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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:4:32) in the Essesia system: Esseles (The Void) and Chalcedon.
Dimona Xirie Nuebla, and Lord Marcus Rodney, and Major Min Traebor.

The naked form of Lord Marcus Rodney, who was feeling quite humbled as of late, sat silently in the cold durasteel cage in the Pentax Facility on Esseles. The nobleman turned hunter had spent what seemed like a lifetime in the small kennel, in which he could not even stand upright. His arms were crossed in front of his body, with his hands awkwardly shrouding his nether regions. He would not give them the satisfaction of seeing him fully, as he still had some semblance of pride and wished to maintain his dignity. His eyes closed and he visualized the hunter who had snared him, vowing to get revenge when he finally found a method to evade his tormentors.

Major Min Traebor sat in a chair ten meters from the cage, sipping on a goblet of Whyren's Reserve. "You lied to us ... Milord," she said teasingly as a trail of the liquid ran down her lip only to be swiped away by the timely arrival of a finger. She inserted the wine covered finger into her mouth and suckled slowly, teasing the man in the cage. "You caused me to fail my mission to eliminate your ... brother," she spat as she finished the word, hissing as she envisioned the newly appointed Regional Governor. "Had you declined the job ... you would not be here," she said, taking another drink of the Whyren's Reserve with a less than graceful *slurp*. "But instead ... you took it ... and sabotaged me!" she yelled loudly, starting to become a bit intoxicated. Suddenly two fingers on her left hand surged forward, pointing at the man. An unseen Neimoidian technician emerged with a taser stave and jammed it into his side.

Marcus let out a sharp yell of pain as the taser stave collided with his side and instinctively he raised his body up, but quickly slammed his head into the top of the cage. Another groan of pain as his hand instinctively raised to cradle his head before he collapsed back down into a fetal position on the floor of the cage. He let out a tired sigh as a weakened left hand moved to the bars, squeezing at it desperately as he struggled to pull himself back up into a seating position. Traebor had achieved what she wanted however, as his hands had moved, and he was now fully exposed.

"Ah hah," Min said as she caught a glimpse of the man's most vulnerable area. "Now I can see why you wear armor. If I were a man, I would want to cover that up as well!" she snickered, as she swirled the liquor in her goblet before taking another drink. "You best get used to your new home, pet. By now the hunter that has snared you has been eliminated by our Stormtroopers and no one knows you're here!" she revealed with another snicker, as she sadly noticed her glass had become empty. Quite annoyed she threw it at the bars of the cage, which caused the electrical field to flicker and sent volts of energy into the man once again.

It had been four weeks since the conclusion of her most recent contract, but it had been a week prior that it became obvious to Dimona that she had been betrayed and her agreement with Imperial Intelligence compromised. This had not come to that much surprise, but it greatly disappointed her. Though despite her 'profession', she was honorable and took it seriously, but it was apparent that she had been dealing with the worst kind of sorts. Perhaps she could have thanked them for the effort involved, the hunter had quickly and eagerly made short work of the Commando they had sent to dispatch her all while grinning triumphantly, that was service with a smile! Now it was personal and she had spent the next week carefully planning to retrieve the goods that she had so diligently provided to her employer. They sure enjoyed burning bridges, did they not? No wonder the Rebellion was slowly squeezing the life from the Empire, no regards for decency anymore! It was hard enough to find a job exciting enough that was worth her time, now she had to worry about the Empire breathing down her neck constantly. Oh well! More fun for her, but it was time to take the fight to them. It was not like she did not already cautiously look over her shoulder everywhere she went, now she had the pleasure of dealing once again with those shady Imperials. It actually was not that hard to develop her entry and exit strategy, she had the Commando's suit and personal craft, it was easy to just waltz in! Hidden from view within the heavy black suit, her identity was safe for now, though she was just a tad bit shorter than the original owner, but no one seemed to notice. She boldly waved to every occupant in the hallways like she was on vacation while grinning from ear to ear behind the mask. Idiots! Ha! From the amount of information she was able to peddle from questionable sources, the property she was rightfully taking back was further in the establishment. Dimona strolled fearlessly towards her destination, confident that no one would stop her, afterall, she had a successful mission to report to Major Traebor.

"Ah. Footsteps," Major Traebor said, as she turned in her chair to look at the oncoming commando, who was sure to report joyous news. Oh, how she hated loose ends. This trooper would quickly be eliminated too, but then she would have to eliminate the trooper that eliminated the trooper ... and oh how quickly the arithmetic became a massacre! "Report!" she yelled at the trooper, as the intoxicated woman spun uncomfortably in her chair to look over the disguised Dimona. Nothing seemed out of order she thought, as a cunning smile curled upon her lips.

As she entered the expansive interior, her eyes were instantly drawn to the unfortunate and naked man curled into a fetal position. Wait...was that...what? She had to bite her lip to prevent from laughing devilishly which would have probably been completely inappropriate in light of Marcus' suffering. She sized up the other woman quickly, intoxicated, sadistic, and ignorant. So this is how Major Traebor got her kicks? Long lost lovers indeed! Dimona debated her next move quickly, admitting to herself that she had not planned for Marcus to be strung up naked in a cage, but improvisation was always more thrilling anyway. The hunter gathered that Min was the one with the real clout around here and most everything she demanded became reality, how convenient that she was plastered and would be easy to physically manipulate. The rather intimidating helmet was pulled from her, displaying the charismatic and beautiful face of none other than the one Traebor had sent to kill. "I had a blast, thanks for asking!" Quickly she tossed the helmet to the woman while pulling forth her Q2 hold-out blaster, shaking it quite condescendingly at the other with a grin as she slowly approached Min, eyes flicking about to make sure no one was being too clever. Easily outmaneuvering Traebor, she athletically slipped around behind her while lightly pressing the barrel of her weapon under the woman's chin, her free hand clasping at the Imperial's wrist to harshly pin it up against her back. "You disregarded our contract, I'll be taking back what is mine now."

Min hissed as the helmet was removed, revealing the hunter who she hoped was long since vanquished. She caught the helmet, but quickly threw it to the ground, unwilling to touch it as if it were a live grenade. Her eyes glared at her, resting her chin on the barrel of her hold-out blaster. "You'll never pull this off you know," she vowed, eyes looking to the left at the darkness, where a seemingly endless supply of battle droids and Stormtroopers lurked. "I wanted you dead. I wanted the man who killed you dead. It seems I will have both very shortly," she said with a smile as an entire squad of Stormtroopers equipped with E-11 blaster rifles marched from the shadows and prepared to battle the hunter.

"I might live through it, I might not! But that is what makes it so exciting." Her grip on the other woman tightened as she caught sight of the squad of fully equipped Stormtroopers emerging from the darkened area. This was not the worst situation she has ever been in, but it was still pretty grim, at least she had a playing chip, her only one, but it was worth something. "Maybe, but I have you. I bet they are pretty jealous, they wish they were manhandling you right now." She peered over towards the wreck that was Marcus Rodney, trying to gauge his condition, realizing the man was in terrible condition and would not be capable of making a daring escape anytime soon. "How about you be smart about this and load your decoration on my acquired ship. You'll have the benefit of knowing you can always chase me down later. It'll be fun."

Min reflected on the death of her last agent at the hand of Marcus Rodney, knowing that he was capable of being a cold and ruthless killer when the situation called for it. She knew who he was now ... and more importantly, she knew his family. She had leverage over him and surmised he would put an end to the pesky Dimona at some point without her even having to pay him to do it. Advantage Traebor, she thought to herself as a grin curled upon her pert lips. "Are you absolutely sure that you want him?" she asked, just to relive herself of any shred of guilt that might crop up at a later point. Oh, who was she kidding ... she had not felt guilt since she was six years old.

Dimona appraised Marcus once more, thinking back on their short although dynamic exchanges when she had first captured him. It had been one of her favorite jobs ever, it gave her such a rush, but perhaps it was the act in itself and did not have much to do with the target, he was handsome though, and she had felt a little bit bad for turning him over in nothing but a ripped bathrobe and damaged pride. "You seem to be enjoying him, look how cute he is hanging there all helpless. I'd take two, but you have just one. Think of it as advanced payment for the enjoyment you'll get once you track me down and deal with the both of us, yes?" All she needed was a head start, some leeway between herself and the entire Empire looming down on her. Really, she must be crazy to want to do this, well, she was, and it thrilled her so. "Well then, may the best lady win?" She whispered softly to Traebor while rubbing her cheek up against her affectionately, rather questionable!

Traebor motioned with her free hand and the technicians attached a repulsorlift to the cage and began lifting it towards her captured ship. Min shook her head at her, not pulling her chin off the Q2 hold-out blaster. "Cute gun, sweetie. But next time try and get something ... bigger," she said, shaking her head once again. "It reminds me too much of Marcus ... and not in a flattering way," she winked, as the cage went by and revealed one last glimpse of the unconscious man. She sighed, watching her toy being taken away from her like a spoiled child. "I'm sure I'll get him back," she predicted, the Stormtroopers continuing to shadow Dimona's movements, realizing they could unload upon her at any time.

The Stormtroopers could unload on her, but then they would be ripping apart their Major. Dimona was not letting that woman go for nothing, not until she was close enough to her stolen ship to do so. "How much time are you going to so graciously give me?" She pulled Traebor along with her while watching the caged Marcus pass before them as she listened to the other woman dress down the battered form of that sorry individual. "Maybe the bars were cold?" She lightly shrugged as she took a single step on her ramp, eyes frantically looking around at the sea of white armor surrounding her and the ship. "Tricky dicky!" She exclaimed, unwilling to released the Major just yet.

"How much time?" Min repeated, as they drew closer towards the commandeered vessel. "Well, Marcus never seemed to need much time," she winked, as her eyes darted down to the unconscious man in the cage being loaded upon the ship. "Oh ... you mean until I hunt you down?" she asked, her tongue brushing over her teeth as she studied the woman. "Honey, that's already begun," she said with a snort of air out of her nostril as she began to laugh at the unfortunate predicament Dimona was placing herself in.

She could not hold back a laugh followed by a wild grin as Traebor continued to disrespect Marcus in the most hilarious of ways. This woman was funny when drunk, maybe she was funny all the time, Dimona considered throwing her into the ship too and make off with everything, she needed insurance, but that was even more risky. Kidnapping a Major in the Empire? Ludicrous! They were at an impasse to be sure, it was going to make her getaway nearly impossible as it currently stood. "So when you joined the Empire, did they promise you that you would see the galaxy, visit strange and exotic places, get captured by Bounty hunters? You need a vacation Min!" She heavily suggested to the woman that she was about to be apart of a hostage situation. "Call off your mindless horde and give me some breathing room or I'm taking you with me and we will get into all sorts of crazy adventures together." It would not be such a terrible thing, Dimona figured she was winning in either case. "I'm happy with whichever you decide, but make it quick, I have an unconscious man to molest!" She half jokingly said, but it was so hard to tell when she was being serious.

"You'll forgive me if I never quite felt 'captured' as I am surrounded by armed gunmen loyal to me," Min said, blowing a kiss at the young bounty hunter, as her eyes wandered to the trooper. "Well ... if you do molest him be sure and record it. I can add it to my collection," she winked as she nodded her head to the troopers. Of course a tracking device had been placed upon the cage, so she was confident in her ability to track them for at least the near future. "If I were you, sweetie, I would not let him out any time soon. He has ... quite the temper," she hinted, as the Stormtroopers pulled back into the shadows from whence thy came. "Where will you go?" she asked, now that they seemed to be 'alone.' "I hear Mustafar is lovely this time of year," she joked with another snicker, as she burned a mental image of the woman into her subconscious.

"Thanks for the advice. We have got to do this again sometime." And knowing the tenacity and ruthlessness of the Empire, they probably would, but not today. "It's been a real pleasure Major Traebor!" She shouted in glee as she shoved the woman right off of the platform before slamming her hand on the activation switch to begin raising the ramp. This had to be fast, it would take a lot of maneuvering to get to hyperspace successfully, but she was an ace pilot and fully confident of her abilities. Dimona rushed to the cockpit, diving into the pilot seat as if the place was about to explode. Her hands darted across the many controls and switches, prepping her commandeered ship for take off.

Min groaned as she was flung from the ramp, and grimaced uncomfortably as her knee hit the terrain and tore her trousers. "She ripped my pants!" she yelled, as she looked towards the shadows where the Stormtroopers had retreated. "Don't just stand there you fools!" she yelled as she picked herself up, and began to dust herself off in frustration. All around her Imperial Stormtroopers began to surge forward, sending deadly crimson bolts of energy flying from the barrels of their E-11 blaster rifles at the Lambda-class shuttle. She smiled contently as she heard the beep on her datapad, noting that it seemed the tracking device was active.

The shuttle was being bombarded heavily, though luckily the majority of the fire bounced harmlessly off of the ships shields. However, the multitude of blaster bolts was wearing it away quickly and it would not be long until the repeated fire would start tearing into the metal plating of the craft. "Well damn! No leeway at all? That isn't sportsmanlike!" Flustered she took to the controls, clumsily lurching the ship forwards frantically, causing the wings to slam into various objects and cargo that surrounding the loading docks before the entire craft spasmed and lifted into to air without any coordination. "Go go go!" She yelled as she laughed near hysterically, the ship reaching the upper atmosphere quickly, leaving dust and debris in its wake.

Marcus Rodney slowly awoke inside his cage, a tremendous pain inside his head. He assumed he was still inside the Pentax Facility, his hands moving up to the side of his head and pressing against it in a desperate attempt to force the pain out. "Oh, when are you going to let me out of this cage, Major?" he asked, as he rolled onto his backside, fully exposing himself. His eyes began to blink and gradually the new surroundings came into view. A few more blinks and there was Dimona and immediately his testosterone began to surge through his blood. "You!" he yelled as he leaped up, but banged his head into the top of the cage and again he was electrocuted by the bars and fell back down to the bottom of the cage in a pathetic heap.

"Now that completely depends on you, darling." She responded to his question that was obviously meant for Traebor as she loomed over him quite pleased with herself. "This is the second time I have beaten all odds to have you in my possession. Aren't you the catch!" Dimona took a cautious step back to make sure she was out of range of his reach as she flashed him a brilliant smile. "Beautiful woman want to poke your naked body? You should feel honored. But the Major made a critical mistake, and that was doublecrossing me. So I decided to reclaim my property from her grasp." Dimona journeyed around the cage in a short playful skip, debating just exactly what she was going to do with her cargo now. "I was thinking you would look nice hanging from my bedroom ceiling. What do you think?" A wink was given to him with an flirtatious flare.

After looking at Dimona's flirtatious smile it would take more than the ten fingers he had available to cover himself, and he shifted uncomfortably in he cage, trying to turn his body from her sight. "Can you at least give me a sheet?" he asked, pretending to shiver for dramatic effect. "It is very cold in space," he pointed out, as he flashed a half smile back at her. The idea of hovering in a cage above the young hunter's bed was more appealing than being in the hands of Min, but it was still a cage. He would have killed Sophia for revealing his identity to them, but of course she was already dead. Perhaps he would dig her up and shoot her again, he thought as he lowered his chest and hugged himself for added warmth. Hopeless eyes looked up at her as he attempted to test her gullibility.

"Now you are a little bashful? What about the previous weeks being on display for Min?" She lightly teased him, not at all vain enough to give him any leeway, not until he proved she could at least trust him enough to clothe him properly. "Are you willing to be honest with me now?" Dimona curiously asked, reminding him in a roundabout way of his previous refusal to tell her anything that led to him being hand delivered like a package to Imperial Intel. "Besides, I like this view better." Her eyes washed over his striking form, soaking in every little detail, shamelessly enjoying having a very handsome naked man at her mercies. "You have to at least admit that 'rescuing' you was quite the feat, not even a thanks? No appreciation. Typical man." She scoffed at him but it was in harmless fun as she pulled up a chair and painstakingly placed it just out of his reach. Dimona lowered herself into it before slowly crossing her legs a bit too suggestively. They were currently in hyperspace upon a shuttle she had 'borrowed' from the Imperial Commando that had been tasked with disposing of her, their destination was yet unknown to the caged man.

"Rescuing me?" Marcus asked as he situated himself in the cage, so that he would sit facing her, but lowered his hands to his lap to shield himself from her view. "I don't feel 'rescued'," he quickly pointed out as his eyes darted to the cage that surrounded him. "Besides ... you were the one who put me in this mess," he reminded her, as he lifted his butt off the cage floor for a bit. It as cooling very quickly in the confines of space. "A pillow perhaps?" he asked, tilting his head to the right side as he offered a hopeful smile that he painstakingly crafted on the chiseled features of his face.

It appeared that Dimona considered giving him something to aid in his discomfort, but she was ultimately unconvinced that he deserved it, he needed to earn special requests! "How about you answer my questions first. Namely, why does Major Traebor fancy treating you this way ... did you break her heart?" She shook her head lightly while 'tsking' at him, assuming he was some sort of hopeless playboy, but there had to be another reason. "There is a lot you aren't telling me, and you will have to get really comfy in there soon, without pillows!" She playfully threatened him, as if she took nothing seriously, even taking light of the fact that Marcus was tortured for what had appeared to be weeks. Eyes washed over the construction of the cage, it would be tricky to open it up anyway without electrocuting herself. Dimona pondered how she could even get something through the bars without activating the cage's defenses.

Marcus let out a tired sigh as he realized she was not going to make this easy. "I think you just like having an attractive naked man in a cage, young lady," he said, scolding her right back, despite the fact that she clearly had the advantage. "Do your parents know you do this sort of thing? Keep men in cages, I mean..." he asked, shaking his head at her in mock disgust. "The Major and I had a disagreement over the completion of a business contract..." he vaguely explained, as he again shifted uncomfortably within the tight confines of the cage. "As you seem to have just violated your contract with her I fully expect you'll find yourself in one of these ... sooner rather than later," he pointed out, as he began looking around the ship for anything that might assist him.

She giggled lighthearted at his accusation, nearly tickled with fancy as she crossed her legs again. "Oh I do, I'm not at all chastising the Major for her choice, I'm just wondering why she went to such great lengths." Dimona brushed off his other question, not interested in discussing her family, she had left them for a life of adventure, running away from her responsibilities and a ridiculous arranged marriage that she refused to comply with. "Now now, Min broke her contract with me by sending one of her stooges to kill me. Kill 'me'! Come on, that was really reckless of her. She hired the best, of course I would be able to come back and reclaim you. Honestly, some people." Dimona boasted of her abilities, and although Marcus did not recognize her as a well-known hunter, that did not distract from her claims. "Oh, I actually never told you my name. Dimona Xirie Nuebla. I'm sure you're charmed." He would not know the name, but that is how the hunter enjoyed it. She did not crave fame or fortune, she craved excitement, and what better career path to receive such a rush than a Bounty Hunter. "So tell me handsome, what business did you and the Intel officer have at some point?" She chuckled to herself, half expecting it to be inappropriate, but she was curious all the same. He was well built and quick-witted, not to mention the Major had specifically warned her not to trust him. A mock gasp was given in his direction. "Marcus, you couldn't 'possibly' be a shady individual." She drew that out obnoxiously. "Not with your luxurious background, being in the house of Rodney. Does 'your' family know you were hanging naked in a cage in a deep mountain side secret Imperial Intel base?"

Dimona was right about one thing ... he was quite handsome. "Now, now, Dimona ... a gentleman never tells," he explained to her as he flashed her the charming grin he had developed in finishing school. "I want to assure you, my dear, that there is nothing the least bit 'shady' about yours truly. I'm just a man trying to make a living," he explained, trying to reason with her, as he shifted closer towards the bars of the cage to get just a bit nearer to her. "Well, you know my family ... you know their credits ... how about you and I make a deal to end this fiasco before it goes any further?" he asked, nodding his head at her rather firmly, in the hopes she would go for his plan.

"And what exactly is this 'living' you speak of?" She quickly pulled that tidbit from his statement, not at all falling for his charms, though she would like to believe him, it just was not in her nature to be too trusting, especially not someone the Empire wanted to torture for weeks. "When I captured you, you were living in a plush castle on the edge of a cliff side, that I had to scale for days just to reach your balcony." She openly laughed at him, it was so obvious he was hiding something. "As if you need to make a living doing anything Marcus Rodney." She emphasized his last name, who was he fooling. "You must be the black sheep in the family!" Dimona knew that lifestyle well...she was certainly the black sheep in her own family. Herself and Marcus might have a lot in common, even more reason not to trust him.

Marcus remained silent for a moment, sizing the young bounty hunter up cautiously. "You know ... the last time I told a woman what I did for a living she ended up dead and I ended up in a cage..." he explained, growing rather quiet as the smile faded from his face. "I don't think that's a hyperspace lane we want to go down..." he said to her, as he again shifted against the now freezing cold durasteel of the cage bottom. "Everyone in my family has a job. My brother is a naval officer. My father is a planetary administrator. My mother serves on the planetary council. Keeping up appearances and all," he explained, as he gave her a quick wink with his right eye. "So how about 50,000 credits and we forget this whole thing? That has to be at least five times what they offered you to get into this jackpot..." he said to her, doing his best to try and reason with what he perceived as a love for finance.

"Or..." She paused with a huge grin, such a great idea she suddenly schemed. "I could drop you off in front of the Rodney home estate with a letter attached explaining everything. Gift wrapped present!" The hunter was a little annoyed that the man's only solution to his predicament now and from before was to offer her more money, that was so boring. "Look, I want you to understand something. I am not interested in money, I'm interested in thrill. I only get to live this life once, I want it to be full of heartracing excitement. Clear dear? And seeing the look on the faces of those that know you, and spreading your embarrassment to the local newscast would bring me a type of joy that I don't get often. Now, do you want to come clean with me or should I plot a course to the House of Rodney on Delaya?" Dimona said sternly, but that glitter of adventurous desire glittered in her striking dark brown eyes.

"Even if I told you ... you'd never believe me," Marcus explained to her as he considered his options. It would be humiliating for him to be found in a cage outside of the estate, but he would be free. It would affect his family more than him after all, so he nodded to her with a reluctant sigh. "Very well. Let the humiliation begin. Anything is preferable to freezing to death in a cage..." he explained to her, as he folded his arms in front of his chest, wondering if the servants could free him before Imperial Holovision would discover his predicament. It might give his father a heart attack, he never liked the man that much to begin with.

Jeez, he was being so difficult with her! Dimona was having a hard time getting some truth from that man. No wonder he was tortured for weeks, probably out of shear frustration on Traebor's end. Though the more she thought about it, the more the political aspects became promising. "Hold on...does your family totally hate you or would they appreciate your rescue? Would they even want to know you were captured by the Empire. Oh, there are some nasty things that could come from this." Her mind raced with the possibilities and the repercussions, no doubt this could cause some sort of conflict. She did not love the Empire, but she did not hate it either, deciding long ago to stay neutral to expand her clientele. Those Imperials paid well, when they were not backstabbing and betraying her, but that was only every other job, not every job, which for her were acceptable odds. "Hrm..." Dimona fully leaned back into her chair in heavy contemplation. "If I dropped you off, would you be able to disappear for awhile? I'm sure the last place the Empire would expect you to be is back at your estate. But then I would lose my decoration. What is a girl to do!"

"My family and I have a 'complex' relationship," Marcus replied, as he wondered if she would really go through with it. "Oh you don't have to worry about me disappearing. Believe it or not ... this sort of thing happens a lot..." he explained to her, as he brought his legs up against his chest and hugged himself. He started shaking badly and his teeth began to chatter. "It is rather freezing..." he said, genuinely starting to feel with it. He lifted his feet in the air, painfully hovering them off the ground to keep the cold metal from direct contact with the sensitive part of his flesh.

"Apparently it does happen a lot, but you refuse to tell me the details. That hurts my feelings." She said with a forced pout on her face, it was so terribly hard to pout, she almost never did. She considered him for a long moment, she had no real reason to keep him, he was not really her prisoner, he was just trapped in a cage, likely for her own safety. She did not have lasting regard for Major Traebor, but she actually believed that woman when she said Marcus was dangerous and could not be trusted. She had 'rescued' him out of spite for her exemployer, not because she had real love for the man at all. He was just pretty to look at, but she was unimpressed by everything else she was seeing. "If this happens a lot, you must feel really awkward all the time, how many other woman want to see you naked in a cage? I should compile a list for you in a little black book. By the way..." She paused, remembering some of their past conversation though it was extremely hazy. " promised me a yacht, or some nice tracks of land, something worthy of my time. I guess I wouldn't mind that, are yachts fun?"

"I'd rather your feelings be hurt than your body. It's such a lovely body," Marcus commented as he sized her up, thinking she was rather attractive, despite the unattractive nature of the cobbled together patchwork. By now he was starting to turn blue in the cheeks, and his shivering grew even more intense. Each word he spoke was slightly slurred as the shivers began to rock his entire body. "You're the second to see me naked in a cage, Dimona," he said, having lost his patience by this point. He was freezing and a sense of humor had already frozen to death. "Yes, yes. A patch of land. A yacht. Credits. Whatever it takes..." he stammered, closing his eyes for a moment as he attempted to refocus himself and strengthen his resolve against the harsh climate.

"Oh for goodness sake." She rolled her eyes at his display of freezing to death, not sure if he really was freezing or putting on a show. The hunter jumped up from her chair with new found enthusiasm and strolled over to the keypad that controlled the cage, having no idea how to use it properly and having no slicing skills, she decided to just blow the thing off. That was not at all risky for Marcus...she thought to herself, even her mind was sarcastic at times. "Alright, I can't have you dying in there before I get your phone number so let this thing." Said a bit reluctantly, not wishing him harm but also being cautious for her own wellbeing. He had been tortured for some time and was still in terrible shape, she surmised that if a problem arised, she could take him down, plus she had the gun. "Alright, but no coping a feel...without my permission." Her Q2 blaster was clasped in her right hand as she brought it up to the locking mechanism with a worried winced look, not quite sure what will happen, but it was the best way she could think of to deactivate this...thing. "I'll have to get this fixed afterwards, could be useful to have a slave cage for later." And with that, she pulled the trigger of the small blaster, instantly blowing apart the lock successfully.

"Gaah!" Marcus Rodney groaned as the explosion sent sparks that singed his exposed flesh, but the door did successfully blow off its hinge. "Well ... that's one way..." he said as he quickly opened the door and forced his way out. He lay close to the ground for a moment, panting like an injured Kath hound as he tried to regain his composure. "Thank you," he said, as his eyes rolled slowly upward to size her up, noting the small hold-out blaster in her hand. In an instant his reflexes kicked in and he surged forward, in a desperate attempt to tackle her to the ground. His right arm went to hers in an attempt to jolt her arm back and knock the gun out of her hand. He needed his freedom and he just did not trust her ... yet. He had hoped his sudden strike after playing wounded would catch her off guard, but he did not know her combat abilities.

Fortunately for Dimona, she was very versed in close hand-to-hand combat...and also submission moves. Why she wanted to learn that...well, a girl has her secrets. She generally did not like to handle her cargo so roughly, usually the clients wanted them alive and unscathed, thus she usually resorted to stun coils and stun grenades, but at times her acrobatic prowess was very useful. Marcus did manage to tackle her, she could almost see it coming but she refused to shoot him with the blaster, even if she aimed for a nonlethal area, she could have missed with his blurred motion and hit something vital by mistake, and she really would have felt bad for killing him. Instead, she braced for the collision in a split second, being brought down by the man but yielding to his movement. With a steady flow, she pulled backwards and attempted to double kick the other right off of her as she fell back into an aerobic tumble. "I said not without my permission!"

The kick caught him unprepared and caused him to awkwardly roll away from her, but it was not very painful. "You've been begging for it all night," he said, as he quickly rose up off the ground and got into a crouched position. Surging forward, he attempts to lay next to her, leaning on her midsection with his elbow to attempt to pin her to the ground. "Hold still!" he argued with her, as they awkwardly rolled around on the floor of the transport like a couple of animals. The movement was warming him up and the color was returning to his face. Sweat was starting to form on his naked flesh and droplets of water ran down across his muscles. His breathing was heavy, and he was becoming quite excited from the fierce confrontation.

He had a surprising amount of vigor for someone who was in such sorry shape only an hour ago, forcing her to struggle with him as they rolled chaotically around on the ground, knocking over various items and equipment. "This is how you treat a lady who just saved your life? I see how it is." She growled at him as she attempted to get the upper hand in this tussle. Dimona had a large catalog of chokeholds and pin moves, and she would go through all of them, even breaking his arm if she had to! But she refused to shoot the poor guy, he has been through enough. She skillfully maneuvered herself to be mounting him, realizing that... this situation was a little questionable, and maybe she should have used a different submission hold. "Umm, I don't usually wrestle naked men, you understand." She grinned down to him sheepishly, trying her best to mask the embarrassment and awkwardness before she jumped from him to retreat backwards with her hands held out passively, trying to calm him. "Look, relax! I just wanted an excuse to roll around on the ground with me...naked!"

Marcus let out a pleasurable grunt as she mounted him, and instinctively he could not help but buck against her. He was relieved that she was off him, but now he had a bigger problem than just securing his release. The naked, sweaty man continued to pant as he rose to his feet and looked over the smaller hunter, his tongue gently stroking over his lips. "How about we do that again, but this time we're both naked?" he suggested, as he flashed a grin in her general direction. "I'll tell you what happened between me and Min..." he said in a teasing voice, taking a few delicate steps towards her, not sure what her reaction would be. Realistically, he had nothing to lose at this point and there was such a tremendous upside.

She rolled her eyes so fiercely, she could have gone dizzy. "How about we don't?" She said with an unimpressed scowl, that was not a good look for her, but Dimona did not appreciate the misuse of her person, and this wasn't exactly something that was on her bucket list. Her hand reached into her brown leather jacket that was all disheveled due to their skirmish to produce yet another Q2 blaster, pointing it at him quite ferociously, though it was only an act, she had no plans on shooting him this day, but he did not need to know that. "I always carry a spare. Now sit down and act like a nobleman, jeez!" The blaster was heavily thrust towards one of the chairs that they toppled over.

"Well it looks like we've both got guns pointed at one another," a very naked Marcus Rodney pointed out, though his was far less lethal. He moved towards the fallen chair, but just kept on walking, making a point to pick up a different chair than the one she indicated. As he sat down on it, his sweaty body made an awkward noise against the synthetic leather of the chair, as if he had just passed gas. His cheeks flushed red and he immediately tried to downplay it. "It was the friction!" he shouted to her, as he crossed his legs in an attempt to cover himself once again. "So ... got any clothes?" he asked her, as he looked around her freighter for any sign of a men's wear section. Seeing none, he wondered how much longer she planned on keeping him in this state.

"Of course I have clothes you can borrow, you would have already been dressed in something by now if you didn't tackle me. You make no sense Marcus." She kept perfect eye contact, not allowing her vision to drift too far down, quite on purpose in respect for the other's...predicament. "Is this just like a normal day for you? You must lead a very fascinating life." Said with a hint of regard and a quirky smile, truly Dimona could appreciate a life full of ridiculous encounters. "Now are you going to behave or do I have to stun you and throw you back into the cage? If you aren't completely insane, you may go find yourself something to wear in the quarters. Shoo...Shoo. I have a new course to plot." She flicked the blaster to him to go exploring, not yet feeling comfortable to put the weapon fully away in case he wanted to wrestle some more.

"Well let's put it this way ... it's not a normal day, but it's not an abnormal day either..." Marcus said as he rose from the chair and began walking towards the quarters. He walked very slowly and suggestively as he passed her, giving her one last show as he would soon be clothed. Once inside he began sorting her selection of men's clothing and scratched his chin as he looked it over. "What are you doing with this stuff anyway ... married?" he asked, loud enough that she would be able to hear him from the other room. He looked through the drawers for a weapon, but was unable to come up with one. Finally he dressed himself in a pair of trousers that were a bit too short, and a shirt that was a bit too big. He looked very unprofessional as he finally emerged from her quarters and back in the passenger compartment of the ship. "We just left Esseles. How about dropping me off on Brentaal IV? From there I can get a ride from my brother..." he pointed out, trying to encourage her to release him.

Dimona got a good look at him as he emerged into the cockpit, looking rather clumsy in clothes that obviously did not fit him causing her to smirk, but at least he was not naked. "Alright, but you owe me that yacht." What would she do with a yacht? Who knows, but it sounded fun so that was her request. Her hands briskly roamed across the control panel, plotting in a new course to Brentaal IV. "Oh, by the way, Major Traebor wants my blood! Isn't that exciting? So watch yourself, they are coming after the both of us. Did you roll around on the ground naked with her too?" She asked with a laugh as their new course was acknowledge by the navigation computer.

"No. Can't say she's had that honor," Marcus said with a smile as he turned his head to examine her. She was really quite beautiful when she was not holding a gun at him. "You'll get your yacht, but you owe me this for all the trouble you've caused..." he said, as a strange look came upon his face. A moment later, his hand moved towards the back of her head and he moved his face swiftly towards hers. His eyes closed as he attempted to place his lips upon hers in a tender kiss. He had wanted to do that since Delaya, but this might be his last chance. After all, Major Traebor was rather efficient at times.

Her intuition was extremely keen, it was one of the reasons Dimona was still alive, always trust your instincts, and this situation was no different. As Marcus leaned in for a kiss, he may be surprised that he would be met halfway, Dimona had already been anticipating his rather obvious attempt and leaned into him anxiously. She took the initiative to wrap an arm around the back of his neck to pull him closer as her free hand found its way under his shirt, smoothing over the toned hills and valleys of his skin, fingers pressing against his muscled chest. The kiss ended up being a little more passionate than she intended, thus she broke it off early, but not without giving a gentle lick to the bottom of his lip as she pulled away. She did not know if she would ever see him again, he may be killed tomorrow, so it was worth just writing this one off as a quick and fun exertion. "Umm...yeah, Brentaal IV." She stammered, not exactly sure what to say after that unexpected diversion. After a moment to compose herself, she added. "That one was free of charge."

"You're forgetting I'm a billionaire," Marcus pointed out , as his tongue slid from between his lips to lick at where she had tasted him. Suddenly he felt the ship lurch out of hyperspace as they arrived at Brentaal IV. He sighed sadly, realizing they would soon be going their separate ways. It was a wonderful encounter, however, and the galaxy had a funny way of bringing these two together it seemed. He was confident he would see her again, and perhaps next time she would be the one in the cage.

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