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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:25) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Major Sierra Rodney.

*Splash*! The increasingly familiar sound of Squib hitting water reached Sierra Rodney's ears from her bedroom where she was hastily packing for what, in theory, would be a quick trip to Skor II. "Oh, bantha fodder! I *just* had the girls ready!" She cursed as she threw her hands up into the air before resuming her activities. Bruce giggled from the bed where both he and his father were in time out. For once, Sierra took her duties as Claudius' nurse seriously. She had been watching him like a hawk to ensure he healed properly. The black and white felinx, the family's most recent addition, was seated on the bed right beside Bruce. The felinx seemed reluctant to ever leave the boy's side. Despite Sierra's best efforts to give the felinx a non-food related name, it ended up with the name Neapolitan. Though he didn't show the same coloration as his namesake, the girls had called him it so many times that he started responding to it. So, Nea the felinx came to be.

Sierra was loading her purse with snacks for the girls. She had taken out everything that wasn't necessary and inedible. It took time for her to discover that her purse had been to the zoo, but when she had, she hadn't been terribly pleased. It couldn't be healthy to eat lipstick. Sierra sighed, retreating over to the bed to sit with her men. "How are you feeling today, love? You should soon have some peace and quiet with the little man. I expect you to *relax*." She stressed. Sierra had contacted a medical Squib college on Skor II about Ewwiekewwieikkie's interest in becoming a nurse. Her relation to the Big Time Hero of Beyond-Squib Eliteness had gotten her a speedy request, and now she was taking Melickielickie and Ewwiekewwieikkie to see the college. She wanted Drusilla to go, but she had a feeling she would have to drag her youngest stepdaughter out of her room to accomplish such a feat.

Claudius Rodney was propped up in bed still recovering from his bruised ribs from his unfortunately encounter with the Rebels on Delaya. As he sipped his chilled starfruit cider he kept a wary eye on Nea the felinx, hurriedly imported from the lakehouse. It was as if Bruce had a magnetic effect on the family's newest pet, and he was just glad that Sea Betsy the sea cow and the as yet unnamed otters did not tag along as well. He made sure to keep Bruce on the opposite side of his body as the felinx, as it seemed to have sharp claws and he was never quite sure just how Bruce's powers would manifest themselves. "I feel fine, and I *am* relaxing," he told her, as he attempted to lean over to place the glass on the nightstand, but even that simple strain caused him to grimace from applying stress to his rib cage. He tried to play it off like he was fine, but he failed.

If Sea Betsy could walk on land, than she would have ended up at the estate already. Thankfully, the sea cow still remained at the lakehouse where she awaited Bruce's return, like all the other creatures. Sierra reached over to Bruce's feet, grabbing them. "I'm gonna get you!" She playfully dragged him down the bed. He squawked and squealed all the way until he was eye-to-eye with his mother, then, Sierra leaned down and placed kisses all over his cheeks. She drew louder laughter from son as she found his tickle spots. Her head rose. Sierra rarely missed a beat. She didn't miss his grimace. He was still healing. Sierra placed Bruce further up on the bed close to his father, then rose to help Claudius with his drink. "You don't know the definition of relaxing. I've seen you on vacation." She teased him, leaning down to kiss his lips. "Are you going to be okay without me here? This can wait until you're better. Aren't you curious what a Squib college looks like?" She was worried about him. She tried to hide the worry behind a veil...and failed miserably.

Claudius was just about to reply when Nea rose up and began climbing onto Claudius. "Wait. What? No!" he said, as the Felinx settled onto his chest and began kneading its paws precisely where he was bruised. "Ow. Stop!" he pleaded, before he started to laugh from the tickling sensations he felt, which only seemed to make him hurt more. "What is it doing? Is Bruce doing this?" he asked, as suddenly Nea threw itself down on him with all of its weight. "Save me, Bruce," he pleaded with his son, as Nea's face was looking right at him with a low purring noise vibrating his entire body. "Is it ... is it supposed to do that?" he asked Sierra, uncertain of what was happening.

It was only a matter of time before Nea gave into his fascination with Bruce. Sierra started reaching towards the Felinx when it settled on her husband's already damaged chest. She held her hands out awkwardly, wondering if the Felinx would hurt him when she removed it. Instead, Nea made himself right at home. Sierra laughed softly. "He's kneading you! Kneading is like the ultimate profession of Felinx love, so I hear." She was a little jealous. It wasn't nearly as cute when the mini bantha tackled her to the ground and professed his love bantha-style. "I don't think Bruce is doing it. I think Nea likes you." She reached out, running her hand down the Felinx's back slowly. She could feel its body vibrating while it purred. "Mhm. It's just purring. Hissing is the noise you have to worry about. Do you want me to get him off of you? He isn't light." Sierra would know. She'd picked up the Felinx on more than a few occasions. Her blue eyes rose from her husband. She spotted Bruce, who was on his tummy making frustrated noises as he attempted to get closer to his family. "I think Bruce is jealous of all the attention you're getting." She teased as she crawled onto the bed and swept her son into her arms. She sat beside Claudius and Nea, keeping Bruce firmly in her grasp. The small boy reached out towards Nea. "Careful." She touched their son's hand and guided it over the soft fur of the felinx.

"I'm glad this isn't how humans profess love," Claudius told her, with a sly wink, before allowing his eyes to descend onto the Felix once again. "Hmm. I'm worried that if you attempt to remove it, that it'll just attempt to attach itself to me further," he theorized, resigned to his fate as the felinx' pillow. He watched as Sierra guided their son's hand across the felinx, hoping that nothing happened that would offend the creature and thus result in his being clawed. "At least it's not the bantha sitting on my chest, or I would be on my way to a bacta tank," he informed her before he, too, moved his hand to gently pet the felinx. "It seems well behaved. I hope Ewwiekewwieikkie and Melickielickie won't prove to be a bad influence on it," he added, with a subtle laugh.

She laughed. "Aw. I was going to ask if I could climb up on your chest next." She smiled at him brightly. Until he was recovered and approved well by Nurse Rodney, there would be no hanky panky! "I was worried about that too..." The felinx had a loud purr. It's fluffy tail twitched behind it. Nea was relaxed. He responded well to Bruce, and, obviously, to his new favorite person in the universe: Claudius. Sierra laughed again. "Don't talk about that. I've been trampled by that bantha before. It isn't an experience I recommend." She could still hear splashing followed by giggling outside. The *girls*. How would she ever get them dry and out of the house? Sierra didn't seem in a rush. She settled into bed with her family. "I hope so too. I need one living being in this house who doesn't resist bath time. Bruce..!" Both of the boy's hands gently latched into the side of the felinx. He pressed his face against Nea, laughing harder than ever before. Sierra pulled him away an instant later. "You can't eat Nea, Bruce... It doesn't matter what your sisters are telling you."

"*You* can always climb on my chest," Claudius teased his wife, as he withdrew his hand from the felinx. Unfortunately, the moment he pulled his hand away the entire demeanor of the felinx began to change. Its tail swished side to side, as if annoyed, while the eyes locked squarely on him. "Okay. Okay," he said, as he moved his hand back to the felinx and began to stroke it affectionately. "Someone needs attention," he said, rolling his eyes, and laughing at his own predicament. "I'll survive ... somehow. The Squibs need you," he said, reluctantly, as he continued to pet the felinx. Every time he stopped ... every time he considered stopping ... the tail began to swish about and he got 'the look'. He was trapped.

"I'll climb on your chest when you're healed sooner!" Sierra declared with a wide grin on her face. She watched the felinx and Claudius, chuckling to herself. "It seems Nea is on my side. You won't be going anywhere with him on your chest. I'll have Dru babysit Bruce. You really ought to get some rest, love." She leaned over him to kiss him again. Skor II was waiting for were two soaked Squibs. "I love you. If you start feeling antsy and don't want to rest anymore, just remember that I'm an ISB agent, and there might be devices recording your every move... So you have no choice but to behave." She started to rise from the bed with Bruce in her arms. The boy was already coming up on three months old. She couldn't believe how time was flying by.

As Sierra departed and took Bruce away Claudius was left alone with Nea. He tried taking his hand away to get some rest, but this time Nea rose from his chest and began to climb onto his face. There was nothing he could do, nor could he cry for help, as Nea decided to make a bed out of his face. He placed his hand upon the felinx and began petting it, trying to push it off his face. It was a losing battle. Hopefully Drusilla would eventually stumble upon his plight and rescue him.

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