher Levy.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:17) in the Brentaal system: Darkened Oblivion and Warspite.
Lieutenant Allegra Ames, Kia Kaen, Major Kerrie Kiley, and Flight Lieutenant Randi Trainor.

Lieutenant Randi Trainor guided the Conqueror-class assault ship Darkened Oblivion towards the Star Destroyer Warspite, terribly worried about the condition of Inquisitor Thanor. Instead of slowing the craft like a typical pilot, she maintained her top velocity straight into the hangar bay. <Click>"Hang on!"<Click> she yelled from beneath her helmet, pulling back on the thruster controls to bring the ship into a sudden and immediately halt only a few meters from the bulkhead. As soon was the vessel touched down on the surface of the hangar, the young pilot activated the controls from the ramp and began unfastening herself from her seat. Walking to the rear compartment, she gave a cursory glance to the still unconscious Inquisitor before descending the ramp to get help.

Major Kerrie Kiley turned her attention to Kia, whom she had been closely watching the entirety of the hyperspace journey from Esseles to Brentaal. She had not said a word from beneath her menacing black helmet, but simply sat there like a sculpture, the barrel of her E-11 blaster rifle constantly pointed at the teenager's head. Not much was known about her prisoner, but she vowed to find out, and just as soon as the ship touched down, she stood up and began leading her prisoner down the ramp. <Click>"Any sudden moves and you're bantha poodoo,"<Click> she cursed, making use of the Huttese she picked up during her past endeavors. The Clawdite commando had planned a lengthy examination of her prisoner, despite the fact that she was still in considerable discomfort from her confrontation with the Jedi.

At the bottom of the ramp, Lieutenant Allegra Ames stood with arms folded as she watched the medical team carry away Inquisitor Thanor on a medical bed. She shook her head in disgust, thinking of all the time she had invested in ingratiating herself to the woman. "Will she survive?" she asked Major Kiley, sounding quite disdainful in her speech. Her eyes looked past the commando, her eyes quickly fixating at the prisoner Kia. "...and who is this?" she asked, never wanting to be left out of the loop of the events aboard the Warspite. She made several mental notations about the prisoner, but did not see anything out of the ordinary about her.

Up to that point, Kia had been in a state of wide-eyed fear, not having had to look down the business end of any weapon before in her entire life. She tried edging away from Kerrie and the weapon. Finally realizing she had been addressed by the woman in the Naval uniform. "I'm Kia ... I didn't mean to be there ... I was just following and then..." she trailed off, looking back to Kerrie. "I just want to go home." She looked rumpled, and very likely still had a fair bit of the immobilizing goop on her jumpsuit. In short she looked miserable.

Kerrie's eyes widened as she listened to Kia give up valuable information to the useless Allegra. <Click>"Silence! Say nothing,"<Click> she ordered the young girl, thrusting the barrel of her E-11 blaster rifle into the bottom of Kia's back. <Click>"It is very likely you will never seen your home again,"<Click> she announced in a condescending tone before turning her attention back to the incompetent Naval officer. <Click>"Where is the Admiral?"<Click> she asked, realizing they had not yet reported any of their affairs to a senior officer.

Lieutenant Ames made a mental notation of everything Kia said and thought perhaps the ISB would find the information useful. There was always a way for her to gain favor with senior officers as she plotted and schemed her way to the top. "A pleasure to meet you, Kia," she said, before glaring at the shorter commando. "The Admiral is on leave," she reported, as a smirk came upon her lips. With the Admiral gone and the Inquisitor incapacitated no one was quite sure who was in command of the Imperial forces in the Ringali Shell.

Kia let out a frightened yelp at the prod from the weapon, falling quiet and seeming to withdraw on herself, trying to look around the hanger as best she could. Maybe if she just ignored them, they would go away. She wanted to go home, and the trooper telling her she probably never would got a hurt-surprised look. "You don't have any reason to hold me prisoner!"

Major Kiley clenched her teeth angrily as she heard the Admiral was not present. With the Inquisitor unavailable, she was not sure who to report the incident on Esseles to. She paused for a moment as she consider the situation, ultimately deciding that she should deal with the prisoner herself. <Click>"Get moving!"<Click> she said as she prodded her again with the barrel of her weapon, leading her towards the nearest turbolift. The man she was with had killed her squad. He was dead, so she had decided that Kia would pay the price!

Lieutenant Ames folded her arms as she gave a snotty glare towards Major Kiley and the prisoner. "Handling it yourself, Major?" she sneered, as she turned to watch the duo walk away. "I'm sure that'll work well..." she muttered under her breath, before turning to board the Inquisitor's ship to review the flight data recorder. Clearly, there was more information to be had ... and she was just the one to find it.

She stumbled forward a step, glaring back over her shoulder at the commando, this person was really starting to irritate her beyond scaring her. As she was not fully paying attention, she nearly bumped into the turbolift door, stopping quickly. Kia lapsed back into that sullen 'what did I do to deserve this' attitude, trying to ignore the existence of Kerrie and the weapon in her back.

The turbolift door opened and Kerrie ushered Kia inside. There was silence in the turbolift as the two of them rode up through the monstrous behemoth that was the Star Destroyer. When the turbolift finally opened at the required level, it was cold and metallic, dimly lit and not clamoring with much activity. Eventually they would come to a cold, unceremonious room that required the Major to enter a six digit code. When the door opened, it revealed a single durasteel table with three matching chairs. There was a transparisteel panel on the right wall, from where other individuals could observe. A datapad was on the table with an accompanying recording rod. It was clearly an interview room, but would not be used for a polite conversation this day.

This whole thing was becoming a bit overwhelming for the teenager, moving into the room, Kia sat without needing to be prodded into it. Fixing her eyes on the table, she waited to see what this crazy monster was going to demand next. The import of what she felt in the explosion finally setting in, she'd lost another person she had cared about to an explosion.

The chair was not for Kia, unfortunately, as Kerrie would usher the teenage terrorist into the north wall of the room where a clip was inexplicably perched. She attached Kia's stun cuffs to the clip and it would soon retract, pulling her arms up into a taut position. The young woman would virtually be strung up against the cold, unforgiving bulkhead. Now that she was secure, her hands moved to the latches on the side of her helmet, and she unfastened the clips, lifting it off her head to reveal the battered face of a young human woman. "Now ... for the record ... what is your name?" she asked as her hand moved to swipe the recording rod off the desk, activating it and holding it teasingly close in front of the girl's lips.

Growling as she had been forced out of the chair, Kia blinked repeatedly as she was fastened there, going up on the balls of her feet to keep the stun cuffs from activating and shocking her again. The glare she gave Kerrie could have set fire to water. "Let ... me ... go. I am a private citizen. You can't do this." OK, she was technically a citizen, a run away, but still. The mistreatment was starting to get angry. It did not surprise her much that her tormentor was a female. Petty bitch. "I haven't done anything to you. This is unprovoked."

Kerrie tilted her head to the left side as she examined the bound teenager. "I heard quite a few words, but not one of them was a name..." she said deliberately as she moved her face closer to her. Suddenly her hand pulled the recording back and then, like a hammer, she smacked it down forcefully upon the young girl's nose. "Name!" she said again, but this time more loudly. She would have the information that she needed ... one way or another.

The sudden explosion of pain made her try to writhe away from her tormentor, Kia was not trained to deal with anything like this. she had not even thought people still treated others like that. Glaring darkly through the tears now making streaks in the goo that had covered her. "Go to hell." It was a growl, she would find a way to hurt this person at some point, and that thought got a blink of confusion from the girl. Why should she hurt this person because she hurt her... Taking a deep breath, she tried telling herself this would be over, it had to be a bad dream, just wake up.

Kerrie was infuriated that the girl had refused to respond to her query, and turned to walk away from her for a moment. "Very well," she said after a long pause, her hand dropping to pull the Treppus-2 vibroblade from the sheath on her utility belt. Her hand flicked the activation switch and it began to vibrate as she moved towards the youngster. She plunged the tip of the vibroblade into the collar of Kia's jumpsuit and she began to slowly cut down towards the crotch, careful to only cut at the fabric and not hurt the girl. "Perhaps when you lose your dignity you will lose your silence," she said, as she began to cut around the waist of the outfit to strip the woman of her jumpsuit.

Hissing in anger, she looked at the other woman, "What...the ... stop it You crazy woman. Just leave me alone! My name is Kia, if that makes you happy, you crazy..." The stun cuffs gave her a shock as she had tried to squirm away.

Kerrie placed the vibroblade away, and the hand with the recording rod quickly found its way back in front of Kia's face. "Kia is half a name," she explained as she brought her left hand up to grasp at Kia's jaw. "Your full name you little brat," she demanded angrily, shaking at her face before pulling the hand away so that she could reply.

"Are you illiterate as well as stupid? It's on my jumpsuit. If this is height of Imperial Intelligence, no wonder the holonet is full Rebel propaganda. Since you can't seem to read. My last name is Kaen." Her sarcasm was thick, "I'm sorry... Last name. Kaen. Speaking slowly. Maybe you understand?"

Kerrie let Kia hang on the wall, as she moved back towards the chair at the table. She pulled it out and the sound of durasteel screeching across the floor shrilly echoed through the small room. "Kia ... Kaen," she said as she entered it into the datapad. Virtually nothing came up about the young girl aside from the fact that she was a runaway. "Orphanage life does not agree with you?" she asked, eyes darting up from the datapad for just a moment to stare at the bound teen.

Still speaking exaggeratedly slow, more to be obnoxious. If this woman wanted to treat her like a prisoner she would do her best to not disappoint. "No. It did not. Mean people. I went away." Giving Kerrie a cold glower. "Understand?"

The truth was that Kerrie had a very similar situation to the young Kia, having been given up by her parents at a tender age and grown up amongst the Mabari Warrior-Knights of her native Zolan. "Who was the man with you?" she asked, as she tapped the armor tipped fingers against the durasteel table, making an annoying, repetitive, clicking sound that filled the room. Her blue eyes narrowed on the woman as she studied her captive.

"A friend. He gave me a place to stay. I fixed mechanical things and flew the speeder around. He wasn't good at flying or fixing anything. Do you understand Mechanic?" Shifting her stance, trying to ignore the fact that her jumpsuit had been shredded.

"Friends have names," Kerrie quickly replied, pushing the database aside, but remaining seated at the table. Her eyes fixated upon the young girl and she considered something she had once learned from the Admiral's adopted Squib daughter. "Perhaps you would consider a bargain, Kia..." she teased, rising up from the table and slowly walking towards her. She placed her face next to Kia's, and slowly her lips parted as she spoke. "Give me his name and I'll let you down," she said slow and deliberate, her words spilling from her mouth and headed directly for her ear.

"Why does it matter? He's dead." She sounded sad at that, not having to deal with losing anyone close to her since her parents, she was trying to figure out how to deal with it, and this crazy woman was not helping. Kia tried to edge away from Kerrie. "Just leave me alone..."

Kerrie shook her head at Kia, letting out a forced, dramatic sigh. "This could have been all so easy..." she said sarcastically as she went to the controls of the hook. Gradually it began to recoil tightly, pulling the young Kia off the ground and stretching her arms, threatening to pull them out of their sockets like an ancient torture rack. "His name!" she screamed at the top of lungs, her face still hovering dangerously closed to her ear.

Between the yelling and the sudden pain in her arms and shoulders, Kia tried going up on tiptoe. Then something snapped inside, why was she putting up with this ... this miscreant ... narrowing her eyes, Kia focused intently on the woman yelling at her. Her mind was oddly clear for being in such chaos. She lashed out mentally. Trying to send a wave of unfocused telekinetic energy out in all directions, really just wanting this whole thing to be over. Yelling back at Kerrie "Leave ... me ... alone!"

Kerrie let out a groan of discomfort as she was hit by the surge of telekinesis, her already bruised body moving through the air at breakneck speed. Her armor was the only thing that saved her as she slammed into the bulkhead on the far side of the room. By the time she slid to the ground she was already unconscious, and she had reverted into her natural Clawdite appearance. A trickle of blood ran out the corner of her mouth as she hunched over herself, several bones in her body broken and in need of repair.

Kia's eyes went wide seeing what she did, not exactly sure what it was that she had done but it worked, still up on tiptoe, she was afraid to call out for help in case another crazy person found her. Her arms thankfully were starting to go a little numb, "This is not good..."

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