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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:31) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Avetti's and Claudius Rodney's estate) and Kwai.
Lady Rikka Dakkar, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Major Sierra Rodney, and Ensign Bethany Sheppard.

Taking it 'easy' was not really a thing in Sierra Rodney's mind. She had been grateful when Doctor Bailo allowed her to return home, given that she promised to rest. By the way the Ithorian woman stared at her, she wondered how much Pilaq had told her ... especially about how Claudius had broken her out of the Medcenter on Delaya before. Regardless, she spent most of her time on a datapad continuing to schedule out her husband's days. She spent some time devising a plan to knock Arden Zevrin off of her throne of shit, but that was still a work in progress. One should only go after a snake when they know they can win. Sierra didn't have that kind of confidence yet.

She had warned her husband that they were going to have a late dinner tonight and set up a makeshift at-home date for them. The ordeal with El-Nay had put them both on edge and stressed them out. She liked to smooth things over after they endured hardships. So, once the girls were asleep...rather, once she *thought* they were asleep, Sierra ordered some delivery food for them and set it up inside of the observatory. The night was clear and the sky looked beautiful. She simply wanted to relax and enjoy it with the love of her life; the man who endured so much.

There was a scratching at the door that led to the observatory level, followed by the door at the top of the stairs slowly opening. There was a nose that slowly emerged through the crack. A sniffing nose. It twitched the moment it caught the scent of the delivery food, and a moment later Ewwiekewwieikkie popped up through the door, bounding for Sierra. "Food?!" she asked, as she moved towards her, sitting down at the ground on front of her. She had never been to the observatory, as Claudius assumed she would break one of the mirrors. She had been told this was 'off limits', but with Callista gone, and Drusilla in a mood, she had been left all but alone. "Food!" she said, excitedly, as she waited to eat her adopted father's dinner.

Sierra felt like she was moving so slow. Her body was, undoubtedly, recovering. The bacta patch had worked enough magic that she was capable of using both arms again, which was particularly advantageous when she realized that she wasn't alone anymore. Sierra turned on her heel, spotting Ewwiekewwieikkie. While the Squib couldn't master the Rodney pout, she had another way of playing Sierra like a sucker, despite having been fed not long ago. She knew she needed to get Ewwiekewwieikkie out of the observatory and food was the best way to do that. "Okay, you can have some, Ewwiekewwieikkie." Sierra grabbed a plate for her and began distributing food for her. She felt bad that Callista was gone. Ewwiekewwieikkie would be rewarded within a few years when there were other young children around the house for her to play with. Perhaps Sierra needed to invest in a helmet for Bruce... She offered her adoptive step-daughter (woo, what a mouthful) the plate. "Here you go." And she began leading Ewwiekewwieikkie away from about a million possible bad situations.

"Thank you!" she said with a big smile, as she began being led away from the big, shiny telescope. It was a Squib magnet with all of the shiny, polished metal, mirrors, and computer screens. As she was about to go down the stairs she saw it for the first time and her eyes went wide. "Wow!" she squealed, as she looked towards it with a greater appetite than she had for the food. "Wow!" she said again, before reaching down to put some food in her mouth. She did not look at her plate as she pawed large chunks into her mouth. Her eyes would not leave the telescope, and when she was done eating, she wanted to go explore the telescope, but she could not get past Sierra. "What's that?" she asked, as she reached out for it, despite being a great distance from her. If she could just touch it, she thought, as she groaned, pushing against Sierra as she strained and strained to reach it, but she got *nowhere*.

Okay, she was fed. Surely that would be enough to get her safely out of the observatory..? Nope. As soon as her yellow eyes met with the telescope, Sierra knew it was over. She'd do anything to ensure that Ewwiekewwieikkie didn't break it. Sierra's hand, which grasped her adoptive daughter's arm, held on tighter. While she had been recovering, she certainly hadn't gained the kind of strength she needed to fight off Ewwiekewwieikkie's advancements. Thankfully, the observatory was guarded by a door with a code. As long as Sierra got her out, she could avoid a whole lot of trouble. "It's a telescope." Sierra explained, trying hard to pull Ewwiekewwieikkie away from it. "How about you take some more food with you..?" She suggested, taking her plate and piling on a majority of what was supposed to be her and Claudius' dinner. "You can have my pudding in the fridge too."

"Telescope?" Ewwiekewwieikkie asked, as she tilted her head, not understanding the word in the slightest. "Big shiny!" she said, before the discussion turned towards more food. "Hmm. Hmm. Hmm," she said, as she brought up her paw up to her chin, considering the trade. "Okay. Okay. You keep telescope. I take food, and pudding," she said, and with that she had gathered all of the food that Sierra had ordered and carefully set up for Claudius' return home from the ship. It was eaten before she was down the stairs, and before too long she had found herself in the kitchen, where she would eat the pudding right out of the bowl ... without a spoon.

As Ewwiekewwieikkie was face deep in the bowl of pudding, Claudius Rodney had returned home from the Retributor. He had taken a working lunch, and therefore had not eaten all day. He was *starving*, and moved directly towards the kitchen, but as he got within distance and saw Ewwiekewwieikkie with a pudding bowl over her head he decided to back away ... slowly. Up the stairs he went to find Sierra, but when he went into the bedroom she was nowhere to be seen. He next tried Drusilla's room, but when he heard the pulsating jizz blasting in her room he decided it was best not to interrupt her. Finally, he decided to check the observatory, as it was the one place off limits in the estate. He would not blame her for seeking refuge when injured, so as he ascended the wooden stairs into the third level he was not at all surprised when he saw her. "Sierra!" he said loudly, with a smile, before moving towards her swiftly. "And how are you feeling?" he asked her, while visually running his eyes all over her body for any signs of distress.

Sierra let out a sigh, watching Ewwiekewwieikkie grab up every last scrap of food and depart. There went dinner *and* dessert. "Okay..." She pouted as the girl left. She could visualize what it looked like in the kitchen once she made it there. Pudding all over her blue fur. She wondered how quickly more food could be delivered to the house, as she'd ordered out to avoid cooking. Her face lit up as soon as she spotted her husband. "Claudius!" She wrapped him up in a tight hug. "I'm feeling *much* better." She reported to him. Sierra spread out her arm that had been broken so he could see that it was healed. "I can even use my arm again. See?" This was her favorite time of day when she didn't accompany him to work. She felt excited and happy to have him home. "How are you? Was your day okay?" Sierra asked, leaning up on her tippy toes to steal a kiss. "Our dinner plans have changed slightly... Ewwiekewwieikkie caught me up here. I bargained with her; our dinners and my pudding for the telescope to go unharmed."

"Oh no no no..." Claudius said to Sierra, as she began showing off arm motions. "You need to take it easy," he said to her, sounding more like a father than a husband. His overbearing nature had been turned up to eleven, and he quickly moved to help steady her. "Meetings. Meetings. More meetings. It was better being a junior officer. All promotion means is more people needing to talk to you about things you don't want to hear about," he joked, but was actually quite serious. It felt like his position of Grand Moff simply involved sitting in his office and listening to endless blathering by all sorts. "My dinner? My telescope?" he asked, wanting to faint at the mere thought of his adopted Squib daughter near either. He loved her, but it had taken forever to properly calibrate the telescope. It was his one spot of peace on this planet, and he feared her even breathing on it. "Well, our food died a noble cause. Shall I have someone pick up takeout from Auntie Mae's rib shack?" he asked, as he *needed* to eat.

"I have been taking it easy. I spent most of the day in bed... Do you have any idea how hard that is for me?" She explained like she'd been put in solitary confinement. She understood that he was going to be overbearing, as the injuries she had recently suffered were no joke. Even she realized that she wasn't right yet. Her body needed time ... and, by the rumbling of her tummy, it needed food. She laughed softly at his joke. She knew there was truth to it. "I suppose I shouldn't mention what's on your agenda for tomorrow then, *Governor*?" Her smile lit up brighter.

"I bargained with everything I had, Claudius." Sierra explained. "Please do. Whatever gets food here the quickest is the best option. I'm so hungry!" Her appetite had made a full recovery. She might actually eat the whole rib rack this time ... but not really. That thing was *huge*. "I wonder if they have pudding too..." Sierra idly muttered as she took his hands in her own. Their night in wasn't ruined yet!

"Funny. It can be *hard* for me when you're in bed too," Claudius fired back, playfully teasing her. His hand moved down her back slowly, towards the plentiful booty that she had been blessed with to add accent to his joke. "The only agenda I want to hear about involves me and you ... and, well, dinner," he said, before lowering his head and placing a tender and loving kiss upon her sweet young lips. He reached into his pocket to produce his comlink, quickly barking orders at some junior officer to pick up the food that he and his pregnant wife desperately needed. "It shan't be too long," he said to her, as he looked about the room. "Do you want to keep hiding up here?" he asked, not minding particularly.

Sierra burst out laughing happily. She nuzzled into the front of his body, more than happy with him touching her rear. She was glad he was a butt guy...because she had a booty! "I'll *make* it hard for you." She threatened dryly. Their kiss pleased her endlessly. Though the night wasn't going quite as she planned, she was very happy regardless. Soon, she would have all she needed; Claudius and food. She listened to him bark his orders, suppressing a giggle until he was off the comm. "It's so sexy when you do that." The young woman tossed him a wink. "Yeah, I do. It's a nice night. I thought we could look at the stars together from home, since a hike to our campsite isn't in my immediate future." Admittedly, she was looking better today. The color in her cheeks had returned to normal and she seemed much more lively. "Unless you *want* to sit in our room and listen to Drusilla's loud music..." She released him, turning her back on her husband as she moved towards the telescope. "I want to start painting Bruce's room soon." She told him. "So I need a little inspiration." She still intended to make the room she had shown him on the datapad.

Ensign Bethany Sheppard had found herself demoted and relegated to menial tasks after the Ewwiekewwieikkie incident aboard the Retributor. Her latest task was to take a shuttle to Auntie Mae's rib shack where she collected the largest rack of ribs she had ever seen, along with sides, and of course the prerequisite pudding. She had become an unglorified delivery driver who was not even eligible for a tip. She needed a repulsorsled to get the rack of ribs into the Rodney estate, and when she arrived on the ground floor she opened her comm to announce her arrival. "Milord, Milady, this is Ensign Sheppard. I have your food," she announced, before politely waiting for a reply. Unfortunately, she had said the F word.

From the kitchen, Ewwiekewwieikkie was sprawled out, rubbing her belly after eating both Claudius and Sierra's original takeout dinner *and* Sierra's last supply of pudding. She was nearly asleep when the nice lady who let her fly the ship and play with the computers, and then helped clean her potty was here. "Bethany? Food?! *Food*!?" she said, as she staggered up from the kitchen. As she moved forward she saw the largest rack of ribs she had ever seen. "Oh. My.," she stammered, her eyes wide, and her tongue hanging out of her mouth, slobbering. She began moving forward, and tackled both the ribs and Bethany at once, covering the poor young officer with Auntie Mae's signature sauce.

Bethany had gotten the job done quickly. As soon as she announced her arrival, Sierra's belly let out another groan. Now she needed to conquer three flights of stairs to let Bethany in. "I'll be back." She said, then added. "I'll take the stairs slowly." Sierra headed out of the observatory, slowly taking the steps one at a time. She was mindful of herself, and grasped the railing along the staircase as she made her way towards the lower floor of the estate. The closer she came to the front of the house, the more she noticed a weird sound. What she didn't realize was that this sound was Ewwiekewwieikkie consuming the *entire* rack of ribs, plus all additional food that had come with it. For a second time, Sierra had missed out on dinner *and* pudding. She arrived at the front door, staring at the carnage that was dinner. Her eyes met with Bethany, offering her a sweet, yet scary, smile. "Oh, Ensign Sheppard? What's this I hear? You've offered to watch the girls while my husband and I go get dinner? That's so very kind of you. Thank you."

She said not another word to the poor woman. She simply turned her back and made her way back up only two flights of stairs. She stood at the third set, yelling up to Claudius, "Let's go out! Ewwiekewwieikkie got to the ribs first. Ensign Sheppard has volunteered herself for babysitting." She made her way into their room to actually get dressed. She'd remained in her PJs all day, but now that wasn't going to be acceptable. She quickly made herself presentable in a simple maternity dress and a pair of flats. She grabbed her purse and shoved Claudius' special surprise inside of it. When she was ready, she worked her way back down the stairs. She suddenly understood how Pilaq felt when he scaled the stairs in Rodney Castle.

"Again? Again?!" Claudius exclaimed, completely exasperated. He had been waiting for those ribs, having wondered if there was something addictive in that secret sauce. "She's eating too much. You don't ... don't think she's pregnant, do you?" he asked, as he brought his hand up to the side of his head to scratch. As he followed down the stairs, still in his uniform, he saw his adopted daughter wrestling a rib bone on the living room floor, simultaneously eating it and playing with it. "This mess will not be here when we return, *Ensign*," he said, glaring as Bethany, as he held the door open for his wife. "Enjoy dinner, Ewwiekewwieikkie," he said, trying to keep a straight face, but she was too engrossed with her meal to acknowledge him. Instead, he simply escorted his wife out towards the shuttle. "Food!" he yelled as he neared the ship, imitating his adopted daughter, before sticking his tongue out at Sierra. There was a little bit of all his girls in him.

Sierra's eyes widened. "Do. Not. Speak. Those. Words." One Ewwiekewwieikkie was more than enough, as she had learned first-hand. She loved the girl, but they couldn't afford to feed several more Squibs. The sight in the living room made Sierra laugh. It was like a dog. There were teeth marks on the bone already. Thankfully, Bethany was in the doghouse. It would be cleaned before they returned. "Bye, Ewwiekewwieikkie!" She wrapped her arm around Claudius'. Outside, the smell of BBQ sauce still lingered. It wafted through the air teasingly. Sierra laughed again, sticking her tongue out right back at him. "Food!" She exclaimed, feeling even more hungry just hearing the word. "Let's just go to Avetti's. It's close and has food. That's all that matters to me right now." Her hand linked in his, leading him into the shuttle. "Besides... I've got a surprise for you!" Sierra couldn't resist teasing him. She loved driving him crazy ... in more than one way.

"That sounds wonderful," Claudius said, before leaning in to kiss her cheek. "Lieutenant!" he yelled, and then suddenly an entire platoon of armed Stormtroopers began to fall into position behind them. He would take no chances ... the private dinner they had would be heavily guarded. He led his wife into the shuttle, which started to feel like a troop transport. As he sat in the passenger compartment, he helped his wife get situated in her seat, strapped in. Once he was convinced she was safe, he nodded his head, and the Kwai began to take off to bring them ... all of them ... down to New Calamar where the restaurant awaited. It might have been overkill on his part, but after coming close to losing her so many times he would take no more risks.

Security was often something Sierra declined. After what had happened on New Alderaan, after coming so close to losing it all, she didn't object this time. She wasn't capable of protecting herself if another attack occurred. Claudius seemed like the type of man who would sacrifice himself for her which was something else she did *not* want. She settled in the passenger's compartment with his help. She had to fiddle with her strap as it sat uncomfortably on her growing tummy. Once in, she took his hand. The way she looked at him said it all; she loved him. She loved how kind he was and how he was taking care of her and making everything easier. She hadn't forgotten about El-Nay, but that was a problem she wasn't ready to face right now.

At Avetti's, Stormtroopers unloaded from the Kwai and surveyed the area, inside and out, before giving them the go ahead to depart from the ship. Sierra unbuckled herself and rose. She wondered if she should have Claudius assign extra security to her during her next concert. There would be more people to protect her that way, right? She didn't want to endure anymore injuries. It was hard on both of them every time she ended up in the medcenter or sickbay.

The waiter at Avetti's seemed surprised at all the commotion until he saw who his guests were for the evening. They were taking to priority, very private seating where their orders were taken immediately. Sierra felt calm. The overkill precautions served to make the experience better for her. She looked up at him. "I think we're going to get to eat soon. No promises, though. How about I soothe you with some sugar?" Sierra made a terrible joke before kissing him.

The Stormtroopers ensured that no one in Avetti's was a Rebel or posed a threat to the Grand Moff and his wife, but that mean the customers were enjoying their meal. Stormtroopers were *everywhere*, but Claudius and Sierra seemed safe, and that was all that mattered to him. As he sat across the table looking at her, he had visions of Ewwiekewwieikkie arriving and eating the food in the restaurant too. "Promises, promises," he said to her, shaking his head. "If my food is not here soon I'll turn these Stormtroopers loose on the kitchen staff!" he suggested, as the anger from his hunger broke the surface. As she mentioned sugar, but then kissed him he smiled at her. "Thanks, but I'd prefer one of Ewwiekewwieikkie's wookiee cookies," he said, with a snort and a laugh. "Maybe we need to eat some of her food," he suggested, before grabbing the fork and knife, and lightly tapping the handles against the surface of the table.

If Ewwiekewwieikkie showed up, then Sierra's hangry would break loose and likely result in the mass murder of every other person at the restaurant. She had been *trying* to have a nice evening with her husband. It seemed like the universe was against them, as it was so frequently. She laughed and nodded. "Yeah, but Ewwiekewwieikkie has us beat there. If we began eating her food, our blood sugar would sky rocket. Gestational diabetes does *not* sound fun to me." At his mention of wookiee cookies, Sierra chuckled. "You know..." She opened up her purse, looking into it. The wookiee cookies she had stored there for emergency purposes were gone. All that was left were crumbs. "Damn, she's good!"

Thankfully, it wasn't long before real food showed up. Conversation ceased for a small amount of time while Sierra fed herself. Her inner hangry monster had been close to breaking the surface. Doctor Bailo had put her on a short broth diet during the initial part of her recovery, while her bones were rapidly healing themselves (an uncomfortable process, mind you). She was glad to be back to solid food. "Oh!" She said once she had eaten enough to level her emotions. "I got you something." Sierra grinned wide. She reached into her purse, pulling forth an envelope. Inside of it, he'd find two tickets to a classic speeder show in a couple of days on their four-month wedding anniversary. With how insane their lives were, she felt it essential to stop for that one day, every month, and properly appreciate her husband. Her smile became nervous. She hoped he liked it!

Claudius' stomach could be heard growling as he sat at the table, impatiently waiting for the waiter to bring them their food. "What? Oh, you! Our anniversary isn't for a few days yet!" he said, protesting, as he felt embarrassed that he had saved their gift for their actual anniversary and thus had nothing to offer her. He took the envelope cautiously, praying it was a voucher for 100 nights of watching Ewwiekewwieikkie. When he opened it he found the one thing that was better than that ... tickets to a classic speeder show at the Togatto Speedway. "Wow!" he said, as me grinned down at the tickets with a big, dumb grin plastered on his face. He looked like a little boy in that moment. "Hmm. Now whom should I bring with me?" he asked, tapping his fingers on the table playfully. "Thank you. Really. You've outdone yourself," he said, before reaching his hand across the table to touch her hand. But just then the food *finally* arrived and dinner was served. He looked lovingly across the table for as long as he could, until he began devouring his meal so quickly that he was lucky he did not choke.

"Well... I figured the best way to surprise you would be to give you your gift early." 100 nights of Ewwiekewwieikkie watching was *never* happening. Sierra wouldn't make it to night 30, let alone 100. She anxiously watched him open the envelope. The way he reacted warmed her heart. Sierra's smile grew once more. She laughed. "I've already invited Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca for you." She giggled, nudging him with her arm to show that she was joking. Sierra felt pleased that her present had worked out. "It'll be fun." She promised. He was always going above and beyond for her. He inspired her to do the same for the love of her life. Her hand held onto his briefly, as the arrival of food derailed her. As she ate, she slipped her feet out of her heeled shoes and nuzzled them against his ankles affectionately. About halfway through their meal, Sierra noticed a little commotion going on between several Stormtroopers and a commoner. Her eyes lifted. Between the Stormtroopers, she saw the last person she wanted to see in the universe: Rikka Dakkar.

"Ohno..." Sierra sucked in a breath. Rikka had somehow crept to Esseles...but how? She could see the woman waving her arms around, likely trying to explain that she was Sierra's mother. The young pregnant woman sunk into her seat. "Claudius..." She said, watching as the leader of his Stormtroopers led Rikka towards the table. He held the woman's arms behind her back. Sierra looked down, realizing that she was holding her steak knife so tightly that her knuckles were turning white.

"Darlllinnngggg! Sierra!" Rikka Dakkar was putting on a nice girl act. It seemed like every time they saw her, she had a completely new look. Today it lengthy black hair, extened eyelashes, and a smile with jagged teeth. She tried to pull away from the Stormtrooper, but found herself stuck in his grasp. "Won't you let me join you for dinner? I know we started off on the wrong foot before..." She said, talking to Claudius without actually looking at him. He *had* put the fear in her. "...For the sake of my *grandson*, I think we should try again."

Just as Claudius was about to enjoy his meal the sickening sight of Rikka Dakkar caused him to lose his appetite. He dropped his fork on his plate, causing the metal against porcelain to create a loud *clank*. The knife, however, did not leave his hand and he considered plunging it into Rikka's heart, but he did not think she had one. Furious, he would *not* hear the woman out. "Lieutenant, take her away!" he ordered, but did not make eye contact with her. Instead, he reached across the table and focused his love and attention on Sierra, who surely needed his support. "Fear not, Sierra. It'll soon be over," he said, in his most reassuring and diplomatic tone.

Everyone knows that the Grinch's heart is two sizes too small. Well, Rikka Dakkar's heart was four sizes too small. It would be quite a task to actually stab her in the heart, when her heart was such a miniscule part of her being. It would be easier to hit a kidney and pray it was enough to slay the beast. Sierra was *not* pleased to see her mother. She let her husband deal with her and gave Rikka only the tiniest bit of her attention. Her eyes fell on Claudius. Sometimes she felt as if that woman would never leave them be. Her hands linked with his. For the millionth time tonight, dinner had been ruined. Sierra groaned. "Can we jail her? Is that acceptable?" In her peripheral vision, Sierra could see the Lieutenant taking away Rikka. His support provided her with strength, which she needed when she was around a woman who had abused her so much.

The wheels in her mind slowly turned. Why was Rikka here? That part bothered her. She wondered if the woman had tried to contact Drusilla too. If Rikka wasn't evil to the core, she'd have gotten along with Dru. As the woman was dragged off, she could hear Rikka say something about someone sending her tickets to Sierra's New Calamar performance. Her head snapped towards her husband. "Don't remind me of what a bad idea this is later, okay? Bring her back. I want to know why she's come to *our* home. She doesn't get to follow me around the universe." Even Sierra sounded angry.

"Of course we can jail her. We can even have her executed. Colonel Zevrin has ordered so many executions in my name that it's only fair I get to order a legitimate one," Claudius said, trying to make light of what was a truly awful situation. "No promises," he teased her, before taking a sip of his ice water. "You're right, my dear. Following you around the universe is *my* job," he said, with a wink, before silencing himself as the dragon lady returned towards the table. He did not acknowledge her presence in any way, nor did he even look at her. This was between his wife and his mother-in-law, and he would steer clear until needed.

The idea of killing her mother had crossed her mind many, *many* times before. It had been her initial reason to learning physical combat. She felt a necessity to make sure that she never fell into such a situation again. With Claudius at her side, that possibility was out the window. Sierra laughed softly. He broke up the seriousness of the moment. "That's right. You're damn good at your job too." She watched as her mother returned. Sierra did not many any effort to treat her mother decently. She simply sat up and stared at the woman. "What do you want? Why are you *here*?"

"Ooooh. What a tight grip you have!" Rikka wiggled in the Stormtrooper's grasp. It seemed that her daughter had a change of heart. She was taken back to their table, where she nudged herself into the booth right beside Sierra. She reached over her daughter, beginning to pick food off of her plate to eat. Thankfully, Sierra wasn't hungry anymore. The woman gasped. "To see you, of course. I heard you were playing shows again. You were *terrible* on Corulag. Simply horrible." Rikka brought her fingers to her temples. She began to massage them like it had been a terrific ordeal for *her*. "A woman by the name of Arden sent me two tickets for your New Calamar performance. She told me I'd be able to find your home here." Rikka explained. "When I tried to visit you, I saw all the security. Goodness me!" She said, placing her hand over her heart. Her other hand touched Sierra's wrist. "I didn't realize your wretched husband had you locked up. Tsk. Tsk. I thought I broke you of such things." The woman had no filter. Sierra believed it to be a result of too much alcohol at a young age coupled with stupidity.

For the third and final time Claudius' dinner had been interrupted. As he looked straight away his jaw was clenched so tightly he nearly cracked his teeth, but he did not speak his mind, not even as the woman rambled on excessively. When he overheard that Arden Zevrin had conspired with Sierra's mother his hands instinctively curled into fists, but he did not raise them from the table. But when she called him 'wretched' he suddenly rose from the table, causing his chair to scatter backwards and then fall to the ground. "Lieutenant, take her away!" he ordered to the Stormtrooper platoon leader, before closing his eyes and exhaling a beleaguered sigh. It seemed the fates had conspired to prevent him from eating this evening. "Sierra, we're going home," he said to her, as he waited for the troopers to drag away Rikka. It was every man's dream to banish his mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, Sierra's blood pressure had shot through the roof. All of Doctor Bailo's ordered to 'take it easy' were about to fly out the window. Rikka was in prime form. She insulted her repeatedly, told her about Zevrin, and then moved on to her husband ... which was went she went too far. "You will *not* talk about him like that!" She was tired of it. She was sick of her mother lingering around her life. Since the Corulag performance, she had received so many messages from her. It was obsessive. Beside her, she watched Claudius rise suddenly. His chair hit the ground while his order came across clearly. Rikka was instantly swept away. She fought, yelling insults as they took her away. "That woman..." Sierra slowly rose from the table. She met with her husband, sliding her hand into his. "Thank you for sending her away." It was a pleasant experience for Sierra too. As they left the restaurant, she leaned in closer towards her husband. "Is execution still on the table?" She asked him. "Perhaps a creative one?"

As Claudius and Sierra exited Avetti's into the streets of New Calamar a crowd had gathered, in which several dared shout incendiary comments towards the Grand Moff and his wife. Stormtroopers attempted to arrest those who made comments, but it soon became clear they did not have enough troops. "Execution is *always* on the table," he muttered to Sierra, as he listened to the insults rain down upon him. "Let's get out of here," he told her, as he took her by the han, and put his body between her and the Stormtroopers holding back the crowd. They were aboard the shuttle in no time, and as soon as Sierra was strapped into the seat, he went searching for the emergency rations in the survival kit. Starving, he cut into the ration, and squeezed the preserved bantha meat into his mouth. He had *finally* had a dinner.

Sierra was surprised to find that a crowd had gathered outside Avetti's. They were much easier to handle than her mother. She simply ignored them and continued moving forward. It was Claudius who kept her and their unborn son safe. As much as she hated him using himself as a human shield, she also felt touched that he'd put himself in front of her. Inside of the shuttle, she quickly buckled up. They were headed towards home, the place where *none* of these irritations could reach them. Sierra sat back, sadly watching her husband eat emergency rations. She knew *exactly* what those tasted like.

Upon reaching home, Sierra took the lead out of the shuttle. Inside the estate, she could hear Ewwiekewwieikkie snoring from *somewhere* in the house. She touched Claudius' back. "Head on upstairs to the observatory. I'll be there in a minute ... or three." She promised as she moved to first relieve Bethany of her duties and then proceed to the kitchen to see if she could find something a little more tasty than rations for her husband's dinner. Inside the kitchen, she found quite the pudding mess. It looked like Ewwiekewwieikkie had painted on the cabinets with it. She decided that it was a job for Bethany for another day. Right now, she wanted all strangers out of the house.

After a quiet endeavor in the kitchen, Sierra slowly headed up the stairs with a plate in hand. It seemed that the night was going to end where it had begun, only Sierra wouldn't have to protect the telescope again. She turned into the observatory, giving him an image worthy of his affection. She was carrying a plate with some leftovers on it from the prior night that looked infinitely more appealing than the rations. "How's about some real food?" She asked him.

Claudius was nearly asleep when Sierra found him in the observatory, too weak from hunger to stay awake. "Shh. Are you daft, woman? Don't say that word!" he said, quietly, as he teased her. "We'll need a new word for it. Something she can't possibly understand," he suggested, all the while reaching out for the plate just as excitedly as his adopted daughter. It seemed they were now back where they had started, and finally he would be able to eat some normal food before ending the day.

As soon as the 'f' word came out of Sierra's mouth, she quietly cursed. She listened hard to hear for the sounds of Ewwiekewwieikkie bounding up the stairs. Nothing. *Silence*. "Argh, I'm sorry. I know better!" She gave him the plate before coming to sit beside him. "Hmm... Something that sounds boring too. How about 'tactical meeting'?" Sierra sighed. She kicked off her shoes and allowed herself to relax. She was glad that Rikka was jailed. It was one thing off her mind. The woman could do nothing but rot in her cell now. She smiled to herself. Her fingers ran over Claudius' thigh slowly. "You know, the girls are asleep and we're all *alone*..." Her voice implied all it needed to. "I'm not going to lie. It was *very* sexy when you arrested my mother." That knight in shining armor thing always worked.

"No!" Claudius cried out, with a mouthful of food that muffled his voice. He nearly choked on his food, as he tried to calmly chew it so that he could warn her. "If you say 'tactical meeting' then it'll be Meham'ohorovi'cloca who shows up without warning!" he told her, with a smirk on his face before breaking out laughing. "What is it with blue people showing up and causing trouble?" he asked her, before returning to his much needed meal. He then heard her begin to suggest something now that he were alone, but at the moment his hunger was more geared towards food than sex. "Oh do let me eat," he teased her, before placing the dish aside and moving towards her. His lips connected with hers in a passionate kiss as his dinner was once again interrupted, by the least likely of sources.

She laughed and laughed. It was *true*! It was so true! She wondered if the Chiss tactical officer would get along with Ewwiekewwieikkie. "And you suggested Ewwiekewwieikkie was pregnant! I think we're at our max for troublesome blue people." She giggled. She loved Ewwiekewwieikkie, but the girl had given her a heart attack tonight when her attention turned towards the telescope. "You're not allowed to eat in peace tonight, love. I thought you noticed that." This was now the countless time that he'd attempted to have a meal only to have it derailed. Her fingers ran through his hair. She kissed him lovingly, knowing full well that she should let him eat before she instigated. Instead, she let herself be greedy. Her tongue made its way into his mouth to further rile him up and increase the heat between them. The kiss broke suddenly. Sierra looked into his eyes. "You should eat." Perhaps his appetite had changed by now. His wife smiled at him. Another crazy night had ended so good. She felt elated to spend the rest of her days with him. As always, Claudius was *perfect* for her.

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