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Christopher Levy, Kyle Sisk, and Anonymous.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:2:5) in the Brentaal system: Argo and the Ringali Nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Derek Atio, Trooper Alanya Rockturne, and General Akilist Volkov.

The CR90 corvette Argo slid from formation with the remainder of the tattered Rebel fleet in the Vergesso Asteroids. On the bridge, Commander Atio looked over the transmission he had received from General Sewell on Yavin 4. The orders troubled him for a number of reasons, but first and foremost he did not like the idea of bringing the still-damaged vessel into one of the most hostile war zones in the Core. Regardless, he followed the orders and did not make them. An instant later, the ship streaked forward, the field of stars condensing into a swirling blur of light as the vessel entered hyperspace. The cup of tear he had been drinking to relax splattered upon his trousers and the floor as the decks rattled upon the old girl's entry into hyperspace. "Argh," he groaned at yet another series of misfortunes.

After its transit, the Argo emerged from hyperspace in its destination ... an are of the core known as the Ringali Shell. The war was raging in this region as the Rebel's insurgent activities had succeeded in creating a full-scale uprising on the planet Ralltiir, resulting in Lord Tion's recent blockade.

The sensors, still offline, from the recent battle in the Sesswenna sector did little to ease Commander Atio's tension. He swallowed nervously as he looked through the viewport, having arrived safely in the Brentaal system. The terrifying sight of a Star Destroyer loomed in the distance, sending a shrill of terror through his spine. "Get us into the nebula," he quickly ordered. The vessel's engines, still quite functional, cameto life as it accelerated at its top speed for the nearby Ringali Nebula.

Suddenly, the Argo shook violently as the unmistakable sounds of laser cannons splattering against the shields sent the crew into action. The laser cannons began returning fire, but the topside turbolaser was still offline. "Engine room," Derek blared angrily through the comm as a TIE/ln starfighter erupted in a massive fireball in front of the ship, "We're going to need everything you've got." By now, beads of sweat clung to his forehead as two more TIE/ln starfighters dove in for an attack run on the Argo. The lights dimmed for an instant as their cannons struck the target, temporarily forcing the ship to rely on emergency power.

Unexpectedly, out of the nebula a pair of T-65 X-wings cut through at their top speed, their laser cannons tearing through the darkness of space at the onrushing TIEs. Explosions ripped all around the corvette as it pushed forward into the nebula, allowing the starfighters to handle the job. "They won't follow us into the nebula," the Commander assured everyone on the bridge as he began to rest easy for the time being.

With the homing beacon activated, the corvette slowly navigated from waypoint to waypoint, following a complex course that would ultimately bring them to the Ringali Shell Sector Command Base, a converted gas mining station that had been brought by the Alliance into the nebula to serve as a covert base of operations.

The EF76 Nebulon-B Solace came into full view first, escorted by a small compliment of corvettes and gunships. It was a sizable force, but not enough to do anything against Lord Tion and his Star Destroyers. For months the conflict had raged throughout the Ringali Shell, all orchestrated by the Rebel's venerable Sector Commander, General Akilist Volkov, but with Tion's forces cruelly laying waste to the people of Ralltiir the tactical situation had changed and High Commanded wanted to get their man out before he was cut off and lost in an untenable situation.

The Argo came upon the station and maneuvered into position, its dorsal docking hatch connecting with one of the many umbilical docking ports that were extending from the station. With the docking complete, Derek rose from his seat and walked down the corridor to the turbolift. He had never met General Volkov, but he had heard the rumors of course. The man was something of a legend by now, with his service in the Clone Wars something he remembered well. He had hung on valiantly in the Ringali Shell and he admired that. He did not know what to expect as he walked towards the docking hatch. He was not sure if he would even want to go, but he had his orders. Before heading onto the station, he would wait for Trooper Rockturne.

The infiltrator appeared out of a turbolift just after him. Alanya was dressed in her usual all black, moving silently along the deck as soft grip boots brought her to Commander Atio, coming to attention. "Sir. Reporting as ordered, sir." She said quickly, somewhat uncertain of why he wanted her here, but she would not ask. She was dressed in a one piece black thinsuit, the head portion pulled down around her neck, leaving her face bare. Over that was worn a suit of Voyager light scout armor, blackened of course to blend in with the thinsuit. It was a war zone, and she wanted to be prepared, although she had gone light on the weaponry, not wanting to raise too many eyebrows, settling for her Merr-Sonn "Intimidator" and her multi-weapon, both of which were suspended from her belt.

"Trooper," Commander Atio began nervously, "I want to make sure you understand your orders before we board the station." He wanted to be careful with how to word this, knowing she seemed to possess a literal mind. "We are here to pick up General Volkov," he began to explain to the Infiltrator. "General Volkov is to leave the station with us and be brought back with us," he paused for a moment, " any means necessary. Do you understand, Trooper?" The wording of his orders from General Sewell was quite clear.

Alanya nodded. "Yes, sir. Does this mean I am authorized to use force against the General or others if they try to interfere?" She asked as she immediately regretted not bringing more weapons. But, such as it was...she would have to deal with the situation. Adapt and overcome, as it were.

"By any means necessary, Trooper," Derek replied, repeating the words exactly as written in his orders. With that, he activated the controls to the hatch. The panel above him opened and the ladder descended, and he began to climb up into the hangar bay of the station. He looked around and saw various starfighters and freighters. He often envied those that were alone in the cockpit and had the freedom to control their own destinies, but he was an engineer, not a pilot, and his recent relaxed lifestyle caused him to doubt he could fit comfortable in a cockpit that small.

Walking up to General Volkov with his back rigid, Sergean Praetorian gave a crisp salute, "the Argo has arrived, sir."

Akilist came forwards from the confines of his study in order to greet the Argo after getting word from Sergeant Praetorian of their arrival. Knee high synthleather combat boots echoed the path of the General as he strolled boldly down the command corridor towards the direction of the docking bay receptionist lounge. Tan trousers complemented the attire along with matching tunic and jacket. His hands momentarily remained occupied at the hips as he struggled in in desperate attempt to straighten his belt for presentable fashion. Long strands of gray flowing hair fluttered freely behind him in order to compensate the momentum that carried the General along at a most leisurely pace. A casual glance down onto his tunic would allow him the mental affirmation and reinforcement necessary as an imperishable reminder of his service to the Rebellion. The pentacle of the red ranking insignia that decorated the right side of his chest.

The aides of Akilist followed casually alongside him in perfect stride as they made a quick right turn onto an adjacent corridor that would lead them past Ringali Shell Sector headquarters primary command post. A most daunting group they were and well aware of their duty as officers where they. A slight turn of the head and brief dip of the chin would give a silent acknowledgement to his personal aide and military advisor, Sergeant Praetorian. It was by no mistake that Akilist surrounded himself with an inner council much reflecting the viewpoints and ideas of his own personal desires. This young and distinguished officer had been hand-picked from the academies on Corulag by the General himself. Relentless searches were exhausted of what remained of the Old Republics most prestigious officers.

Standing boldly on Volkov's side was a relatively short man, but rather enforcing by the means in which he carried himself. First Lieutenant Rysh Terrcken and head advisor to Ringali Command Station Intelligence. He had been revered as one of the most ambitious and intellectual minds serving amongst the ranks of the Rebel Alliance. Volkov had instilled much trust in this man and had learned to receive his council on regular occasion. It was of no doubt that such officers as the two men walking at his side were symbolic forms to the success of the restoration of the Republic.

The receptionist lounge blaster doors hissed open accompanied by a release of white vapor into the ozone as General Akilist Volkov strolled gingerly along the hangar bay deck towards the crew of the Corellian corvette Argo. Both hands raised with palms pointing upwards as if in gracious honor to receive the members that began to emerge from the docking hatch. "Welcome to the Ringali Shell"

Derek straightened into a more rigid posture, an unusual position for him to take, but one that the situation seemed to call for. He swallowed, trying to moisten his nervously dry palette, and then cleared his throat. "General Volkov, sir," he began in his most diplomatic of voices, "I am Commander Derek Atio of the Argo." He nodded to him politely, before continuing. "I have orders from General Roons Sewell to take you and your staff from this command and escort you safely to Massassi Station on Yavin 4," as he concluded he again nodded, not sure what the reaction would be.

Alanya was on edge, although she looked cool, calm, and relaxed. She studied each person in the greeting party in turn, her blue eyes flicking over them as sized them up, before her eyes turned to the General, wondering what his reaction would be. She simply hung back, behind Commander Atio to await the outcome of the statement.

Akilist leaned his head forwards as Praetorian whispered something audible into the silence. He glanced upwards momentarily and held his finger upwards as if instructing the young officer before him to excuse him for a moment. After the transmission of the news, Akilist gave an affirmative nod towards the crew of the Argo before complying. "I see. This is an awkward circumstance and you arrive on such short notice." Volkov wanted to resist with all of his effort before looking away from the crew to collect his conscience. He then asked wearily, "Where are the ships ambassadors? Reports from the Solace has confirmed that your ship fell under attack during your descent into the nebula.

Derek looked over the General nervously, his eyes glancing towards the Trooper for just a moment. "Yes," he began to explain, "It would seem the Imperial presence in the region has increased noticeably." He paused before continuing, choosing his words carefully. "That is why we are here, General," he continued to explain his orders, "High Command no longer feels this position can be held effectively. Therefore, I am going to have to ask that you make yourself ready for travel. I 'must' get you safely to the base on Yavin 4." He swallowed after stating this, not sure how it would all pan out.

Volkov allowed his eyes to fix onto the permacrete plating of the landing deck as he began to recollect on the effort and heart ache that had been inserted to the war effort in the Ringali Shell. He walked casually away from the landing party while allowing both gloved hands to grasp the firm railing before him. He stared hesitantly out into dark canvas of space that illuminated the viewport before his very eyes. The magnificent color of the nebula alone cast the form of the General in a darkened silhouette pasted against the backdrop of the glorious manifestation of light that seemed somewhat organic in its own sense. He then turned give himself a personal confirmation before turning back. He then turned around to face Commander Atio after a mental conformity to himself. He then began to break the silence of the room as he spoke in somewhat of a cool and modulated tone of voice. "This nebula has served as my home for what would seem to one an eternity. You expect for me to just walk away from this project in the middle of the fight? What is Senator Mothma up to?" Volkov then turned towards the line of aides that rounded the hallway and ordered Praetorian to give the signal of the retreat. Volkov would be what some may consider a mad scientist hence his insane independence outside of the far reaches of any true militaristic support, he maintained. With a simple suppression of the right finger upon the communications activator on his wrist. "This is Akilist. I need you to pack my things immediately. Expect my departure within the next five minutes."

Derek exhaled sharply as the General seemed to be complying with the order. In the back of his mind he imagined Trooper Rockturne would be quite disappointed she would not get a chance to throw the man through the airlock. "I cannot speak for Senator Mon Mothma, sir," he said in a cordial way, "...but one can only assume that High Command did not want to risk you falling into the hands of the Empire." His head tilted slightly as he moved back towards the hatch leading back to the corvette. "We have special quarters awaiting you, sir," he said with a polite nod, electing to wait near the hatch for the General to be ready to board the blockade runner.

Several personnel began to line the landing dock as they made a path towards the Corellian corvette's docking hatch. All of the General's personal belongings along with several repulsorlift tugs towing computer equipment and hub, which he deemed important for intelligence. A hardened expression formed onto the Generals face as the ruggedness of his left scared eye bare its fleshy reminder of the battles of past empires. With what seemed like the most ridiculous maneuver in his professional career, Akilist reluctantly forced his foot downwards onto the docking hatch ladder. His first step into a new era of Rebellion.

Atio's thoughts seemed to be spot on. Alanya relaxed as she stepped back, her back against the bulkhead as she would allow the others to pass. She maintained an eye on the situation, watching ever being who came by. Perhaps she was suspicious if the thing would come off as planned. But it seemed it did...although she was going to be sure that she was the last person to board the vessel, and that everything was there. She watched the General as he stepped down onto the docking hatch ladder before turning away. Well, she had not gotten to throw him on after all...

Derek proceeded down through the hatch into the top level of the Argo. "This will not be an easy evac," he warned as he sealed the hatch. He turned briefly to look at both the General and the Infiltrator. "Trooper," he said to the young woman as he proceeded into the turbolift, "Escort General Volkov to suitable quarters.

In the brief moment Derek had alone in the turbolift he steadied himself, plastering a smile upon his face that he would use to boost the morale of the ship's crew during the battle to come. He walked down the corridor to the bridge, and by the time he arrived, the ship had already uncoupled from the station and was preparing to exit the nebula. He gave each crewmember on the birdge that he looked to a polite nod, his cheerful expression designed to build their morale as best he could. "Save the engines until we're out of the nebula," Derek ordered as the battered corvette maneuvered through the nebula. Next to them, four T-65 X-wing starfighters from Corsair Squadron and four BTL Y-wing starfighters from Knave Squadron came into formation. Hopefully, their departure would be more uneventful than their arrival. But, Derek's eyes widened as he saw what was arrayed in front of them ... an Immobilizer 418 cruiser had taken up station ... their hyperdrive would not respond.

"Interesting," escaped form the General's lips as the revelation unfolded before them.

Suddenly, the ship was jolted as TIE/ln starfighters made their attack run. The X-wings of Corsair Squadron moved into position and engaged the TIEs in spectacular fashion. "We're no match for them" Derek said as the Argo began angling downward, her engines accelerating at full overdrive to move away from the cruiser.

"Additional contacts, sir" the operations officer yelled as they seemed to be headed directly for a pair of Carrack-class light cruisers. With only one battery operational and no sensors available to them, the Argo would be quickly overwhelmed. The Argo used its nimble maneuverability to turn back towards the nebula as the light cruisers closed the range.

As the Argo approached the nebula, a force built around the Solace emerged from the gas clouds. The Rebel frigate and her corvette and gunship escorts began opening fire with their massive batteries on the unsuspecting light cruisers. The force had been assembled stealthily over the months and the Empire never would have figured such a task group was contained inside the nebula. The corvette Tranquility surged forward, her main batteries opening fire on the light cruisers. Gunships Spitfire and Fury unleashed their concussion missiles in sequence ... all headed towards the cruiser.

The Argo spun around and joined with her sister ships as the combined force of the Solace and three corvettes fired on the two light cruisers. In a massive fireball one of the light cruisers exploded violently, avenging many losses the Rebellion had suffered in the long campaign in the Ringali Shell. The concussion missiles began to impact the Immobilizer 418, penetrating her shields and shredding her hull as the gravity well projectors went offline.

"That got her!" Derek cheered as they watched a beautiful fireball erupt through the viewport as the interdiction force had been dispatched. "Get us out of here!" he ordered, and almost immediately the well-respected ship surged forward into hyperspace and embarked on her arduous journey back to Yavin 4.

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