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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:29) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Votrad: Petrus Flosgermen's apartment) and in the Essesia system: Esseles (The Void).
El-Nay Darr, Petrus Flosgermen, Commander Kerrie Kiley, and Luna Ta'em.

El-Nay Darr had undergone a horrible experience at the hands of Luna Ta'em, which never left her mind during her time spent recuperating in a Delayan bacta tank. Once again clad in the Mandalorian Nite Owl armor that once belonged to her mother which she had painted a garish shade of orange, the young wannabe Mandalorian had tracked the Demon Cat back to Brentaal where she planned to take some much needed revenge. She had been absent from her duty for the Inquisitor for quite some time ... first having been commandeered by Marcus to aid in the rescue of Zara and then having been laid up in the medcenter on Delaya. *If* she managed to work her way back to that job she likely would find herself in quite a bit of trouble. She watched from the Votrad spaceport as the couple made their way to the apartment, deciding it was best to take them when they were least prepared for it. Using her jetpack she ascended into the sky surrounding their apartment until she reached a height where she could observe the couple with the enhanced vision provided by the targeting scanner affixed to the top of her helmet. The intense, violent lovemaking that she witnessed caused her to blush and become overheated beneath her armor. So much so that she nearly forgot her purpose. As the night grew later and the exhausted, battered, couple settled into what she hoped was a deep sleep she decided to make her move. She angled her body towards the window and accelerated her jetpack to its top speed. She burst through the transparasteel effortlessly, coming to a stop directly above their bed. Before they could react, she angled her blaster at Petrus and fired off a stun bolt to take him out of the fight. No such mercy would be given to Luna, who was responsible for the nearly fatal wound she suffered. "Luna Ta'em!" she yelled, from beneath the T-shaped visor of her helmet. She had come for her revenge.

Luna Ta'em's life had been vastly different from El-Nay's as of late. The injuries her and Petrus had obtained from Zara's husband seemed like nothing compared to the credits that they suddenly had. They could retire now whilst living like royalty for the rest of their lives. Of course, Luna wasn't slowing down anytime soon. She was a wild young woman who happily gave hours of her day to Petrus, who she fucked without caring who saw. She was oblivious to El-Nay's presence. Even her monitoring cat-bot hadn't caught on. It was too busy filming what Luna kindly referred to as 'home videos'. Ultimately, even Luna and Petrus got tired. They settled into their bed, which had become increasingly more squeaky since she had busted into his life. She was tired, and thus fell asleep quickly. She could feel her cat near the end of the bed. Didn't they make for the happy family?

A happy family who was about to get one hell of a surprise. Luna hadn't registered what was happening when Petrus was stunned. Effectively, the Mandalorian had knocked the massive man out of the fight. Luna sat upwards. The sheets fell off her upper body, revealing her nude torso. Her dark eyes narrowed. She'd seen that horrible armor somewhere... *Oh*! Luna started laughing. "Oh my! It's *you*! Tell me, how is your body doing? Don't you like being all fired up?" With that, she rolled off the side of the bed. There was no time to clothe herself. She grabbed her trusty swords from the ground. She unsheathed them while clicking her tongue in a pattern. The little cat at the edge of the bed awoke. It's eyes glowed. A compartment on the cat's side opened up. A half dozen tiny explosives sprayed over in El-Nay's direction. It would, at the very least, give Luna a chance to recover from waking up. "Or is this all about Petrus? I don't do threesomes, honey."

"You won't be laughing long, bitch," El-Nay confidently replied to Luna just before the explosives were launched at her. She turned her back just in time, sacrificing the mobility of her jetpack to a more brutal frontal assault. The explosives effectively ruined her jetpack, dropping her to the ground like a rock. Her back, which had just taken ages to heal, was once again wounded, but not nearly as severely as the grenade during their last encounter. As she was hunched over on the bed next to the stunned Petrus she let out a commanding roar from beneath her helmet ... a mixture of pain and frustration. "You have no honor," she chastised Luna for her cheap use of explosives on what she had hoped to have been an honorable contest to avenge her previous defeat. Unexpectedly she grabbed hold of the stunned Petrus, draping his naked body over her armor to make use of him like a human shield. She brought up her wrist gauntlet with its serrated edges, holding it to the stunned man's neck. "Yield or he dies," she said, using a quite dishonorable tactic, but she was tired of getting blown up.

She would have preferred this fight happen outdoors. She had grown rather fond of Petrus' little bachelor pad. Luna wanted to keep it, but now the walls were enduring explosives. When the chaos cleared, the hideous woman who felt it fashionably acceptable to wear orange armor was using Petrus as a human shield. That pissed Luna off something crazy. The dishonorable had been trumped. She thought about attacking El-Nay regardless, risking serious injury to her partner. The wrist gauntlet was going to hurt him much more seriously than they were medically stocked up for within their home. Luna snarled, dropping her swords to the ground. With another series of tongue clicks, her cat was asleep at the end of the bed. "Let him go. Your point has been proven. Thank you for blowing up our apartment and ruining my beauty sleep. Now get out." Ooh, she was going to track that woman to the end of the galaxy to top her again. Next time, she'd place a grenade within the woman's armor so she would never come back to haunt her.

When Luna lowered her defenses El-Nay let out a soft chuckle beneath her helmet. She had *won*, but she was not finished. "I'm afraid it's not that simple, hun. You got me in a lot of trouble, and now you're going to get me out of it," she declared, as she raised her other wrist gauntlet at Luna. Clenching a fist a cable was shot out from her wrist that would wrap itself around the young thief and seeming explosives expert. With Luna attached to her wrist, she began to tend to the fallen Petrus, binding him with a set of stuncuffs. "You two are coming back with me to deal with my boss," she explained, being perhaps a bit too chatty as she went about her work. Normally she would have used her jetpack to fly them back to the spaceport, but Luna's explosives had prevented that. Angrily she began dragging Luna out of the apartment while carrying Petrus over her shoulder like a duffle bag. She made quite the sight carrying and dragging two naked individuals out into the city of Votrad.

Luna's head inched to the side. Hmmm? It sounded like Miss Ugly Armor was taking their scuffle very seriously. The young woman was lassoed by the cable. She immediately slipped her arms out from underneath it so that the cable only wrapped around her bare waist. Petrus got a pretty set of stuncuffs. "Can we keep those?" She asked, just to see if she could get under El-Nay's skin. Regardless, she decided to follow along. She was interested to see where they were going in their birthday suits. Neither Luna nor Petrus were shy. It didn't make her uncomfortable to move through the city nude. She wondered how long it would be before the weight of Petrus' body exhausted the little troublesome girl. "You really are kinky. I should have thought of dragging Petrus through the city naked. Remind me to write that down somewhere, will you?" The Demon Cat was tucked away in the very same spaceport. With her fiancé out, there was no way Luna could escape. She didn't have the upper body strength needed to drag him around like El-Nay did. "Where are we going? You *really* don't need to drag us around. It's so cruel." She whined dramatically. Of course, she didn't care. No matter where she took El-Nay, she had Petrus.

Luna's incessant talking was beginning to get under El-Nay's skin, so much so that it was making Petrus' body feel as if it weighed several dozen pounds more than it actually did. "Will you shut up," she squealed from beneath the helmet, as her petite body filled with an uncontrollable rage. "Is that how you defeat your targets? You talk them to death?" she asked, as she bitterly began moving towards her Kom'rk-class fighter. The craft stood vertically in the spaceport, its Mandalorian origins attracting perhaps a bit too much attention from the locals. As she entered the ship she carelessly dropped Petrus in the cargo hold, before disconnecting the cable from her wrist gauntlet. She carefully tied it off against the bulkhead of her ship before moving to the cockpit. "If you cause me any trouble I'm opening the cargo hold into space and dumping your beloved Petrus into deep space where he'll meet a cold death," she warned her, raising her finger at her angrily. She then moved herself to the cockpit where she began the preflight procedures that would blast them off Brentaal and send them on a course back to her employers.

She was so over this. Even the bounty hunter's ship had no class. Luna was separated from Petrus in the least favorable circumstance. She glared at the back of El-Nay's head. There was nothing she could do. Risking Petrus was out of the question. She did love the man. Luna found herself stuck, tied to the bulkhead of the woman's ship. Brentaal would be behind them soon and Luna would be forced to stare the unknown in its face. Since stealing Zara, Luna hadn't really thought about the woman, the Nerf Herder Marcus Rodney, or even her little sister. She figured that all three of them would never return to her life. Surely Zara had learned her lesson after seeing Luna's true feeling. She groaned, eyeing the floor which separated her from her beloved. If he hadn't be stunned out of the gate, things would have gone much differently. Luna could be selling a little Mandalorian over the Holonet's black market. Instead of sitting in her ship at her mercy.

Sometime later the Kom'rk-class fighter found itself entering the nearby Essesia system. "Thank you for being such a quiet traveling companion," she said, over her shoulder, as she sent the fighter spiraling downwards towards the planet Esseles. The terrain generally began to rise up from the surface of the planet as they entered the snow capped mountain range that dominated the northernmost continent. Then, in the distance, a barely noticeable artificial hangar cut into one of the mountains came into view. As the fighter entered the hangar, she pulled back on the controls until it was standing vertically, and then she slowly lowered it to the ground. When they were secure on the surface of the hangar a wicked grin crept onto her face beneath her helmet. She pressed the button blowing the cargo hold and sent the naked Petrus spilling out onto the deck. As she moved from the cockpit into the passenger compartment she again took Luna by the cable and dragged her out into the cockpit before releasing her. She placed a boot on top of Petrus, and posed for the mercenaries and Imperials that filled the hangar. "Tada!" she said proudly, basking in what she thought was her glory.

Major Kerrie Kiley was reviewing a training report from the ShadowWhispers when she noticed the familiar sight of El-Nay's two decade old starfighter entering the hangar. The crazy young Mandalorian had been gone for far too long, and had failed to report in the entire time. It was par for the course for the young Mando'a she had known for years. From beneath the black helmet of her armor she caught a glimpse of the naked and subdued Petrus, and the naked and bound Luna, and wondering just what the hell had been going on here. Neither of these individuals was the Black Sun lieutenant she had been sent after. She moved towards El-Nay swiftly, bringing up her E-11 blaster rifle as she moved. Without warning she bashed the young girl on the side of the head as it was the only language she understood. "Who are you?" she asked, Luna, aiming down the barrel of her rifle at the naked young woman. It was a stupid thing for El-Nay to bring an outside into their midst, but not entirely unexpected given her past history with the girl.

Eventually, Luna stopped caring about what was coming next. She drew invisible cats on the floor and occasionally whined. She missed her little kitten friend. Why hadn't she brought her special droid along? The ship's engines went quiet in time. What she heard, instead, was the sound of the cargo hold blowing. "Fucking damn it!" And Petrus' nude, fully exposed body, was suddenly in an unknown place. If not for her extreme comfort with her nudity, this situation would have been a lot worse. Instead, Luna walked, reluctantly, with El-Nay. They were presented to the Imperials. "Stop it!" The short-haired woman growled, kicking at her armored leg.

And then there was Major Kerrie Kiley, who appeared to be the only sane one here. She could use to take some tips from this woman. Greeting El-Nay with a shot to the head would have been better than explosives. She was seething again. Someone was pointing *another* weapon at her when all she wanted was her beauty sleep in her own goddamn bed. "Luna Ta'em. Who are you? Another scorned woman who I damaged in the past? Seriously, all I did was nail her with one grenade..." A dramatic eye roll. "Where the hell are we?"

Kerrie blinked beneath her helmet when she revealed herself to be Luna Ta'em. "The sister of Zara Ta'em?!" she asked incredulously, as she tilted her head to look at the Mandalorian. "You brought her here?! You're all kinds of stupid, aren't you?! Aren't you?!" she said, as she motioned for one of the Storm commandos to bring her a force pike. She slammed the base of the pike upon the ground activating the charge at the top, before slowly turning to look at her old friend, El-Nay. It pained her to have to do this, but others were watching, and she could not afford to look like she was playing her favorites. Her position was tenuous. She slammed the top of the staff into El-Nay's stomach, electrocuting her, until she hunched over. She then brought the staff up over the young Mandalorian's back, slamming it down and dropping her to the ground. She tossed the pike back to the guard before moving towards Luna. "Now what am I to do with you? I can't very well kill you, but I can't exactly let you go either. You can stay here as a prisoner for the rest of your natural life, or you can work for us and earn some credits if you manage to survive the missions," she said, before ordering a subordinate to bring up a report on Luna. "Who is he?" she asked her, looking at the cuffed, naked man on her deck.

"I can explain!" El-Nay said in a panic as she backed up from Kerrie, who was once her ori'vod. "Ugh," she let out a groan as the force pike connected with her stomach, sending an electrical current through her entire body that nearly disabled her. She was doubled over, but her attention was not fixated on Kerrie, but instead was looking at Luna. "Bitch," she cursed at her newly discovered rival, just before the force pike was slammed into her back. She hit the ground painfully, losing consciousness almost immediately, as she was physically disciplined for her brash actions. In many ways she was the animal that Kerrie thought she was, needing to learn through a harsh application of painful punishments. It was inhumane, but she would not repeat that mistake.

Okay. Now things were getting amusing. Clearly, the Imperial major was pissed at Agent Orange. The punishment which she gave the woman was clearly painful. Luna wanted to laugh so bad. She internalized it, deciding that she would recount the story to Petrus at a later time. Luna batted her eyes innocently towards Agent Orange. Whatever was she talking about? Luna had done absolutely *nothing*. Maybe the woman would learn better than to take two lovers away from their slumber. She crossed her arms in front of her chest. It was cold inside of the hangar. Without a shred of clothing, her body was beginning to let everyone else know that she was freezing.

Kerrie's words made Luna hate Agent Orange infinitely more. The very last thing she wanted was to be prisoners here, let alone tied here in any way, shape, or form. She huffed. "That's the way it's going to be? Some idiot breaks into my home, takes me to fuck knows where, and suddenly you're threatening me? Oye. Because that makes sense!" She moved down to the floor, seating herself right next to her fiancé. She really wished El-Nay hadn't stunned him now. "He is Petrus Flosgermen. You might know him as The Demon." Luna reported. "I'm not opposed to taking on your little missions, but I refuse to stay here. We live on Brentaal. Consider us your collared Imperial dogs." She was smart enough to know when she was in a pickle. Currently, she had no ship, no weapons, no clothes, and an out of commission partner in crime. The odds were not in her favor. Even stupid Agent Orange had passed out. Dumb bitch.

"You live on Brentaal no longer. I will send a team to collect your arms, equipment, and ship," Kerrie explained, matter-of-factly, before bringing her hands up to the side of her helmet. She unfastened the clips that held her helmet on, revealing herself to appear as a young human female in her mid-20s with reddish brown hair that was pinned up behind her head. "You should know that Marcus Rodney was a friend of mine. What you attempted sickened me," she said, as she spit down on the ground next to the disabled Petrus. "However, it took cunning, skill, and ruthlessness. Three traits the Empire values ... the Inquisitor in particular," she said, as she focused her blue eyes on the short haired naked woman. "You are here. The only time you leave here is on a mission. If you do not agree to those terms then I will have you both thrown in the turbolift and brought down to the lower levels where you'll be assigned a room. It will be a nice room, but you'll never be allowed to leave," she said, as she holstered her E-11 blaster rifle. "So. What's it going to be, Lunatic?" she asked her, as she arched her eyebrow and tilted her head to await her response.

This woman was a goddamn control freak. After making it big with the Rodney funds, Luna wanted more time to celebrate. She didn't like that this woman was stealing away her freedom for good. It seemed like no one cared about Luna and Petrus' previous achievements. It was all about Zara. . . . It was *always* all about her little sister. The woman weighed the pros and cons. As exciting as it sounded to spend the rest of her life in a room with Petrus, she wanted them to continue getting some sort of fresh air. Her fingers ran over his body slowly. "Whatever, *fine*. We'll do your dirty work. We'll do it better than Agent Orange over there too," her eyes brushed over El-Nay like the garbage that she was. If you thought their collision was over, then you'd be seriously wrong! She looked back to the Major. 'Lunatic' huh? She liked that nickname. It suited her perfectly, as seen by the fact that she had held her own pregnant sister for ransom and gotten away with it.

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